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 Staff Roles & Responsibilities

Discussion in 'General Information & FAQ' started by Nepenthe, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. Nepenthe

    Nepenthe And yet she blooms. Administrator

    Local Time:
    2:23 AM
    Black Dahlia Roleplaying
    Staff Roles & Responsibilities

    The Black Dahlia Roleplaying Staff is dedicated to working as a cohesive team. We think of the site community as our “family,” but our staff is a team. We strive to ensure a positive, respectful roleplaying environment for all members and while we all work together on many projects, we all have our individual responsibilities as well.

    Below is a quick, easy way to know each staff member's major role in case there is a question about a specific aspect of our community:

    Administrators have the ability to edit and change just about anything on the site.
    They are here to make sure that the site is well taken care of, as well as deal with any serious issues that arise.​

    AlchemyLead Admin, Community Management, Site Graphics
    NepentheCommunity Helpers
    RothFandom & Genre Catalogues
    Moderators are an extra eye that help admins know what’s going on with the site.
    They have the ability to move threads, delete threads and issue warnings.

    Jynnien EmberlaineRequest Threads
    Le Petit PrinceDiscord
    RiddleTechnical Support
    SaydFandom & Genre Catalogues
    Please never be shy to contact staff! In reality, we’re all members who love to write, just like you.
    You can also check out the staff page here for clickable links to each staff member.
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  2. Nepenthe

    Nepenthe And yet she blooms. Administrator

    Local Time:
    2:23 AM

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