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Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by Spring leaf, May 15, 2019.

  1. Spring leaf

    Spring leaf Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    12:54 AM
    Currently really craving either a Red Dead Redemption or an old western roleplay!

    Hey there! I'm fairly new to this website and it's about time I posted a searched thread. I've been role-playing on and off for close to ten years and I'm itching to get into it all again. I would prefer my partner have decent grammar and punctuation (I understand we're all human and make mistakes, however). I try to get a reply in either every day or every other day. I work full time and go to university, so sometimes getting replies in can be a little difficult but I will get my replies out as soon as I can.

    I know a lot of people aren't exactly into fandoms, but I don't mind them so I'll put some down. With anything fandom related, I much prefer making original characters as opposed to using canon characters (I have very few exceptions for this).

    I'm completely open to doing MxM, MxF & FxF pairings, and I'm not worried about what your actual gender is, though currently I'm not quite as interested in doing a MxF pairing. If you are looking to do a fandom roleplay however, please note that I do not play canon characters, only original characters.

    While I enjoy writing smut, I also appreciate plot and story telling so the roleplay shouldn't be 100% smut.

    I will absolutely not do:
    Scat & watersports
    Non-con/rape of any sort
    Ageplay/large age gaps
    Furries/Anthros (werewolves are fine)
    Excessive Bloodplay (a little is fine)

    Anything starred is a current craving. PM me if anything interests you.


    The Elder Scrolls (Oblivion, Skyrim & ESO)
    Fallout (3, 4 & NV)
    D&D Universe
    The Walking Dead
    Detroit: Become Human
    Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra
    Tokyo Ghoul
    Red Dead Redemption***** (this is one few fandoms I would play canon for)

    A lot of these plots are interchangeable between fandom and original universes. If there's one that interests you, feel free to bring it up regardless of category and we can discuss it!

    Leaving Home
    Someone tucked away safe and sound in one of Vault Tec's infamous vaults is tired of living sealed away from the irradiated world above, however leaving could very well get them killed either by the Overseer and his guards, or by the wasteland itself. Not much about the wastes are known to the residents, only the inherent risks that come with living above ground. So, when a group of raiders comes a knockin' for all those preserved pre-war rations and whatever else Vault Tec loaded them up with, the dweller sees an opportunity to leave and start a new life on the surface.

    All for the Caps
    A young wastelander runs into trouble, having angered a faction like the gunners, some raiders, or even some super mutants, and simply needs a hand. They decide to hire a mercenary, figuring it to be the best option. Once the gig is over, the merc doesn't exactly want to leave their new boss, having grown attached, and the boss doesn't quite want the hired gun to leave. The whole 'lead and I'll follow' thing kinda grew on the both of them. Besides, company in the wasteland is always nice.
    (Alternatively, this can be done in the Skyrim universe, or in some other type of fantasy universe.)

    Always Walk in the Shadows
    Two thrives in Riften are tasked with stealing valuables from a secluded Manor. The noble who owns it is away on business, however mercenaries had been hired to guard the house and it's belongings. The thieves get in fine and the looting goes well, but they get caught when they try to leave. Knowing killing is against their code, the thieves run for their lives and manage to get away. One or both are hurt and they really just need to lay low for a while. The trip back to Riften will be tough.

    Dark Dealings
    In an isolated town, people have suddenly started to go missing. At first, though still devastating, the amount of people who had vanished had been relatively low. Now however a good chunk of the town is gone and rumour has spread across the province like wildfire; there's been talk of everything from werewolves to daedra to cold-blooded bandits. The townsfolk have since grown wary of newcomers and often disregard them even when the occasional traveler wants to try to help out. Eventually, an adventurer catches wind of the rumours and decides to head over to the town to investigate further. (The other character could be someone who lives in the town or perhaps another adventurer, really whatever seems like it would work best.)

    Unlikley Alliance
    CCG's most resilient agent is on the hunt for a powerful ghoul who's responsible for the deaths of many humans and ghouls alike. The ghoul is elusive and has only been seen a handful of times by the agent, but a chance encounter allows the two of them to meet without knowing who the other is and a friendship is forged. It's only a matter of time before they figure each other out.

    Lost Memories
    A car accident occurs on an icy highway and a good samaritan quickly pulls over to help. The crashed car had rolled several times as it spun out of control off the road, and the driver hit their head and lost consciousness. After first responders show up to take care of things, the good samaritan follows the ambulance back to the hospital to make sure the other driver is okay. Upon arriving, the driver had regained consciousness, but all of their memories are gone. The only thing they know is their name, and it's only their first name. With no place to go, the good samaritan decides to do another good deed and offer a place to stay until the driver can begin to remember, if they ever will again.

    Arranged Marriage
    Two well-off families want to make sure that their children marry into other well-off families, and arrange to have their children marry one another. The only problem is that they don't exactly like each other. The marriage is odd and new, and the couple has to learn to get along because a divorce would only anger and disappoint their families. Eventually, one grows to like the other but the same level of affection still isn't reciprocated, so they try even harder to impress their new spouse. Will it work, or should they get used to rejection?
    (This can be set in a modern or historical time period, or alternatively and probably more fun, in a fantasy setting.)

