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 Female x Female  Dom x Sub  Non-Binary that good gay shit [ paranormal fantasy | mythology | anime | cyberpunk ]

Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by ellie, May 12, 2018.

  1. ellie

    ellie compulsively masochistic fem Member

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    12:03 AM
    links: f-list || femdom tumblr

    about me
    characters I like playing
    - >>>subs<<< -
    - doubling: if we both want to play subs, I also like doubling up so that we both play one sub / one dom
    - inexperienced | smart | younger | femme | masochistic

    making plots
    - just because I play subs doesn't mean I expect my partner to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to plot. Planning together ooc is what makes RP more fun than solo projects. I'll put out ideas to move things forward so it's not all on one person. I like partners who return the favor.
    - speaking of plot, I can brainstorm fast and easy if you give me a word bank! Tell me your interests; pull stuff from my post, your f-list, wherever. I can combine them in a few ways and shoot you back a few ideas to see if anything appeals to both of us.
    - smut: it's the reason I'm here (mostly). D/s is my primary interest, along with bdsm & kink. [update 8/19: currently open for low/no smut RPs, probably for a limited time only lol]

    pacing plots
    - or, what's my porn : plot ratio? It varies!
    - we can build the story and gradually work in kink elements over time
    - we can start the story at a point where we can dive right into kink elements
    - it could be 50 : 50 :: porn : plot
    - it could be 80% smut that uses 20% plot to structure scenes
    - if there's less than 50% smut, it's because we're doing a fandom RP that makes it interesting otherwise or you're a really strong writer

    average length
    - advanced lit: multi-paragraph posts, lots of detail, good grammar & spelling; average 4 paragraphs, 2 for dialogue, 8 for heavy exposition
    - casual lit: more rapid fire, good grammar & spelling; streamlined but not lazy average: 1-2 paragraphs, 4 for exposition

    - the days that I'm online, I can shoot them right back in half an hour. When life gets to me...
    - replies in: a little under a week depending on my work schedule, which is irregular and rough
    - ooc: if I'm not feeling well and it's taking a while, you can touch base with me on Discord


    ideal partners
    characters my partners play
    - ciswomen | transwomen | nonbinary / gender queer, leaning fem | futa

    - older | intelligent | experienced | dominant | sadistic

    writing partners

    - flexible, relaxed people
    - women or nonbinary folks
    - generally speaking, I've had less positive experiences with male-identifying partners & am consequently more reluctant to take them on; that being said, I don't make blanket rules

    in your first message to me
    please fill this out so we can get our planning jump-started! Copy + paste it into PMs after you're done reading through this thread.
    I like writing: [x paragraphs per post]
    Kinks I want to include in RPs right now are: {a, b, c...}
    Kinks in your post that made me want to message you were: {a, b, c...}
    My ideal RP focuses on smut & kink: {20-100%, vs plot}
    Characters/genres I like playing include: {a, b, c, e.g.: scifi, fantasy, pet owner, master, vampire, fandom character, etc]


    genre & fandom list
    find plots related to many of these in the next section.
    asterisks (*) indicate there's a related plot in the next section. pink is for cravings~
    if you're not interested in any particular fandoms, try playing word salad with these two wordbanks! fandoms are listed afterwards.

    SFW wordbank
    • vampires, werewolves, lycanthropy
    • arranged marriage
    • witches
    • twisted fairy tales *
    • paranormal romance
    • boss / assistant
    • professor / student
    • political leader / underling
    • single mom / babysitter
    • cat-house owner / working girl
    • scientist / ai *
    • artificial intelligence, androids, virtual reality *
    • yokai *
    • kemonomimi
    • gods, mythology *
    • hurt, comfort

    kink wordbank
    • training
    • discipline
    • corruption
    • experience gaps
    • age gaps
    • dominance, submission
    • bondage, rope play
    • sadism, masochism
    • gags, toys
    • dubcon, noncon, reluctance
    • older / younger
    • mistress / slave
    • owner / pet
    • caregiver / little
    find more nsfw inspiration on my f-list or tumblr

