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 Fantasy  Science Fiction/Futuristic  Queen's favorite fandoms

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests' started by QueenAqua, May 26, 2018.

  1. QueenAqua

    QueenAqua Explorer of Humanity Member

    Local Time:
    12:42 AM
    Hello, everyone! Here is my introduction thread proper, but this is for my roleplaying. Let's get the primaries out of the way!

    I have a few basic guidelines for RP I can think of right now (more may be added later).

    - I tend to write at least one long starter and a good paragraph for a response. Because of certain circumstances, I may split it into two smaller paragraphs. But sometimes I'm not feeling like I have a big place to go or am just responding to a situation. In these cases I may write a little bit less but I will always give you enough to work with. If you feel I'm not writing enough, PM me and tell me! Sometimes I miss things.

    - I don't expect or WANT novels from anyone unless that's genuinely just your writing style. RP is fun and should be fun and trying to match someone when I'm just not feeling the muse for it is anxiety-inducing and makes it stressful. So I don't have a set response length. Just give me a little bit of detail and something to push off against for my post. Maybe match my length as a general guideline but I'm not stringent on it. Again, RP should be fun and long posts make me feel pressured to meet them which fires my anxiety.

    - Also, I do ask if someone could try to be fair about grammar/spelling. I do my best to avoid errors or correct them as soon as I see them. I ask for the same if at all possible.

    - Try to take my lead in a story, i.e. if I'm showing specific places to go or things of interest. I'll do the same for you. I've had WAY TOO MANY stories where I lay out clear pathways (usually multiple) for a character and they just... ignore them and go to bed. Please try to build a story with me. Pretty please? :(

    Kink and Sexual Preferences:
    - I do not do anything with anyone underage at all, whatsoever. Legal age of country or older. I also am not keen on explicit violence, gore or toilet play. Rape can be alluded to but never RPed in public (if it informs the character, ala Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, that's a little better, but rape for its own sake is no good).

    - I'm fair game for a lot of things that I will try with the above guidelines. Suggest something to me in a PM and I'll share my thoughts on it!

    - I would like a writing sample of yours of any kind to see if I think we may be compatible. I'll offer any in return. It can be a link to another thread, a small paragraph, a starter, whatever.


    Because of my work schedule, and because I know what burnout is, I reserve the right to cancel an RP at any time for any reason. It can be the first post, or 50 posts in. You have the exact same right. I will absolutely tell you "I'm swamped right now, we can perhaps pause" or something along those lines but if I say stop, please don't holdout that I just 'need a night' and that I'll be back tomorrow. That may be the case but I will tell you if it is. If not, I need the time that I need and my muses can change at any time. I know this about myself so if potential fickleness isn't something you want to deal with, I completely understand. Please pass me by with my best wishes.

    This will be updated on a semi-regular basis!

    Here are a few fandoms I'd love to get into. Again, if you have a suggestion, please PM me! I'm always up for brainstorming!

    • I can't overstate how long I've wanted this story. I want to be the opposite female to
      your Darkiplier. I want mind games and evilness and eroticism. Some plot ideas I
      have involve an asylum, a twisted alternate reality Earth and I'm more than happy
      to brainstorm.

    • The Xenomorph soldiers and the Queen are sexy. There, I said it and I make no apologies
      for it. I would love a transformation story where my character is perhaps turned into a hybrid
      Queen to command a swarm of her own, I do have some ideas for this one. Also I am
      EXTREMELY interested in ovipositor impregnations (but non fatal).

    • This is open ended and a favorite fandom. I've played humans, Barabels, Hutts, Rodians and a lot of other nerdy stuff that's too numerous to list. I would be happy to brainstorm an idea that takes place in the SW universe at any specific point in the canon (I'm more a fan of the original trilogy but that's just me.)

    • Also a favorite fandom. I would love to be a crewman aboard a ship around the time in the future (think Star Trek Online era) and be mentored by an elder crewman in either science or engineering. The possibilities of away missions, things going wrong and time distortion is too fun not to entertain the thought of!
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2018
  2. QueenAqua

    QueenAqua Explorer of Humanity Member

    Local Time:
    12:42 AM
    Updated, bump!

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