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 Female x Female  Modern/Modern Fantasy  Romance  Supernatural/Paranormal The Little Shop Of Misfits (Dashenka and Chrystal)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Execution' started by Chrystal Dark, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. Chrystal Dark

    Chrystal Dark Boobie Girl! Member

    Local Time:
    4:43 AM

    Misfits had been trading in this small city on the banks of a river in the American Bible Belt for about five years now. The sole proprietor, one Andrea McCall, clearly ran the shop more as a hobby than anything else. She was obviously independently wealthy, as when she had arrived in town, she had bought a large house on the edge of town that was nearly derelict, paid cash up front, and then had renovated it in a matter of weeks to be a home many of the neighbourhood's residents were envious of.

    She had also purchased a modest sized retail unit in one of the busy commercial areas of the city, and had fitted that out as well. Those people who took the time to get to know her, said she was charming, friendly, gracious and generous. But the nature of her business, not to mention her attire and the way she seemed to attract young people, turned the majority of the Christian Right wing against her.

    Misfits was outwardly a gift shop, but the gifts Andrea stocked were generally on the fantasy side - dragons, fairies, wizards and witches, castles, goblins and ogres... Statuettes in a range of materials from resin to bronze, and in sizes from a couple of centimetres to almost a full metre for the most expensive. Along with those there were birth stones, amulets, crystals and costume jewellery. Behind the gift area was a section selling books, dealing with a diverse range of subjects from herbalism to the occult, pagan gods to Christianity, witchcraft to alternative medicine, and a small section of selected fantasy and science fiction.

    Upstairs, towards the front of the shop was a large area dedicated to teenage clothing - mostly girls' cloths and mostly in the various Goth styles. Towards the rear of the shop was something that resembled a cross between a coffee lounge and a youth club. Comfortable chairs and sag-bags littered the room, there was a drinks vending machine that sold coffee, tea, hot chocolate and soup, and another vending machine that sold brand-name snacks and cold drinks. While the brand-name stuff was always available and a lot cheaper than elsewhere, the hot drinks were free, and really good quality. The lounge area was called "The No 'Bad' Zone", labelled as such in big letters, with a sign under it listing what was 'bad'.

    And over it all, Andrea presided. She dressed mostly in comfortable, form-hugging clothes of black or red, and was about as easy-going as any adult could be.

    And so of course the bible-thumpers had labelled her "Witch". With the current laws regarding religious freedom in the USA, they were unable to actually have her arrested and burned at the stake. Witchcraft per-se is not actually illegal. Sacrificing virgins to The Horned God - that is illegal.

    Andrea answered her critics - when she bothered to pay them any attention at all - by laughing. "Seriously?" She had said on the local television news, "A witch? Really! What sort of person actually believes in witchcraft, in this day and age? I ask you! Next thing you know they'll be saying that Santa Clause and The Easter Bunny are real!" And yet, the rumours persisted.

    A police raid on her premises, following an "anonymous tip-off", found only perfectly legal herbal remedies (many of which actually worked), and a small quantity of Peyote that she kept locked in a safe for sale to Native Americans for religious purposes.

    Oddly, one of the police officers who was on the raid was a member of one of the local evangelical churches. Andrea spotted him putting his hand in his pocket an pulling out a pack of white powder. She immediately drew the attention of the sergeant leading the raid, the officer was suspended and later arrested and charged.

    And now, on a particular Saturday morning, Andrea was getting ready to go and open the shop. And she had decided the time was right to take on an apprentice. The question of who had been settled when Sophia Williams had celebrated her eighteenth birthday. Up until that day, Andrea had considered her as just another teenage girl who frequented the shop and enjoyed the free drinks. But on the girl's birthday, something changed. Andrea wasn't entirely sure how she knew, but she knew!

    "Are you sure?" Gwendolen Morgan asked her. "Are you certain she's the one?"

    "Yep. Absolutely." Andrea replied. "Gwen, she's absolutely perfect. I know in my bones, she's the right choice."

    "She's a klutz, She trips over her own feet, she dropped out of high school last year to annoy her parents, she's ill disciplined..."