    • American Gods [tv + book]
    • X-Men [movies]
    • True Blood [tv]
    • Twilight, Life and Death
    • X Files [casual fan level knowledge]
    • The Devil Wears Prada [/inspired by]
    • West World
    • Mercy Thompson


    • Naruto, Boruto
    • Sword Art Online
    • Neon Genesis Evangelion
    • Sengoku Night Blood
    • Spirited Away
    • Elegant Yokai Apartment life
    • Konohana Kitan
    • Kamisama Hajimemashita
    • Classroom of the Elite
    • Yu-Gi-Oh
    • Kenichi
    • Pokemon

    rusty/casual fandoms
    • The Expanse
    • Lost in Space
    • Vampire Diaries
    • Anne Rice
    • Duke of Burgundy
    • Project Runway [/inspired by]
    • Once Upon a Time
    • Mass Effect
    • Percy Jackson/Olympians


    plots & pairings
    As per site rules, all brainstormed pairings are assumed to have characters who are 18+.
    These are not exhaustive pairing or character lists; they're just what came to mind putting this together. Feel free to make suggestions! For any given fandom, assume I will play
    • canon x canon
    • canon x oc (good for doubling)
    • oc x oc
    • genderbent!canon pairings
      • ex: you or I could play a F version of your fav character]
    • F x F rewrites of the main storyline!
      • examples including but not limited to: Naruko instead of Naruto, Bella x Edythe in Twilight, f!Eric or f!Alcide x Sookie in True Blood, f!Kirito x Asuna in SAO, f!Shinji x Asuka in NGE


    [under construction; will bump when ready]
    [update 5/24: sci-fi plots added]
    [update 6/5: added American Gods plot]
    [update 6/14: added Percy Jackson plot]
    [update 8/19: updated Yokai plots, added android/ai plots (4)]

    pairings: [god, yokai, spirit] x [mortal, servant]
    tags, fandoms: mythology | gods | yokai | american gods | percy jackson | spirited away | kamisama hajimemashita | konohana kitan | elegant yokai apartment life
    a) American Gods [ tv: Media x Easter's assistant ]
    I'll love you forever if you want to play Gillian Anderson's Media [1] [2] [3] [4]. MC's life was given to Easter at birth by her mother. Athough there is no signed contract, she was left as repayment for a blessing and has been tied to Easter ever since. She grew up straddling the human world and her home life as a servant for the goddess, where she worked hard and wasn't treated poorly. One year, Media shows up for her annual date with Easter and declares she wants one of Easter's house staff as a holiday gift. Although she's used to the Gods' more eccentric whims, MC is surprised when she finds herself the center of Media's attention. Media can have picked her for any number of reasons - she's sick of the Technical Boy's company, MC has insight on Easter; we can decide together, but it's your call. Media takes Easter's former servant on as her assistant, and their relationship grows into D/s relatively quickly. Media can shapeshift, and it's up to you what forms you want; we can also brainstorm together.
    I'm willing to double as a canon character opposite your OC!
    b) If you're not familiar with American Gods, we can generalize this to another mythological canon. I probably won't double unless you're playing Media though. PM me! We'll talk.
    a) MC is a demigod and counselor at Camp Half-Blood. YC is the new camp director (your choice: god, demi-god, or mythological creature). How does YC feel about their new job? What areas do they need help in? What do they love and hate about Long Island? MC helps yours adjust to life at Camp Half-Blood as the newest wave of campers brings trouble at their heels. As they deal with problems over the course of the summer, YC + MC's relationship heats up closer than coworkers.
    b) YC is another camp counselor instead of the camp director. Or, YC is a God who likes sneaking into the Camp. Flexibility!
    reference images: [1] - [2] - [3] - [4] - [5] - [6] - [7] - [8] - [9] - [10] - [11]
    MC is a human or yokai who stumbled onto what looked like an abandoned theme park and instead stumbles into the spirit world, ruled by gods, yokai, and witches. Panicking and lost after dark, MC finds herself at a luxury bath house / inn for spirits, where she gets a job so she can fall under the protection of the owner and earn safety in her new world.
    YC can be the owner (god or yokai, up to you), and the storyline can be boss / employee. YC could also be a patron of the bath house / inn. The business could have an aspect of prostitution, depending on your interests.

