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 Open So you want to RP? *Opens the Door* Come on in!

Discussion in 'Male Requests' started by Arthilon, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. Arthilon

    Arthilon Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    2:25 AM

    So I've been roleplaying since I was 10. Starting with D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) with my own mother as the DM (Dungeon Master). Ever since, I have fallen in love with roleplaying. Now being 27 years old I'm still going strong as a passionate roleplayer. You can even call me addicted to it. I gotta have my fix almost daily. My mind wanders to infinite possibilities or just daydreams quite easily. There are plenty of times I just stare off daydreaming. Roleplaying helps give me a focus instead of wandering like a cloud struggling to find a shape or form. I am new though to the forum scene of RPs, so this is an adventure for me.

    I have a tendency to build OC's. And I can build one from scratch quickly and even give them a background within just a few seconds/minutes. I'm also great at making generic starts for RPs. But they tend to fall off from my mind to continue and make something bigger. I'm great at creating a start if I'm feeling the RP and got idea's. I don't find its necessarily a bad thing on only having a good start with a few idea's of where the end game of the RP goes. The fun part is getting there, and THAT is what makes the story!!!

    With all the RPing I've done, I'm naturally dominant in nature, so its normal for me to be the dom. However I've been the dominant so much that I'm down for trying the submissive side of things. Don't worry though, I'd make sure to keep things spicy if I was the submissive. Nothing wrong with being a little uppity. ;) I do enjoy being a hell of a tease.

    I also go a lot by how I feel about the RP. If something feels good, I'll run with it. But if I feel something is off about the RP, or something could be better I will have no problem pointing it out or saying something. I won't be rude or disrespectful about it. And I expect the same thing in my partner. No one is perfect... EVER. So if you feel I could do something better with my post, I have no problem redoing it. All I ask is respect is to be included when providing the constructive criticism.


    Taking a look at my F-List, you'd notice that my yes is kinda large. There is very little I'm not into. However I would like to point out that... tentacles are my biggest kink. They do not have to include them, but I do enjoy tentacles. I have done plenty of RPs where I'm the one controlling them, but very little to seeing anyone wanting to control them on MC. So if you've got anything you'd be interested in with that please, say something. I am almost always down for anything tentacle wise. It's kinda rare to find people that actually enjoy tentacles a lot, or at all.

    Now as genres go, I'm more of a person that is into Fantasy, Magic, or the supernatural. I can do things like Slice-of-Life but it can at times be difficult for me to feel for it. But don't worry, I am EXTREMELY open minded! If you are interested in something more of the slice of life, don't be afraid to message me your idea and plot. Otherwise anything that is modern I include something supernatural or surreal in it.

    I can say that recently due to another rper on this site, I got a big idea for something super futuristic/sci-fi style of RP. Unfortunately I think for this other rper I didn't make the cut because of gender specifications as a partner. Saddening, but it is what it is. But of course I'm not one to hold grudges. :) I will be getting a post up with this idea soon.

    I enjoy things that are... taboo. The more taboo and strange or far from the normal, the more fascinated and interested I am. Yet I still like to include enough details that there is a certain level of realism to it. As if while reading it, my partner is able to "experience" it as well. I also enjoy things that are less human like in nature. Like anthro's, or Cecaelias, even slime creatures. I use RPs to get away from life and into things and ideas that are less about real life and more into adventures or romance.

    I'm also someone that is very big into sexual RPs. I can do short story little flings, and once finished move on to the next idea, usually those are pretty sexual which isn't a problem to me.
    Now if per say that the rp that we do together has a story or decent plot, I would appreciate it if you helped with that plot as well. We make the stories together as a "partnership." That includes even if the rp is heavily sexual, but there is still a decent bit of plot to it. I don't want to be trying to pull the rp along to take it somewhere. I'd like to walk along with it.
    I have no problem on saying something if I am sense that things are falling apart for the FEEL of the RP.
    Most of all I'm just looking for a good RP partner. If you have a problem with having a huge plot or story, but you have an idea that is just a sexual scene? I'm down for doing that as well. He'll it's what I'm used to with doing rps in an instant messenger setting than over forums.
    Hell if you just wanna throw an idea and looking for a muse, Shoot me a PM! I am friendly!! I know that I'm a fantastic Muse! I just might bite... in all the right places. *cough*
    I would also like to include I believe that there are points that a story ends. Much like a book, there are endings. And if we were just to try and keep things going where the story pretty much is done, the RP would pretty much die for me. After that, we would come up with another story and do another one if you wished to keep RPing with me!!! :)

    DETAILS!!! DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS!!! *Drops to knees with my hands together in a begging plea*
    Even if the RP is going to be nothing but sexual, be detailed. You can't put much of anything valuable into a one liner. That being said, one paragraph of about 4 to 7 sentences is what I ask. Anything more is just decoration and icing on the cake!!! The better that cake looks, the more I will smash my face and gorge into it!!!!!!!!

    Also! Please try to message as often as you can. I do try to be as active as I can on a daily basis. I will message you before I assume that you are done with the rp before we've reached the ending. If I see that you have been online, looked at the message, and haven't got back to me within a reasonable time, I will assume you're done. I will be sad... but I will leave the RP. So if you're going to be gone for awhile, tell me, I will make sure to keep it ready for when you come back.

    I would also like to include on top of the fact of me trying to be active as possible. I do have a hard time staying interested in an RP if posts are really long drawn out from one post to the next consistently.

    I do have a lot of things going on in my life that will at times keep me from being able to post daily. Especially since I work graveyard shifts from 8PM to 8AM on a swing shift of 3 days one week, and 4 days the next week. So please be patient with me on getting post back to you. I am not one to just drop a rp without saying something.

    With that being said, communication is key to me. I like to be open with my partner on how I feel about the RP is going. I also have plenty of times got an idea in the middle of an RP and will throw it at my partner and go "WHADDA YA THINK!?!?!?" *Crazy eyes*... OK, maybe not that extreme but, gotta include a little humor eh?
    Of course if you get a great idea, don't be afraid to grab the idea sludge hammer and take a swing at me with it, screaming "WHAT ABOUT MINE?!?!?!" *Flies through the wall after the sludge hammer hits... Thumb up through rubble I'm buried in*

    Most of all, have fun. I know I like to have fun with the RP and want to keep it fun. If you lose the feel for the RP but you got something else you'd like to try, tell me. I may be sad if I was still feeling the RP, but I'm down for making sure you're having as much fun as I am. If you aren't having fun, then what the hell is the point to Roleplaying? Just... another... waste... of time. And no body wants that.

    Last but not least, I prefer RPing in PMs. If you PM me and want to do it in a thread, fine. But I won't be making the thread!!! :p

    Please PM me instead of messaging this thread. You'd get a faster response from me.


    I have a few idea's to put in here, but don't have the time. I will update it rather soon.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2018
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  2. Arthilon

    Arthilon Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    2:25 AM
  3. Arthilon

    Arthilon Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    2:25 AM
    Edit bump.

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