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 NSFW/Explicit  Female x Male  Dark/Violent  Erotica  Fandom  Fantasy  Romance  Supernatural/Paranormal Pick the forbidden fruit with me

Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by Queen of Hell, May 6, 2018.

  1. Queen of Hell

    Queen of Hell The Red Queen Member

    Local Time:
    5:37 AM
    Do NOT post in this thread, it's only for my updates. If you have any questions, send me a PM or write on my profile in case you don't know how to send a private message. This thread is for me to write on and for others to read through. If it seems like I ask for too much, I'm always happy to compromise. However, this is a long thread where you will know almost everything about me as a roleplayer. So don't be discouraged, I'm friendly!
    Thank you.

    (LATEST UPDATE 08.03.2019. Currently interested in Bound by Flames and Lessons to Learn)
    IMPORTANT NOTE: NOT taking any suggestions.

    About me and how I roleplay

    (Must read)


    Welcome to Hell! Where sin and blasphemy is fun, where it never snows or rains and there's always something going on. It's better than it is back on Earth, but things still are not easy. Lucifer went on vacation forever and now I took over, created the Tenth Circle only for myself where everything is made of gold, instead of water it's blood that is running and then, of course, there's me with my pet Cirice. She's the golden serpent that welcomed you into my little home. Now, there are few things you need to remember if you wish to go on adventures with me. And oh, you may call me Red.

    I would also be very grateful if you give me a bit detailed message. Such as what plot interested you, why you are interested in that plot and what can you offer for that specific story. If you already have ideas for your character or already have a ready character for this plot, I'd LOVE to hear about it! I really don't want to sound far too picky, but I believe strongly in the first impression. Rarely ever was a roleplay good with a starting message "Wanna rp?" So please, put even the smallest effort in the message, I would really appreciate it!

    What breaks the deal..
    Short posts are a big no-no for me
    Submissive men are not fun. You can let me take over from time to time, but submissive men ain't for this fireball.
    Lack of side characters in the story. They don't need to be detailed or be around often. I just don't like to feel like our characters are only people in the world. (unless I desire a smut plot, which I will always state)
    Shy and weak characters. Enough said.
    Love triangles or multiple love partners. I'd rather not dwell on this theme. (I do like MxFxM, but it doesn't really have much to do with love, if you know what I mean)
    When working on plot-heavy related stories, I don't like it when sex happens far too soon. It's anticlimactic. (It's okay if there's a decent buildup for smut related plots!)
    Basic grammar: Yeah, sometimes I'm on phone too and typos happen, that I forgive. But what I mean by basic grammar are things like - you instead of u, differences between your and you're (sorry, but I just cry myself to sleep because of this), and capitalize letters where they should be capitalized. Sometimes I can get over this, but this is something you were supposed to learn in elementary school.
    Writing in first person just makes me feel weird. It feels like an self-insertion, while this was supposed to be a roleplay. You know, where you play roles.
    Fade to black and unfruitful intercourse scenes. I find sexual scenes just as important for the plot and character development. Most of the time, in real life sex would be important to you, why would that be any different for the characters in the story?
    Overpowering your character and ask me to change the demeanor of MC. Please make some logical sense in the roleplay. Sure he can beat the entire army by himself and if MC is an assassin who's been killing people her entire life, don't think she'll fawn over YC. If she was a princess who hadn't experienced a lot outside all that finery, she might be captivated by YC. So please, follow the logic and I beg you not to tell me how to do MCs, because I'd never do that to you. And please, no overpowering characters. They can be experts in their field of work and be perfect in it, but nobody is perfect in everything. It can get pretentious and annoying otherwise.
    And yes, the lack of interest. When posts lack substance and juice, when it lacks tension and drama, when you want me to run the plot. My dear, you can show yourself out.

    What does the Queen offer you...
    Dedication: Since I am a writer and if our writing chemistry is good, I can give you a hell of a time, my dear. I'm fairly inspired and ready for challenges.
    Multiple and well thought-out characters: I will always add a character to make things interesting.
    Long posts: Yes, you read that right. I love long posts. I can die those down in case a partner cannot match up, but I am a writer and I cannot imagine a text without a lot of stuff happening. But there also times when walls of text is impossible to be put in. That's usually during smut or conversations between characters.
    Decent English: It's not my first language, it's not perfect, but I do try my best to make my post as best as possible if I have the nerves.
    Fun smut: Oh believe me... I like each scene to be an experience. I also want to add that I adore heavy smut scenes. But that can only be achieved with a heavy buildup. I write really descriptive scenes of the intercourse, I add a lot of elements to it and my kinks kind of go over the limits that most people wouldn't be necessarily comfortable with. So check my F-list that is in the signature and let me know what you want to involve and what you want to avoid! If there's something that isn't on the list, please give me suggestions! I have A LOT of fun writing these scenes! Go wild with me when we get to this point. Describe everything.
    Activity on the site: I'm here every day, but that doesn't mean I can write every day. I reply when I can.

    What satisfies the Queen in general... (Not all of these are crucial)
    Complicated relationships. I don't like it to be cookie cutter. I like it to be complicated, I want our characters to struggle. I want things to get in their way.
    Drama. Goddamn drama, complicate things, twist them, nothing pulls me in more. Especially when two characters are obviously interested in one another, there's obviously insane sparks between them, but they can't have each other completely for many reasons. That just makes me want to roleplay more.
    Alpha males. I'm not talking about assholes which I eat for breakfast, I'm talking about men with attitude, strong presence and intelligence.
    Devious characters who have an evil look to them, but breathe with politeness and nobility. Big men in size that tower over my characters. Lot's of chemistry and banter. Yes, yes and yes.
    Inhuman character in general. Sure, I do like to roleplay with human characters, but I like creatures with personalities and conscious that are much like human's, but appearance-wise, they're everything but humans. Anthro werewolves, demons, monsters and mythological creatures, you name it. I like to interact with all of their physical features during smut. That means that I'm into TERATOPHILIA. So, if you offer inhuman characters, chances for a roleplay with me are higher.
    Medium bloodplay. I'm a vampire at heart, so sucking blood, getting a bit messy, smearing it on naked bodies tickles my fancy. Severed limbs are for my torture dungeon, don't worry about any form of violence during sex. Also, this is not necessary at all. It just depends on the type of rp we're doing. (If I require a roleplay where there's a vampire character involved, bloodplay WILL be a thing)
    Slow build and teasing. That's the secret to every great and mind blowing sex.
    As much as I love rough sex, I love emotional vanilla too, it really depends on how it builds up.
    On a scale from 1 to 10, I'm 6,5 both a masochist and a sadist in sexual context. I am also a switch. Even though I prefer dominant males, I like be on top when the mood is right, but not always.

    Pairings (CLOSED):
    All of the mentioned characters are HERE ("Your characters" topic on this site) and after this post, there's a list of OPEN ROLEPLAYS, which involve all of these mentioned pairings with more or less detailed ideas for the plot!

    MC x two male characters (Orcs, minotaurs, Qunari, werewolves, inhuman characters in general for threesome heavy smut scene, look below)
    Ghostly entity x unwary human girl
    Incubus disguised as a Father x religiously conflicted nun
    Edea x Sephiroth
    Lorena McCarthy x Japanese yakuza leader
    Lorena Beneditti (Italian mafia) x member of a biker gang
    Rosalie Chapelle (vampire) x human policeman (WIP)
    Danielle Garell x human or alien futa (Taken)
    Frances x Qunari
    Il'Ranna x promised Targaryen Prince
    ☥ To finish this off ☥
    I will post plot ideas in other posts below this one, so please don't write on my thread or I'll be VERY displeased. I don't have much to say, to be perfectly honest, except that this thread will be edited a lot. If you're interested, just contact me through private messages and let me know why you want to write with me. Be straightforward, it's an attractive trait.

    There are two posts beneath this one: the second is the post dedicated to my taken plots and characters and the first thread is for my plots that I crave. Those were either from old roleplays that never got to be finished or something I haven't been interested in a while and now I am open to work on them. Everything below these two posts are bumps with new plots and characters I feel like doing and updating my craves.

    Check the posts under this one to see what I crave!
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2018
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  2. Queen of Hell

    Queen of Hell The Red Queen Member

    Local Time:
    5:37 AM
    ☥ Open plots ☥

    Lessons to learn

    Native American (werewolf) x French actress (vampire)

    I am an absolute fan of interracial romances. Even better if it is forbidden interracial romance. I am a lover of drama and true emotion and when things are not as simple as we would've liked, I am hooked even more.