    "And what was I at that age? All those things and more. And yet you chose me, trained me, and look at me now!" Andrea did a little twirl in her kitchen and knocked over her coffee cup. Fortunately it was empty. She caught it before it could roll off the table.

    "Still a klutz!" Gwendolen sniggered.

    Andrea glared at her, then shrugged. "Anyway, Gwen, she's my choice. And that's final."

    Gwen laughed - or more accurately, cackled. "On your head be it, sugar!"

    Andrea shook her head. Her mentor was always full of advice, but Andrea was headstrong and stubborn. And she knew that her choice was correct. Sophia Williams was to be her apprentice. Of course, the tricky part might be convincing Sophia of that...!

    At the shop, Andrea Found the sign she had made yesterday, waited until she saw Sophia coming towards the shop, and popped it into a prominent place in the window:


    Apply Within
  2. Dashenka

    Dashenka Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:43 AM
    Her 18th birthday had not gone according to plan. Not that Sophia ever made plans but that day was beyond anything even she could have imagined. It had started off pretty normal. Or at least normal for a heavily Christian family. The whole family joined in chants and praises to thank the Lord for being here and how blessed they were to celebrate their daughter, cousin, granddaughter and what not’s coming of age. As if anybody but Sophia herself had done anything for it. It was dreadful, mostly because of the comments Sophia got on not going to church anymore and on her clothes. Christian girls shouldn’t be wearing jeans and tops but skirts and blouses. Everytime Sophia countered that dresses weren’t made in her size and even if they did, she’d look ridiculous but her family seemed to prefer her being made fun of over her own comfort.

    [​IMG]Something else her family didn’t know and didn’t learn on her birthday either, was that Sophia was being made fun of anyway. Her height was usually the focal point of the bullying. The worst of them all was little Serena. She had grown only just past the stage of midget and liked to explain to everybody that God only grew things until they were perfect, which took a lot shorter with her than it took for others but in Sophia’s case, even with her height, God couldn’t make her perfect.

    She was also clumsy. You know those kids whose pen leaks into their bag spilling ink all over everything? That’s Sophia. Walking into doors, missing steps, dropping something on the floor and then banging her head while coming back up.

    But at least she had Dejan. He was an immigrant from Serbia and as religious fanatics came, he wasn’t one of them. All the girls wanted him and, unknown to Sophia, had him, but he had told her she was the one and she was special. So she had a boyfriend. The hottest guy in town. The alpha male. Everybody knew he was playing with her. Surely he could get better than the beanstalk klutz but Sophia was oblivious to that all.

    On her birthday though, he dropped by and, in front of all her family, kissed her and told her the teachers had been asking when she was coming back, dropping two secrets at once on a stunned family. He had done it on purpose but Sophia didn’t see this. She didn’t see the smirk on his face as her family set off into rage about her no longer going to school and having a boyfriend without telling them. His plan was to comfort her afterwards and get to his ultimate goal. Sex. He had tried before but Sophia was holding him off. Not because God had forbidden it, but because she was scared. Scared of how it would feel and scared she wouldn’t like it. She had read stories and heard the girls at school talk about it and it was enough to make her weary.

    That evening she couldn’t do it either. She had gone to his place as her family was still raging. He tried to get her naked and touch her but she held him off again. This time though, he got angry and nearly hit her. In her mind, it was normal and she vowed to herself to get over her fears and give her boyfriend what he wanted. After all, she loved him.

    A few days after her birthday she was wandering the streets again. Home was the last place she wanted to be right now. Her parents wouldn’t leave an opportunity untouched to tell her she had to repent her sins, go back to school and be a good Christian girl again. School was out of the question. Especially now. Rumour in town was that she had rejected Dejan’s advances because she was still a virgin and the sight of his manhood had made her faint. Of course he had then cuddled and hugged her and comforted her, saying it was alright and that they could wait.

    Sophia was heading towards the Misfits, a shop she frequently visited. It was a place where she could escape real life and delve into the mysteries of everything the shop had to offer. Her favourite topic in the shop were dragons. They were big and mighty and had the ability to conquer entire armies. Their fiery breath was a nice bonus. From the dragons she had rolled into books about entities and potions. It had raised her interest as she felt she needed a little help in life and if a potion or some kind of entity could help her, all the better.

