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 MxF American Horror story

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests & Catalogue' started by Porcelain Dream, May 12, 2018.

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    "Mr Richards we want you to please settle down a little for us." The doctor said as he fiddled through work papers . Laying down a patient file and a Document of questions for the said patient. "What is this doctor ?" Richardson said with a skeptical look . "We just need you to sign a few questions. A few areas to fill out its simply a test ." The doctor responded quickly . "What's Black Dhalia? The murderer ?" Richard said shaking his head. "No it is a site we got the form from . Its simply a personality exercise. Printed out the sections. " He then took a step back and adjusted his glasses . "I suggest you get to work, Mr Richards. "

    Okay! Hello and id like to start off by saying thank you for reading that , I like to insert my creativity into everything really but Thank you very much! My name is Joshua and you shall call me whatever you may wish (unless its meanie words ) I am on 24/7 (my job involves computers and lots of free time. Gotta burn it somehow!) . My hobbies are various but i study random stuffs and as you may assume i watch tv . Horror has always had a place in my life so AHS stuck with me long after i turned off the tv (not just the naughty bits either :3 )

    Okay enough with me , and more about *reads list* oh actually just a bit more about me . Anywho! its just about what im looking for . Im looking for a good ol partner who doesn't even need to know the shows plot or characters, it might not even go too deep into the lore . I want her to be able to think and take the wheel. After all its not my rp, its our rp . So we both write to our imagination. As for length as long as its a paragraph or more im a happy boy ;)

    plot framework. These are just a few bare bone foundation for what we can build on .

    1) My oc being admitted into a mental institution (yes asylum ) and your oc being a doctor there who works with a few female patients including mine. We can build on whatever you think is awesome!

    2) our ocs are both patients put into the hospital with good behavior so we arenot watched every second . But our ocs use this opportunity and privileges to investigate. Perhaps try to escape .

    3) your oc is a bizarre patient who not only creeps everyone out , preists have called her a demon woman . My oc is a private investigator sent in to bring down the place. My ocs past family who used to be doctors that did rituals in the basement but was thrown out are deeply remembered so he gets locked up . He eventually meets yours .

    Thats just a few ideas , but im looking for creativity and somebody to play a few ocs at a time. (Dont worry so will i ) but im a talker so ill love to chit chat ad well! And if you feel an idea coming on dont be shy.

    Pm me if ya like :3 cheers

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