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 Romance Pancakes is searching...

Discussion in 'Other Requests' started by Pancakes_Follower, Apr 30, 2018.

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    I'm on the search for role play partners.

    I can play both male and female roles and I'm not really picky at all.

    I'm happy with:
    ♂ x ♂
    ♂ x ♀
    ♀ x ♀

    A bit about me and what I expect:
    I'm not on all the time, but I do try to get at least a post out as often as I can, I would love to get a good back and forth going whenever we're both on.
    I'm happy to admit I'm a sap and as much as I love some smut in my role plays, I love romance more. I NEED romance in all of my stories and I would really appreciate a build up between our characters.
    I write fairly descriptive posts and I'm proud of that. I would greatly appreciate the same kind of level from you. I don't expect novels, but something good so we can make good progress from each other would be great.
    I'm more 'Slice of Life' than anything else and I prefer current time zones, but we can plot if you've got something else in mind.

    I role play in forums and PMs, but I prefer the latter. That's it really. ت

    Below is a word bank and some more specific ideas. PM me if you're interested or even if you have a craving that's not on my list, I'm up for plotting.

    Romance, Love, Mystery, Cross Dressing, Secrets, Best Friends, Enemies, Light Bondage, Burlesque, Striptease, Power Play, Slow burn, Wet t-shirts, Party Games, Sweet, Funny, Goofy, Hero, Caught,
    ((My brain died when making this, so I will add more eventually.}}

    A and B have been friends forever, they're practically family to one another and treat each other as such but one day it became apparent that A had feelings for B when they suddenly confessed.
    Things got a little awkward because B hadn't seen this coming at all. Their friendship strained at first but A wasn't willing to lose B, even if it meant burying their feelings and living with the heart ache. A told B that they're over them and they just want to get back to normal.
    A few year pass by and their friendship is stronger than ever.
    Till A starts dating someone. B suddenly finds themselves with feelings they can't explain away. Anger, jealousy, heart ache.
    What would happen if B confessed now that A has moved on? Are these feelings genuine or is A just scared of losing a friend who's always been available to them whenever they called?

    C and D are best friends. The best of friends, there is no one closer than the two of them. Both popular and living life to the full, the pair go on wild adventures together all the time.
    One day, on a impromptu trip, C happily takes a drink that is given to them by a stranger.
    Soon after, they black out and when they wake up, they're suddenly the opposite sex.
    What in the hell has happened to them and how to they change back!?
    It's only going to get harder when their best friend, D, starts falling for them.

    E has an imaginary friend, F.
    Yes, they know they're far too old for that, but it doesn't stop F from being there. Just like another person F looks human, well, except for some small things after all, there aren't limits to the imagination, the only difference between them and a real person is that fact that no one but E can see them.
    F is always there for E, always around when they need them and always 100% devoted to them.
    Then suddenly F vanishes from E's life. A week passes by with no sign of them.
    Then suddenly F comes back... only this time F is more real than ever ... and everyone can see them.

    G and H are siblings. Like any family, they love each other but still hold their rivalries.
    H and I have been friends pretty much since they were born with their mothers becoming best friends on the maternity ward and soon finding out that they lived only doors away from each other. The pair grew up almost inseparable and made a set of rules when they were younger that neither of them could break, one of them being 'No dating family members'.
    I, loving H so much as a friend, never acted on their crush for G, but didn't see the harm in sneaking the odd ogle, they after all, drop dead gorgeous.
    G has never seen I as anything more than another younger sibling, but as I has grown up, they've developed into something beautiful and other people seem to be taking notice. G doesn't like other people treating them this way and warns everyone else to stay away from I without I knowing about it.
    Is there a spark developing here? Will I confess their feelings, will G realise they have feelings for I brewing after so many years? Will a secret relationship ensue? What will H think if they find out?
    ((I would like this to be a doubling story. I don't care about the genders I play, I would just like us both to play two characters. The elder sibling could have a best friend or there could be another sibling on the younger best friends side. It's open for discussion.))