    While I would accept a simple couple of two humans of different races, I'd much prefer the other option, that of being the more supernatural take. Vampires and werewolves, mortal enemies that strike at each other on sight... But does it have to be like that? Modern day in America has so much to offer to both of these races who suffer from the curse.

    Native Americans do have their own myths and beliefs, considering how much they are close with the nature and how much they respect it, they may consider this a curse for which a sufferer must atone and YC is on the quest, hoping to remove the curse (which is impossible). While he is powerful and fierce, he is in nature very spiritual and peaceful.

    MC has been a vampire for two centuries, Her body and beauty stuck in time. An actress from France traveling the world, stealing the hearts of both the mortals and undead. A woman alive more than the living, her emotions are strong and sees beauty in things around, a poetic soul that loves to live in the moment. But such traits bring a very complicated flaw, unhappiness with the violence around her, two-faced people and the pain that the eternal life brings her. And her secret fascination with the mortal enemies of her kind. How convenient she gets to meet one like that, someone who can change her life.

    I am a major fan of tantric sex, but also I adore beastly forms, especially the anthro forms of werewolves. I love to include bloodplay when I play with vampires, so I'm not afraid to make things messy. As for everything else, I'm up for discussion!

    Bound by Flames [ Game of Thrones ]

    For this plot, I am craving a writer who prefers detailed and lengthier posts that will fit the whole theme and be believable with representing a character, also someone who's well-familiar with the lore.

    Il'Ranna (red high priestess) x promised Targaryen Prince

    Hyped for the new season!

    While I never got to read all the G.R.R. Martin's books, I do read the Wiki and enjoy the show thoroughly and there's a specific plot I'd love to do. It'll be a more original plot with all of the important elements of the lore. I would like this to have original characters rather than the ones from the canon universe, but they'd pretty much be inspired by them.

    Reidar Baratheon has been approached by the red priestess Il'Ranna before he married princess Juliette Lannister and the otherworldly and ageless woman that was covered in red from head to toe informed him that he's the Chosen One who will vanquish all evil from the world. Reidar took this responsibility seriously and came to the conclusion that he should be the King of all Seven Kingdoms and with Il'Ranna's help, Reidar grew powerful, powerful to the point where he could face the Targaryen King and Queen who sat on the Iron Throne.

    YC managed to escape and survive this tragedy, making him the last Targaryen in the world who was filled with grief. He was powerless and in hiding, while the King Reidar Baratheon, who became a power-hungry gluttonous pig, celebrated each night with parties and whores, leaving his wife scorned and the priestess in devastated disappointment in R'hllor, thinking that she made a wrong decision - but she didn't.

    One day, she stared into the flames to see that the Chosen Prince marked by her God is actually the orphan Targaryen, the Dragon, who had to grow through this tragedy to become stronger, like a sword that is being shaped with flames and beating. Instantly, Ranna escaped King's Landing before Reidar notices along with a sellsword she's traveled with from Essos and goes to the location that R'hllor pointed out for her to find the Prince.

    Ranna will bring the dragon egg, the last dragon in the entire world, but she will only give it to YC when she believes that he's ready. Their relationship at first will be very professional, after the endless convincing that Ranna gave to the prince and apologies will at first seem rather shallow, but as they grew somewhat close, her apology will be regretful and say that she didn't want his parents to die and that Reidar didn't need to kill them. And she'll say that the moment he beheaded the Targaryen members, she knew Reidar wasn't the one.

    This is just a tip of the iceberg, because if I wrote more, I don't know when will it end! Just contact me and let me know if you're interested!

    Last edited: Oct 24, 2018
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  3. Queen of Hell

    Queen of Hell The Red Queen Member

    Local Time:
    5:37 AM
    ☥ Closed threads and taken characters ☥

    Rich families and death cults

    [ Vampire the Masquerade:Bloodlines & Werewolf the Apocalypse ]


    Rosalie Chapelle x Giovanni Kindred and Werewolf [ MUST BE MxFxM ]

    Not interested in humans, Ghouls, fledgling vampires and recently turned werewolves.

    DISCLAIMER: contains violence, occultish and taboo themes, bloodplay, interest in the anthropomorphic werewolf form and sin in general. Not for the faint of heart. This is MxFxM based, I already have MxF pairing for this setting, which means that I'm not seeking that.

    HERE is about my character and HERE is about her family, which is relevant for the plot. When you make your own character, don't worry, I won't ask for a detailed character sheet such as my own. I will only ask for basic stuff and hopefully a faceclaim. We will work on everything else together or as the story goes! But these links will at least show how much effort I love to put in both story building and characters!

    I have more characters that are from the VtM universe and I'd be happy to include them in this roleplay, which is to be discussed if you're interested in including more characters for the story. I will always involve side characters that will have their own place and roles within the plot.

    I am specifically looking for a Giovanni Kindred or a werewolf of any pack as a main character. If you want to use any other clan or supernatural creature, feel free to involve them as a side character! You can make a sheet on them or not, that will be up to you. Side characters I would involve are a Nagaraja and Tremere Kindred. Would play canon characters such as Pisha and Velour.

    I absolutely love the theme of the occult, the mansions and lavish lifestyles and all the dark stuff that is going on in the background. I also am a big fan of the Beauty and the Beast (always preferred the prince as the beast, tbh.) so werewolves in their natural state, that being the sentient, bewildered anthropomorphic state are always a great fun. Bloody messes are fun! Just me? Damn!

    Anyway, if you were to ask my long term partners that I've been writing with for months what I'm like as an OOC partner, they'll tell you that I'm absolutely insane and that I love planning, just as much as I love to write. However, I found out that I can't have that type of "sit down and just throw out all of the impulsive ideas and see what comes up" with just about anyone. If you're a relaxed and creative individual who is friendly to a reasonable extent (I'm not too friendly either, don't worry) and loves connecting to their partner and discuss even the impossible, please. Message me. I have some ideas, but I'd rather discuss it with a potential partner. No need to be too formal or anything, let's be buds, okay? Alright!

    Update: I do have a plot idea which would involve both a werewolf and a Giovanni in one plot. Message me for details!


    The Outcasts [ Dragon Age Inquisition ]

    Why always be a big hero when you can be one of those guys in the group?
    Before you read anything about the plot, I only crave for partners who offer descriptive and lengthy posts and who are ready for challenges, because that's what I offer. I already have a character ready for this plot!
    Frances (human female Rogue) x Male Qunari mercenary (The more he's like The Iron Bull, the better!)

    Iron Bull is one of the best things that have happened to me in DA universe, I swear.

    I really like The Iron Bull and his character. Now, YC doesn't have to necessarily be the rip off of this character (I truly prefer original characters with original backstory and personality) but there are some similarities I wish YC had with the Bull. His humorous side and his view on the world, but also the fact that he likes redheads, because 90% of my characters are always redheads, how convenient? I have a character sheet ready for MC, so just ask!

    This takes place even before the Breach opened. YC should have already the similar status as Bull, he leads the group of mercenaries, while MC is the leader of a notorious group of assassins. While YC's group is skilled when it comes to fighting hard, MC's group is more rougish and quick and our characters get to clash with one another.

    MC and her group move to the Storm Coast in order to build a hold where they'll basically be the ones who'll roam freely the coast, take it as their own and bring down the Blades of Hessarin. The real reason why MC wanted to move to the Storm Coast was because of the ancient dwarven port, which was believed to be abandoned for years and the entrance was sealed. Excited with the idea to take something for herself and the group in order for them to grow stronger, MC refuses to back out of this. She's very stubborn and ambitious, and needless to say, a great and respected leader.

    YC on the other hand was paid to track down these assassins. Perhaps a noble or a rich merchant stated his concerns and was already a victim and suffered greatly since one of their assaults and since he wasn't their target, he just got in a way, he's one of the rare survivors which MC left. This person paid YC a lot of money which YC couldn't reject and managed to track down MC's group and they meet in the Storm Coast.

    There'll either be a very heated dialogue or they'll strike without waiting a moment. During one of their attacks, the Breach opens and Rifts come down on Storm Coast. These two groups end fighting along with each other to kill off the demons, but it's MC's group that suffers, leaving only her trusted friend and herself alive. YC and his mercenaries get to kill all the demons and leave MC and her friend at YC's mercy and that's the moment when she needs to tone down her attitude. If YC is similar to The Bull, our characters will have an interesting dynamic, because my rogue female will be a trickster and mischievous redhead with short temper. Thanks to this, MC and her friend will become YC's mercenaries and they'll work together. However, I imagine our characters are big fans of alcohol and while being intoxicated, they get into intimate intercourse. That said, I don't plan on making them friends immediately. Just some sort of respect that they share with one another and it progressively grows into something more. Once things do escalate, they don't treat it as anything special. They'll make up excuses, they're both attractive individuals with needs so it's absolutely normal that they can do each other if they're available. But it'll make it better if they deny that they like each other a little bit more than that.

