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 Female x Male  Historical/Historical Fiction Somethings Can't Be Stolen (Alec x Fitz)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Execution' started by Aleczander Travonski, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. Aleczander Travonski

    Aleczander Travonski Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:32 PM
    Richard found himself in a small speakeasy, a hole in the wall establishment. He had been here a dozen or so times in the past month alone. It was a cheap little place filled with cigarette smoke, and the smells of booze. Of course, it was illegal to have alcohol here in the US but the patrons of this establishment needn't worry about police. Richard knew the guy who owned this speakeasy a man by the name of Will Huntings. Will paid the cops to stay out, and paid well from what Richard heard.

    He sat down looking around the room trying to asses the situation. Several ladies of the night moved from table to table smoking their cigarettes in those ridiculously long cigarette holders. He just sat idle for a second watching the people move, he needed to make sure they were all moving. A itch in the back of his mind made him paranoid. It was an itch he brought back with the war.

    His eyes wandered absorbing every detail off of every person. Did they have a gun? Were they wearing socks that were too high? Details that anyone else would easily overlook as nothing particularly special. Richard didn't despite how much he wanted to. He finally stood up, walked to the bar and ordered a drink. A shot of whiskey, it burned on the way down but he knew it wouldn't make any of it go away.

    "Hey Dick." A man approached and slapped Richard's shoulder. Richard turned his sober gaze to the man he knew well. Billy Swason, an old friend of Richard's. He kept his hair slicked, and wore a nice, black dress coat over a button up shirt. Billy gave Richard a smile, which bothered him slightly.

    "What do you need Billy?" Richard ordered a second whiskey and drank it as fast as he did the first. The desire to be sober had quickly left him when he heard Billy's voice. Billy wasn't around much anymore unless he needed Richard to do something.