    J has always been a little nervous around strong personalities. They're good at their studies/work so that's why they were chosen to mentor K. K has always been a little wild. The type of person who holds a certain reputation around town.
    Now that they're stuck together every spare moment, K can't help themselves from teasing J just to see their reactions. It's starts off small at first, but the rush is like an addiction and before they know it K is pushing the boundaries to make their senior tremble.

    ((This could get smutty quite quickly, but I would absolutely LOVE it if we could drag out the sweet and awkward squealing moments.))

    L and M have always hated each other but they have something in common. They both lead lives where they can't show their true selves. No one knows their secrets or who they think they really are underneath it all.
    One night L finds an abandoned building and feeling the urge to disappear for a while, they slip into the darkness and sink into the void, wondering the echoing halls till they find a room deep inside where they can let everything they've been holding in out.
    They rant and scream and cry until they hear something just beyond the wall. It's awkward for a moment, but then L realises that this mystery person beyond the wall doesn't know who they are and so they use the time to confess, to divulge and show their true selves, even if the other person can't see them, it's finally a chance to be free,
    In return, the mystery person beyond the wall does the same. At first they seem to avoid the building but as time goes by they meet there nightly and grow closer and fonder of the person they know everything and nothing about.
    So what would happen with L finds out that the person they've told all their deepest secrets to is actually M?

    Will add more when I can think of some...
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    I'm going put a few spoilers in here of some examples of my writing. Just so you can get an understanding of what I could and want to write when I'm really into a story.

    She stuttered through her words and Kie hooked his gun into his belt. He didn't have a holster yet so he made do with what he had.
    Dipping down, the young man scooped up his knife and slipped that into sheath strapped around his right thigh. It bunched up the jeans he was wearing around it, but it was at perfect height and Kie had never been one for fashion, he wasn't going to start now.

    The pale blue, almost white colour of his eyes washed over her face, then her body and back up to her face. Despite everything that was going on in the world, she looked healthy enough. Must have found what she needed to keep going. It didn't look like she'd dropped too much weight. And her face.
    Well, despite the dirt, sweat and specks of blood, she was still as stunning as she had been every day at school.
    Kie hated that he noticed her, that his gaze would follow her down the halls and most of all, he hated that she would invade his thoughts and dreams. The haunted young man never much thought about anyone or anything but what was necessary. Even if none of the rumours that had floated around school were true, some of them weren't too far off base. He was a weird guy and he wasn't squeaky clean like all the other students in the school.

    She spoke, stuttered and he felt his chest tighten. To hear her voice, now it wasn't screaming and unknown, made it even more real that she was alive. She motioned to the dead boys on the floor adding the 'for the moment'. The left corner of his mouth tugged up into a lob sided grin as a single chuckled left him. If he'd wanted to kill her, she would be lying in a pool of blood already, but he supposed he didn't need to scared to poor girl into peeing herself. She looked as though she was already close to that and he wasn't much into toilet stuff.

    His eyes lifted at the last of her words. Good? Good to see him alive too?
    Now was that because he'd just saved her, or because he was a face she knew? He couldn't decide and he couldn't read her. Something he'd always been attacked to before, but now pissed him off. His dull eyes were usually able to read everyone, but never her. Jennifer was the most popular girl in school and yet she never went to the house parties, she never got wasted and she was always smiling and everyone in the hallways - at least making attempts at talking to people.
    Everyone fawned for her and she still stayed so humble.
    They hadn't ever talked much, but then again, why would they? Kie was known as the 'assassin' - silent and (with the help of rumours) deadly. Even if she had spoken to him, it was assumed by all he wouldn't say anything back. And even looking back now with the luxury of being able to say he would, Kie knew he wouldn't have. What would have been the point? She would have only been surrounded in seconds by her adoring fans. Even standing in these halls now they had been abandoned, Kie had a lingering feeling that there would suddenly be a swarm of testy teens wanting to be within touching distance of the queen bee.