    Riches to Rags
    A noble has lived comfortably all their life. They've owned a great deal of land and possessions, and have never truly known hard times. After attending a luxurious party one night, they returned to find their home sacked and looted and all their belongings gone. Guards in the area are notified but for the meantime, the noble makes the decision to make a short journey to the only other estate they own until things are sorted out only to find that it too met a similar state. Not anticipating to have need for money for the evening, they're left only with whatever is in their pockets and must find a place to stay or someone to help out. The only issue? Most common folk don't like the noble and refuse to help.

    Vanishing Act*****
    Two vampires/werewolves have lived alongside one another for years in order to serve the head of their clan. After serving him for what felt like ages, the two have grown tired of living for someone that seems to care little for them and together they secretly hatch a plan to leave. When the opportunity to leave arises, they take their chance and get out. The only issue is that there's no going back - abandoning their clan and leader is punishable by death in order to make a statement, and they will be hunted by other members of the clan. Now they have to live in hiding from both the people they once knew and the people the settle nearby as most folks don't tolerate vampires/werewolves.

    Dead or Alive*****
    A bounty hunter gets a tip on the whereabouts of a wanted outlaw and follows the tip to find where they're holed up. As per the request of the sheriff, the outlaw is taken alive and their arms are tied up so they are to walk alongside the bounty hunter and their horse. Since the trip back is a few days, they need to camp out and one night are awoken to thieves stealing the horse and supplies, meaning the trip back will be a lot tougher than anticipated. Do they eventually grow to like like each other as they try to escape, or is the price on the outlaw's head too much to resist?

    In a small, sun-baked town, a sheriff and his deputy run things. The only issue? Both are crooked and are paid off by local gangs and outlaws. After nearly a year of this, citizens are getting tired of it all and two of them get together in order to try to bring down the "law" in the town, putting bounties on their heads and turning them into wanted outlaws.

    Life on the High Seas
    A young woman is desperate to get a new start on life, needing to get away from her home life. Disguising herself as a man, she takes a job on a pirate ship. She manages to quickly befriend the crew of pirates and everything is going fine until one of her close friends discovers her secret.

    Out for Blood
    After a family member or spouse is assassinated, the survivor swears revenge on the people who carried out and orchestrated the murder. Knowing they can't do it alone, they hide the help of a known criminal in order to go through with revenge. The two work together tirelessly to track people down while evading the law.
    (Preferably in a western or post-apocalyptic setting.)

    Under the Cover of Night
    A prisoner destined for death manages to escape their vampire captors, who use people not only to feed, but to use as sacrifices for their powerful blood magic. The ancient clan of vampires has a whole town in their grip and intend to take control of all the citizens to use as thralls and sacrifices. The prisoner escapes into the woods to safety and happens across another person (human or vampire) who's bent on revenge and wants to see the vampire clan destroyed once and for all. They manage to convince the prisoner to aid them on their mission and together the two set out to free the town.

    A demon is banished from Hell and stripped of most of their powers, save for a few minor ones. With no other option, they must learn to live in the human world until they can regain their powers and return to Hell. However, only powerful mages are able to help restore these powers, meaning the demon must cooperate with the mage in an unlikely alliance to gather resources and complete a ritual.

    Purging Evils
    A powerful demon chooses a town to use as sacrifice and sends hordes of supernatural creatures into the town to ensure there are no survivors. Townsfolk take up arms, however most don't survive the assault. The only person to survive the attack is a prisoner, securely locked away in a hidden cell. News of the attack travels throughout the country, prompting a traveller to return and see their ravaged home. They take it upon themself to find any survivors and find the prisoner. Together the two decide to take on the demon that destroyed their home.

    Rival x Rival*****
    Master x Apprentice
    Knight x Mage
    Ruler x Court Mage
    Ruler x Royal Guard
    Royalty/Noble x Peasant
    Human x Demon
    Human x Elf
    Orc x Elf
    Bounty Hunter x Hunted
    Outlaw x Cop
    Siren x Sailor
    Pirate x Pirate
    Werewolf x Vampire
    Vampire x Human
    Werewolf x Human
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  2. Spring leaf

    Spring leaf Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    12:54 AM
    Really craving the Dead or Alive plot right now.
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  3. Spring leaf

    Spring leaf Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    12:54 AM
  4. aphrodite

    aphrodite goddess of love and beauty Member

    Local Time:
    1:54 AM
    Hello there ! I'm interested in the "Avatar: The Last Airbender" fandom RP as well as your "Lost Memories",
    "Arranged Marriage", "Riches to Rags," and "Vanishing Act." plots.

    I'm fine with whichever sparks your interest the most, if you are indeed still looking. I should mention I mostly
    play female characters and am interested in FxF, howver I'm also into MxF (if you feel like playing as a male.)

    Feel free to message me, I'd love to collaborate!
    Thanks, Aphrodite
  5. Spring leaf

    Spring leaf Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    12:54 AM
  6. Spring leaf

    Spring leaf Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    12:54 AM

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