    As for the Inquisition, it won't change much from the actual game, but with our own twists. Our characters will be considered as 'outcasts' in the Inquisition, simply because they do not come from the most trusting side of the story, which might bring our characters closer, but they're still extremely useful with their resourcefulness and skill, and we all know Inquisition is desperate for help. Where the story leads us next? Inquisition will start debating on who will they side with: the Templars or rebel mages, which we will decide or our characters can even do something to ruin what the superiors from the Inquisition originally planned, though they're never caught and that remains a secret between them. After that we'll slowly close in to the entire "In Your Heart Shall Burn" thing, followed by the events that will lead into the Skyhold and of course, I don't want to miss the entire Winter Palace drama. Following the game and how we build it up with our own twists will be fairly easy, if you ask me.

    The theme in this rolelplay is to make a complicated relationship, considering that Qunari aren't the "lovey dovey" types. Character I have for this is very romantically unaware for reasons that will be obvious within the story. So the point is to confuse the hell out of these two unaware that what they have is actually love, but they keep messing up, angering, hurting each other, only to come back to one another. I am SO done with cookie cutter relationships in roleplays, seriously. I want the struggle and the drama, so the good moments feel much better!



    Feud of Kings


    Human pariah princess
    x inhuman prince

    This plot has already been worked on, so around 35% of this plot is ready. The other 15% requires your ideas, input and suggestions, and characters, the rest of 50% is the roleplay alone. This one would require multiple characters, siblings of our characters and their parents to be specific, but not limited to them. It's a low medieval fantasy setting, very much like Game of Thrones. I'll make this short and sweet and if you're interested, send me a message and I'll give you more details about this plot! Needless to say, it's plot heavy, but a lot of opportunities for smut.
    However, I'm not looking for a human character (as you can see by the picture, I was always the "Beauty and the Beast" type of gal. And yes, I have a thing for big males with horns who seem like savages, but are gentle giants) I'm looking for any kind of species that you want to play who have a different culture from humans. Can be absolutely anything you want. Low fantasy, however, doesn't include some fantastical creature ie. dragons, minotaurs and as such and it doesn't include magic. They can be mentioned as the part of the past of the world our characters are in, just to enrich the history. For this plot, I'm using Regina DeVilliers. I highly suggest you check out the links I've put in her name and family name.

    Two Kingdoms and two Kings - they've been good friends for years. They have known each other since they were children and through years of their friendship and alliance, their children have played together, but never got to grow together. A feud struck between the two Kings, which ended with war. YC's father sent his sons (YC's being the oldest and yes, it requires 3-4 siblings) along with the army. They don't plan to kill the King, but to make him submit. Though if the King refuses to give up the crown, they'll be forced to kill him.

    Regina is the daughter of the King Hemmet Quince, the King YC is going after. She's the second oldest child in the family, but the oldest daughter. She's not quite the Princess you'd expect her to be - she's stripped off her rights to be the future Queen of her Kingdom. One of the reasons was because she interested herself in military strategies and her older brother trained her to fight with a sword. She is skilled, however, her father took off her rights and space to do as she likes, she grew rusty.

    Once YC comes to face Hemmet, Regina is hidden in one of the rooms. He tries to negotiate with Hemmet, but he refuses, he'd rather send his sons to death in order to protect his status than to give up and YC fights Regina's older brother. YC injures him and all it took one blow to end it, but Regina interferes and she does it by challenging YC to a duel. This caused other soldiers to attack YC's men and injures one of his brothers (they might even take him hostage). Once they fight, YC bests the angered Princess and takes her away to his Kingdom with a sword at her throat, ready to use her as a tool to get the King to submit. However, that is more complicated than it sounds... Hemmet orders the servants to light up the explosives within the castle, ready to give his own life and the lives of his children so YC and his father wouldn't win.



    Female human (Lucy Westenra type) x Male vampire (Count YC)

    For this plot, I'd prefer someone who's open for lengthier posts and more open to challenges.
    While I am still working on this request, I wanted to throw it out here for someone who thinks they'd be up for this plot, especially if you're a fan of 1992 Dracula movie, it's up for grabs.

    I love Lucy, she's one of my favorite character from the book and the movie (especially the movie and the whole aesthetic) so I'd definitely make a flirtatious woman who has multiple men already proposing to her, while she's only interested in messing around and living life. YC, the Count, can be similar to the Count from the book or movie or have an entirely different and original version, we can talk about that.

    If he's a known personality who is hanging out at night and doesn't have the most social life, he can meet Lucy at one of the parties held by the noble families. After that, things go as we decide. She can be taken by his beast form in the graveyard after the party when she is under his spell and sleepwalks, he can manage to sweet talk her during the party or take an entirely different direction that isn't anything like in the movie or book.

    As I said, this is a work in progress, this is just thrown out idea (I'm also very tired atm haha) If you're interested in building this up with me, shoot me a message!


    ☥ Smutty requests ☥
    (I'm VERY picky with these!)
    So make a good impression, it'll be worth it, I promise :heart:

    Here are both MxFxM desire for threesome, but also there some MxF plots below. If you want to do something long-term with this theme along with a plot, that won't be a problem! If you want one smut scene and after we finish it you want to try something different with the mentioned things below, I'm your girl.

    I'll try to keep this short and simple! I'm seeking partners for some fun smut. I have my requirements:
    - Please be descriptive, that's kind of part of the fun. I also love descriptive kisses, I don't know why.
    - A bit lengthier responses with a bit effort put into it. I don't want some empty "they be fuckin'" posts with nothing special going on. I'm not doing slice of life.
    - A nice buildup, something easy to slide into the action.
    - I want someone who either is into stuff that aren't usual kinks. Such as pet play, master x slave, incest and that, not my thing. I want some creative kinksters! Check my F-list! If you don't see something you'd like to do, ask me about it! I'm interested in doing anything except what I've put in my hard no's.
    - I like towering males who are dominant and let me have some fun and take control.
    - Chances that we'll write if you give me an inhuman character with inhuman features and/or offer me two males for a hot threesome. Chances are EVEN BIGGER if you like the plots I requested below this text.

    Other than that, I'm ready for suggestions! Message me with your kinks (maybe F-list) and desires, questions and suggestions! If we mesh, we mesh, if we don't, sorry dear! Anyways, here's the more detailed version if you're interested:

    Do you just have any of those days where you want to be ravaged as all hell? Yeah, it's one of those days.

    I love plot. I love characters. I love buildup. And I love smut. Now add a word HEAVY to all four of those elements and you have yourself something exciting. And if I've been said anything, it's that I write really fun smut. And I won't lie, I enjoy writing it very much and it really is fun when you leave your comfort zone. So get wild and descriptive and it'll be an experience we would love to further expand! Bonus points if you're into kinky stuff that aren't the usual things you see all the time around!

    If you're looking for some fun, very dirty, detailed and creative smut that goes maybe a bit above the average borders, you've come to the right place!

    I'm feeling greedy and I'm looking for a partner who'd feel generous and play two characters for me which may be just a short term and a one-off heated sex scene (it might even turn into something long-term, you never know, but it's not the goal) A threesome. It can be two males or one male and one female (can even be a futa) to sandwich MC. Usually I'm never the type to ask for these things, but I am definitely in mood for something like this.

    And I don't want human characters. Some sort of a species or race that can tower over MC. Orcs, Qunari, minotaurs, werewolves, demons, your original creation, something like that. Basically anything of that sorts, chief of the tribe and their sibling made a woman her slave (but they treat her decently, I'm not into non-con), maybe MC has to seal the deal with two demons for whatever reason we needs to figure out, a vampire noble is offered to two werewolf brothers who are sons of Alpha, as a offering of peace. I'd love to play with it. Just hit me up and let's flesh some idea out! Also, I need some decent buildup to this sex scene. Not just foreplay, some very simple plot that slides flawlessly into the smut, if you catch my drift!

    I'm a feisty switch, more on the submissive side, but I definitely love to take control over sometimes.

    MxFxM plot

    I've played two females with a male for a while and you know what? I'm feeling greedy! I want two males for my female! A woman has a right to indulge herself in those sweet sins and be sandwiched by two big werewolves. Who are you to judge?!
    All joking aside, yes, I do look for a MxFxM pairing. I have a plot thought out for this! I have few vampire characters I'd like to use for this, some don't have a profile here. I would also love someone who posts at least once a day!