    "You know, I expected even in the apocalypse that you'd still have your admirers." His eyes shifted to the boys on the floor. "Guess I wasn't too far off base." Coming back to look at her, a grin stretched his lips, despite the morbid scene he stood in - and had first hand in causing.
    Crouching beside the bodies, Kie looked through their pockets and took anything he deemed valuable before picking up the gun and popping back up to his full height.
    He took the last few steps between them and looked between her hands, still palms up in defence and innocence.
    "You can put them down now. I don't usually kill people who aren't fucking around." He paused, swinging her gun around his finger for a moment, quirking a brown and eyeing her for a second.
    "Unless you plan on fucking around?"

    Once out of the cafe, the two boys parted ways, Daniel back to his place and Case back to the dorms of the college campus. He'd always been the type to live right in the thick of it, in the liveliest places and college dorms was certainly the place to be when one was in the educational system. He had the best of both worlds there, the rustle and bustle and impromptu parties of student life, whilst also being able to close himself off from everyone in the comfort of a private room. Some campuses had students share rooms and Case had heard there was even some places on this campus that had such rules but how on earth people lived that way he wasn't sure. Bringing a lady friend home to be greeted by a second, hulking man splayed out in bed in his boxer shorts could be seen as a little intimidating, or just gross depending on the specimen. Nope, he appreciated the fact that there was no one else there for her to compare him to but him. That way he had her full attention and whilst that never usually seemed to be a problem for Case, he had his own hang ups that not many other knew about. Even Daniel hadn't seen how the outer confidence of the play boy didn't go much past skin deep in some aspects of his life - not that that was saying Case wasn't a cocky little shit, because he most certainly was.

    Heading back through the halls to his place Case encountered the normal greetings of all his fellow dorm mates. Even when keeping to himself, the boy could attract attention. Everyone wanted to say 'hi', make a little physical contact through a pat on the back in passing or a high five. The boy was as close to famous as one could possibly be without the paparazzi following in tow.
    With his eyes to his phone, Case only gave the occasion glance up to his name being called - to which he'd give a flash of a smile or raise his brow in recognition - or to check he wasn't about to walk into an obstacle, that could really put a boot mark in his reputation. But some how he didn't see dressing as a woman, as he would be doing in just a few hours, as any kind of threat at all.

    Slipping through his dorm door, he threw it shut with a thud and dropped his phone, keys and wallet onto a side table just to his left. His jacket was the next thing to fall from his body, which would normally be caught just before hitting the floor in a cool swoop and flung up to be hooked on a peg on the rear of the door. But not this time.
    Case's attention had been caught by a rather attractive pair of legs. A woman's legs. One leg draped over the other extended forth from his bed frame, whilst the body which they belonged to reclined back into the plush mattress (Case had bought his own, finding the one that came with the room far too uncomfortable for 'entertaining').
    "You know, you really should lock your door, any weirdo could get in here..." The girl's voice was casual, like she knew Case too well to be question to be in his bed the way she was.
    Pulling his game back into place, Case swept the fridge from his face and pulled his jaw back off the floor before rolling his eyes at her. Anna. The only woman he'd ever gotten close to without sleeping with. She was a beauty and he put in a lot of effort to try get her into bed - more effort that he would with any normal girl, but he'd always had something between his legs that got in the way. Anna wasn't into boys.
    "Like you can talk..." Case fired back, flopping himself into the bed beside her make her body hop up in the most delightful way.
    What? Just because he couldn't make a purchase didn't mean he couldn't window shop.
    She caught him watching and with a heaving sigh, rolled her eyes before continuing on. She got this a lot with men, it could be a confidence boost at times, but at others all she could feel was sorry for them. Of course, she would never acknowledge that she would be just the same when a dishy girl crossed her path.
    And this was why Case and Anna got on so well, they were practically the same person with different genders.
    "So anyway..." Her hair was tossed over her shoulder and she pulled herself to sit up, Case quickly following suit, till she spoke again. "...what are your texts blowing up my phone for?"
    That was it, Case threw his body back into the the plush covers of his mattress and he groaned loudly, making Anna tilt her head at him both bemused and intrigued.

