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 Nice to meet you all!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by zombiequeenkai, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. zombiequeenkai

    zombiequeenkai Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    12:04 PM
    *Stumbles in* Ack- shit shit, I knew I forgotten to do something when I first joined...

    Hey there everyone! The name's zombiequeenkai! You can call me Zombie, Queen, or Kai. I don't really mind all that much. I joined awhile ago but completely forgotten to make an introduction for you all (college is hell). I hope no one is bothered by a belated greetings.

    Anyways, I've been roleplaying for about nine years now. I started out on tinierme then moved to deviantart then f-list and finally random roleplaying forums (such as here). I'm currently 22 and in college. I'm gunning for that sweet, sweet English degree with a minor in creative writing. If it isn't obvious, writing is like bread and butter to me. So it makes sense why I like roleplaying so much. It's my way of relaxing. But considering I'm a college student and I have a surprisingly active social life, I can't be here all the time. I can do minor things like answering messages and questions (since phones are a thing), replying to a roleplay takes some actual brain power from me and I only reply when I'm at home.

    A random factor about me: I'm like... really into yanderes. I can write an essay for you about the trope if I so desired (thankfully for everyone, I'm not). I currently run a yandere review blog on tumblr with my friend called ThatYandereCritic... if anyone is curious. So... bye for now~!
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  2. Marie Adriana

    Marie Adriana Lady of the North Member

    Local Time:
    8:04 AM
    Failte! Welcome to our little corner of the internet! (Have you ever noticed how many corners the internet seems to have?)

    Nobody minds belated greetings! In fact, we welcome greetings of all sorts. And offer commiseration for people suffering from an excess of Real Life Interference. It's terrible when it gets in the way of our playing, seriously. ;)
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  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Local Time:
    11:04 AM
    Belated welcome to you! Nice to see you!