    Plot #1 (supernatural theme) - Werewolves and vampires have been violently feuding for centuries. The two species could never get along or even make a false truce. The killings were bloody and violent, those who survived would remember these times but would rarely speak of it. Lucky are those who manage to avoid these horrible encounters, but the unluckiest of all are the lords and ladies, alphas and other in command, for they're the center of the chaos.

    Two werewolf brothers have been feuding between one another since they were born, however, their differences balanced each other out. While nobody dared to pick one of the two as the true Alpha, with rather heavy hearts, the two brothers agreed that they will share the same position and lead together, which made them victorious. They led their pack through countless of battles both with humans and vampires, until they started to infiltrate the cities where vampires live.

    MC is the Queen of one of the vampire kingdoms married to a man with whom she wasn't fond of at all. He forced her to change in order to be the worthy Queen and it was for a reason. However, after almost a century of her own personal prison which was changing her into a regal personality. Eventually, the two wolf brothers would come with their pack and slaughter everyone, but the frightened Queen gets their interest and leave only her.

    They left her for multiple reasons: one as a prize, to break a regal personality and make her their toy and the other is someone with knowledge of the vampire position and politics. This would involve a heavy balance between smut and plot, the plot being the backlash of different vampire families in order to avenge King's death or to take over the kingdom from the wolves' clutches, but also the wolves who start questioning the alphas and their reason of keeping the vampire Queen around who clearly isn't just a mindless doll, which might result with a betrayal against the brothers, something you don't do in the pack. The brothers never managed to break the vampire Queen, they simply returned her to the person she was before she became the Queen - a vampire who feeds off the energy of her partners through sex. Granted, the more intercourse she has, the better she is.

    Plot #2 (medium fantasy theme) - Is about two male mercenaries working together in a fantasy world mostly filled with humans, but those who can get a reputation are respected. They have been dealing with some demon infestation for some time now, killing humans and similar races who have been infected has been fairly easy, but a whole group of large bears? Those are troublesome, So they looked for someone who can help them, someone nimble and MC, who's a human rogue, came out and decides to help them with this issue.

    They travel a bit, and are pretty much getting along and have fun. They deal with the nuisance and travel back, but have to set a camp since it's getting dark. They have a meal and a drink and then rest. MC gets her alone time in her tent, but she craved privacy for some hot release. Both or one of them hear something going on in the tent and go on to check...

    For this plot, I crave two males that are of some race. It can be two orcs or some similar race, but I'd personally prefer if they were two completely different and exotic races to make it more fun! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

    Things that are a must in the roleplay and also optional details, but are desired by me.

    -Werewolves must have a human and werewolf form. I'm not looking for furry stuff, I'm looking for something wild, big and not something you'd mess with. So whenever they would turn, it would be interesting to see an obvious difference between when they're beasts and when they're human. Also, knots on their members. And make the beast forms believable.
    -Threesome, it's kind of the whole deal here, the only thing they feel comfortable sharing other than their position of authority is the vampire Queen when it comes to plot #1. Sometimes, one of the wolves would pay her a visit on his own. This might cause potential feuds between brothers and perhaps two different kinds of relationships between the three. As for plot #2, it can be a similar thing-
    -Marking, they will bite and leave a mark on her for everyone to see that she belongs to them. (plot #1)
    -Descriptive writers both for smut and plot. For the plot, I go above and beyond with descriptions sometimes and with smut it's no different. I like to describe how the kiss was with every little detail and so I do with other stuff. I kind of want the same thing with the partner, to be more specific with the details both in smut and plot. The more you can describe, the better!
    -I need a partner who isn't afraid to push some boundaries when it comes to intercourse and someone who'd love to experiment a bit. I don't like repetitive scenes.
    -Descriptive kisses. Kisses are wonderful. They can be affectionate and meaningful, they can be playful, they can be angry kisses, they can be messy and sloppy, they can be passionate and extremely sensual. And each of these kisses normally awakes a different sensation in ones body. I love those. And if one would kiss a beast without lips, it would involve a lot of tongue work. Which is wonderful, too!

    -Bloodplay. I love blood during intercourse. Everyone will have their limbs, there won't be any gross wounds. Some cuts from nails and claws and the vampire Queen loves to feed during the intercourse.
    -While we're at it, messy sex. Feces and piss are out of the question, but other stuff are more than welcome.
    -Dirty talk. I really enjoy receiving and giving those, I think they're fun.
    -MCs would be a feisty switch who likes to take over and submit when she sees fit and also takes pain and pleasure together, whether she is giving or receiving it. It's up to you to decide if you like that.

    I think that's all for now, I'll add more if I remember something. If you have any questions or suggestions, ask me! I might take something down if you really don't like it, which won't be a problem.

    Hard no's:
    -Rape. Non-con is out of question, but dub-con is fine.
    -Violence during sex.
    -Toilet stuff.

    If you don't like what I've mentioned above, I do have a list of inhumans I'd love to play with!
    Wargen or werewolves, anything like that
    Naga/cobra anthro
    Qunari (Sten, Arishok, and my favorite - Bull. I love my big boys <3)
    Dragon (be it a humanoid with dragon features or full on dragon)
    Bull anthros or minotaurs
    Demon (open to all kinds, existing, mythological (be it greek demon or japanese) any thins really)
    And if you have some of your own original creations or you found something you wanna use and you can't really classify it as anything, let me know! As long as it is not decaying, smelly, slimy or insentient, I'm open for it.

    Pairings and plots:

    Ghostly deity x unwary girl (the strange invisible being haunts the girl. It starts with gentle caresses, sudden moments of bliss that make her dazed and unexpected sensations. At night, she starts having some dreams she thinks are just wet dreams. At first, they're nothing out of the ordinary except for a creature that visits her. However, dreams start becoming more and more real and this creature has become more intense and intercourses with it are amazing. Open to tentacles, progressive sexual intercourses that become intense with each scene.)

    Incubus disguised as a Father x religiously conflicted nun (YC is a incubus who has possessed the Father and leads the church with his own intentions. He has his eye on MC, who is clearly conflicted and her connection with God has weakened, despite her struggles. He casts a spell on her one day and after she finishes her prayers before bed and gets ready to sleep, she's overwhelmed with a lustful feeling. She can't help but to touch herself. YC is nearby, watching and waiting until he sees how desperate she becomes, the little faith of what she has holding her back from getting that release. That's when YC goes in and shows himself in a true demonic form and gives her the pleasure she'll never forget.)
    This plot is inspired by this picture:


    Buckle up, because things are going to get nasty in a yummiest way!

    I am usually known for being very demanding, but I'm just gonna put out the general idea what I'm looking for. It is up to you to decide what role you'll take and just message me some we can discuss how we want this to happen!

    I am looking for someone who's descriptive and can get real creative during smut scenes. I'm not here for generic stuff.

    These ideas are pretty much one-short or short-term if you like, but should we see this as a potential for an actual plotline and make it long-term, why the heck not? If not, it's perfect to blow off some steam!

    Let's keep it simple: I am looking for monsters/aliens/robots or whatever else comes to mind. My character is an unwary woman who is lost where she shouldn't be lost, is taken away or something among those lines, only to get an experience she could never dream of! She may venture into the den of the werewolves, hide in the cave that was claimed by a large serpentine creature, is thrown into minotaur's labyrinth, stuck in the vents with a xenomorph and a facehugger, a (monstrous?) vampire sneaks into her room at night or a plant-like monster with tentacles. Anything you come up with! Maybe she is a sort of scientist that does some experiments on alien species or even robots, and then they just break loose and she is in trouble! Possibilities are endless!
    If you don't mind venturing deeper, you can use up to 3 characters for one scene.
    Just a small note, all of these creatures have to be sentient. They don't need to speak, they just have to be aware.

    I don't have a lot of limits. I absolutely don't mind some inflicted scars, hard bite marks to the point of bleeding, messy scenarios (saliva, sweat, alien goo, most of the bodily fluids (NO piss, shit or vomit!!)), hypnotism, things that can serve like an aphrodisiac, just ask me and we'll talk about it! In the spoilers is everything I would be happy to include in this type of roleplay. If you don't see something you want to do, ask me!

    General kinks: Ahegao
    Crotch sniffing
    Foreplay :heart::heart:
    Multiple orgasms:heart:
    Natural musk
    Sexual exhaustion
    Sexual frustration :heart:
    Tail pulling (giving)
    Teasing :heart:
    Tickles (optional)

    Character preferences: Animal anatomy
    Anthro characters :heart:
    Cocks of any shape
    Knotted cocks (favorite) :heart::heart::heart:
    Fangs/sharp teeth :heart:
    Macrophilia (macro-anything: the bigger the better ;))
    Multi genitalia
    Prehensile cocks
    Size difference between our characters :heart:

    Species preferences: While in the F-list there's a lot of things that I am not sure what to focus on, I'll just name random creatures. Remember, while some of the mentioned creatures originally are not sentient, for the sake of roleplay I want them to be capable at the very least think like humans, not necessarily speak with MC, and that they consent to this.