    Just as she crossed the street, she saw the owner, Mrs McCall, hang up a sign asking for help.

    Sophia put her hand on the door and pushed, instead of pulled, crashed into the door she had opened a few dozen times already and staggered back. Her second attempt to open the door was successful and she was greeted both by the owner and the subtle pleasant smell of the shop.

    “Good morning Mrs McCall. I see you need a helper?”
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  3. Chrystal Dark

    Chrystal Dark Boobie Girl! Member

    Local Time:
    4:43 AM
    "Good morning Sophia, yes. Give me a moment will you?" Andrea greeted the tall skinny girl. "And for the love of Pete, Sophia, I'm not married. I'm Miss McCall, but I do wish you'd call me Auntie Andie like everyone else does." She gave Sophia a warm smile and turned her attention back to the customer who was just approaching the counter. "Mrs Larson. So nice to see you in here again." The elderly woman was a regular. She came in once a month and usually bought a book, but that was almost always as a cover for her real purchase. Not that there was anything illegal or immoral about the herbal remedy, but Mrs Larson was embarrassed by the fact that her bowels and bladder didn't work the way they used to. One of the Misfits Own Brand Herbal Remedies claimed to help keep bowel movements regular and assist with bladder control. It was secret recipe, Andrea said, that had been handed down to her and could not be revealed. Of course the ingredients were listed according to federal law, but not the proportions. Attempts by the Church to have the contents of her remedies analysed were thwarted by a rather strange and mysterious patent, that dated back to the sixteenth century.

    "Ohh, Celia Rees' Witch Child. That's an interesting book. I do believe it has a score of three point eight on Good Reads. That's pretty good out of five!" Andrea took the book and rang it up on the till, then opened the herb chest. "And a bag of the usual?" She asked, sotto voce. The customer nodded, blushing and Andrea rang up the bag of herbs too, then passed it across the counter to allow Mrs Larson to slip it into her purse as she pulled out a payment card. With the transaction complete, Andrea removed the sign from the shop window, and beckoned Sophia over. "Now, lets see. As you know, the shop is pretty busy on a Saturday, but I could do with someone covering the till during the week as well, or handling the deliveries and stocking the shelves. Your hours are eight thirty to five thirty, Tuesday to Saturday. The shop opens at nine and closes at five, but there's always stuff to be done before and after. You do get an hour for lunch so it's an eight hour day, I'll pay you nine fifty an hour for the first month, which will be probationary. After that your pay will go up to twelve dollars an hour, if you're still working for me."

    Andrea paused for breath, waited until Sophia was about to say something and then spoke before she could. "Your duties will include working the till and serving customers, filling the snack vending machine, making sure it has enough change and emptying the cash box, you'll be signing for and checking deliveries and putting them away in the stock room, and basically anything else I ask of you. You will get a staff discount, basically cost plus tax on anything you buy. Any breakages will be paid for out of your pay, also at cost plus tax. You can start right away, basically look on today as a try-out, see if you get on with the job okay. I'll pay you cash for today, but when you come in on Tuesday morning I'll have your contract and tax documents and I'll need your social security number, plus if you want paying into a bank account you'll need to open one. Now, tell you what, come back here behind the counter and I'll show you how the cash register works. Ah, Miss Lewis just in time..."

    One of Andrea's most endearing (or most annoying) traits, (depending upon your perspective) was her almost uncanny ability to remember things, especially people's names. Jackie Lewis was a tenth grader from the high school Sophia had dropped out of. She was holding a black lacy dress and some costume jewellery. "Okay so, this thing that looks like a laser gun? That's the laser scanner. Find the tag on the item, scan the bar code, that automatically enters the plu into the computer. Er, Plu is P. L. U. Short for Product Look Up. If the code won't scan, you tap it in manually here, or if it's an uncoded item you can use the manual look-up here. These items have barcodes, so we scan them, so, and so, and so. That brings up the total, twenty six dollars and forty cents." Jackie handed her three ten dollar bills. "Right now to finish the transaction, we enter the amount tendered here, three zero zero zero. The zeros are important, the till puts the point in automatically, you see? Tap 'Sale', and the drawer opens. Now, important. Young Miss Lewis here isn't going to check her change, but most customers will if they pay cash. Keep the money they give you out of the till until you have given the correct change. This clip is for banknotes." Andrea inserted the notes in the clip. "So that's one dime, two quarters to make sixty cents and three bucks." She took the coins and notes out of the drawer then counted the change into Jackie's hand. "So, twenty six forty, that's fifty, seventy five, twenty seven bucks, twenty eight, twenty nine, and thirty. Thank you for your custom, young lady, do come again. Have a nice day." She slipped the three tens into the correct slot in the drawer and closed it.

