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 NSFW/Explicit Soft Strokes' Fully Fledged Non-Binary Request Thread!

Discussion in 'Other Requests' started by Soft Stroke, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Soft Stroke

    Soft Stroke Avid Femboy Roleplayer Member

    Local Time:
    2:55 AM
    Soft Stroke's Full Fledged Request Thread~!

    Greetings members of Black Dahlia Role-Playing Forum! My name is Soft Stroke, and yes, that name means exactly what you think it does~!

    I first got into RPing, funnily enough, by writing a story back and forth on the bus rides to and from school. Since then, I've evolved into a full fledged writer, and RPing both a passtime and hobby for me! I RP to have fun and try out new writing styles. However, since it is a hobby, I do try to make sure that when I do RP, I'm doing it in a way that will be fun for both of us!

    Before you PM me please read my full thread! Open each of the spoilers, PLEASE! This will tell you everything you need to know about me as an roleplayer! I've had a lot of people not read this, so I tried to make it front and center! I try to read the entirety of a thread before contacting someone for an RP, and I would greatly appreciate it if you were the extend the same respect to me.

    Otherwise, please enjoy my thread!

    I am adding this here so all can see. I am currently only accepting RPers that can reply once per day (unless a message states otherwise, life happens!) and make 200 word minimum posts. I hate to do anything that restricts my audience, but this is a precaution. Also, there is a word inside of this RT that you should include in your message to me. I've made it easy to find, but it's essential so that I know you've digested my RT!

    Despite attempting to make very clear through my ideas that I myself play Submissive characters, I feel the need to address this directly. In my eyes, the Sub/Dom aspect is different from a Top/Bottom aspect. A Sub/Dom aspect relies directly upon BDSM elements, and involves elements of control. A Top/Bottom aspect relies only upon two people having sex. You can have a Top without having a Dom.

    With that said, I am a switch and sub. I do not and will not play a dom for you unless a plot is marked with **. I can play a top, and in romantic couples I'm more than happy to. But if I am playing a top, BDSM elements generally won't be involved.

    1. My post length will vary by partner. In more detail oriented RPs, I can break a page in Word at 12pt font single space. In smaller RPs or one-offs, I average closer to 2-3 paragraphs. I, can’t respond to one liners or just 3-4 sentences. I tend to mirror the post length of a partner as well.

    2.All I ask is just tell me when you're going to not be able to post! If I know that you're busy, I will wait as long as you need! But just getting dropped will result in me having to terminate an RP.

    3. If I don't gel with an idea after a few posts, I'll try my best to let you know! In the past I've had a bad habit of dropping threads; if I have issues with an idea, I'll let you know! I've gone through up to 5 ideas with partners before one took off!

    4. For me, sex in an RP is a vessel to developing characters! If you want a plot/smut ratio… usually the smut is integral to the plot. So, maybe 40/60, 30/70? It’s all based on the idea! Most of my ideas are ones that take a sexy concept and use that to flesh out individual characters!

    5. I’m not truly into modern or taboo RPs. RPs like office life, teacher x student, neighbor x neighbor, marriage, stuff like that generally doesn’t mingle well with me. If you're looking for incest, the entire family usually is involved. If the plot can be boiled down to A x B then usually, I'll say no.

    6. When it comes to fandom RPs, that's up to the idea! If the idea is set within a universe, then great! I don't prefer to play or play against canon characters, but rather take our own characters and place them in an established universe. If we do play canon characters, I almost exclusively tend to pick up side characters or background characters so we can flesh them into our own entities. With main characters, I find myself second-guessing if I can play them correctly; hence why I avoid them.

    7. RPs die, there’s nothing I can do about it! Usually after 2 weeks an idea will become stale if it’s not touched. If we leave off on a sex scene and it’s been 4 days, I prefer to move to a later scene. I will always let your know if I'm having issues replying. And if one RP dies, I will almost always ask to start another one with you!