    Anything anthro
    Naga and other serpentine creatures are desired
    Plant monsters
    Lickers (Resident Evil)
    Aliens of any kind (xenomorphs and their little facehuggers to serve as an example)
    Underwater creatures, be it merefolk or something more sinister
    Insect hybrids (Half human and half spider as an example. Nothing too gross, please!)
    Demonic entities
    Ghosts, specters, spirits, poltergeists, etc.
    And many other monsters!

    If something comes to mind, I'll add!

    Anal sex & play: Next to penetration, nothing really jumps out of me. Ask me if you have ideas.

    Vaginal sex & play: Crevical penetration
    Clit play :heart:
    And many other things

    Oral sex & play: Receiving cunnilingus :heart:
    Receiving face-fucking
    Face-sitting (giving)
    Performing fellatio
    Fingers in mouth
    Kissing :heart::heart:
    Licking (everywhere) :heart::heart:
    Oral sex receiving and giving
    Saliva :heart:
    Throat penetration (nothing deadly!)

    Cock play: Cock and balls worship :heart:

    But for this I need your feedback and what you want to do!

    Cum related: Creampie
    Cum bath (sometimes)
    Cum marking :heart:
    Cum milking :heart:
    Excessive precum :heart:
    Internal cumshots :heart:
    Shooting precum
    Swallowing semen
    Unusual cum (your choice)

    Penetration: 3 or 3+ penetration (This includes multiple cocks and/or multiple partners within the plot)
    Double penetration :heart:
    Extreme tightness
    Gangbang (optional)
    Knotting/tying :heart::heart::heart:
    Tailsex (receiving)
    Tantric sex (optional)

    Roleplay preference: Drawn/painting/animated picture references
    Private roleplay
    Third person (no first person)
    Two paragraphs minimal
    Descriptive scenes

    Body worship and play: Ass worship
    Breast/nipple play
    Cuddling (optional)
    Ear play :heart:
    Lactation :heart:
    Intercrural sex
    Masturbation/dual masturbation (scene example: MC camping by herself and fondles herself while the other player observes. Or the two tease each other while masturbating together.)
    Muscle worship
    Paw play

    Dom/sub & psyche play: Begging :heart:
    Corruption (a big YES for this case) :heart:
    Dirty talking (optional)
    Fear :heart:
    Forced nudity
    Hypnotism/mind control
    Physical restraints :heart:
    Powerbottoming (A victim of being sexually used by a creature gets to be taken by their own prey!)

    BDSM: Coiling :heart::heart:
    Orgasm control/denial
    Pleasure control/denial
    Suspension play :heart:

    Roughness/pain: Don't be afraid to make my character bleed! Just leave all of her limbs and let her live, lol!

    Biting :heart::heart::heart:
    Hair pulling :heart:
    Sadism/masochism (I'm both)
    Scratching :heart::heart::heart:
    Sexual pain :heart:

    Gore/torture/death: Abrasions
    Bloodplay :heart::heart::heart::heart:
    Branding :heart::heart:
    Swallowing blood

    Vore/unbirth: I may accept an offer for this fetish if anyone has something like this. However, I do want to have a detailed discussion about this!

    So yeah, I'm not looking for human or human-like characters for this.

    Even if these scenarios does seem like I'm looking for rape situations, that is not the case. I don't want my character to get raped. There should be buildup. She either falls under some hypnotic magic of sorts, under aphrodisiac, or is simply teased into submission. She can be completely submissive, but given that I'm a switch, she can be encouraged to take over at some point if you want to change it up a bit!

    Anyway, looking forward to this, hope to hear from you soon!


    Outcast among humans

    Female human hunter x Male orc warrior

    This one will be more plot driven. A group of human nomads are traveling throughout the land and avoiding the war, which can be either politically driven or something far worse, such as demons infesting the kingdoms, and they're searching for a safe place where they can be a part of the society and live in peace. MC is a part of this group, she's specifically a hunter (maybe I'll make her a warrior too, it depends) so she has a crucial role in the group.

    YC is an orc who was wounded in a battle,r be it the part of the war or something else happened, and he was left to die somewhere in the woods. Humans had a very bad experience with orcs in the past, because decades ago, the two races were at war. Though this has passed, and human society have accepted these orcs, the public aren't completely alright with orcs roaming about their towns, though given the fact that this is a race of warriors, nobody dares to do something about it.

    However, in times hard such as this, the leader of the group decides to help the orc, take care of his wounds and share some food. YC can be one of those prideful orcs who wouldn't want help from humans, but given the condition he was in, he wouldn't survive. Even if he'd die, because he died fighting, the humans wouldn't leave this living being to die and insist to take him in.

    I do have in mind few of the kingdoms I'm thinking of adding in, such as Argos, the kingdom in the north with high fortifications, but the people are cruel as the winter and Maerly, the kingdom in the south and perhaps their destination from the long travel. There's Neive in the path from north to the south, slightly more exotic. The north is in the danger from the demons.

    MC originally comes from the south and she's been a traveling mercenary and has been in the north in the smaller cities near kingdom of Argos. When the refugees, who call themselves nomads, managed to escape and decided to help one another, MC lies about her original home city, that being Maerly and that she's just an orphan girl who's hunting for living and helping out the folks for money. Everyone accepted her, while they do have issues with problematic people. The leader, probably an elderly man, has a soft heart and doesn't really want to leave anyone behind, but in the midst of chaos, there had to be executions for everyone's safety.

    YC, that being an orc, will be found by MC in the woods where they will set up a camp when the day starts coming to an end and she will be scouting the area. She's find lot of trails of fighting, be it with demons or something, and (one of the) an wounded orc laying on the ground, bleeding to death. She will check if he's alive and then call on others and things will happen as it was mentioned in the RT. It's kind of the point to show the differences between humans and orcs, in their philosophy, lifestyle and demeanor, as well as the appearance, I don't want him to be entirely human-like (not monstrous either) but height, face structure, style, etc. Once the two races were at war, but now things have changed. Even if the orc is accepted among them, the elder didn't want to leave him behind, since the wounds were leathel and if not taken care of, he might die. But not everyone in the group will be happy with him around, but through time, it's supposed to build this trust as they travel together.

    I was thinking maybe YC was with the group of orc of his own, special forces, but they either ran into demons and the orcs were outnumbered, leaving only YC to survive.

    During their travels, they will stop in different cities and eventually kingdoms where they try to make themselves at home, but will fave challenges, maybe far too many refugees, religious groups causing mass suicide within the smaller cities, civil wars and they get caught up in many situations.

    Our characters should get along step by step, I imagine them loosening up along with each other when they drink. If the orc is far too strict and has strong self-control, MC would try to break that, make him do some silly things with her. It really depends on how you make the orc.

    So let me know what you think! Maybe you have better ideas? :)

    Tokyo Nights

    Lorena McCarthy (Caucasian woman) x Japanese Yakuza leader

    Unlike most of my plots, this one will revolve around sex more than usually. Non to dub-con. Hatemance with a mixture of Stockholm and Lima syndrome. A very complicated and unhealthy relationship. It'll also revolve around gangs, action and many more serious matters.

    This is happening in future Tokyo, the world is far more technologically advanced than today. Currently in Tokyo, the diversity has died out and 98% of Tokyo population is taken by the Japanese. Among the 2% is my character and her family who own a specific position in Japan.

    Lorena is the secretary in the Galeprises International company, with her father being the head of this company in Japan. They're the only two Caucasians within this company and are respected for their positions. However, Lorena was held in the building one night and didn't manage to leave before the nighttime... And everyone knows that, if you're vulnerable and especially if you are a woman, you should not venture out in the streets of Tokyo. And that's exactly what happens only for YC's goons to have their eye on Lorena, being the extremely rare race in those streets, they take her away against her will and forcefully, along with other women that they ran into the streets.

    YC should be a Japanese man who has recently got on a new level of power, being the second strongest leader of a certain Yakuza gang in Tokyo who owns some smaller companies and mostly night clubs, and is feared by those who have witnessed his growth. His only rival is the man who he was involved with. Either is an old friend, distant or close family member, whatever you decide. This man is an older gang leader who was in the game for a long time and YC sees this is the perfect opportunity to prove himself as the true leader and his goal is to own every gang in the city and from there, he wants to spread his roots even more. And what goes next? Just ask, and I will explain!

