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 Female x Male  Fantasy  Supernatural/Paranormal  World Building Seeking Monster Girls, Supernatural, and/or General Fantasy!

Discussion in 'Male Requests' started by Doc, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. Doc

    Doc Wandering Member

    Local Time:
    2:48 AM
    Hello I'm Doc, welcome to my search thread!

    Quick about me thing: I've done RP for a good amount of time. I tend to go off and on sites like these a lot, coming back whenever I really want to write around something. My current craze is fantasy and supernatural, with lots of world building and a variety of characters.

    Writing wise, I do my best to write at the very least a paragraph, but generally do 2-3. I am horrid at writing fluff most of the time and will sometimes blank out on what to write about, but will at least try to get enough for the other to go off of. Grammar is nice so I can understand what's being written but everyone makes mistakes (if I ever blank out on proofreading I tend to make a few).

    Down below are pairings and plots I thought of. If you see anything you like down below, PM me and we can discuss more!

    1. Monster Girls
    Always up for roleplaying against almost any of these. I personally base off of the monster girl encyclopedia with the medieval fantasy setting. I do have a potential plot if long term is wanted!

    Personally craving slime, alraune, or mimic at the moment, but up for almost any if you have a particular one you want to try out!

    Could also do an adventure kind of plot where my character goes through multiple environments and encounters different monster girls.

    2. Supernatural
    Have pairings and a single plot (which I'll hopefully add more in the long run) so hopefully one interests you. I like doing Victorian era but I can do any kind of time period for these:


    Human x Witch
    Human/Hunter x Vampire
    Vampire x Lycanthrope
    Hunter x Hunter
    Hunter x Succubus
    Shapeshifter x Other Supernatural

    These pairings are just ones with minor plots or starters I have, if you have your own supernatural pairing ideas let me know!

    Point of Insanity. Hunter x Witch or Huntress
    Hunters usually begin their life as one of honor and pride. They are to be the beacon against the darkness, the supernatural. Working in secret, they work to end the lives of the enemy so that the human race can thrive. One such hunter had prospect, hope for glory. Trained by his father to become a hunter, he showed great promise. However, the glory of hunting ended one day when the hunter found his father's head sitting on a chair, the body missing. No info on who, other than the signs of a witch. The hunter forgot all about rules, honor, and the point of glory. He must find the witch who had done this.

    So main point of this plot is that MC drove himself insane hunting the witch, torturing and mutilating other witches to find her (content warning on that alone, I don't try to get insanely descriptive but sometimes do). YC can be a witch or huntress that encounters him and can either help his bloodlust or stop his futile search.

    Preferred setting is Victorian era but can do modern day.

    3. Fantasy

    Again, more pairings and a single plot. For all these I do have a world in mind to use and will always love to world build! I have general ideas for where to go for nearly all of these, and open to any other pairing ideas!

    Human x Human (can just be an adventure off in the world thing)
    Guard x Royalty
    Royalty x Noble
    Assassin x Noble
    Bounty Hunter x Target
    Nomad x Goddess
    Human x Fae

    You Will Be Forgotten Tomorrow. Human x Any
    MC is afflicted by a rare disease called the Scaarn and has no known cure. At first, MC resigned to his fate but heard rumor of a faraway place that may hold the cure to it. Determined, MC set out to the land, his condition slowly growing worse. Finally he gets to the entrance of the land, an uncharted forest that stretches for miles. With no other choice he enters, hoping for the gods to guide him. YC is a resident of these lands and finds MC, wondering whether to help or hinder the newcomer.

    Whispers of the Dead One Human x Any
    A thousand years ago, the Banished One rose in power, challenging the gods for control over the world. The Banished One lost, and became the Dead One as he truly was believed to be gone forever. However, his ashes begin to rise anew and infect those he deems as the new prophets. He makes a presence in dreams, visions at night, and drives several insane.

    One human has been afflicted by these dreams, every day going more and more insane. When they are about to fall to the Dead One, another shows up and introduces themselves as one sent by the gods. They could be telling the truth, or secretly be working for the Dead One as they try to indoctrinate this person.

    I can do either role for this.

    That's all on my end for now, I'll post if I ever update this. Please send me a message if interested!
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2018
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  2. Doc

    Doc Wandering Member

    Local Time:
    2:48 AM
    Still looking for more! Added one extra plot for fantasy!
  3. Doc

    Doc Wandering Member

    Local Time:
    2:48 AM
    Bumping this back to life, searching again!

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