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 One x One Roleplay My fandom wish list

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests' started by Storyweaver1357, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. Storyweaver1357

    Storyweaver1357 Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    3:49 AM
    Hello everyone who happens to click on this Post: Below is a little more information on the cannon settings and characters I would love to rp. Also if I have a story for said settings and characters they will be below as well. I am a friendly person so please don't hesitate to send me a message. It may take me a little to get back to you since work keeps me busy but I will get back to you. As far as kinks thats something I feel is better discussed over messages since I do have some odd ones. As for the mix of smut to story I tend to like a bit more story than smut but I am willing to work with my partner. Some of the ideas are more developed than others so fair warning on that part.

    What you can expect from me:
    • Long posts usually going over 3 paragraphs
    • Willingness to help plot
    • Willingness to help play NPC's
    • If I end up in a place that I won't be able to post in week I will let you know on that note I do try to get a post out a week.

    The last ship rp ( I would love anyone who could rp either idea with me)

    This idea would take place somewhat outside the story line but as far as time line goes between season 2 and 3. The cure is starting to spread and Mike is captain of the Nathan James. The scars left by Sean and Ned Ramsey are still very fresh. So you can image the crew is a little less than thrilled when they have orders to deliver the cure to Ireland and England. What they are about to sail into is a land deeply divided with the English government trying to regain control of the land from the control of the immunes. A small group of individuals have been fighting by what ever means necessary to make sure the immune don't take total control even if it has put them at odds with the newly formed English government. They are not aligned with either side. What news that the Nathan James is coming they see it as a chance to get their hands on a naval destroyer and possibly a large batch of the cure. From here I could see it going a couple of different ways which I have listed below.

    #1: The Nathan James starts running blockade off the English coast in order to stop smugglers that had been supplying the deeply embedded immunes. What they couldn't have foresaw was that their efforts would also effect the group of local freedom fighters who raided the immunes bases for the bulk of their supplies. With only a month and a half worth of food left the leader of the freedom fighters comes up with a somewhat crazy idea. Lead a raid on an English ship yard where a smaller English naval ship is being taken out of moth balls and lead it on a surprise attack against the James. Their plan does not go as well as she had hoped as the naval inexperience of her crew shows. After a few warning shots it becomes clear that they are horrible outmatched so it comes as a surprise when a message comes over the radio with the offer of talking over the terms of surrender.

    #2 With the arrival of the James and the cure the English government decides to throw a ball in honor of the event. The group of resistance fighters know the place that it is to be held and start to plan knowing that this would be the best time to strike. Their leader manages to slip in knowing that this would be a best time to get a good idea of the naval sailors that would be there. When she lays eyes on the captain of the James it comes as a surprise. She knew that if she played her cards right she could get the captain of the James alone and hopefully drug him. Any other member of the James that they would capture would be a bonus. Is she was successful Mike and a few other crew members would soon awaken to find them selves captive of a group that seemed intent on not harming them for once. But rather their plan was to trade for safe passage away from this place.

    After some very interesting twists and turns Mike almost reluctantly takes the group aboard seeing the benefit of having the group aboard. What he isn't counting on is the strong desire that starts building for the groups young female leader or the want that comes without having someone to fill you bed. Mike knows he is going to have to walk a thin line between the desires of man and the duties of a captain.

    This is a very basic idea and open to discussion. I very much would like to see somewhat of an age gap between them. Everything is open to discussion though. While I would love to have someone play Mike for this role I would take an oc if they had a very similar personality and looks. I tend to post between two to three long paragraphs and ask the same in return. Here is hoping someone likes the idea.

    Star Trek
    For this setting I would love to see a federation ship either getting close to an alien race that they have yet to discover or possible an archeologist team investigating the ruins of an old civilization that is scattered about different planets. Little do they know the new security chief is a member of said race here to see just how much of a threat the federation would pose.

    Harry Potter: Looking for R.J. Lupin

    This would take as close to the events of the book/movie as possible though I am not looking for 100% accuracy. As Lupin takes on the role of DATD teacher he is given a teachers assistant. Little does he know or is told his new assistant is a being from a very old race who were known to be particularly deadly to both wizards and werewolves. While she is trying everything she can to hide the fact that she is far from human he is doing everything he can to find out why this woman is so different.