    "Right, you do the next one...!"
  4. Dashenka

    Dashenka Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:43 AM
    The flurry of words bewildered the tall young woman a little and she only managed to process half of it. A lot of numbers, something Sophia struggled with greatly. Just when she wanted to ask something, Andrea continued, this time with an explanation of what her work would actually mean. Till, snacks, deliveries. Her world was spinning a little bit as she had never worked in her life and now she was asked... well she wasn't even sure what any of of meant in reality.

    Jamy Lewis appeared just in time, apparently, and Andrea showed Sophia how the cash register worked while helping the girl that Sophia knew from school. Which meant that soon all of the school knew what had happened to her and where she had ended up. Great. Sophia fought back some thoughts at seeing Jamy in the lacy dress and tried to focus on and remember what Andrea was doing.

    Laser gun, plu.. barcodes... tendered... clip for banknotes... what?

    A little baffled and bewildered she greeted Jamy and stared at the till as if it was a magical device. She wasn't given much time to think it all over as the next customers were already at the counter, a young mother with her child. The child put a book on the counter and the lady a small metal statuette.

    Right... laser gun...

    She took the scanner and the book. The barcode was quickly found and she pulled the trigger and heard the satisfying beep. Good, that was easy enough. The statue wouldn't scan. Sophia tried it twice but nothing happened.

    Ok think.. manual look up.

    She put the statue down, a bit too close to the edge of the counter as she was looking at the till and the statue fell on the ground.

    "Oh shit.. Sorry!"

    Sophia kneeled down, took the statue in her hand and then nearly headbutted Andrea as she rose to her feet again. She looked the statue over and to her relief found that it hadn't broken or damaged in any way.

    "So.. ehm.. I do... this and then this..."

    As if magic, the item appeared on the till and a total appeared on the display. She called it out, accepted the money, got corrected by Andrea as she immediately put the banknote in the correct slot and finished the transaction.

    "I think that went alright..."
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  5. Chrystal Dark

    Chrystal Dark Boobie Girl! Member

    Local Time:
    4:43 AM
    "Ahhh the wonders of modern technology!" Andrea giggled then winced as the statuette fell heavily on the floor. It was undamaged, fortunately, and Sophia bent to pick it up, forcing Andrea to take a step away. She watched as her new apprentice finished off the transaction, pulling her up on keeping the bank notes out until she had made change, and waited until the customers left the shop. "No, that was not alright for three reasons. You're still learning so I'm not going to hold it against you. Firstly, you do not swear in front of the customers. Ever. Is that clear? Even if someone is effing and essing at you and is the foulest guttermouth imaginable, you never ever reply in kind." She took a breath and went on, "You know the three biggest churches in the town are trying to have my shop closed down? Well, you do now! They have been trying for years. What we don't do is give them any more ammunition to use in the form of a shop assistant who uses bad language in front of customers, especially minors. It's bad enough I'm teaching kids to think for themselves about religion, but to teach them to swear as well? No, we leave that to their parents."

    She stopped, waited for Sophia to acknowledge that and then moved on to what, in her opinion were actually the lesser crimes. "Secondly, do try to be careful with the things customers are buying. Think about what you're doing, put things down safely. Remember, any breakages come out of your pay. You really don't want to end up owning a collection of broken statuettes, do you?" She shrugged and went on. "Thirdly though, having dropped the item, even though it wasn't damaged, and you were very lucky there by the way, you should have offered to get a replacement, just in case there was some unseen damage that you hadn't noticed. Again, you were lucky that the customer didn't complain. Many would have!"

