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 Female x Male  BDSM  Modern/Modern Fantasy  One x One Roleplay The Bounty Hunter and the Hacker (Trouble Magnet & BoundObsession)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Execution' started by BoundObsession, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. BoundObsession

    BoundObsession Naughty or nice? I can do both. Member

    Local Time:
    3:46 AM
    "It's an easy job, Jake. Her name is Alison Reeves, a 28 year old computer programmer with red hair and green eyes. She hacked into a corporate computer containing sensitive information related to national security. The company she hacked into wants her in jail for stealing Top Secret files from them. But they don't want the government to know that their computer system was compromised. She was out on bail until she skipped three days ago. We'll pay double her bail just to get her back, revoke her bail, and send her back to jail."

    Double? Jake liked that. He had to assume that if Larry was willing to pay twice what her bail was, then he was probably not telling him everything. But Jake needed the money so he scanned the file given him and said "I'll take the job. Is this address in her file recent?"

    "It's the last known we have. But we've been there and she's not there."

    "Yes, but she may have left some clues behind as to where she went. I see no family or boyfriend listed here."

    "She has none, that we know about. But as a computer wiz, she might have changed personal records to hide their existence."

    Jake nodded and said "I'll let you know what I find" as he headed for the door.

    Jake Holden was a cynical individual. Stocky, 5 ft. 10 inch, and 180 lbs, he'd been a cop before he became a bounty hunter, so he was used to people withholding information. So as soon as he got to his car, he pulled out his cellphone to call a friend on the police force. If Larry the bail bondsman said this was an easy job, chances are, he was lying. To pay that much for the capture of a skip, there had to be some danger involved.

    "Officer Truman," a voice responded, answering on the second ring.

    "Hey John, it's your ex-partner Jake."

    "Jake my man, what can I do for you?"

    "I have a skip trace and I need to find out what the police know about her. The name is Alison Reeves, a 28 year old computer programmer."

    "Yes, I saw her file. She hacked into the Acme Corporation's black ops computer. And they're giving us a snow job about what was stolen, probably because if they invoke national security, we'll feel obligated to call the feds. And Acme wants to avoid that. We have our suspicions they have their own in-house black ops unit looking for her, so you'd better watch your back. They might not adhere to the rule of law in their search for the girl. Did your bail bondsman tell you that she's into MMA?"

    "No, he did not." Jake was pissed that Larry had kept all that from him.

    "Surprise!" John replied, with a little too much glee in his voice. "That's the hazards of becoming a bounty hunter, Jake. They only tell you enough to get you to take the job. So what's your next move?"

    "I'm going to her apartment to see if she left any clues as to where she is now."

    "Good hunting, Jake!"
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2018
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