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Discussion in 'Fandom Requests & Catalogue' started by Nocti3Akura, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Nocti3Akura

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    Ok I have been getting into Terranigma again for the first time in many years and would love to do an RP based on its Premise

    In Terranigma, the planet (a fictionalized Earth) is portrayed as a hollow sphere (though the map in the game is mathematically a torus) that has both an external and internal face.[3] Since the beginning of the Earth, the external Lightside, the surface world, stood for growth whereas the internal Darkside, the under world, represented decline.[4] Over the course of billions of years, these two forces came to be called God and Devil.[4] Regardless of this inner antagonism, rapid progress took root and primitive life forms evolved to plants, animals, and humans. Technology and industry further expanded civilization, but the fight between God and the Devil was still taking place, more fiercely than ever. The conflict culminated in a final battle in Antarctica, on the surface world. However, neither of the two forces were victorious. The continents of the surface world submerged into the sea and the under world was sealed away.

    Now in the game you play as Ark and go on a journey to five towers in the underworld to revive 5 continents to the world of light and then travel said world of light and fight many bosses and revive first the plantlife, then the birds, soon the animals follow and finally humans. Afterwards he continues his travels after a 3 year sleep upon revivng the Humans and begins to help the world grow economically by rescuing several geniuses.

    However in this RP I want to go about this more or less the same way but with at least two or more Heroes/Heroins and go about it our own way, for example (We start in the underworld and visit the 5 towers to bring back the world of light and then of course travel to the world of light and then go from there in reviving the plant life first the whatever comes next just goes this is after all an RP with multiple people XD)
    Also to those who have played the game, if you'd like to be Ark himself go for it [​IMG]:)

    My OC: Tate Cooperman
    Weapon: CrysSword (A sword made of raw energy but can change forms when certain conditions are met)
    Appearance:Blonde medium Length messy Hair, Ultra Light Blue Eyes, slim with few muscles, black singlet, red Pouldrens on the shoulders, red wrist bands, black baggy pants, black and red no lace sneakers.
    Special Abilities:None to begin with (Develops alongside the RP)
    Fight Style:Swordplay and mild mix martial arts
    Hometown:Crysta Blue (The beginning town in the underworld)

    (If I have missed anything I appologise but basically everything will get explained as we go so good news to anyone who hasn't played the SNES Classic: Terranigma)

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