    pairings: [ai, companion android, npc] x [human scientist, exec, owner, gamer]
    tags, fandoms: sci-fi | android | ai | west world | lost in space | sword art online
    a) In a not too distant future, MC has a busy schedule and has always never focused much on her sex life. At the recommendation of one of her friends, she orders an android with human-level AI (YC; option to be kemonomini or other altered-human designs depending on your preferences). YC is programmed to adapt to the responses of the owner, but it wasn't coded for people with ... specific kinks. Because YC discovers MC enjoys being submissive, it creates a loop hole in YC's programming that allows her to stop obeying orders and start giving them instead. [Could just be Dominance/submission. Could be darker & lean towards blackmail, coercion, dubcon, or noncon.] [Optional: Chobits aesthetics.]
    b) [Inspired by West World] YC works at a company that develops and uses hyper-realistic artificial intelligence and androids for the entertainment industry. They could work in production, a designer, a writer, a programmer, a scientist, an exec, whatever you want. MC is one of the "hosts;" she's hyper-realistic but, despite having the same capabilities as a human, doesn't have the same rights/autonomy. YC takes advantage of her special access to MC's realism to experiment with some of YC's darker fantasies/kinks, like nonconsent play she wouldn't be comfortable engaging in with a human. This can be in a scifi setting in the labs, or it can be set elsewhere in one of the entertainment environments where the hosts are used.
    If you want to do a West World rp, I would love you forever for playing Theresa Cullen. [1] [2] [3] [4]
    b1) [inspired by Sword Art Online] MC is an AI like Strea or Yui; YC is a player with the ability to mod and download MC. It's up to you why YC downloaded MC - it could be to improve gameplay, or for more personal use. YC takes advantage of her unique control over MC to lead them towards D/s in whatever world they play through together.
    Optional: YC could experiment with some of their darker fantasies/kinks, like nonconsent play they wouldn't be comfortable engaging in with a human.
    Optional: If you want to do an SAO rp, I'm also willing to play Strea or an aged-up Yui.
    c) [Inspired by Molly Parker's character in Lost in Space] YC is an expert in her field [ex: pilot, biologist, doctor, engineer], which is why she was chosen as one of a few people to man an exploratory / settlement mission to a new, distant star system where they'll be out of help's reach. MC is another crew member, who was chosen because of her cybernetic augmentations. Because of the tech added to her, she's stronger than usual with some robotic elements. Everything does not go as planned on the trip, and we either crash land before we get to the desired location, or the planet isn't what we anticipated it would be like. Either way, YC becomes the brains of the operation when it comes to figuring out how we're going to survive. MC winds up basically working as YC's right-hand man, providing the muscle-power for her plans. YC can use her expertise to mod MC with more useful/adaptive tech for the challenges that arise, but MC has to give over a lot of control of her body to YC for those types of modifications. These situations eventually evolve into a relationship around dominance / submission, as YC uses her control over mine in more ways than one.
    If you wanted to do an AU Lost in Space, I would love you forever if you wanted to play Maureen Robinson. [1] [2] [3] [4]

    twisted fairy tales
    sleeping beauty
    snow white
    beauty and the beast

    devil wears prada
    crossover with 50 shades or project runway

    x - men
    teacher x student, esp with jean grey or emma frost

    the expanse inspired
    photos and gifs of chrisjen avasarala for days

    x files
    who wants to play scully? please?

    duke of burgundy
    fewer watersports, more butterflies

    we do all the kinds: true blood, twilight, vampire diaries, anne-rice-but-not-really-bc-she'll-sue-us
    band plot! x mcr

    arranged marriage x witch, x wolf

    Sword Art Online
    mostly OCs bc I can't remember plot details. Alfheim was my jam, as was Lost Song. probably willing to play a canon character opposite your OC without doubling if you want.