    LOTR: Eomer or oc ranger character

    This idea would take place between the hobbit and lord of the rings. A younger ranger from the north (i was thinking young as far as Dúnedain are concerned) is send on a mission to track some Orc that have been troubling a local town or kingdom. What he doesn’t know is he ends up walking into a larger group than he was expecting. He gets close to winning the battle before his injuries start to take their effect. Looking up exhausted and injured he sees a rather large Orc marching towards him blade drawn expecting to end his life. From behind a low growl. One thought crosses his mind. Wargs. What he didn’t know was the growl he heard was an unlikely friend who would not stand by and watch a Dunedain die in such a way. Before the death blow can be delivered by the Orc the young ranger watches a rather large white wolf kill the Orc that sought his life. Now tired and injured he finds himself eye to eye with a creature who he does not know why it saved him. The thought that it planned on making him its next meal quickly flashed through his mind along with the thought that possibly this creature came to aid him in his time of need. Little could he suspect at the time he was eye to eye with a race that many Dunedain considered to have died off long ago under unknown reasons. Skinwalkers who could change their shape between wolves and more human like creatures. I do have a very good idea were I would want this story to go from here but am more than willing to to change it for my partner. I do see them teaming up and working together with him teaching her how to fight better and survive. I don’t want to put everything down in a request thread since I know that it would scare a lot of people off.

    Finding redemption: Would love to have J'onn or superman. If in the super girl setting I would change the story a little. Maybe oc.

    Some were born to be heroes. Others where born to be villains. Then there were those who had no choice but to be the villain. To be the one that everyone needed to hate. For her being the villain simply made dealing with all the things she had to do easier. After all it’s easy to think yourself a monster when you have to do horrible things. All those horrible choices are what lead her to a small back water planet called earth. When she arrived mankind was hadn't yet discovered electricity and the different country’s where just starting to colonize the Americas. It didn't take her long to learn though that her skill set could come in hand. After all there was always someone willing pay to remove a problem. So over the years she grew richer and richer always adopting a new personality after every life time of man. Now with every passing it day its seems more and more meta humans are revealed. More and more stories in the news papers about heroes. Watching them on TV was enough to make her wonder if one could change. Was it possible to wash so much blood and evil deeds?

    This would be more a story of her moving from the role of villain to hero and the joining of two very different hearts. How much smut takes place before that I really don't care just as long as it isn't just all smut. After all smut and no story gets boring after a while. Kinks are open to discussion. This is an oc character of mine and there is more to her back story then what is written here. A lot more but it would be a bit much when looking for a writing partner. I do have some canon superheroes I would LOVE to rp this story with. Of course I love story planing with my partner since it's only a rough outline that I have in mind.

    Kurama (yu yu hakusho) x oc character

    Back when kurama was yoko kurama he had a female partner. Not human nor demon but something far different. Something that could move through and control shadows. She made the mistake of falling in love with the heartless fox demon though the feeling wasn't returned until she seemingly gave her life for him. Later when he was reborn into his human form and learned human emotions he learned he loved her. Seemingly to late. After he joined Hiei and the others she came back. She had disguised herself not wanting him to know who she was. The reason she had heard the great fox demon had changed. Something she had to see for herself. On this one i am willing to play other canons for this one. I was thinking of having them face a new threat. Someone planning to destroy humanity.
    Sesshomaru x oc female

    It happened a 150 or 200 years before Naraku was even born. During a great war Sesshomaru's father started gathering an army to fight an enemy from the south. That was where the two of them met. No one could tell what was going to happen between the two of them. To be honest at first and for the longest time they couldn't stand each other. But as the war raged on their feelings slowly started to soften towards each other. There was no great declaration of love but rather a silent understanding. This would change at the end of the war. When she had to return to her homeland to take up the duty of guarding a great evil he would ask her one question. Stay and become his bride. When it became clear her people needed her more he would leave her with one promise. He would find a way to destroy this evil and claim what is his. Now he has come for her. I would be willing to play other canons for this story I am looking for some who would be willing to play Sesshomaru.

