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 My Fandom Search!

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests & Catalogue' started by Cipher, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. Cipher

    Cipher Active Member Member

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    10:09 PM
    Important Information:
    • Activity: My response time varies - it might take one day, it might take 3-4 days. If my response time should exceed a week, I will send a message about the situation.
    • Word Count: Mirror posting is my norm. However, my comfort zone is 400-600 words, but this is not a requirement. If I need to write more, I'll write more.
    • Gender: I can play ANY gender, as long as I play the male in at least one pairing.
    • Pairings: I can play ANY pairing combination, as long as one pairing is male x female
    • Dominant or Submissive?: I can play either end of the spectrum, as long as my male character is dominant
    • As you may notice, I strive to be open-minded, which is why I enjoy doing multiple pairings. It is not a requirement, though. Just keep in mind, if you have an idea that doesn't necessarily align with my preferences, do not hesitate to suggest it anyways. As long as one pairing meets my preferences, I will happily expand my boundaries in other pairings.
    • Mature Content: My limits are not numerous. For a list of my limits along with sexual themes I enjoy writing, please view my F-List.
    • Romance and Sex: Again, as long as one pairing has elements of romance and sex, feel free to keep it out of the other pairings, if you wish.
    • I prefer roleplaying through PMs, but writing through the forums is also acceptable.
    • I will not disappear on you. I ask for the same respect. I'd rather you let me know if you intend to drop a story, than you not telling me anything at all. Additionally, I consider myself easy to get along with. If you want something changed, please don't be afraid to ask.
    • Regarding fandoms, I will be happy to play a canon character for you. I'm also fine with using an original character
    • I do aim to please my partner. When I create my characters, I want your input! If you want me to use a certain face claim or include a certain personality quirk or background piece, I'd love to do that for you! Truthfully, I couldn't care less what my character looks like or acts, as long as it reflects something my partner wants to see. Of course, I ask that whatever requests you make, it lines up with the story we have created.
    The 100 (TV show)
    Arrow (TV show)
    The Avengers (Films)
    Criminal Minds (TV show)
    Death Wish (2018 film)
    Fear The Walking Dead (TV show)
    Game of Thrones (TV show and video games)
    NCIS (TV show)
    Spider-Man (Video game)
    Stranger Things (TV show)
    The Walking Dead (TV show and video games)
    Tomb Raider (2018 film)
    Wonder Woman (2017 film)
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  2. Cipher

    Cipher Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:09 PM

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