    Lorena will be forced to be in the night club and be a dancer, which will eventually prove that she wasn't exactly an angel in the past before this happens, which proves why she gets to be clearheaded in these situations.

    This plot will involve a lot of dirty talking, bondage, extreme teasing and pleasure denial. Lorena will be tied up, sexually tortured and her pleasure will be denied until eventually something somewhere breaks. These sexual scenes should be tense and heated as all hell.


    A pirate's life for me!

    I don't have the plot for this yet, but what I do have is a general idea. Our characters both can be pirates, either they're from two different allied crews, our characters are captain's underdogs and they're fairly enough competitive. Maybe there's a kidnapping involved of MC who's a daughter of a navy captain or maybe her family left a treasure in one of the islands and they want to get their hands on.

    I'm not entirely seduced with the idea of our characters (if I settle with mine to be a pirate) to be captains, but if you do have something in mind, let me know. This would be action adventure, maybe realistic historical or medium fantasy setting, treasure hunting, raiding, pissing powerful people off, etc. Black Sails is one of my top 5 favorite TV shows of all time (though not happy with that ending, but whatever) and if you're familiar with it, we can most certainly make our own original spin with it! Or something goofy and fun as Pirates of Caribbean, I won't reject it! Hit me up!


    Turf War

    Lorena Beneditti (Italian mafia) x member of a biker gang

    The pairing and title says it. Lorena is the sister of the mafia leader and she has the eyes and ears in the city, she was also rumored to be far more dangerous than her own brother. I have more details about her character that will be a part of the roleplay, which I will send if you show your interest for this plot. She's cold blooded, observant, very clearheaded and not easy to read, since she doesn't show any emotion. It's a tactic so she can trick others into thinking that she will do one thing, only to surprise unpleasantly everyone with something far worse.

    Her brother Nikolai and the leader of a certain biker gang were never on good terms for whatever reason we come up with and it eventually breaks into a turf war and very violent conflict between the gangs, which made it unsafe for other citizens to wander around town at night. Police slowly gets involved, many trusted members of both gangs die and things just go bad.

    YC should be one or two steps beneath the big man of the biker gang, but is a respectful member. He eventually would run into Lorena, either planned or not, however, I still don't have everything planned. Which is why I'll need some help around this!


    A priestess that sinned

    Human priestess x inhuman warrior

    I had this rather silly idea of a certain adult comic from an artist on tumblr. It'll be fantasy setting, let's say it's the closest to the Dragon Age (Origins to be precise) world as I imagine it. Also, I don't have nearly enough time to make up my own religion for the roleplay, so I'll take the base from DA lore and just switch up so it's not entirely the same thing, but the premise will be very similar with original twists. So if you don't know the religious organization from DA, that won't matter at all.

    The world is ruled by politics and religion, two very firm foundations. Sometimes the two are at war with each other, but given that there are bigger threats in the world, the ended up compromising and not meddling in each other's business. There are other races in the world, humans being the dominant race and the racism among the people is a great issue that prevents peace in the world, especially because one of the issues is the religion itself.

    While there are elves, dwarves and other things, YC should be a character of specific and more unusual race which this religious group sees equal to demons. They're taller, different skin color, maybe they have tails and horns, with colors of hair and eyes that aren't common to human's. They saw the life of this race as primitive, while they're actually very disciplined when it comes to military issues and are the true warriors. In these parts of the world where the roleplay happens, this race is extremely rare. However, given the authorities from both human and that race's domain have created an alliance, the religious organization has been protesting, calling this an omen, however they are not allowed to act on it. So they just give these people a stink eye, whenever they pass by each other.

    MC is the priestess in training in one of these Churches (let's call them that for now) in a smaller city where many travelers would come to stay the night during their travels to reach bigger cities. Since there's a big war brewing (either an enemy country or the forces of evil rose to destroy everything and everyone, it's fantasy, so anything works) YC's race came to this small city with the army during the travels and was assigned to protect this town for the time being, until the orders tell them to move on or to wait for an possible ambush. Not everyone should be affected by the presence of the race, but most people would feel a bit uncomfortable, being under the influence of the Church. He gets to meet MC, either by him feeling sick or maybe he injured himself, maybe he was drunk, who knows, it's something that we'll discuss. But MC isn't really judgmental and sees the judgment of the religion she serves rather ridiculous. she actually sees this race as very fascinating people, more interesting than humans and is not afraid to get in contact with YC. However whenever they do get in contact, it has to be in secrecy, away from the prying eyes.

    MC will wear what most of the sisters and priestesses from the Church wear, robes and a headpiece that covers their hair and only skin that is visible are hands and face. Truth is, MC has red hair, which is an issue, because the Church sees the red haired people equal to the demons, because it represent fire and blood. MC managed to hide her hair because she was very young once she became the part of the Church and her parents, before their death, managed to give her to the priestess they trusted and she never revealed herself completely. And the relationship our characters build with their secret meetings at the late hours of the night lead her to the path of sin. From alcohol, to relationship and finally, the sexual intercourse, making him the first one to see her without the robes and the headpiece and ends up taking her virginity.

    Soon, the war starts and that's when things get very complicated for their relationship, if the race and religion barricade was not enough, they are separated by many misfortunes and find their way back to one another each time.

    I can't wait to see if someone will be interested in something like this! I will make the character profile of MC only if I find an equally interested partner! So I await for this bait to be bitten impatiently!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm seeking someone who'd like to minimize the abilities of their character. YC's race can at least have horns, tails, be tall and broad, however you want. Maybe they have hooves, fur and such. I'm not seeking that they're magically advanced (they can be magic users, to an extent, these should be more warriors than mages), that they don't have wings (I don't like that idea for this plot, even though I generally don't mind it), to have connections to the threat they're fighting off and that they're overpowering in every sense. I've been getting some crazy ideas for this one and I just don't feel like it would work for the type of the plot I had in mind. I want to express that the religious organization has basically made this race seem monstrous, while they're just a different looking race of people who have their own pros and cons, and relatively are not that different from people, ignoring their general physical attributes! HERE (I love him!) and HERE are the main examples, so please no overpowering characters. You could say that I'm fairly biased when it comes to big and horned, greyish/bronze skinned males. Though that doesn't mean I'll reject your desires or ideas for your race! As long as you don't go over the top with them, we good.

    Ideas for the roleplay: - The tribe of warriors where YC comes from are viewed from the perspective of humans as primitive savages, completely ignorant of their effective lifestyle. While they are and do terrify in the battlefield, being the strongest race, YC though has a very gentle heart in reality.

    - YC is well known within the tribe for his strength and is respected. Considered even a superior. Though the race is terrifying for their strength, YC is bigger, stronger and more terrifying. He loves his ego being stroked, he loves to drink, he loves women and so he happens to run into a human woman - a priestess, who's unlike the rest. She doesn't look at him wrongly, nor is she viewing him any less or even more than the rest. A part of him wants to break the barriers that is her faith to get a virgin priestess to the bed and conquer something no one from his kind ever has before, however, things don't really go the way he originally planned...


    Sorceress' Knight [ Final Fantasy Universe ]

    Edea x Sephiroth

    Out of all tropes in Final Fantasy games, villainesses and usually black mages were always my favorite, with few exceptions. And in this roleplay, I ache to play as Edea, one of m top 3 favorite FF female characters in this universe ever. (Next to Fran and Lulu)


    After all, Edea was supposed to be in FF7, but we all know that didn't happen. So I'm looking for someone with a fresher FF7 lore memory or at least someone who's confident enough to play Sephiroth that will be loyal to the character, but have his own original spin. I think if you're trying too hard to copy a character, you'll fail miserably. Both the lore and these two characters will have our own original spin on it. There will be some changes just because we have that freedom to do as we wish.

    You're probably wondering how the hell does Edea fit here? While I wrote her story in the profile (HERE is her profile) but if you're too lazy to read everything, here's a very short version: Edea basically is behind ShinRa and she's the one responsible for the death of Ancients in Cetra. She is Jenova. (or rather - her old body: Ultimecia.) She (Ultimecia) is an alien who accidentally crashed to Gaia 2000 years ago and had to leave her body due to living conditions on another planet (and major loss of power) and inhabit an Ancient, the one that we know as Edea from FF8. After destroying Cetra and more other twists I had in mind, Edea falls into a sort of coma. Being so close to the Gaia and with such strange powers, She absorbs little bits of lifestream, that in 2000 years after being found by Gast had her powerful enough to manipulate her way through ShinRa. Yes, she is actually the large mastermind in the ShinRa company. It's her cells that are given to the SOLDIER, her experiments to make them her own minions as her plan for good old villainy world domination, she grows more powerful with each passing day and she wants to rule the world and force everyone to bend their knee to her. But out of all SOLDIERS, it's Sephiroth who gained much of her attention and also the most of her blood. He's her successful project and her masterpiece.

