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 Closed  Male x Male  Non-Binary Prince's Plots

Discussion in 'Male Requests' started by Le Petit Prince, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. Le Petit Prince

    Le Petit Prince Allons voir un coucher de soleil... Moderator

    Local Time:
    1:47 PM

    Hello~ I am Le Petit Prince, feel free to shorten that however you'd like. Today I am in search of some new partners! Here are some fancy dot points with information in them:

    [​IMG] I'm from Australia, so I run on AEST generally. Lord help us all when it's daylight savings...

    [​IMG] I've been roleplaying for 10 years or so maybe? I like to think my writing has improved since then but I've still got a long way to go.

    [​IMG] If I'm entirely honest, I'm shit at replies. I try my best to get one out a week though.

    [​IMG] My replies generally range from 2-5 paragraphs. I expect the same from you, or at least just not a single sentence.

    [​IMG] If I say no, it means no. If my character says no, it means yes. That's my golden rule.

    [​IMG] I love, love, love to chat with my partners! So don't be afraid to say hi c:

    [​IMG] Rape is a sensitive subject for me and if it is included in our roleplay it will not be romanticised.


    Pairings, Plot Bunnies and Yes, No, Maybe

    • - Alpha/Alpha
      - Alpha/Omega
      - Angel/Demon
      - Astral projection
      - Babysitter/Single Father
      - Celebrity/Number one fan
      - Cell mates
      - Childhood Friends
      - Demon/Preist
      - Dream/Premonition
      - Fairy tales
      - Gangs or Mafia or Yakuza
      - Greek Mythology
      - Guardian Angel/Human
      - Incubus/Human
      - Jock/Nerd
      - Kidnapper/Kidnapee
      - Magical boys
      - Merman/Human
      - One night stand turned love of life
      - Patient/Psychiatrist
      - Policeman/Criminal
      - Prince/Prince (or peasant)
      - Prisoner/Officer
      - Roommates (bonus points if one's straight)
      - Rivals (in school, work, porn, whatever)
      - Scientist/Supernatural being
      - Schitzophrenic/Hallucination
      - Soulmates
      - Superhuman/Superhuman
      - Supernatural/Supernatural hunter
      - Stalker/Stalkee
      - Stuck in a dream or nightmare
      - Time travel
      - Unlikely bottom or top
      - Vampire/Fledgling Vampire
      - Vampire/Werewolf
      - Witch Coven

    • Plot bunnies are just baby ideas that need some help to grow.

      Everyone is born with two names written on their bodies. One is the love of their life the other is the name of the person they will kill. Character A is born with either just one name or the same name for both.
      Everyone is born with a flower tattooed on their body. When yours matches someone elses, you're destined to be soulmates.
      A merman is captured and taken in for research. One of the scientists on the team of researchers ends up falling in love with him.
      They've been together since high school and Character A is realising now that they want to transition. Character B is supportive and helps them along the way.
      Character A is a witch who crafts a love spell to give to Character B. Things do not go as expected.

    • This is not a complete list! Feel free to ask me about anything on or off the list. I also can't figure out how to get rid of all this space

      YesNo Maybe
      A/B/O Dynamics UnderageLight Inflation
      Exotic Cocks Fetishised Genders Somnophilia
      Gore First Person Dub-con
      BDSM Vore Abuse
      Thigh Fucking Watersports Sounding
      Vanilla 100% Smut Feet
      Power Play Incest Under the Influence
      Polyamoury Anthro/Furry M-Preg
      Frotting Needles -
      Aftercare - -


    Thanks for visiting.

    If you see anything you like, feel free to PM me.

    Last edited: Sep 23, 2018
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