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 Female x Male  Fandom  Historical/Historical Fiction Scourge's New and Improved Request Thread- DC Comics Fandom, Historical Fiction

Discussion in 'Male Requests' started by ScourgeOfSantaPrisca, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. ScourgeOfSantaPrisca

    ScourgeOfSantaPrisca Just the worst Member

    Local Time:
    12:52 AM
    Greeeeeeetings and Salutations, fellow Black Dahlia Weirdos.

    Thanks for dropping in on my new and improved RT. I hope you find something ya like here.

    I'm SJ, I'm a 33 year old married father of one human child and one spoiled pug. I've been roleplaying for about 18 years, getting my start back in the old MSN chatrooms.

    I generally roleplay only pretty specific things, as opposed to some folks who post up "I'm up for anything, message me!" I'm not that guy." What you see on here is what I'm looking for, strictly. So I very much hope it's stuff you're looking for, too!

    So call me picky, but I have a few expectations of my partners. First off is age. Since I am in my thirties, I find it weird and uncomfortable to try and roleplay with someone who is 18 or 19. It's not personal, it's just how I am. So I really need my partners to be at least 21, and over 25 if possible.

    As far as gender, I prefer writing with women.

    I really prefer someone who is active, at the very least once a day, and perhaps more if the story is good and the ol' creative juices are flowing. While I understand real life DOES come up and get in the way and sometimes your muse WILL fail you, if your general output is always less than once a day or so, I'm not going to stick around.

    I'm also not the sort of dude who gets majorly upset if you ghost. Sometimes people just lose interest, and sometimes it's easier to just bounce than have to try and explain yourself. I get it. So while I'd prefer talking about an RP that's stalling out, I won't hold it against you if you wind up needing to poof on me. I've done it myself, it happens.

    And really, the bottom line is I need someone who can write- and write well. Now nobody is perfect, myself VERY much included, but I do like to think I can maintain a level of quality and craft that I can be reasonably proud of. It's not a length thing, either- I actually think the ability to know when you should go for a quicker post and when you should really get into a big ol' chonka post is important to being a good writer- but I am referring to how well you can write, express emotion and feeling, weave exposition into the narrative, and perhaps most importantly, write collaboratively so things can keep moving.

    Communication is also pretty key. Being able to discuss ideas and bounce things around in brainstorming is never a bad thing.

    Quite honestly, smuts and sexy stuff has further and further dropped in importance to me as time has gone on. While that's certainly not to say I don't enjoy writing some of the old happy-slappy, in general I lean more towards plot. So figure...probably 70% plot to 30% porn at most. If you want to do mostly porn, I can usually be persuaded, assuming the porn is interesting. Just blandly writing the same "Blowjob, missionary, doggstyle, cumshot" scene bores me so hard I almost fell asleep simply typing this sentence. So if just porn interests you, come at me with something interesting and exciting.

    When it comes to kink, I'm pretty vanilla. But for the record, my kinks are as follows:

    -Outercourse: Tittyfucking, handjobs, buttjobs/hotdogging, footjobs
    -Women in Lingerie
    -Scenes set in water: Showers, tubs, pools, lakes, beaches, etc.
    -Cum play/cum as lube
    -Group sex- multiple males on one female
    -"Sloppy Seconds"
    -Wife sharing
    -Giving Anal Sex
    -Giving Oral Sex
    -Light Daddy play
    -Size differences
    -Muscular Women
    -Curvy/Chubby Women
    -Goth girls
    -Public scenes/Chances of Getting Caught

    And finally, the ideas/cravings/muses I currently have:


    So one of my big interests in life is Medieval England, specifically the Plantagenet period from the mid 12th century to the reign of Edward III. I can do more, and I'm pretty versed in Post-Roman/"Arthurian" period of British history all the way to the War of the Roses, but my real jam is that High Medieval era. I'm also pretty handy with the Crusades, to take the scenario out of England.

    In general, I like pairing up people who are opposites- my character would be from one group, the female lead would be from an opposing or enemy group. Encompassing all the time periods and settings I'm willing to write in, the pairings list would look something like this:

    -Briton x Saxon
    -Saxon x Viking
    -Saxon x Norman
    -Crusader x Muslim
    -Christian x Pagan
    -English x Welsh
    -English x Scottish
    -English x Irish
    -Irish x Viking


    I really want to make it clear that I am absolutely 100% not looking for a generic "Knight x Princess" story. I want my partner to have a fairly workable knowledge of the time period we're setting it in, experience writing history, and an interest in deep historical detail and accuracy. Obviously, it couldn't be 100% historically accurate, but the flavor of the time, the politics, the religion, all of it- I want it as accurate as possible, and I'm serious about knowing your stuff. I'm no college professor, but I am an enthusiastic amateur and the little details really help making a historical story seem alive!

    I might be the world's only full-time Bane roleplayer. Yes, Bane, the dude who snapped Batman's spine over his knee like so much dry spaghetti. He's my favorite fictional character of all time, period, and I love writing him in roleplays.

    If you're a fan of DC comics, and Batman comics in particular, we could probably have a really awesome time together. I'm not enthusiastic about Bane but I am, if I do say so myself, REALLY GOOD at writing him, and I'm always looking to get better. Bane is actually a really deep, really interesting character, and I am always more than willing to show off the awesomeness that is Bane to new partners.

    For this story/idea, I'm looking for you to play a canon DC lady. Pretty much any DC female is welcome, although some make more sense than others. I will admit to having a soft spot for Bane/Harley, Bane/Barbara Gordon and in my resident problematic fave, Bane/Scandal Savage. I love making AUs and weaving new takes on classic DC storylines, as well as doing completely new ones where we write as multiple characters and build epic events. If you're looking for a great DC rp, I promise I won't let you down.

    This particular muse is ALWAYS open, as my love for the big guy seems to be pretty much boundless.
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  2. ScourgeOfSantaPrisca

    ScourgeOfSantaPrisca Just the worst Member

    Local Time:
    12:52 AM
  3. ScourgeOfSantaPrisca

    ScourgeOfSantaPrisca Just the worst Member

    Local Time:
    12:52 AM

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