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Discussion in 'Fandom Requests & Catalogue' started by smolusagi, Apr 15, 2018.

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    Hello And Welcome

    [​IMG]So This is basically a thread to show what I've been interested in recently. Ive been hoping to have a couple of roleplays going on, despite having a busy life and currently looking through wedding magazines to start getting general ideas for what our wedding will be like, I want to be able to give my love to roleplay some tlc. So I am happy to do anything from action to horror, from something fluffy and romantic to a smut laced theme. I honestly don't mind mature content so long as there is a good storyline to it. Hi! My name is Usagi, or you can even call me Vixen. I am 21 years of age and currently engaged to the most beautiful woman in the world! (Oh yeah, im a lesbean). Anyways onto the interests! This will be separated into three sections; Fandoms, Originals, and Plot Ideas.


    So, fandoms are pretty much anime related i dont really watch anything else lol. in regards to the fandoms, i will show a few ships i am happy to roleplay, if you dont see a specific ship and want to try rping it just let me know im always willing to rp whatever. If the name has a * next to it, it means thats the role id like to play, if the whole pairing is underlined then im willing to play either role.

    Black Butler:

    Soul Eater:

    (Look to plots for this one)

    Oc InuyashaXOc Kagome
    (Look to Plots for this one)


    Basically what i mean by this one is just what kind of unique pairings im into. Also, in regards to Smut related things, im cool with it so yee. Basically if there is a * next to the role id prefer to play that role, if there isnt anything then im cool with whatever.

    Step sisterXStep sister


    Alright So, these are a few plots im into, alot correspond well with the original pairings as well as the ones that directed you to this specific spot. Anyways enjoy lol.

    1. Taboo Engagement
    In this situation, Muse A is the teacher while Muse B is the student. A school made for the rich and wealthy, its not uncommon for most students to already be in arranged marriages, however, Muse B just so happens to be engaged to one of the teachers there at the academy. The two will endure hardships, temptation and the risk of being caught? Can Muse B accept this arrangement, or will they do everything in their power to break this engagement up?

    2. Welcome Back
    In regards to the naruto fandom with the oc and Shikamaru pairing. My oc would be the one returning to the village, having left when she was 8 years of age. She was close with shikamaru and Choji, him being her childhood crush, but did Shikamaru feel the same? What will happen now that she has returned to the village? Will the two find love? Additional info to know about this: This takes place where in the anime naruto returns from his three years of training. My oc bumped into him a year prior to returning and traveled back with him and Jiriyah. she will be of Chunin level with the knowledge of both medical and battle jutsu.(yes this is a favorite of mine that i adore, bio will be provided.)

    3. The Peach Bride (long term)
    In a world where Youkai are unknown to humans, monsters roam the earth without humans ever knowing. Every 100 years a female is born, known as the Senka, or Bride of Prophecy. They are able to see the creatures of the otherwold, Tengus, fox demons, the whole lot. Drink their blood and your life is prolonged, eat their flesh you get eternal youth, marry them and bring your clan ever lasting prosperity. the kiss of a Senka brings energy unimaginable to the monster. Muse A is the senka, Muse B is Tengu, a demonic being with black wings large which resemble that of a crow. Muse B had lived next door to Muse A up until muse a was six. The two grew close, yet Muse B wasnt the next head of the famlily in order to protect Muse A due to their undying love for them, they left and fought to be the next head to save her from their cruel older sibling. With Muse As memories blocked, the female doesnt remember much except the promise the other made, that that the would come back for them. 10 years later, they have, will they fall in love all over again? Will Muse B be able to keep Muse A from perishing and falling victim to their eternal fate? Or will they learn that The Senkas desire is love, and only eternal, pure and true love will keep the Senka alive for years to come. (Based off of the Manga Black Bird. I highly recommend it!!! This can be MxF or FxF and im happy to play either role.)

    4. Inuyasha Remake
    If you have seen the anime inuyasha this is basically it, but with the roles of inuyasha and kagome completely turned around. we will make it our own way, the same events but in our own story or way of doing it. We will be ocs, i can play as either role. This is mainly focused towards MxM or FxF.

    Things to Know

    Just a few things to keep in mind when it comes to rping. I am usually happy to play as either role unless there is something i specifically want to play, which is of course already highlighted in a certain way. I am in no way requiring you to do anything smut related but i am happy to do it if you wish to, or if you are okay for those moments. I dont have many restrictions to how you should rp all i ask is that you can provide 1-3 paragraphs worth of a reply in third person. I am up for multiple roleplays so long as you can handle it and provide good replies for each one, so if you find some that interest you and cant choose, we can do multiple! Im sorry this is so long in length and alot to read, its only due to restricting myself to PM rps. If you are interested please feel free to PM me. I will add more plots as time goes on, or even more pairings in original or fandoms if i remember. Note: i do NOT kink shame!! If you have kinks thats all good, at most ill just let you know if i am not comfortable with something, thank you.
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