    Please include the word 'Limelight' in your message to me.

    There are two classifications of RP posts that you can expect to receive: one of which is a more 'Standard' post that will usually fit into Discord's character limits, while the other is a more long winded post. There are exceptions but at minimum you can expect 2 standard paragraphs. A paragraph is at least 4 sentences long; you will notice I tend to write very long sentences as well. I will put an example of a Standard post below and links to RPs that I have done that demonstrate my more long-winded posts.

    (Sampled from a Discord RP)

    Hunter let out a little purr as he felt the way that Breyth's fingers were tracing every inch of his cock, learning each detail and making sure he felt Hunter's slightly above average length, "Glad to see that you're liking all of this..." He purred. His own hand reached up towards Breyth's groin, but rather than go for anything clear, his fingers instead carresed his hip, slowly tracing small circles and working down towards Breyth's groin. Once there, his fingers moved further down, instead once finger lifting each of Breyths balls up and slowly rolling them about in his hand. Few men he'd been with ever really thought of this, but he had found it a nice little way to rile someone up. He drew back his finger for a moment and sensually licked two of them, then placed them right back on Breyth's orbs and rolled them around with those two fingers. Once he'd explored them all, he drew back, only letting the tip of his finger brush the underside of Breyth's proud length.

    "Oh, you ask me for sex positions then~?" Hunter smirked, "Well firstly... if you want to do things traditionally..." Hunter kissed his fingertips, then lightly pusehd Breyth upwards so that he could show off. Firstly he leaned on his back and pulled his legs towards his head so his ass stuck up in the air, and his knees were where his head was, "The press is fun if you wanna keep pressure on me~" Hunter then twisted himself to be laying on his stomach, legs spread apart, "Lay right on top of me just like this and fuck me like that would be nice and fun~" Now Hunter suddenly slid down so that his hips wer eagainst the side of the couch but his head was on the floor, "The big fox can piledrive me into the floor..." Finally, Hunter got up and laid on his side, his legs together and knees bent up towards his chest, "Or... you can fuck me from the side like this..." Hunter moved back up and looked towards Breyth with a grin, "Or you can always fuck me from behind with my ass in the air and face planted into the couch. what sounds best for you, big boy~?"

    These link to roleplays that were done on the BlueMoon roleplay forums. If the links do not work, I can send them to you manually as well!

    The Musician's Overture [GGentleman x Soft Strokes]


    1. Femdom! Both on Male and Female characters!

    2. Oral Sex; sloppy, passionate, rough, gentle, any form of oral. (Even up to Oral Fixation!)

    3. Casual Sex (ie. being openly sexual with each other, having sex wherever without shame or thought, etc.)

    4. Rough, Passionate Sex and Sexual Exhaustion (Fucking until neither party can move)

    5. Tight Sensual Slutty Clothing!

    6. Sexual Societies (Societies where sex is commonplace and even expected; ties into the Casual Sex aspect!)

    7. Rape and Mind-Breaking

    8. Toys, Lots and lots of Toys

    9. SQUIRTING, if I'm playing a female please expect this!

    10. BDSM

    1. Gore and Amputation

    2. Scat and/or Diapers

    3. Watersports*

    4. Vore

    5. Pregnancy

    6. Cuckolding/Cheating

    *A Character wetting themselves is alright, but nothing involving the use of this sort of thing in the actual RP!

    These RP ideas are simply that, ideas! If you would like to offer variations on these ideas, or have an idea of your own, please contact me! Likewise we can discuss whom MC and YC are; they act in the idea as mainly just placeholders. Likewise, I'm always open to new plots!

    For this thread in particular, I decided to create one here because I am more than willing to play a Futa/Herm for any of these plots! To distinguish, a futa is a female with male genitals. A Herm has both sets of genitals. All my characters will be base female.

    Idea Stubs: Rather than having a full idea fleshed out, these are more or less little plot stubs that can be expanded into full on ideas. An * indicates the role I would play.

