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 Spooktober, Charity Medals and Halloween Theme!

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by LeStrange, Oct 1, 2019.

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  1. LeStrange

    LeStrange ☽ His Queen ☾ Administrator

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    10:33 PM

    It is time for BD's second annual Spooktober celebration! This October the staff of BD is going to be hosting a large number of events both here on the site and even one Discord exclusive event for your enjoyment. So get ready to let your inner monsters free this October and join us in all the festivities and activities we have planned! In addition to these events, we will also be bringing back our Classic Monsters Charity Set with a few new medals added and the return of our Grim Grinning Ghosts - A Seasonal Halloween Style! So let us get right to the details of what you can expect this month.

    [​IMG]Event: Trick or Treat! (October 29th - 31st)
    Description: Visit the staff's profiles and see if you get a sweet treat or a nasty trick!
    Host: @LeStrange

    [​IMG] Event: Profile Decorating Showcase (October 1st - 31th)
    Description: Decorate your profile in whatever monstrous way you desire!
    Host: @Riddle

    [​IMG]Event: Creepy Crawly Creative RPs (October 1st - 31th)
    Description: Showcase your most horrific RPs and start many more to get in the spooky spirit.
    Host: @SpiritBurn

    [​IMG]Event: Inktober Showcase (October 1st - 31th)
    Description: Join in on Inktober showcase and try your hand at the month full of prompts!
    Host: @Maple Lumberjack

    [​IMG] Event: Haunted House Art Event (October 1st - 31th)
    Description: TBA
    Host: @Maple Lumberjack

    [​IMG]Event: Mole Day Celebration (October 22nd - 24th)
    Description: An event to celebrate Mole Day with some nerdy pick up lines!
    Host: @Nepenthe

    [​IMG]Event: Discord Halloween Themed Discussion (October 11th - 31st)
    Description: Join BD's Discord and join in our fun Halloween themed discussions!
    Host: @LeStrange (Tentively)

    Charity Medals
    For the month of October, we will not only be bringing back out Classic Monsters Charity set from last year but also adding (3) new medals that can be collected! Please be sure to check the thread by @Riddle (linked below) for more details!

    October Charity Medals: Classic Monsters

    Halloween Style
    Lastly, we couldn't let the month go by without rereleasing our Grim Grinning Ghosts Seasonal Halloween Style! Be sure to check it out for October by going to the bottom of your webpage and changing your style or by clicking here. (If you need help changing your style, feel free to message me, @LeStrange, directly.)
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