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Discussion in 'Request Thread Archive' started by DeathJuice, May 23, 2018.

  1. DeathJuice

    DeathJuice Guest

    Local Time:
    6:04 PM
    The story is set in a small suburban town, and YC can be either an exchange student who is temporarily staying at MC’s house for the school year, a babysitter, his new stepsister, or really whoever you want her to be. MC’s parents are away on a summer vacation. That aside, YC happens to be very, very submissive, not wanting to call the police, tell anybody about what what happens at the house or even give much resistance to MC, who happens to be very, very 'ambitious'. Whether they’re a babysitter who doesn’t want to miss out on a big paycheck, or a stepsister who just can’t figure out what to do, there is punishment, humiliation and lots and lots of fun to be had.

    An alternate version is available, which involves YC being, rather than being submissive, just INCREDIBLY oblivious and gullible. Either naturally, or (at least for the gullible part) as a result of a mental disorder that causes your character to believe EVERYTHING they hear without exception.

    Anyways, I don’t care whether you want to use these ideas or not, I am open to suggestions.

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