    It should start with Sephiroth gradually discovering about himself, much like in the game. I don't want them to meet immediately or quickly. Sephiroth should go through his meltdown and burning down Nibelheim. While Cloud and the rest of the Avalanche can have their own scenes, I wanted to make another twist. The real trouble here is Genesis.

    Edea fits the Goddess ideals and seeing how easily she can use this against him, Edea manipulates and he basically worships her. But, once Sephiroth meets his creator for the first time and all the attention he had from Edea is gone, he makes some plans of his own.

    Our two favorite villains of the story have some emotional issues, so them committing to each other romantically will be... Tough, but a very interesting and complicated dynamic. They have dark morals and are extremely ambitious about their goals, which they share, which leads to conflicts, incredible sensual tension and, of course, mind blowing intercourse.

    Or you'd maybe like a different direction to their relationship? Perhaps they do respect each other, but it's still intense considering who they are and Edea keeps representing herself as "his creator" which isn't entirely true. Or maybe you have another idea and yes, I want to hear it!

    I do suggest you read everything I wrote in her profile, it's much more detailed and it might even make more sense for the plot itself!


    *claps hands between every word* I absolutely ship these two, my freaking goodness they'd make a sexy couple.

    After all, Edea was supposed to be in FF7, but we all know that didn't happen. So I'm looking for someone with a fresher FF7 lore memory or at least someone who's confident enough to play Sephiroth that will be loyal to the character, but have his own original spin. I think if you're trying too hard to copy a character, you'll fail miserably. Both the lore and these two characters will have our own original spin on it. There will be some changes just because we have that freedom to do as we wish.

    Aaaaanyways, the plot should be pretty discreet: Edea basically is behind ShinRa and she's the one responsible for the death of Gaia. She is Jenova. (or rather - her old body: Ultimecia. She's an alien who accidentally crashed to Gaia 2000 years ago and had to leave her body and inhabit an Ancient, the one that we know as Edea from FF8. After destroying Cetra and more other twists I had in mind, Edea falls into a sort of coma. Being so close to the Gaia and with such strange powers, She absorbs little bits of lifestream, that in 2000 years after being found had her powerful enough to manipulate her way through) It's her cells, or rather blood, that are given to the SOLDIER, her experiments to make them her own minions, she grows more powerful with each passing day and she wants to rule the world and force everyone to bend their knee to her. But out of all SOLDIERS, it's Sephiroth who gained much of her attention and also the most of her blood.

    It should start with Sephiroth gradually discovering about himself. I don't want them to meet immediately or quickly. Sephiroth should go through his meltdown and you can follow the actual path of how things went (him falling into lifestream) or something else. AND THEN he gets to ShinRa, asking questions. Somehow they will meet each other, while Edea is gradually more and more disappointed with Cloud and his crew and they start to screw up her plans and saving the planet, cutting off the Mako and materia supply she needs, therefore limiting her powers. And a greedy sorceress wants all the power to herself. She will look at Sephiroth as her masterpiece, her ultimate creation, but with Sephiroth being aware, egotistic and just a badass in general, he will want to be stronger and he will want to be the one who will rule the world just as much as her. They will face many obstacles together and despite their wishes, they have no other better solution than their powerful selves to destroy anything that comes their way.

    Our two favorite villains of the story have some emotional issues, so them committing to each other romantically will be... Tough, if not impossible. They have dark morals and are extremely ambitious about their goals, which they share, which leads to conflicts, incredible sensual tension and, of course, mind blowing intercourse.

    Or you'd maybe like a different direction to their relationship? Perhaps they do respect each other, but it's still intense considering who they are and Edea keeps representing herself as "his creator" which isn't entirely true. Or maybe you have another idea and yes, I want to hear it!​

    Opening to the roleplay:
    Midgar, the busiest and most successful and strongest city in all of Gaia, is the center of everything. It's where true power of mankind rears it's ugly face and shows of what they're capable of doing, the reactors draining their own planet of it's life to fulfill the promises to the people and give them the life of comfort and luxury, which is nothing more than electricity, a part of everyday life. There were many protests against these actions, which were slowly forcing people who were scared of the end that was never meant to happen, to take action against this and it had turned into a violent protest and even started movements of eco-terrorists. The influence and power of ShinRa company, who are behind everything, could be far more menacing than it actually may seem.

    It's not a man who named the company after himself who's behind everything. No, he's just a puppet. A person - or rather a thing that shares similarities with person - is behind everything. And it holds form of a woman, a beautiful and deadly woman, who holds everything in her clutches.


    Edea, the name and body she has stolen from a unsuspecting victim, is an alien force from outside of Gaia. Drawn towards the dying planet, Edea wanted to see what is actually happening in this place, only to see that it's not completely dead, but it's weak. Perfect. It's people, they are pathetic. They are shallow and easily fooled. With powers that she owns, taking over this place and making herself more powerful would save up on her time and maybe find a home of her own. With such morals that cannot be easily understood by people of Gaia, Edea with ease slithered within the borders of Midgar and met the right people, rather seduced them, men are far easier targets, after all. And it was her that created ShinRa, under that man's name, forcing all the spotlight, money and fame to him, while she stuck to the shadows. But what did benefit her in this situation?

    Mako energy, the lifestream itself. Edea was stronger than ever as soon as she got her hands on this magnificent substance. Her powers have reached the point where she doesn't need to be physically around to be present. She was everywhere, she could hear everything and see everyone. But, she wanted an army, pawns to do the dirty deed for her. Yet the Mako didn't prove to be enough to satisfy her. So, Edea did the unthinkable: she passed her own cells into very select few so-called SOLDIERS. Her test subjects. And oh, were the results impressive. Scientists were dumbfounded what this woman's just little pieces of cells could do.

    And as the results showed, so did Edea's appearance change. Her presence was less and less like human's. While the body was very much like any woman's, some attributes showed: golden lines that resembled veins showed on the sides of her face and reached her cheeks and eyes. Her eyes were golden, not light green like humans who were injected with Mako. She began dressing different, her demeanor almost regal and her being in public was barely a good idea. Edea was impossible not to be noticed anywhere.

    But, she stuck to the shadows, even now, and observed as her test subjects grew with the power she has gifted them. She watched them improve and grow stronger, some of them grow so strong that it amazed her. And then... There were few personalities that disappointed her. Angeal and Genesis were the first, but nobody has bothered her more than Zack. He has caused a mess and a delay in her power growth. If Edea fails to recharge her energy or even force it on herself to grow more powerful she'll grow weaker progressively and that is not something she wanted.

    But after she got back on track and watched more of the SOLDIERS grow, while ShinRa company was growing more and more powerful, Edea was coming to a realization of a power that one of the silver haired soldiers were gaining and soon, he was slowly gaining more and more knowledge on what he was and how he truly came to be. But as much as she wanted to observe and watch Sephiroth grow, Edea's focus was on Cloud, another SOLDIER member, who was a mistake, a failed experiment. He was abandoning ShinRa and SOLDIER, slowly gaining the same knowledge about himself, but reacted differently than Sephiroth. Cloud actually wanted to prevent ShinRa from taking Mako. And Edea will be damned if she allows him to do that.


    Buddies in space

    Danielle Garell x human or alien futa

    A simple scifi plot that I want to create into something more, since this idea is fresh! Danielle is specialized in fixing, but also creating weapons and explosives meant to be installed into the vehicles and she has a really good feel for these things, even if she's not familiar with a model, she'll simply know what to do after some inspections. However, she's a bit clumsy at times and that's one of her biggest flaws. In her job, that can get a lot of people killed. Luckily it hasn't happened. Yet.

    YC is either a human or an alien, who ends up being a shemale, a woman with men's private parts. I personally prefer taller and ripped females that are on the more tomboyish or androgynous side, especially considering the amount of testosterone she'd have and hormones being a lot more different by owning a male organ. If you choose an alien and make a kind for yourself, I would love to see with what kind of creative being you'll come up with!

    So, YC should be looking for a new co-pilot and leaves out a request for someone who has to qualify for the job, but it also requests someone with knowledge and experience with weapons. Danielle will come for an interview with YC which will end well and her being hired as the new co-pilot of the private spaceship.

    Some fun things can be added, such as the walls being covered with some photos of female models naked and in underwear, a random sex toy in a very random place. The two start of as acquaintances and then as friends, which end up drinking together more often than not. I'd love to include games like strip poker and truth or dare where the person has to take off their clothes whenever they lose a round and I don't really need to say what happens after that!

