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 Fantasy  Science Fiction/Futuristic  Star Wars: Keeper of the Force

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests' started by Impious Ira, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Impious Ira

    Impious Ira "I make my mistakes so proudly." Member

    Local Time:
    3:23 AM

    Okay, so here is what I'm looking for.

    A dedicated roleplayer, player for long-term storytelling.

    A partner who is literate and that has the knowledge of correct punctuation.

    Someone who knows and understands Star Wars well enough that I won't have to hold someone's hand. I don't mind helping out every now and again with information, but it gets tedious when I'm walking you through everything.

    Someone that doesn't mind interspecies sex, even if that species is just another type of human, albeit with very pale skin, and maybe wings.

    No godmodding. This includes, but not limited to (being unkillable, undefeatable, moving another person's character, speaking for that person's character, etc.)

    More may be added at a later time if required.

    I would like to do an MxF pairing, between a Grey Jedi and a Dark Jedi (Not Sith, Sith are different, as you might well know.

    I was thinking that A.) It could take place in or prior to the Old Republic (Valkorian, Revan, The Jedi Exile, etc.) Don't' exist, or rather they don't exist yet. I'm thinking it's during the time of the Great Hyperspace Wars between the Sith and the Jedi. Both of our characters have become disillusioned though mine, being the Grey Jedi has learned to accept the Force in all its applications; both dark and light side abilities.

    Your character is a dark Jedi; primarily motivated by revenge, greed, or some other similar self-interest-- and they come across my character. Thinking that because they have a strong aptitude in the dark side of the force, a fight ensues as my character brandishes two rare gold and violet lightsabers with many modifications, such as the ability to go from a Shoto length (Yoda's size sword) to 3 meters long, are able to adjust the power output, and pressure grips that could determine rather or not he was holding them and if not, they wouldn't activate.

    After fighting many times with this Grey Jedi, your character just finally listens to what he has to say, after being beaten back so many times by mine who doesn't even seek to hurt yours but uses the various forms like Form II Makashii, Form V Djem So, and Jar'Kai and Soresu, to combat your character. But, rather, he teaches her lessons each time they duel.

    Over time, she comes to respect his prowess and becomes his one and only disciple. After a while, a sordid love affair blossoms between the two; until he feels the Force call him and he allows himself to be struck down by a Sith. Your character then takes the mantle of Gray Jedi and goes and hunts this Sith down to defeat him, avenge your lover and yet, bring balance to the Force.

    In this Vapaad has yet to be invented. Also, Shatter Point is my Characters inherited Force ability, as he is a Diathim. A species called 'Angels' as they are winged and quite strikingly beautiful.

    He will is formally of the Sentinel class. So, he would have intimate knowledge of the Jedi Temple he once served before it was demolished by the Sith.

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