    • A young couple attempts to seduce another* into a polyamorous relationship with them.
    • Two random strangers are partnered together at a dancing class only to find they are naturals with each other. This in turn spurs them forward into a sensual sexual romance.
    • Dragons. Please. I will do most any plot if you are willing to play a dragon girl!

    Triggered In More Ways Than One [Fux/F/Fu]: This is far less of an idea, and more so a specific fetish I would like to try out. Essentially, unwillingly/knowingly, MC undergoes hypnosis that is set to activate using certain 'triggers' that will cause certain actions. For example, someone stating "Reply!" And then giving a question will force MC to give a complete and honest answer. Saying "Recall!" Will state all the triggers they currently have. Hearing "Submit" will cause MC to immediately fall to their knees; things that are all meant to humiliate and tease. This would be a primarily non/dub con scenario. A few potential ideas include: a) Slave is purchased and then programmed to make defiance simply a quirk, b) Rich person hires out of work person and then unknowingly programs them for humiliation purposes, c) new work recruit at a lab/school/etc. is hired and the hypnosis is part of the hiring process.
    Kinks: Hypnosis, Triggers, Humiliation, Potential Exhibitionism

    I Chose You, To Be Mine Forever [FuxF]: Magical creatures. They live within plain sight, disguised as humans. In this world, certain humans are born with the ability to use magic. It lays dormant within them, only activated upon making contact with another magical being. Our characters meet as any others would, slowly falling in love and spending their time together. It isn't until the power radiating from A attracts magical spirits, forcing them to reveal their magical nature to B. To their shock, B shows signs of magic. Magic that is so powerful, it threatens to destroy them. To stop it, A decides to become B's familiar, and their story begins from there.
    Kinks: Depends on the relationship.

    Her Monstrous Encounters [FxFu]: Recently, the barriers between a world of Monster Girls and that of regular humans have broken down, resulting in the two worlds beginning to mingle with one another. MC, a human, becomes attached to one of these Monster Girls. In order to foster coorperation between the species, she, the human, joins a program that has her living in the Monster Girl world for an extended period of time. With her now living in this world, she becomes acquainted firsthand with the provocative nature of these Monster Girls... and learns quickly what it means to live with one.
    Kinks: Slutty casual sex

    The Exchange Student [FxF/Fu]: In order to go to such a well-renowned school, MC accepts an offer from a family to lodge in their home. Little do they know that, when they arrive, YC, the family daughter, is awaiting them. With the need to make her claim to fame with the perfect girlfriend, YC uses the leverage of them staying in their home, and a bit of bullying force, to make MC become the perfect girlfriend. A bit slutty? Check. Totally devoted to YC? Check. Unable to do anything without YC being there? Double check. And to make certain that MC indeed acts the part, YC likewise states that, in this home and whenever she asks, MC will perform whatever sexy act she's told. Be that making her clothes look a little sluttier, giving a lewd kiss... perhaps even doing even sluttier things.
    Kinks: Bullying, Coercion

    If you'd be interested as playing AGAINST a binary character, my other RTs are linked in my signature!

    If anyone is interested in any of these ideas, please send me a PM! I'll do my best to get back to you within 24 hours of receiving your PM! I look forward to crafting new plots with you!
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  2. Soft Stroke

    Soft Stroke Avid Femboy Roleplayer Member

    Local Time:
    2:55 AM
    To keep things consistent across all my RTs, I'm giving this a premature bump. This is bump 1 of the week starting 6/09!
  3. Soft Stroke

    Soft Stroke Avid Femboy Roleplayer Member

    Local Time:
    2:55 AM
    Week 2 started on 6/10 and I bumped once on 6/11, so the second bump for that week will be today, 6/17.
  4. Soft Stroke

    Soft Stroke Avid Femboy Roleplayer Member

    Local Time:
    2:55 AM
    It has been over 1 week since my last bump. Bumping this thread.

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