    Loki Ideas

    Idea 1

    The character I have in mind would either be a kind of light elf from Álfheimr which is a different realm or some other being from a different place. Her kind has not been seen in the other realms in a very long time since they have isolated themselves from the others. I have been playing around with the idea of them being able to create basic life forms such as plants and animals but not higher life forms like humans or anything like them. If have have already lived and have died recently then they can recreate them but they can't have been dead for long. Most fear them though because they can also unmake matter though for them it comes at a high cost just like making it does. I can tone down or beef up her powers as needed. That is pretty much the character I would like to play but as I said I am open to changing for Loki . With her realm being isolated from the others she grew up only having heard of them in passing or old rumors and legends. She is one that always is looking for something new. Something interesting. She spends a good deal of her time in books learning as much of the different realms as she can tell she finds a way down to them knowing it will result in her banishment from her home. What she didn't plan on was what life was like alone when no one really knows what you are. It isn't long before she finds herself in trouble and captured. This is where I was thinking they could meet. Maybe Loki can tell what she is since he seems to have quite an intellect. He sees the chance to gain more power that would give him the chance to gain the throne of Asgard and she sees the chance to only have to deal with one person and a chance to see new things and have a better life. It would kinda be an uneasy partnership of sorts at first it could slowly turn to something more romantic. Below would be an introduction to what the first post would be like

    To say that the slave bazaar on one of the dark worlds was a dump would be a understatement of facts. The only light one could find would be the flickering light from lamps that lined the narrow over crowded streets. Almost every manor of life could be found walking through the streets or on sale in the many roughly made booths that were set up. Like many places the finest, freshest and most valuable where sold near the front. Young children, confirmed virgins or those that had a valuable skill that would be in demand. There the booths where cleaner and they were cleaner. The further back you went though the more the scent of death and unwashed bodies soured the air. This was the place for the unruly, the old and broken down, or those that had simply failed to sell. Those that were not highly wanted but could still be used for one purpose of another. More than once the body of slave was carried out that had simply passed away with no ones noticing.

    Back near the end there would be a small rickety fence set up looking as though it had been made from what ever loose and broken boards that could be found. A short fat goblin set perched on a chair gnawing on what looked to be a slowly rotting cooked leg of an animal. Bits of flesh hung from between its teeth as it watched prospective customers. One hand ran over its pot belly just above the tattered cloth that provided the barest covering necessary for modesty, though if it moved right everything was exposed. Behind it chained to different pieces of the fence or the posts would be a varied assortment of slaves to be bought. Older people, a few women who had been over used in the sex trades, one that had stabbed her former owner and a few others that had proved too much trouble to keep. Then there was her.

    She set near the center of the back of the fence dressed like many of the other females. A warn dirty cloth cross crossing over her breasts to keep them covered and only enough cloth to keep from her hips to her upper thigh covered. Her hair which was normally white was now going on a darker gray from lack of cleaning. Her pale skin looked in much the same shape. Still her deep green eyes still held life and fight in them even if it had been tempered with everything she had been through since leaving her home realm. This was not the adventure that she had hoped for and she was sure if they knew the power she could unleash she wouldn't be stuck here. Her fingers slowly moved up brushing over the simply iron collar around her neck that kept her somewhat obedient to the point she couldn't wipe this place off the face of the planet. Her eyes slowly focused on the passing people who mostly kept their nose covered from the smell around the place. For this she was almost thankful since if they didn't they would smell the faint flora scent that her kind seemed to give off. This would lead to far too many questions. Her eyes fell on one passing figure before a sharp pain struck her temple and she could feel a small bead of red blood trailing down the side of her head. “Headsss down sssslave. You know better,” the short goblin hissed as chunks of meat went flying past its thin pointed nose. It wasn't tell her head lowered that its small black beady eyes turned back to the passer by. “Damn sssslaves,” he muttered before taking another bite.

    Idea 2

    ( please note this is a little different from Marvel's phoenix)

    When the Drozal set their eyes on Midgard as the next world they would destroy and terraform for a profit they already knew of the guardians that had stopped the first ones who tried to take over. So they sent their most powerful weapon. A phoenix which was stored in deep sleep when they didn't need her and only brought out when they needed. A nurointerpahse that ran along its hosts spine keep the creature under their control. When they unleashed their phoenix on earth the destruction was wide spread and rapid. There seemed nothing that could stop the loss of human life until it was discovered that the phoenix had one natural enemy. Only one being that could truly hurt it. A frost giant. But could Earth trust Loki enough to have him stand as the one barrier between them and destruction? What would they do when he decides to spare the creatures life rather then killing it?

    The story is open for discussion and being worked with. I am more then open to playing some of the avengers as NPC's to help with the story line.

    Idea 3
    This would take place in the past before Loki found out that he was a frost giant. The population of Asgard is at a record low. The choice to join their blood with those of Midgard was made. To set an example Odin ordered his sons to be the first. To go to the world that worshiped them as gods and choice a bride. Loki was less than enthused about the idea. Little did he know in the back water planet he would truly find his match.

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