    Andrea paused again and then smiled. "Other than that, and the fact that you put the tender amount away before making change, it wasn't too bad. Some of the older stock items the bar codes have faded or got damaged. That statue had been on the shelf for a while. Well done using the manual look-up. But, sweetie, you know why we keep the amount tendered out of the drawer until we have made change? Let's do a little roleplay.... I put an item on the counter that is four ninety nine and hand you a five. You have put the five in the drawer. What change are you going to hand me?"

    She waited while Sophia did the maths and got the right answer. "Okay so pretend to hand me my change?" She held out a hand. "But I gave you a ten..." She objected. "You owe me five bucks more." Waited for Sophia to object. "Can you prove that I only gave you a five? I say I gave you a ten, it's your word against mine!" She smiled and said, "Okay so now, pretend you put the five in that little clip. I'm saying I gave you a ten...."

    Andrea took advantage of a slack moment to quickly run through how to take a card payment using the PDQ machine, and then using the old style "Click-Clack" machine as she called it - for cards that the magnetic stripe didn't swipe correctly. "Never hand the card back, until after you have checked the signature. And make sure the card is signed before you accept it..." There were a total of four ways a person could pay by card: The paper slip being the oldest, then the magnetic strip which printed off a slip to be signed on the PDQ machine. Chip and pin was something that had caught on quickly overseas but was a lot less popular in the States for some reason, where the card holder pushed the card into the slot on the machine and tapped in their pin number to authorise the transaction. And lastly, there was contactless - for purchases under $30, you could just present the card, or a smart phone with a banking ap, to the machine and it would automatically validate and take payment. That was so new that hardly anyone was using it, but Andrea was a great believer in innovation and technology.

    She served the next customer herself, because it was a special, then let Sophia do one. "Right, it's twelve o'clock. Go take your lunch break, and be back here by one. Okay?" Andrea shooed the girl out of the shop.

    "Told you she was a klutz."

    Andrea jumped, then turned to look at Gwen. "Damn it, woman, don't go sneaking up on me like that, you'll give me a heart attack. And yes, I know, thank you, but did you also notice how the statuette didn't break?"

    "Hmmph. You..."

    "Nope, that wasn't me. That was all her. Now get out of here. You know you're not supposed to be in the shop!" Andrea scolded her mentor and chased her away too, just before the next customers came in. "Ah, Mr Franklin, how nice to see you again, and Miss Thompson too. That top you bought last time really suits you."
  6. Dashenka

    Dashenka Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:43 AM
    She felt a bit taken aback by Andrea's direct answer. Sophia had felt that, for a first time at least, she had done alright and was usually one to look at the positives. Andrea though had spotted more negatives than positives and was keen on pointing them out to Sophia. A little timid she listened to what she had done wrong.

    Shit wasn't swearing. Not in her books at least and the language Jamy used at school was a lot worse. So calling out 'shit' in front of a young woman who used much worse language wasn't that much of a crime to Sophia. She understood Andrea's reasoning behind it though. In town, the Misfits was a bit of a conundrum. You liked it, for whatever reason you had to like it for, or you hated it because it was heathen shop and in this town in the middle of the Bible Belt, being a heathen was almost similar to being the devil himself.

    The replacing of an item she dropped made sense but she made it right to herself by saying it was an iron statue that had nothing inside. Had it been a clock or something, she'd have checked it or replaced it.

    The money made a lot of sense. She played along and blushed a little when she didn't have the 'proof' that Andrea asked for.

    Sophia just thought she got the hang of it when Andrea showed her the card machines. It was simple enough but a lot to take in. She watched Andrea help a customer and then did one herself, slowly, step by step, running through all the different things she had to do. This time it was much better. She didn't drop anything, used the PDQ right and greeted the customer.

    She thanked Andrea and left the shop for her lunch break, again fumbling with the door. Not knowing where to go to as she normally never had lunch or just stuffed a sandwich down her throat she aimlessly wandered the streets a little and then walked into a small bar cafe where she was sure nobody from school would go. Jamy had seen her work at the Misfits now, which meant that soon all of the school knew. That meant that the teachers would know and that in turn meant that her parents would find out. Sophia sighed, already dreading the confrontation that would inevitably follow and the bible bashing that would encompany it.

