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 NSFW/Explicit  Female x Male  Female x Female  Dark/Violent  Fandom  Science Fiction/Futuristic Power Girl Looking For Superheroine Distress RP

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests' started by Power Girl, May 15, 2019.

  1. Power Girl

    Power Girl Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    2:54 AM
    About me:

    Pleasure, Pain, and Passion. These are not just words, but more the emotions I feel when I RP. I want my partner(s) to remember that, as we make a scene. I am looking for a plot that leaves me breathless (mentally) for more. I am hoping to find someone that shares my same passion for writing and is not afraid to push the limits. Even my own limits, have limits. Since I am new to this site though, I think I will have to set hard limits, and maybe remove some as we RP.

    My RP experience is mostly from a few online games, and from playing a few table top RPs. I do love to write and have written a bit of erotica and fan fiction. I also love creative writing. I am not as experienced as some, but I try.
    I love to do 3D art and it is like a passion for me. I enjoy creating scenes I RP and turning them into a work of art for all to enjoy. I will always ask permission though, from my partners, but I hope they would enjoy the art as much as I do. I do not ask others to do the same, but if they wanted to, I am fine with pictures to help build a scene.

    Rules and/or Requirements:

    I do not want cybering and like the rule states, I will not allow it. I do not want people to think of me, but my character instead. Always remember the scene, not who is behind the scene. I will do the same. I am here to write about my characters, and connect to them, emotionally. Not to live out my own personal tastes.

    What I mean is that I am not sure how others RP here, yet. I am used to RPing with people I have known for years, so I can usually guess how they will react to me. I like to see strong villains that can handle my character, without resulting to the easy wins. If I am playing Power Girl, I hate it when a villain uses kryptonite. I would rather fight someone that was smart and used skill and tactics to win, more than someone using a green ray gun to beat her. I have made all her weaknesses easy enough to exploit, and I hope that is enough for someone to figure it out.

    I will not ever RP anal anything, and that is a hard rule. I hate it IRL and cannot even imagine it in a RP. I would only allow rape if I RPed a few times with someone and developed a trust that allowed it. I have personal reasons for that rule, that I cannot go into here. I will allow any kind of punishment, as long as it is not like removing limbs or permanent scarring. there is a reason I RP Power Girl, and that is because she can take punishment that anyone else would die or be seriously injured. So, I am willing to let her take on pain. She heals most all wounds, anyways.

    I am fine with cheap shots (breast or crotch shots), because they can really enhance a fight scene, and I actually enjoy RPing it out, sometimes. That does not mean I only want that though. I like a variety of attacks, and the better detailed the better I can respond. Speaking of details, please, PLEASE, PLEASE... never just tear off her clothes. If you do, describe it. Show me you understand how a woman's body reacts to the tearing. Tell me about how her muscles relax, as you pull her top down, or the slight bounce her breasts give, when the tight spandex top is pulled down. If you say, "I tear off her clothes and go at her." We are done with that scene. I live for the details, and I will always give them in my posts. That is why I love forum RPs. It gives me time to really write up a post.

    Plot ideas:

    ** Adding this note. I can RP Power Girl, Black Canary, or even Supergirl for a RP, if you need a DC heroine. **

    I have a few, but you can build up a picture pretty easy from this.

    *Power Girl / Supergirl*



    1. Power Girl on patrol and gets ambushed. Brutal fight ensues.

    2. Capture scenes (some torture is okay, but nothing permanent)

    3. Furies fight/capture Power Girl. You could use one or many. Taking her to Apocalypse for training could be long term.

    4. Power Girl finds a portal to another universe and is forced to deal with the rules of it. Could weaken her powers, or even void them. Can lead to pirates or normal life drama. Fights and capture possible.