    From there, Case explained his bet with himself in regards to Daniel's line of dates. At first Anna had laughed, thinking it was a joke but soon enough it became all too serious and this was where she was to come in. Anna was the make up queen to the arts department. She was sure to be a super star in her field when she graduated, but for now Case needed her magic to make him into a woman. All this time Case had known it was just going to be a stupid joke. But he didn't want to look like a complete joke showing up like a guy in from a one drink too many stag do. If he was going to do this, he was going to do it right.

    Some time later, Case was staring at Anna as she pinched and tugged at a last few things on his body. He was in a little pain, he could admit that, Anna had waxed, plucked and pulled at things he would rather she hadn't touched at all - he'd wanted her to touch him before, but now he was all too scared of those delicate hands.
    She stepped backwards and washed her eyes over him, tilting her head to one side and letting the fiery mane cascade over her shoulder.
    "Jesus, are we not done yet Anna?" He whined as his head rolled back and the new, longer locks of hair pressed against his neck, making it bob back up again and his body shiver. His eyes came back to her and she was looking at him in shock.
    "What?" She shook her head and laughed a little.
    "No-nothing. Sorry. I just forgot it was you under there." Case's brow furrowed a little in confusion till he turned to see himself in the mirror.
    "Holy shit...."
    The person in the mirror was unmistakably a woman. Yet she moved and mirrored exactly what he did. "Anna. Are you a witch?" Case spoke, but still didn't take his eyes off the image reflected before him. His hand even patted south to make sure he really was still a Mr.

    Whilst Case had thoroughly checked himself out, Anna had thrown some things into a small spaghetti strapped, black bag. She then shooed him out of the door telling him he was going to be late. From there, everything was a blur.
    Before he knew it, he was at the Times Mall Square and it was about twenty minutes before their meeting time. Case hadn't noticed the lanky figure sitting by the fountain talking to himself. He hadn't thought his friend would really have turned up early to a date he was blindly forced into. So instead he perched himself in his velvet dress, on a seat in a near by coffee shop, an ice coffee in his hand as his eyes washed over the fountain scene.
    Then he caught sight of him. The smallest crease of a smile came to his lips as he looked at his friend sitting there with a flower in hand, awaiting the girl he'd been dodging questions about all afternoon (it really was a skill being able to text whilst being made into a woman). Was it cruel what he was about to do to his friend?

    His thoughts were suddenly interrupted as a figure loomed before his vision and Case was forced to look up at the male.
    "Hey. I see you're alone.." He started. Smooth. Case looked at him dead pan, not really connecting the dots himself as to what was happening. "Are you waiting for a friend or can I be adventurous enough to ask you to hang out?" Case quirked a brow and had to stop himself from laughing.
    "What?" Was just about as best he could reply, a large smile coming across his lips. The man faltered, rubbing the back of his neck and laughing at himself as a haze came to his cheeks.
    "I mean. You're the most beautiful girl here, I just had to come speak to you..." The man babbled on about some more stuff but Case could no longer hear him. His mind had twigged onto what was happening. He wasn't a man in a dress to this guy. He was a girl in a dress and an attractive one at that!
    "..I just can't take no for an answer." The boy's words came through to Case again as his hand curled around the cross dressed boys wrist.
    "Oh I'm sorry. I've just spotted my boyfriend." Case stood, yanking his hand from the other man's grip and skipped off towards Daniel, leaving they guy in his dust with a devious grin pulling at his lips as he came up to the blue haired boy too caught up in his own thoughts to realise Case's approach.

