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 NSFW/Explicit  Female x Male  Dark/Violent  Horror  Modern/Modern Fantasy Red River (Alec x Eternal)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Execution' started by Aleczander Travonski, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. Aleczander Travonski

    Aleczander Travonski Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:33 PM
    Richard sat at his desk, his eyes scanning over the autopsy reports. All the victims were females, between the ages of twenty-two and twenty-six. Dark haired, pale complexions, blue eyed someone's dream girl. Someone was dreaming about murdering one of these women, fantasying about the day they got to murder the one they were really after.

    The first victim was Rebecca Cloud, twenty-four, attending college for a degree in Gender Studies. She was discovered August third by here roommate. Autopsy placed the time of death around two am that morning. She was strangled but there was signs of a struggle at the crime scene. Richard suspected that the first time the killer had attempted to kill Rebecca he didn't strangle her long enough, she woke up fought back and then he finished the job.

    The second was Elizabeth Warren, twenty-two, attending the same college for a degree in Investigative Journalism. She was discovered on September twenty-third by her roommate. Autopsy placed her time of death around one am that morning. She was strangled as well but this time bruising around the neck indicating a belt, or rope of some kind was used to perform the action. That was less personal then the first but would have made the strangulation easier.

    Richard soaked in all the details before moving onto the third victim, the most recent one. His eyes finding small details the police might have overlooked. His mind trying to piece together what exactly might have happened. He started to walk through the process, what danger had these women let into their homes? Why had they let that danger in? Police reports indicate that the doors were locked when the roommates arrived. No obvious sign of a break in.

    The killer was let in, why would these girls let in a monster? Because it hid behind a well tailored human disguise. It sounded human, appeared to be human, but was something far, far worse. This human fake had already killed three women and the time clock indicated that they only had a month before he struck again.

    The third victim was Sarah McCollins, Twenty-six, her body was discovered on October twenty-seventh but the autopsy indicated that her time of death was closer to the twenty-fifth. The killer had killed her on a Friday, and then her roommate came home on the following Sunday. He had plenty of time to do other things with the body, he probably knew that but didn't. His fantasy, the idea he was living out.

    All of these things indicated that he had someone in his life, a woman, who he hated. He was trying to build up the courage to try and kill her. He was building up to that moment where he killed her. Richard wouldn't be surprised if when he killed that he wouldn't stop, that he'd keep going. He would need to relive the fantasy to keep getting that satisfaction. That was the desire of most serial killers after all.