    5. Social scene. Could be a banquet or movies. Something that could lead to another scene.

    6. Mastermind tracks down secret ID and causes mayhem in heroine's life.

    7. Horror story. This could be a group thing. A haunted school that roomies live, and horrible things happen.

    8. Karen Starr is captured and, the tortured, leading them to find out who she really is. This could either be her escaping after, or them deciding to hold onto Power Girl too.

    9. Lost all her powers, but still has a heroes' heart. Can Power Girl survive without her star born gifts?

    10. Power Girl is forced into jail. Could be because she was framed or could be imprisoned by some villains. She loses some of her powers, but still has enough to survive. Could be a gang that beats her up, or just one tough woman or guard.

    11. Apocalypse RP. MC is trying to survive a brutal world. YC could be a raider that sees her and wants her. Fighting/Kidnapping/Torture

    12. Supergirl being bullied at school. Could be someone that knows her secret ID or doesn't. She will not lose her secret, so as Kara Danvers, she will not risk using powers.

    13. Supergirl or Power Girl (or both) are kidnapped on a mission and taken to an underground villain base. There, they are both beaten and humiliated, till they can escape.

    *Black Canary*


    1. Black Canary is tracking down a drug lord and is ambushed.

    2. Black Canary captured and held prisoner until help arrives, or she finds a way to escape.

    3. Dinah Lance is teaching a student in her do-jo when the student cheats and beats her. Then other things can happen from that.

    4. Leading an assault on a villain, Black Canary is surrounded by a group of thugs and beaten, while the boss watches it all from the safety of a monitor in his base. (Voyeur friendly scene)

    5. Black Canary in a scene. She is a great martial artist, but she can be tricked and knocked out as easy as any woman. Just be prepared for her to fight back and maybe... SCREAM.

    Closing Remarks:

    So, for the checklist for those that want to get right to it. Here is what I am looking for in short, and a list of things I will not do, might do, and will do.

    I am looking for superhero RP (DC is my preferred, duh) but I would mix up my character into any setting that might work. Story is most important to me, but that does not mean we cannot do one shots. I just prefer continuity. To be able to look back at old stories and use them as a basis for RPs is the best kind of RP to me.

    I can RP FxF or FxM , but I will always be the female in the scene. I just do not know how to RP a guy, sorry. They always seem so fake to me.

    What I will not do.

    1. Mutilation (broken bones and bruises are fine, as long as they can heal)

    2. Anal

    3. Futa (Not my thing)

    4. Milking (I really don't get it)

    5. Joke RP. (I like serious settings)

    6. Bodily fluids or scat (yuck)

    My preferences are

    1. Power Girl, Black Canary, or Supergirl (My character) RP

    2. Combat RP

    3. Capture Scenes

    4. Rescue Scenes (Love being the heroine of the story, but am okay being saved sometimes)

    5. Romance (If it feels right. I need chemistry to do romance right)

    6. Pain / Pleasure scenes

    7. Made powerless to someone who was weaker, and now is the powerful one.

    8. I am fine with crotch shots or breast domination, in fact they can be fun if done right.

    I hope to have more than one post a day, but I do understand that life gets in the way, more than anyone. I am fine with longer term posts, as long as the RP is not lost. If the time between posts is too long, the mood of the scene is lost. So, it makes it harder to post. I can RP in PMs or forum.

    So, there you have it. My first post to show what I am hoping to find here. I know it is limited and I am still working on that. I will update this, when I understand more about what I should have written. Look me up and send me a PM, or post here, and I will find you.

    - Kara

    **Yes, all the art I use is my own design. Like I said, I love to do 3D art. Hope you enjoy!**
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  2. Power Girl

    Power Girl Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    2:54 AM
    BUMPING... with original Art!

    Power Girl running on the beach, looking for a fight... or fun? Hehe

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  3. Power Girl

    Power Girl Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    2:54 AM
    BUMPING For more art!

    Karen Starr in her office... looking for some trouble, or maybe some fun, and trouble?


    I might even make our RP scene in 3D, if you want me to. :)

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