    "Hi." Case linked his arms behind his back, the hem of his dress brushing his thighs as he rocked from one hip to the other. Anna had done well in her styling of him. The dress hid the fact that he held no curves but showed off that he had surprisingly feminine legs for a man. A thick knit, lilac scarf looped around his neck and covered over his lack of a chest whilst a hat in the same colour with a white fluffy bobble sat atop his head. Case had envisaged the over the knee socks being an issue, but they were staying up remarkably well and the high tops on his feet and denim jacket around his shoulders brought the whole tone of the outfit down to a super casual look. Being as petite as he was, nothing looked out of place. Was that scary, or good? He wasn't sure. But right now, it didn't matter. Daniel had reacted as if he was a girl. His eyes had looked right at him. They'd met gaze and there had been long enough now for a recognition, yet Daniel hadn't clicked.
    "Do you mean flower?" Case offered, looking at the flower pushed out towards him before looking back up at Daniel through his coated lashes. His fingers unhooked from one another behind his back and he reached forward, plucking the stem from his friend's hand. He brought the flower to his nose, smiling softly behind the petals and lingering his eyes on the tall male, like girls had done to him so many times before, the flirtatious gaze.
    Was Daniel taller than normal? Or was it just his imagination. Had he always been so much taller than Case?
    His mind was wondering off, but it kept coming back to the same question. Would Daniel notice? Why not make it a little more obvious?
    "My names Casey, it's nice to finally meet you." He slipped the stem of the flower under the lip of his bag so the head of it protruded, unharmed from a gap at the edge before turning his attention back to Daniel, putting out his hand to be taken and shaken in greeting. Despite saying his name already, Daniel hadn't actually introduced himself and Case wondered how many hints he would have to throw for the guy to get a clue that he was still himself and not a girl he seemed to be convincing others he was. Daniel would notice, he was sure, Daniel always picked up on things. Always saw things others didn't. He couldn't not see this, right?

    The year had been long and hard and full of struggles. One of those being the decision to change a major he'd been studying for since he was twelve. Alshley Winters wasn't a man to flit through life and chop and change from one thing to the next. Whilst he was mostly laid back and took things in his long legged stride, he'd always had a set out plan. A mission. A life's ambition. He'd always had a vision of where his life would lead and what mile stones he would achieve by specific ages. Though he never really shared this with anyone else. Not that he had much choice in the matter.
    Whilst being an approachable kind of person, Ash never really took much joy in 'partying' or 'road trips' or any of the other things people his age seemed to bond over. He was far more content sitting on his couch alone with yet another good book and a hot cup of coffee - the black rimmed, distinctive, round lensed glasses he used only when reading perched on the bridge of his nose, aiding his eyes as they rolled over each word and drew him in to be submerged in the story set out of each page.
    And thus people soon lost interest in him and continued their much more eventful lives with their much more extravagant friends.

    Now, after months of debating and agonising over the change of his life plans, the young, slender man had come to the final acceptance that he was going to change his major. After a year majoring in History, he was switching to English. He'd spent his life in the worlds created and described by others, now he wanted to make his own and lure people to fall in love with the words he would write for them over the pages. Become his characters and get lost in the lives beyond the words.
    He'd always seen his writing as a hobby, such a thing could never amount to an actual career, it would be far too unstable. So instead he wrote and published his stories chapter by chapter on internet forums, under the pen name 'Sterwin Shayle', an anagram of his own name. He'd done this more for his own pleasure than to peak anyone else's but slowly people began to follow his work. At first it was only a couple of comments. Some good, some bad - but as the characters lives began to develop, plots began to twist and turn - he hooked them and they couldn't wait for the next read. It wasn't long before people began demanding the releases of new chapters but Ash could never keep up with them whilst he was swamped with work loads from History assignments and essays. He found himself dropping effort in his studies to complete stories that gave him no grades and eventually his professor - an old and greying man with lines on his face to describe a happy life - pulled him to one side. He'd expressed worry for his previously top notch student and asked what had developed in his life to make his attention to detail wain as it had. Ash had skirted around the subject for a while, but it was drawn from him eventually. The professor had asked for the stories, and after a night of reading, he too was hooked into the dramatic lives of the fictitious characters. He gave Ash an ultimatum. Either he was to give up on the stories and leave them to be a hobbie for areas of his life with more time and concentrate on the history assignments at hand for the next three years - or he was to change majors, and make a real go of something he could have a happy and prosperous career in. And he had the summer to think about it.
    Ashley had paced his dorm room day in and out for a good week before his room mate threatened to deck him. They'd never really spoken much before that point.