    Still lost in thought, the waitress came to her table and coughed a little to get Sophia's attention.

    "Oh.. Sorry.. I'll have a hot chocolate, no cream and ehm... the BLT please."

    She had her lunch in silence, playing some games on her phone and after paying up left to get back to the shop. While she walked back she thought about telling Andrea about her parents. They'd inevitably come to the Misfits as well to see if the story about their daughter working there was true. In the shop, she got behind the counter after greeting Andrea and waited for the next customer to come, not really sure what pose to strike or what to say to Andrea.
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  7. Chrystal Dark

    Chrystal Dark Boobie Girl! Member

    Local Time:
    4:43 AM
    The afternoon went past quickly, with a succession of customers coming in, some buying, others just browsing. The kids upstairs got a bit rowdy at one point and Andrea left Sophia in charge in the main shop while she went up to sort out what was going on and calm everyone down again.

    While she was upstairs, a regular customer, Mrs Redmond, approached the counter. "Hello, dear. Are you working here now? Oh, splendid. I'm here to collect my regular magazine? 'The Essential Herbal' it's called. Andrea gets it for me, because Rodney wouldn't approve. That's my husband. What he doesn't know won't hurt him, I always say. And some of the recipes in it, well, let's just say he's got a whole lot more active since I found that special tea recipe!" She giggled like a girl of ten rather than a woman in her forties. "It should be in the rack behind you there?"

    Upstairs, Andrea glared at the two young women who were arguing over a really pretty looking green lace blouse. They were neither of them willing to surrender it, both claiming it was the only one on the rack in their size, and they were both the same size. Andrea sighed. "Okay, first of all, are you sure there isn't another one the same size on the rail?" Both girls insisted that they'd both looked. The younger of the two insisted she'd seen it first,the older said she was entitled because she was older, and anyway the other girl hadn't seen it first, she had, and they started arguing again.

    "Hush!" Andrea didn't raise her voice, she spoke the word softly, making a gesture like a boxing referee insisting that the fighters break, or like Moses parting the Red Sea. Both girls closed their mouths mid sentence. "Thank you. Now. I could apply the Wisdom of Solomon here... But I suspect that if I offer to cut the garment in half and give you half each, you'll still not agree on who has the first claim. I don't suppose there is any chance of the two of you sharing it? No, didn't think so. Are you absolutely sure that one is a different size?" She pointed to another blouse the same colour and style.

    The two girls were rather weirded out by the suggestion that Andie cut the top into two. The older girl, Mandy Schubert, recovered first, followed Andrea's pointing finger. "That one's too small, we checked."

    "Did you try it on?" Andrea lifted the identical blouse from the rail. "Some times they get mislabelled. Here." She handed it to Mandy. "Go on, try it. Don't worry, I'll keep hold of this one for now. If it doesn't fit I'll order another one in for you." Mandy disappeared into one of the fitting rooms, looking doubtful. She came out a few minutes later with a delighted smile. "It fits beautifully. I'll have this one, she can have that one."

    "Wonderful. Now off you go, downstairs and pay for them. And if I catch either of you making that sort of scene in here again, I'll ban you. This is your official warning! Go on, scoot!"

    Andrea followed the two down the stairs after making sure everything was still in order. Getting banned from Misfits was not like other bans. Kids almost never regarded it as a "badge of honour" the way they might regard getting banned from their parents' church youth group. Only those that had been brainwashed by their parents felt that it would be a good thing to be excluded from the shop.

    Sophia seemed to be getting more and more confident as the afternoon went by, and Andrea left her in charge while she sat in her office and went through some stock orders and invoices. She glanced up and blinked at the clock. "Wow! It's that time already?" She locked the computer and made her way out into the shop and to the front door, where she flipped the sign from "Welcome, We Are OPEN" to "Sorry, We Are CLOSED".

    "Well done, Sophia. For a first day, that wasn't bad. Run upstairs and tell Miss Frobisher, Mister Lee, Miss Andrews and Miss Daniels that the store is closing and if they wish to purchase anything they should hurry up and make their selections. Oh and ask Miss Daniels and Miss Andrews to please leave the fitting booths free for people to try stuff on. If they want to make out somewhere private in future they can ask to use my office as long as I don't need it." Andrea chuckled softly, knowing the two girls would probably be deeply embarrassed that Andrea knew what they'd been up to. But she couldn't allow that in the fitting cubicles. If someone were to catch them it would just give more ammo to her opponents.

