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 Pickett's Snippets

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests' started by pickett112, May 25, 2018.

  1. pickett112

    pickett112 Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    4:51 AM
    Hey there :)

    Okay, before we get started, I feel like I should lay some groundwork here. Here's some highlights of me so you know what you're getting into.
    - 28 years old
    - Happily in a relationship (not interested in anything other than some RP ya'll :) )
    - Love chatting OOC and building friendships with my writing partners
    - I'm also pretty fond of AUs and crossovers, but that's not entirely necessary if it's not your thing.
    - Looking for some Long Term RPs that'll survive school and work and everything else life decides to throw at us.
    - Have a bit of a busy few months ahead of me, so all I can promise in terms of posts is once a week.
    - I'll let you know if I get super busy and need a few more days.
    - But this also means I'll be kinda picky about partners (sorry... I hate being that person...).
    - On the bright side, fewer partners means more frequent posts - I want to keep both quality and quantity if possible.
    - I write loooonnnnnnggggggg posts most of the time (especially first posts... I get carried away..)
    - I don't expect partners to match length, but give me something to work with. If you only give me a paragraph or two, I feel like I'm not worth your time. I'll happily wait even a week or two for your reply, and am always happy to brainstorm or bounce ideas around if you we get stuck.
    - As for O/O's, I'd rather discuss that with potential partners directly instead of posting them. I'm pretty open, really - although there are probably some scenarios I wouldn't be super comfortable with playing out... We can discuss, though.
    - Oh! And smut vs plot... Ummmm... I guess it kinda depends. I prefer having some kind of plot going on, since smut for me isn't any fun without context.

    Alrighty, if you've read and accept my Terms and Conditions ( ;D ) we can get into the more interesting bits. In case you skimmed over the top part, I really love doubling if you're interested. My terms are that you play a Canon of my choice for me, and I'll return the favor. I'll almost always play an OC in addition to whatever canon you choose, but your character is up to you (other than the canon I get to choose :) Only fair). We can hash out the character details over PM. The pairings I'm interested in playing out are listed below (again, the Canon is who I'm looking for someone to play for me). We can discuss plots over PM if you're interested.

    Oh right - I'm happy to play on Discord if you want, but only if it's necessary. The word-count limit kinda sucks, and I wind up posting in pieces - which is kind of a pain. If it's what works for you, though, we can figure it out. I prefer playing in forums, though. NO email (hangouts MIGHT be okay under the right circumstances, but I'd prefer not...) and no play-by-pm (posts get lost in inboxes....).

    The number of ***** indicates the level of interest at the moment

    - Thor x OC***
    - Steve Rogers x OC***
    - Loki x OC
    - Frank Castle (Punisher) x OC

    - Castiel x OC***

    Harry Potter:
    - George Weasley x OC*
    - Draco Malfoy x OC*
    - Remus Lupin x OC

    Walking Dead:
    - Daryl x OC
    - Negan x OC**

    Star Trek (TOS or Reboot):
    - Bones McCoy x OC**

    Star Wars:
    - Kylo Ren x OC*
    - Po Dameron x OC
    - Luke x OC

    Game of Thrones:
    - Jaime Lannister x OC
    - Jon Snow x OC

    Once Upon a Time:
    - Arthur x OC
    - Hook x OC

    Chronicles of Riddick:
    - Riddick x OC

    - Bruce Wayne/Batman x OC
    - Arthur Curry/Aquaman x OC
    - Jim Gordon (Gotham) x OC

    PM me if anything catches your eye :) I probably won't accept a TON of new RPs, but one or two would be cool. I'll try and update this page when I'm no longer looking. Also, if we're already writing together and you see something up there that you're wanting to try out, let me know too. I enjoy writing multiple stories with the same partner just as much as I love new partners :D

    Hope to hear from ya'll!
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2018
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  2. pickett112

    pickett112 Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    4:51 AM
    Updated :)

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