    Now summer was over and all Ash's paperwork had been handed in and swapped around. He was now an English student and coming into lessons he'd missed the beginnings of. He would need to catch up on a years worth of work and take on everything that was being taught at the given time.
    He stood before the door to his new lecturing hall, the long bangs of his dark mahogany hair flopping into his face, just for him to push them back, and then for them to flop forward again. His hand lifted to his chest and he could feel the beat of his heart thumping against the cage inside. A deep breath filled his lungs and he steeled himself for a moment. Then with one quick movement, he pushed himself into the room and looked up over the rising seats.
    Empty. Not a sole had taken residence yet. And rightly so, he was an hour early.

    "Mr. Winters?" A woman's voice called from the desk at the stage of the room, her hazel eyes washing over the young student as he turned his attention towards her.

    "Yes." He replied, hesitating for a moment before he continued. "It's Ashley, actually. Um, just Ash." He stumbled through his words and watched as the hint of a smile appeared on the woman's lips. She averted her gaze and gathered some papers.

    Her hand motioned for him to come over as she began to speak. He did so and was by her side as she handed him a small wad of papers, saying these were the notes of the lectures passed and he should read through them when he had the chance, get to know the subject and the way she would be teaching him. He gave a quick nod and bundled the notes into his arms before turning on the spot and heading up the stairs to one of the many vacant seats.

    "Where are you going?" She called after him, not being able to hide her smile now.

    "I have spare time now." He retorted, as his gangley frame shuffled down a row of seats and he pulled the chair down from it's fold to sit. "I'll get started." A look of pure determination washed over his features as he rummaged into the messenger bag he'd just unlooped from his shoulders and plucked his glasses from them. They were quickly set on his features and he flicked through the pages looking over each side as he did so. Now, just to find where to start.

    "Oh, come ON! Move! - No, not you. Yes, yes, I'm still listening." A young, caramel skinned woman was sat in her car, in the heat of traffic trying to make it from point A to B without blowing a fuse - in her head that was.
    Right at that moment, she was being told - through a small device hooked around her ear - that she was in deep, deep shit.
    "Caia, I'm not kidding. He's on the hunt for you, like, right now." A whispering voice spoke urgently in her ear. That voice was of her best friend and only ally at the company. Susan Starlight. What a name, right? Certainly a winning name for an agent to singers and movie stars around the country. Which is what Susan was aiming to be. She already had a few budding stars under her belt - which was why she was the one whispering into the phone receiver, and not the one caught up in traffic cursing every other being around her for daring breath air within her vicinity. Caia Lonell. She too was an agent to the stars. Or, well, at least attempting to be one. All the buds she'd found thus far had turned out to be thorns who'd just evened up pricking her. So now she was getting desperate. She'd been driving around the city all day in hoped of happening upon someone special. Some kind of miracle person that could all but save her from the job house. Well, that hadn't happened. There was no Jesus of music or movies that was going to just fall into her plate. There was no perfect person who would award her with an undeserving golden ticket, a ride on their coat tails to the top. Nope. That person didn't exist and now her boss - the so called man on the hunt - was walking around with a pink slip. With her name one it. Or so she convinced herself.