    While Sophia was upstairs, Andrea rang up a no-sale on the till, worked out the number of hours the girl had been in the shop, multiplied that by 9.5 and removed $57 from the till. She tucked it into an envelope and sealed it, then wrote Sophia's name on it. The four teenage miscreants came down the stairs looking sheepish and bade her goodnight.

    As Sophia followed them, Andrea intercepted her. "Here. That's your pay for today. I've paid you gross, because I don't have the tax figures. We can sort that out easily enough, certainly before your tax return has to be in. I'll see you at eight o clock sharp on Tuesday morning. Bring your social security card, some form of ID like a drivers licence or passport, and your bank details. I'll have all the paperwork ready for you to complete."

    Andrea closed and locked the front door of the shop, lowered the security shutters that still had the remnants of the spray paint on them from when this retail unit was standing empty. She hadn't removed it because, as she put it, it was artistic, and to do so would be a suppression of the artist's right to express themselves! It had worn away slowly over time. Andrea activated the various alarm systems as she left the shop through the back door, hopped nimbly down off the loading bay that was shared by all the units on this strip-mall, and crossed the small goods yard to where her car was parked. The vehicle was an old style VW beetle, an absolute classic of it's day. And Andrea drove home feeling satisfied.

    She was met at the door by a small sinister black shape that wrapped itself around her ankles as she walked down the hallway towards the kitchen, all the while making a soft but insistent rumbling noise. "Cliché, if you trip me up and make me break my neck, I won't be able to feed you," She admonished the black cat, "And then where would you be? Hmm?" The cat mewed at her at the mention of his name, and continued weaving in and out of her ankles until she got to the kitchen.

    He stopped by his food bowl, looking up at her hopefully. "Mreep?"

    "Yes yes I'll feed you..." Andrea opened a can off cat food and dumped it into his bowl. Ignoring the other occupant of the room.

    Gwen finally got frustrated with this and spoke. "Well?"

    "Well, I think she's perfect. And she definitely has the talent."

    "You'll need to keep her away from that young man then..." Gwen said with a shrug.

    "Shouldn't be too hard, once she sees what a sleaze-ball he is." Andrea shrugged, then snorted in wry amusement. "Funny. That's about the one thing we agree on with her parents. That young man is no good and has got to go!"
  8. Dashenka

    Dashenka Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:43 AM
    Sophia had enjoyed her day. It had been meaningful and she hadn't been made fun of, two things that weren't in a normal day for Sophia. That night things got even better when she went to see Dejan at his house. He made dinner and he was flirty all the time. She knew what he wanted and she really wanted it herself as well. At least, that's what she thought. Something in the back of her mind was nagging. Maybe the fact that deep down inside she knew he was just playing with her and that she was little else than another trophy for the most popular guy at school. Why else would he want a pancake faced beanstake in his bed? If she would have any experience it would make a little more sense but she hadn't.

    After dinner they had a few drinks and then he led her to his bedroom. To anybody it would be obvious he was playing her but not to Sophia. She felt special as he gently laid her down on the bed and kissed her on the cheeks and began to fiddle with the zip on her jeans. His mouth then made contact with her bare stomach after he lifted her shirt a little bit.

    He pulled her shirt off, revealing her toned stomach and blue bra as he was still struggling with her zip.

    "You are so sexy Sophia... I really want to make love to you and make you mine."

    She purred but then when Dejan had finally managed to get the button loose, Sophia sat up. It wasn't right. This was suppose to be special and there shouldn't be any doubts. Maybe the simple sluts like Little Serena wouldn't mind but she did. Before she could remember how he set off the previous time when she rejected him, she felt his hand around her throat as he pushed her into the bed.

    "No! You're not rejecting me again you bitch!"