    This should be like a space action-adventure type of thing. I'll be adding into this plot through time until someone bites :)


    Inquisitor's Favorite [ Dragon Age Inquisition ]

    I've already mentioned this in the thread, but this is a more detailed request than it was earlier!

    Male elf Inquisitor x Female human/elf Rogue: As mentioned, YC is the Inquisitor and I unintentionally pictured his personality as Zevran's. YC's background is not that clean and his morals are a bit questionable. While most people picture the big hero to be morally clean and honorable, YC isn't as much. He likes to be amused in certain ways, he's very sly and extremely cunning and one of the traits I'd love YC to have is that painful sarcasm that would piss Cassandra off. Aside all those things, YC is actually very brave and gets the job done to make up for all the cap he gets to give everyone. He's just recently been proclaimed an Inquisitor, he got his throne and has some decent fun sentencing the accused and giving them justice as he sees it fit. But of course, he has to do some traveling and see the rifts closed and other grave matters...

    After he has long ago cleared out the Storm Coast off and the Blades of Hessarin worked for YC, Leliana informs him that they did not come in contact with them for a while and all of the Leliana's people never returned or send word from Storm Coast after she sent them to investigate and see what happened to the Hessarin members, especially because there were reports of Darkspawn there. YC doesn't have much choice but to go to the Coast and see for himself what is actually going on. And oh boy, there was trouble.

    MC just arrived with a number of her people, the assassins called Serpents of the Rock. They originally have their quarters back in The Hitnerlands, but they began to spread from there all around Ferelden and their recent spot was the storm Coast. They slaughtered the Hessarin members and took over their hold and began to settle there, MC planning to leave the group in the Coast and return to Hinterlands and move on with her other plans, but that all got interrupted when YC arrived and needless to say, MC didn't back down from a fight. Her and the Serpents lost, YC spares MC because she is the leader of the serpents and takes her back to the Skyhold where she's staying in the cell, while Leliana does some investigating about the Serpents and all illegal actions they have so far done and to her, and everyone's, surprise, she learns some amazing things about the group of assassins of which barely anyone knew. She informs YC and he takes it to consideration until MC is publicly trialed.

    While YC is sly, cunning and sarcastic, MC is a bit more feisty, just as sarcastic and witty, they fire back and forth at each other and MC couldn't care less about being so publicly trialed and questioned before the Inquisitor and holds nothing back, but nobody is surprised as her when YC decides to have her and the Serpents work for him.

    How I imagine their relationship at the start? Flirting through sarcasm, drinking together and maybe it all starts off sexual, it really depends on the chemistry of our characters which can only be played out, not really planned. If you're interested, send me a PM and let's talk about it!


    Blood and steel

    Very similar to the Vikings TV show

    YC is the King of the Northern kingdom which is unlike any other in the entire land. They're considered to be savages, still make houses and buildings of wood which only they can with ease create and notice the quality of the wood by just looking at it. They love battles, they're ruthless and they're fearless, they worship the gods that differ from the version of a mighty creator that is widely accepted by the rest of the world. These men are stronger and more powerful, but their isolation was their weakness, which they recognize and YC started to prepare his men for the trip that will change the history.

    He guides his men South after their troops became stronger and they raised the breed of enduring horses and built hundreds of ships and leave the cold North, ready to take on to the world. YC was more blinded by the idea of conquering, instead of learning about the way the outside world functions. They ruthlessly take over the kingdom in the South, brutally murdering the King, only to later face the angered Queen, who goes ballistic on YC, ready to stab him with a simple dagger, but compared to a warrior, MC has absolutely no chance. Amused by her anger and attempt, after witnessing how Southern women lack such fire, YC forces the Queen to be his wife. MC has little choice but to settle, only for her to plot against him with the hatred she felt towards his people, but that will not last once they grow close.

    Their language is the same, but accents are very different, they pronounce things differently and some words aren't the same, but the two manage to communicate and so MC manages to spark YC's interest in things other than the war, starting from literature to religions, art and fashions, MC even starts to show disapproval of the Northmen's choice of having multiple partners. Though he doesn't intend to change, he certainly is more observant and more curious. But as our characters get used to one another and comfortable with each other, other kingdoms start to act out of fear, ready to take down the Northmen, prevent future threats and avenge King's death.



    Priestess Rao for offer! [ Okami Fandom ]

    I am playing Okami again and I'm absolutely hooked (again) and I'd love to play my favorite character in a roleplay. Rao (aka Busty Babe) is a Priestess in the capital of Nippon - Sei-An city. She's Queen's trusted advisor and friend, beloved by everyone in the town and is always there should anything go wrong.

    I'm eager to play different pairings, it can be a male/human version of Ammy, big version of Issun (I'll need some convincing for this one), Oki I actually liked him and he has his wolf form, we can even make him a werewolf (you'll learn that I love shifters and beasts [​IMG]), maybe an original character who has his place withing the universe. Rao can be still herself or actually Ninetail's loyal servant and gets in conflict with characters whose morality is rather clean and make some interesting scenes starting from fighting to drama and maybe together they overcome Ninetails and give Rao back her soul! That's the plot I would go for once paired with good characters, but I am happily taking suggestions!

    Should you offer Oki to pair up with her, I'm not going to think twice about taking the roleplay!

    Here's a different plot...

    But I would like to play with Ninetails before and after Rao was captured, but not killed. He just manages to control her body. He can have a human form, but shifts into his big fox form (but in this case, before he conquers her, he'll have eight tails). In his human form, he can be as a traveler who came to Sei-An pretending that he's troubled (illness, troublesome nightmares etc) and needs to see the priestess for lessons or some form of healing magic, something he's been doing for ages with each priestess of Sei-An, Rao is the last one he needs to grow completely in power and do the deed for the God of Darkness, Yami. So the beginning of the roleplay should involve YC, Ninetails, being in his human form and living in Sei-An and plotting his next move to appease the God of Darkness. During their encounters and meetings, the two will get close.

    After the two grow close, things may or may not happen with them, and he would slowly manipulate her into leaving Sei-An and Queen Himiko and come traveling with him. She will keep rejecting him until he decides he's had enough and shows her his true form and hunts her down. He doesn't kill her, but he practices dark magic on her to turn her away from everything human and celestial, and makes her his loyal slave, with half of her soul forming his ninth tail.

    I have a personal preference and it is that I love moments of intercourse with beings that are not human and are rather monstrous. So Ninetails can perform a sexual ritual with the use of his.. Eight- nine appendages. But this is not necessary, his beast form can only be beast form used for fighting if you're not comfortable with that. But whoever is comfortable to do otherwise, you'll make me happier!

    After Rao is clearly switched into something else, a fox warrior with her own body intact, Rao will become his loyal servant and do his bidding and together they will plan to take Himiko down. In the meantime, Amaterasu comes and then the whole deal starts similar to the game, but how will it all end? No idea!

    Let me know if you're interested, I'd love to hear what you think!​

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    Feud of Kings
    Taken and moved to the closed threads post.


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    Another request TAKEN!
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    Currently and only taking this plot and new version

    Sorceress' Knight [ Final Fantasy 7 Universe ]
    (Sephiroth-only version)

    Moved to the OPEN ROLEPLAYS


    Look at this precious thing! <3
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    Second bump of the week.

    I am still very much craving the Sephiroth x Edea idea and done some changes in the very first post:

    - Edited and replaced and added some things in: "What breaks the deal" and "What satisfies the Queen in general" it's important for the roleplay.

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    Moved to the OPEN PLOTS under SMUTTY REQUESTS!
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    Priestess Rao for offer! [ Okami Fandom ]


    Moved to OPEN PLOTS!
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    OPEN PLOTS are now moved to the second post, while the closed ones are now in the third! I'm still looking for the plots that are available!​
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    Everything I'm looking for is in the OPEN PLOTS! I'm planning to play with my characters as well. Looking for a werewolf for Ellanore, exotic/different species Prince for Regina, some threesome action and other mentioned stuff!

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    A lot of new stuff in the OPEN PLOTS, added something in the "Fun Smut" and added PAIRINGS for which I have plots! I also made a list of my characters on this site! It is linked in the PAIRINGS section!

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    New bump! Still seeking!

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    The hoe is thirsty for some erotica, help her out!

    Currently only seeking smut plots, I have mentioned everything in the OPEN PLOTS under SMUTTY REQUESTS.​
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    Seeking for some tension up in here. Not promising that I won't be picky, I've been quite unhappy with roleplays lately.​
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    Added three new plots!

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    Bumping the thread​
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