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 Fantasy Okami and FF7!

Discussion in 'Fandom Catalogue & Request Threads' started by Queen of Hell, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Queen of Hell

    Queen of Hell The Red Queen Member

    Local Time:
    6:47 AM
    A bit about me and how I roleplay...

    - I am a multi-paragraph writer. I barely deal with two underwhelming paragraphs, let alone one liners. Of course, I will not force the length and descriptions where there's absolutely no need for that, but I'll always put effort in our writing
    - I prefer PMs. I don't mind the threads either, but PMs are far easier for me to organize.
    - I always add more characters to the story and focus on their personalities and backstories. I'm a writer in my free time and having shallow stories bother me.
    - I love using faceclaims. Usually it's the art I find on the net. But if you prefer without the faceclaims, that is absolutely fine by me.
    - I expect a little bit of each of these things from you. Are you interested? Send me a PM and tell me what made you interested and tell me about yourself and your style of writing!

    My likes and limits:

    - I like things to get rough, just as much as I sometimes enjoy romantic moments. It really just depends on how it goes.
    - I'm a masochist, so scratching, biting and stuff like that can go a bit more than average. I don't even mind blood. And depending if you consent, I can get sadistic, too. As long as we keep our limbs, it's gonna be good.
    - I prefer dominant partners, while I am switch. I like to take over when the mood is right, but not always.
    - I don't mind bloodplay. As the matter of fact, I think it's hot.
    - Though I don't enjoy stuff that go into the toilet, other bodily fluids don't gross me out. (Drool/saliva and sperm to be specific)
    - Roughness. I like when smut gets a bit "animalistic" and things get heated really quickly. It also leaves space for wonderful vanilla moments.
    - Dirty talking. Yes.
    - Buildup and slow burn is the important and secret ingredient to a mind-blowing sex and romance.

    - That being said, I don't like jumping straight into smut. Sex and romance is something that should be anticipated and rewarding.
    - Extensive dominance. Let me do things from time to time, alright darling?
    - Submissive men. Those don't light my fire.
    - Cheating and multiple partners. I'd rather not dwell into this.

    The plots:

    Sorcerer's Knight [ Final Fantasy 7 Universe ]
    (Sephiroth-only version)


    *claps hands between every word* I absolutely ship these two, my freaking goodness they'd make a sexy couple.

    After all, Edea was supposed to be in FF7, but we all know that didn't happen. So I'm looking for someone with a fresher FF7 lore memory (I don't plan to be entirely loyal to the entire lore, but it would help to have some sort of path) but a bit of further discussion and planning with me will be enough for me to get back at it, but I'll make sure to do a bit of research before the start, just to feel more nostalgic and sit and cry about the fact that I can't play it! (Spoiler alert, I did some research! I'm good to go!)

    Aaaaanyways, the plot should be pretty discreet: It should start with Sephiroth gradually discovering about himself. I don't want them to meet immediately or quickly. Sephiroth should go through his meltdown and seeking the information, killing everyone who was a part of his creation. AND THEN he gets to ShinRa, asking questions. Somehow they will meet each other, while Edea is gradually more and more disappointed with Cloud and his crew and they start to screw up her plans and saving the planet, cutting off the energy and materia supply, therefore limiting her powers. And a greedy sorceress wants all the power to herself. She will look at Sephiroth as her masterpiece, her ultimate creation, but with Sephiroth being aware, egotistic and just a badass in general, he will want to be stronger and he will want to be the one who will rule the world. But with Cloud and the gang being a pain in the ass and succeeding in fucking up their plans, the two will have to unite and go against the good guys.

    Our two favorite villains of the story have some emotional issues, so them committing to each other romantically will be... Tough, if not impossible. They have dark morals and are extremely ambitious about their goals, which they share, which leads to conflicts, incredible sexual tension and, of course, mind blowing sex.

    And I made a starter post about this plot since I was fairly inspired, which also may be a good introduction to how I roleplay. So, HERE is the opening to the plot.

    Priestess Rao for offer! [ Okami fandom ]

    I am playing Okami again and I'm absolutely hooked (again) and I'd love to play my favorite character in a roleplay. Rao (aka Busty Babe) is a Priestess in the capital of Nippon - Sei-An city. She's Queen's trusted advisor and friend, beloved by everyone in the town and is always there should anything go wrong.

    I'm eager to play different pairings, it can be a male/human version of Ammy, big version of Issun (I'll need some convincing for this one), Oki I actually liked him and he has his wolf form, we can even make him a werewolf (you'll learn that I love shifters and beasts [​IMG]), maybe an original character who has his place withing the universe. Rao can be still herself or actually Ninetail's loyal servant and gets in conflict with characters whose morality is rather clean and make some interesting scenes starting from fighting to drama and maybe together they overcome Ninetails and give Rao back her soul! That's the plot I would go for once paired with good characters, but I am happily taking suggestions!

    Should you offer Oki to pair up with her, I'm not going to think twice about taking the roleplay!

    Here's a different plot...

    But I would like to play with Ninetails before and after Rao was captured, but not killed. He just manages to control her body. He can have a human form, but shifts into his big fox form (but in this case, before he conquers her, he'll have eight tails). In his human form, he can be as a traveler who came to Sei-An pretending that he's troubled (illness, troublesome nightmares etc) and needs to see the priestess for lessons or some form of healing magic, something he's been doing for ages with each priestess of Sei-An, Rao is the last one he needs to grow completely in power and do the deed for the God of Darkness, Yami. So the beginning of the roleplay should involve YC, Ninetails, being in his human form and living in Sei-An and plotting his next move to appease the God of Darkness. During their encounters and meetings, the two will get close.

    After the two grow close, things may or may not happen with them, and he would slowly manipulate her into leaving Sei-An and Queen Himiko and come traveling with him. She will keep rejecting him until he decides he's had enough and shows her his true form and hunts her down. He doesn't kill her, but he practices dark magic on her to turn her away from everything human and celestial, and makes her his loyal slave, with half of her soul forming his ninth tail.

    I have a personal preference and it is that I love moments of intercourse with beings that are not human and are rather monstrous. So Ninetails can perform a sexual ritual with the use of his.. Eight- nine appendages. But this is not necessary, his beast form can only be beast form used for fighting if you're not comfortable with that. But whoever is comfortable to do otherwise, you'll make me happier!

    After Rao is clearly switched into something else, a fox warrior with her own body intact, Rao will become his loyal servant and do his bidding and together they will plan to take Himiko down. In the meantime, Amaterasu comes and then the whole deal starts similar to the game, but how will it all end? No idea!

    Let me know if you're interested, I'd love to hear what you think!​
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2018
  2. Impious Ira

    Impious Ira "I make my mistakes so proudly." Member

    Local Time:
    12:47 AM
    I'm interested!
  3. Queen of Hell

    Queen of Hell The Red Queen Member

    Local Time:
    6:47 AM
  4. Queen of Hell

    Queen of Hell The Red Queen Member

    Local Time:
    6:47 AM
    Torture from the exams ends soon, still looking for FF7 rp!
  5. Queen of Hell

    Queen of Hell The Red Queen Member

    Local Time:
    6:47 AM
    Added a new plot from a different fandom!

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