    "Susan!" Caia could hear a voice call through slightly distant on her friend's side of the phone. "Is that her? Is that Caia?" Susan mumbled some kind of noise. Caia could only image the petite blonde shaking her head with an awfully guilty look on her face. "N-no, it's my, uh, my mum! Love you mum, I love you so much...."
    Wow, what a bad lie. Caia could feel her face grimacing at just hearing it through her ear piece. It was a wonder Susan made such a good agent with such an inability to lie.
    "Give me that."
    There was a shuffling sound through the ear piece as the phone changed hands. Then there was a man's voice. The voice of a man she'd been avoiding all week. He'd been looking for her. She knew that. She'd seen him when she'd been crouched beneath her desk or glued with her back to the wall. She'd seen him every time and she'd made sure he didn't see her. But there was no escape now. Well, there could have been. She could have made an attempt at sounding like Susan's mother. But that would have just been a depressing drop into desperation. She could have hung up. But that would just be delaying the inevitable. If it was going to happen, it was going to happen now. Caia bit her lower lip softly between pearly white teeth as her eyes focused on the dead traffic before her and her brain hung on to the static in the phone.
    There was a moment of silence as she picked up her nerve. The nerve to say something. Anything.
    "Yes sir."
    "You have a week. A week to bring me a project. That's it. No more chances. No more time. A week to bring me someone or you're out."
    That was it, that was all that was said. No time for her to retort, no time for her to accept. No time for even a breath before he hung up the phone and left her there with her jaw slack and her eyes wide.
    She'd been expecting her ass - handed to her, chewed, thoroughly - but instead he gave her a week.
    Why did that feel worse?

    "Fine!" She announced, pulling the shattered pieces of herself together and kicking her car into the next gear. "I'll bring you the best fu-"
    A plume of smoke errupted from the bonnet of her slightly beat up, but still a little flashy, red car. It clouded above the car for all to see and attract their gaze to it's failings as it chocked forward. "No, no, no, no, NOOO~..." Caia slammed her palms into the steering wheel with each word that escaped her. Why? Why now? Why right when she was making her speech for an epic come back? Damn car just had to go and ruin everything.
    She pushed her heels on the pedals and the car just about crawled to the edge of the road where she could fling open the door, drag herself out and flip it the bird. A line of a abuse came from her plush lips - completely counter acting her small, delicate, porcelain look. The woman could look like a precious doll if she stood still long enough and kept her mouth shut. Oh, and maybe tamed that lions mane of wild curls on her head. But she didn't. She somewhat liked to surprise people with her sassy attitude and vulgar mouth. She didn't want to be put in a box and she most certainly didn't want to be held back. She'd fought for everything she had and despite all these set backs, all this time with thorns whilst everyone else found roses - she was still determined. A little wounded, maybe even still bleeding - metaphorically - but determined.

    Taking in a deep breath after her reel of abuse at the car, she tipped her head back and let her body collapse to sit on the edge of the road. Her toosh on the kerb and her feet in the gutter.
    A breeze rolled past her, flicking a few stands of her curled hair across her face. And that's when she heard it. The soft melody of a voice. A sweet, girlish voice. Singing something she hadn't heard before. Her eyes searched around her as the voice stopped dead.
    No one.
    She raised her head and looked again.
    A few people came into view but no one who could posses such a voice.
    Then it came again, floating on the air like a dream. Caia sprung up from her seat and headed off in a direction, any direction, hopefully towards the voice. She turned a couple of time, but she'd become a blood hound on a search for the prize.
    It wasn't long until she found it. The holder of that voice. The one singing lyrics she'd never heard before.
    Caia stood a couple of feet before the tree, her body stiff and her mouth agape. Maybe there were such things as miracles...

