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 One on One Long Term Fandom Search

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests & Catalogue' started by CavyGirl, May 12, 2018.

  1. CavyGirl

    CavyGirl Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:35 PM
    Please know I am not in the mood for slash role plays. Unless the chracter is bi or gay. Sorry!!
    Please be active....also if you want to stop tell me huh?

    Open to suggestions!

    *=WANT! The more *s the more I want it!
    ()-Who I want you to be (I will play anyone in return)

    Hello there I am looking for some new long term role players. Yea know
    the ones that wont dump you after ahem 1-4 posts. I don't mind if life
    happens, ect. I would ask you to at least tell me if it does. Hey, I
    am easy going! I don't mind post length to much as long as you give me
    something to work with. Literacy too as long as I understand you....My
    spelling and grammar can be ahem OFF if this is a PROBLEM DO NOT waste
    your time or mine. I don't mind cursing, violence, ect. Also, DO NOT
    FORCE ROMANCE OFF THE BAT! Blimey what ever happened to having things
    evolve?! I do have plot ideas and can always think up more. If you
    have WRITERS BLOCK tell me maybe I can write more to help.

    I don't always want romance btw.... Also, don't just dump me. :/ It's RUDE...

    I DO PLAY MALES! Please for the love of cows....READ.... ( ) the
    chracter in there means who I want YOU to be. This seems to be a trend
    and it's just annoying....sorry!

    ****$ Doctor Who- (Doctor)
    ****$ Big Bang Theory-(Sheldon, Stuart)
    ****$ Big Hero 6-(Baymax)
    ****$ X-Men First Class/DOFP/Apocalypse-(Charles)
    *$ Back to the Future-(Doc)
    Twilight-(Edward, Carlisle) ((Loosly based with no Bella))
    *$ House MD-(House)
    $ Monk-(Monk)
    $ Pushing Dasies-(Ned)
    $ Great Mouse Detective-(Basil)
    $ Batman- (Bruce) ((Nolan movies))
    $ Fullmetal Alchemist- (Edward)
    ****$ Rick and Morty- (Rick)
    $ The Immortals-(Numair) ((Tamora Pierce books))
    $ Harry Potter Past- (Snape)
    $ Harry Potter Present-(Snape)
    City of Angels-(Seth) ((Loosely based))
    $ Digimon Season 2-(Ken)
    $ My Little Pony/Doctor Who Cross Over
    ******$ Bates Motel- (Norman)
    $ Pet Shop of Horrors- (Count D)
    ****$ Criminal Minds- (Reid)
    My Chemical Romance-(Gerard)
    *$ ER
    Danny Phantom- (Danny)
    The Magicians-(Quentin or Ellot )
    Sherlock-(Sherlock) ((Really not sure how good I would be....the BBC one))
    ******$Fantatic Beasts and Were to Find Them -(Newt)
    Supernatural-(Sam or Cass) ((I am better at Dean))
    The Bane Chronicles-(Bane)
    Early Edition-(Gary)
    Phantom Of the Opera-(Eric)
    Hey Arnold-(Arnold) ((I will be a bit rusty...))
    Invader Zim- (Zim)
    *****South Park-(Kyle)
    The Immortals-(Numair)
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-(Wonka)
    *******The Good Doctor-(Shaun Murphy)
  2. CanIPleaseGetAWaffle??

    CanIPleaseGetAWaffle?? Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:35 PM
    I’ll play Cas in the Supernatural fandom. :3
  3. CavyGirl

    CavyGirl Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:35 PM
    Still looking.....
  4. JaSamFan88

    JaSamFan88 Mi amore Member

    Local Time:
    4:35 PM
    I would LOVE a Magicians rp. Any chance I could play Eliot? Also, what's your feelings about doubling up? And threads?

    FYI, I haven't read the books. I binged the TV show's 3 seasons last week.
  5. ArchonTsukino

    ArchonTsukino Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:35 PM
    I'm more than open to doing Numair, if you can do Veralidaine. I'm open to doing OCs for both sides, though.
  6. CavyGirl

    CavyGirl Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:35 PM
    Still looking.
  7. Darko

    Darko Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:35 PM
    I’d be down to do a Bates Motel one with you. I’d play Norman if you could play Dylan for me :)

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