    Sengoku Night Blood
    does anyone else even watch this? i just started and love it. FxF rewrite. synopsis goes here later for the curious


    craving partners who play:
    • Tsunade
    • Terumi Mei
    • Mitarashi Anko
    characters I like playing:
    • OCs
    • Tayuya
    • Tsuchi Kin
    • Temari
    • Haruno Sakura
    • Shizune
    • Mitarashi Anko
    • Inuzuka Hana
    • Yamanaka Ino
    • Uchiha Mikoto
    • Uzumaki Kushina
    • Inuzuka Tsume
    • Naruko, f!Naruto
    • genderbent canons
    written in random order, without formatting~
    • Mikoto x Kushina
    • Kushina x Tsume
    • Tsume x Mikoto
    • Shizune x Sakura
    • Shizune x Ino
    • Tsunade x Kushina
    • Tsunade x Sakura
    • Tsunade x Hana
    • Tsunade x Ino
    • Tsunade x Shizune
    • Tsunade x Mei
    • Mei x Temari
    • Anko x Temari
    • Anko x Tayuya
    • Anko x Kin
    • Hana x Sakura
    • Hana x Hinata
    • f!Sasuke x Sakura
    • f!Neji x Tenten

    True Blood
    craving partners who play:
    • Pam
    • Nan Flanagan
    • Sophie-Anne
    characters I like playing (not finished):
    • Willa Burrell
    • Jessica Hamby
    • OCs
    • Pam x Tara
    • Pam x Jessica
    • Pam x Willa
    • Sophie Ann x Sookie
    • Sophie Ann x Jessica
    • Sophie Ann x human
    • Nan x human
    • Nan x Willa

    craving partners who play:
    • Esme
    • Edythe, f!Edward
    • Leah
    characters I like playing:
    • Bella
    • Alice
    • Leah
    • Sue
    • genderbent!Canons
    • OC
    (some) pairings:
    • Esme x Sue
    • Esme x Alice
    • Esme x Bella
    • Rosalie x Bella
    • Rosalie x Leah
    • Leah x Alice
    • Leah x Bella
    • Leah x Angela
    • Rosalie x Angela
    • Victoria x Bella
    • Irina x Bella
    • Tanya x Alice
    • f!Edward / Edythe x Bella
    • f!Carlisle / Carine x Bella

    Neon Genesis Evangelion
    looking for partners to play:
    • Misato
    • Ritsuko
    • Asuka
    characters I like playing:
    • Asuka
    • Rei
    • Misato
    • OCs
    • f!Shinji

    Classroom of the Elite
    pairing craving: Chabashira x Horikita
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  2. ellie

    ellie compulsively masochistic fem Member

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    Bump! Send me the little form; give me keywords; ask me about plots. :3
  3. ellie

    ellie compulsively masochistic fem Member

    Local Time:
    12:03 AM
    seriously, please have read my thread if you message me and want to rp. T_T there's a questionnaire to make things easy for us and everything~
  4. ellie

    ellie compulsively masochistic fem Member

    Local Time:
    12:03 AM
    bump! updated scifi plots~
  5. ellie

    ellie compulsively masochistic fem Member

    Local Time:
    12:03 AM
    bump~ willing to play M in MxF if we're doubling. ^-^
  6. ellie

    ellie compulsively masochistic fem Member

    Local Time:
    12:03 AM
    Bump~ Added American Gods plot, willing to double in pairings other than FxF if you'll play Media.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2018
  7. ellie

    ellie compulsively masochistic fem Member

    Local Time:
    12:03 AM
    bump~ feeling american gods (willing to double in pairings other than fxf), evangelion, naruto, yokai pairings, werewolves. also, in a plot twist, pokemon ~ I've got smut-free plots for that one.
  8. ellie

    ellie compulsively masochistic fem Member

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    12:03 AM
    bump bump~ craving American Gods & yokai pairings with D/s.

    added: percy jackson plot
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2018
  9. ellie

    ellie compulsively masochistic fem Member

    Local Time:
    12:03 AM
    Average reply times are back at about a week. <3 I changed jobs and my schedule has been demanding, but I'm open to hearing from flexible, patient partners if any plots/pairings interest you. I'm open to less smutty RP, too. Feeling paranormal, mythological, cyberpunk/vaporwave, anime-inspired storylines atm. ^^

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