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 Open  NSFW/Explicit  Female x Male  Modern/Modern Fantasy  Slice of Life Roleplay Partners Needed (Updated 1/17)

Discussion in 'Male Requests' started by JayBird90, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. JayBird90

    JayBird90 Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    11:19 AM
    About Me

    Hello and welcome to my request thread. For starters, I'm Jay. I've been roleplaying for about fifteen years now. I love to write. I try to aim for at least one reply per day. Lately though, life has been quite hectic and I can't guarantee the every day reply. I feel comfortable committing to at least one reply a week, though you'll generally get more out of me. I can usually match my partners post length, but I prefer 3-5 paragraphs per post (I can do more if necessary or I'm really interested). If you can't consistently give me three paragraphs, that's ok, but I do need at least two good, detailed paragraphs to give me something to go by. Writers block is fine, it happens, but please don't consistently send me one liners. I consider myself a decent guy, so if you'd like to know more, let's chat a bit.

    What I'm Looking For

    I enjoy mostly slice of life type stuff but can also do some fantasy stuff if I'm convinced with a good plot or something. I enjoy lots of smut but the roleplay has to continue, there has to be some story to it. I enjoy having lots of drama in my roleplays. It seems to me the plot continues to move if there is some sort of problem our characters face together. I prefer a plot to smut ratio of about 60:40 most of the time, but if the plot is real good, we can cut back the erotic stuff a bit and just let our characters interact in other ways. Quick scenes are ok, but I prefer more long term partners. Feel free to send me a PM if anything catches your interest. I tend to not see the comments people leave on here, so please, PM me. Also, try to have a plot in mind if you're picking a pairing. I'm not opposed to coming up with something together though.

    Good and Bad

    I refuse to include any sort of toilet play in my roleplay. I'm not into gore unless the roleplay calls for it. Incest is a popular choice and I'm ok with doing those types of roleplay. I enjoy non consensual stuff from time to time. In most of my roleplays, my character is the dominant one, I've never tried it the other way around, though if the roleplay called for it, it'd be interesting to try. Rough is great, the more detail the better.

    Ideas and Pairings

    I'll list some simple pairings below for the time being. Bold ones are what I'm craving most (and what most people don't inquire about). This will be updated as I get more time.

    Step Siblings
    Kissing Cousins
    Son/Dad's Trophy Wife

    Slice of Life:
    Best Friends


    Dirty Cop/Stripper

    Any sort of apocalypse type of roleplay
    Any type of horror roleplay
    Alpha/Omega (Werewolf or Human)

    Also, I don't have a lot of fandom ideas but I've been wanting to try a roleplay for the 100. Bonus points for asking about it.



    My character is the head honcho of a big time law firm. Your character is an intern who gets a job opportunity as my characters secretary. Something comes up and our characters have to go out of town for a big case. This would lead to them spending more time together and eventually they hook up.

    At first, it's a bit weird for both of them, but they can't refuse the fact they are both sexually attracted to each other. Maybe they try to go back to normal once the trip is over but one of them cracks. The rest, we can discuss as we go along.

    Son/Father's Trophy Wife

    My idea for this is your character marries into a rich family. You'd play a stuck up younger woman who is really only around for the money. The father isn't really old but let's say like 60 years old. He's in great shape for his age but he's away quite often.

    My character comes home from college only to find his father is away on a business trip. Your character is home, maybe doing something she's not supposed to be. My character finds out and ends up eventually blackmailing yours into doing certain things. After it happens a couple times, your character can't deny the fact that she likes what's happening.

    After a few days of this go by, the father comes home from his trip. What will happen when they are forced to stop or hide the sexual relationship they've developed? Maybe one catches feelings for the other? I'm open to suggestions.

    Good Guy/Prostitute

    My character moves to a new state, hoping to start a life with his fiance and have a family. After purchasing the house and moving in, his fiance can't take the heat and opens up about her affair. The two split up, leaving my character a little vulnerable in a strange place.

    My idea for this, is my character is so upset, he takes a drive. He ends up getting turned around and ends up in a not so great part of town. Your character is standing on the street and catches his eye. He pulls over and decides to pay for a night of fun. Your character comes home with him and sleeps with him. Maybe they end up talking a lot after and she opens up about the crappy situation she's in. Maybe an abusive pimp or something?

    My character decides to try and play hero and offers your character a place to stay. Maybe after spending some time together they develop feelings for one another? Maybe the pimp finds out where she's staying?


    A college professor/(whatever sport you like) coach, wins the county wide conference and ends up having to go out of town to play at a higher level. They play state wide and perhaps eventually they play nationally. While away, similar to the boss/secretary one, our characters start to fall for one another, sexually at first. They take quite a liking to each other and 'visit' one another a lot while away from home. But how will they handle things when the sport is over? Does he go back to just being her college professor or does more come about?

    Daddy/Daughters Best Friend

    My character has a daughter, I'm thinking eighteen years old. Maybe first semester in college. She makes a new friend during that semester, your character. She starts bringing your character over more and more, maybe sleepovers start to happen when one night our characters hook up. Maybe she catches him sniff her panties or jerking off or something.

    There's a second part to this, maybe my characters wife is deceased and he plans a camping trip for him and his daughter. Maybe she wants to invite your character along, further complicating things as our characters try to hide any sort of relationship between them.

    Multiple Characters Plots:

    Band Drama:

    A group of friends from high school, I figure 4 friends, are in a band together. The singer and another member, MC and YC, were dating. Maybe high school sweethearts. Something happens to split them up, I figure maybe one cheated on the other, or at least it appeared that way. So the band splits up.

    Years later, both our characters are in successful groups. One of our characters still with the old gang from high school and the other formed a new band. The band managers book a show where they both end up on tour together. From there, we can figure it out.

    One Strange Family:

    Basically the idea for this is an incestuous family. Maybe not exactly blood related unless that works for you. I figure two brothers, a step sister, step mother, and father. Maybe they go on vacation or just a random moment around the house. Maybe one of the brothers hooks up with the sister or the 'trophy wife', which would infuriated the father so much, he seeks revenge by trying to get with the step daughter. Lots of drama in this one, with multiple pairings for hook ups.

    Beach House:

    The idea for this is, our characters and a couple friends all stay a summer in a fancy beach house. I figure college age would be good for this one. The way I see this is one of our characters inherits a huge vacation home and invites the gang to stay for the summer. They party it up. Alcohol, maybe drugs, sex, and drama.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2018
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  2. yami

    yami Romance Lover~ Member

    Local Time:
    10:19 AM
    I’m interested in your Boss x Secretary plot! If it’s still open?
  3. JayBird90

    JayBird90 Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    11:19 AM
    Attempting to get back into writing after taking a short hiatus... Looking for story and smut.
  4. AwakeningDesire1

    AwakeningDesire1 Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    4:19 PM
    I've got some slice of life plots if you're interested?
  5. JayBird90

    JayBird90 Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    11:19 AM

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