    Just under a week had passed. And okay, miracle maybe was a little too strong a word. Though she could have sworn the girl in the tree had been glowing when she first saw her.
    Bu~t reality soon kicked in and Caia was brought back to earth. She'd been following Miracle - or so she'd nicknamed the mystery girl - all week. Basketball games, a part time job and the tree. She'd pretty much stalked her - though she wouldn't call it that, simply pursuing a lead, yeah, that's what it was - and now knew most of her movements. She couldn't let this chance go.
    Okay, the girl's voice needed a little work. She wouldn't be launched into a singing career. But her figure was on point, her height wasn't bad and she was athletic. Caia had seen her lie a couple of times at her job and she wasn't bad at that either. No model and actress could be on the cards. But why stop there? Why not make her a triple threat? Make her the mother of all buds. The most astonishing rose to ever flower under the company name Elite Agents.
    Caia was probably grasping at straws, this had to be the girl. She had one chance - this girl was her only lead. She had one week, and it was now Saturday. So this really was it. Now or never.

    Caia stood in a small beach hut on the edges of the sands. Her arms were folded across her chest, enhancing a small rack clothed in a well cut, simple, black bikini top. On her bottom half, she wore a matching briefs to the top and a laced, white sarong that really popped against her skin.
    Well, it's not like she was going to wear a suit to the beach. Blend in, make it look like it all happened by chance. That was the way to play it. Nope, the girl didn't need to know she'd been followed all week by a desperate, short woman in search for the next big thing.
    Nope, natural. All natural. This needed to be like bumping into a stranger. Technically she was still a stranger - it would be odd if her name actually was Miracle.
    "Oh, now, now." Caia's voice whispered to herself as she hopped down from the beach hut decking and into the sand. She skipped across the warm ground, her arms swinging softly at her sides as she tried to make her attempt at getting to Miracle as fast as possible look 'natural'.
    She approached her from behind, pausing just long enough to take a breath before coming along side her and making the first move.
    "Hi." Right, enough to catch her attention. She was alone after all. Thank god.
    "My name's Caia Lonell. I work for Elite Agents." A smile spread over her lips whilst her mind scolded her. "Have you ever thought about modelling?"
    Wow, jump right in there Caia! Way to make it natural...
    "You have a fantastic figure." She paused, for a second, not sure what else to say. Stroke the ego more? Or go in for the kill.
    "I want to sign you as a client." Caia's eyes peered through the tinted windows of her retro, round rimmed glasses. She wore nothing but the bikini and confidence. In all honesty - there was little else she had left.

    Please don't be intimidated by the size of some of my posts. There is usually something big happening in them or they're a starter, so they can get shorter than this. BUT! I would love to be in lots of RPs that get me so excited to write that these lengths are what I produce most times. I would love for you to feel that way too. <3
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    Hello. I'm interested in roleplaying with you. But first, may I know how long of a reply you prefer your partner to produce?
  4. Pancakes_Follower

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    Hi. Thanks for the interest.

    Umm.... well, a couple paragraphs at least, depending on where the mood takes us.
    I understand that some times things will get short, due to conversations or whatever is going on in the story. But generally description and feelings for your character will take at least a paragraph or two.
  5. Tyyun

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    I see. I guess we're not very compatible then. My posts then to be on the shorter side.
  6. Pancakes_Follower

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    I see.
    Ah well, thanks for the interest anyway. :)
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    Added and new craving.
  8. CanIPleaseGetAWaffle??

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    Cross dresser x classmate is something I’d be happy to do if I could play the cross dresser. :) Did you have a plot in mind? And are you familiar with omegaverse and the mate dynamics?
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    Waffle! <3 Love the name.
    I'm happy for you to play the cross dresser.
    I don't have anything specific in mind but I'm more than happy to plot something out together.
    Nooo~ I'm not familiar but I'm going to google it now. xD
  10. CanIPleaseGetAWaffle??

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    We don’t have to do it with omegaverse. It was just a suggestion. :3
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    I will PM you so we can chat :)
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    I would be happy to do a Childhood friends/rivals (leaning more towards rivals) or Hero x Villain. I write a minimum of 3-4 paragraphs and can easily go over that. I don't have any slice of life writing samples on hand, however I can give you other pieces I've done to show my writing style.
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    bump - some ideas put on.
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    New story ideas added.
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    I'm interested in the imaginary friend idea
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    Thanks for the interest, would you like to discuss further through pms?

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