    Sophia just wrapped her hands around his', trying to get him off her windpipe but he held on, his face in rage. All she could do to react was gasp and cry. Until she was pushed to the brink and her survival instinct set in. He was smaller than she was and lighter and with both hands, using a strength she never realised she had, she punched him in his side and pushed him off her. She took a large breath of air as Dejan lay on the floor moaning in pain and shock. They got up at the same time and he was even angrier than before.

    "Please... Dej.. Don.."

    His fist landed on her cheek. Where it would have knocked most girls down, Sophia's size was actually helping her right now and in a reaction to his punch, she kicked her leg and swung her arm in an uncontrolled motion but they both hit the target. Again Dejan fell to the floor. Quickly she grabbed her shirt and shoes and ran out. He was quickly on his feet and followed her to the door, shouting obscenities to her but to afraid to follow her outside.

    When she was certain he wouldn't follow her, she stopped and put on her shoes and then in a typical Sophia klutz, put on her shirt while walking and losing her footing as she slipped off the curb. With her shirt half over her head, she fell into the street where the oncoming lorry had to swerve. The speed he was driving at though meant he couldn't stop before he had hit the shop and ploughed the lorry into it. A car driver had to slam on the brakes, causing the youngsters inside who had just visited McDonalds to spill their food and drinks as they braked, swerved and hit the lorry.

    Though there were no casualties or even injuries, the damage was significant. All Sophia thought of though, was that her tumble onto the street was a good excuse for the bruising that had now appeared on her face.
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    Andie had spent Sunday relaxing as usual. She had seen the news about the crash outside the McDonalds, that had obliterated the front of one of the clothes shops nearby, when a truck had ploughed into it. The truck driver was totally shaken but otherwise unhurt, fortunately the car that had been coming the other way had been going slowly, having just pulled out of the Drive-Thru, and no-one was injured. The driver had stated that the reason he had swerved and braked, resulting in the truck jack-knifing across the road, was because a tall, lanky brunette girl had fallen into the road in front of the truck.

    His description was basically "She was tall, skinny, with shoulder length brown hair. Uh... she wasn't wearing a shirt, just a bra. In fact I think it was pulling her shirt over her head that made her trip..."

    Gwen looked at Andrea. "Okay, you realise who that was, don't you?"

    "Of course. But hey, look on the bright side, there were no injuries, police aren't considering charges against her, in fact they don't even know who she is. She'd left the scene, leaving a trail of chaos behind her, before anyone even knew to look for her!" Andrea giggled. "You know, it's rather like that time in Toronto, when you...."

    "Don't you Dare bring that up, you skank! You know damn well that was just pure coincidence!" Gwen poked a finger at Andrea's nose and left the room in disgust. Cliché mewed and hopped into her lap.

    Monday had been a quiet day, spent placing some stock orders and catching up on paperwork. She also prepared the contract of employment and all the other necessary forms for Sophia to complete when she came in on Tuesday. The few customers that did come in on Monday were all regulars, all reasonably big spenders. Including Jimmy Iron-Wolf, come in for his regular supply of peyote. The Native American grinned knowingly at her. "I hear you got yourself an apprentice?"

    Andrea shrugged. How the old witch-doctor had heard was not something he was likely to let on. Probably Gwen had been gossiping. "I have. Well, I hope I have. I'll find out tomorrow morning, whether or not she decides to show up for work."

    Jimmy laughed. "Well you look after her, paleface! Good assistants are hard to find. I should know!" He rolled his eyes and left.

    At eight o'clock on the dot, Andrea entered the shop and headed for her office, after deactivating the alarms. She quickly reviewed the security camera footage as she did every morning, finding nothing worthy of note. And then, she waited, going through her emails, deleting the spam and the hate-mail (of which there wasn't that much, any more). Waiting to see if Sophia would turn up and if she would be on-time, early or late.

    "She'll be late!"

    "FUCK! Gwen, don't do that. You'll give me a heart attack! Get out of here, I don't know how many times I've told you!" Andrea had practically levitated out of her chair as her mentor's words had startled her.

    Gwen cackled evilly. "I love it when you go all pale like that. Like you've seen a ghost!"


    "Ha ha! I'm going. Just, watch out. I smell trouble...!"

    Andie shrugged as Gwen left. She sniffed, and nodded. There was definitely trouble brewing but of what sort, she had no idea. She would deal with it when it happened.

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