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 Open  Male x Male  Fantasy  Non-Binary The raven's roost

Discussion in 'Other Requests' started by RavenPrinx, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. RavenPrinx

    RavenPrinx Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    12:14 PM
    Well hello there,

    thank you for joining me in my humble abode. I'm the RavenPrinx, do feel free to call me Raven, please.
    I am a genderqueer/agender individual and thus, I consider myself to be extremely lgbtiaq+ friendly so if you have an itching inside of you to play a character outside of the binary gender norms, or any variant of ace/aro/poly, I might just be the partner you are looking for.

    One thing I should let potential partners know is that I am not a very quick poster. Between my mundane everyday responsibilities and chronic illness, I aim to post about twice a week. Sometimes I might manage more posts, sometimes it might be less. Rest assured though, if I find myself in a position where my posting speed would diminish greater than once a week, I will let my partners know.
    I am fine with being nudged occasionally, though!

    If you are interested in anything I have to offer or would like to suggest one of your plots to me, please shoot me a PM!

    As for what I like to write, well, let me write up a list:

    - Sci Fi, mostly of the exploratory sort where we take our characters and let them explore a vast universe filled with all manners of different cultures and creatures.
    - Fantasy, from Dungeons and Dragons inspired, high fantasy to low magic settings, to modern urban fantasy stories, I love it all since there is such vast potential for creativity.
    - Horror, mostly of the psychological sort, although I'm not opposed to a monster story every now and again.
    - Crime, I have a like of playing serial killers. Here also I don't enjoy the overly gory versions.
    - Historical, I am fond of several different periods of the past, as long as my partner doesn't mind me not slaving away doing hours upon hours of research. Of course, my character is not going to wipe out a cell phone in Victorian England, though.

    When it comes to what I play, here is what I usually go for:

    - M/M or Males with any kind of genderqueer/agender characters, or basically anything that is not M/F since well, I just don't enjoy writing M/F all that much. I might be open to F/F pairings, but it honestly depends on a number of factors.
    - When it comes to my plots, none of the genders are set in stone, even if I accidentally use a gendered term for either one. Just let me know so I can use the right pronouns for your character!
    - Of course, trans characters are included in this as well.
    - I don't prefer to decide my characters position in bed in advance. I enjoy writing more unusual combinations though, bottom dom characters, for example, are a weakness of mine.
    - My characters will never be pushovers. They might be shy or timid in some cases.

    Wishlist for characters I would like to play or scenarios I would like to try:

    - Vampires. Yes, they can be overused but I've recently re-discovered my inner goth and would love to indulge a little
    - Aromantic/Aroace characters. Writing one, pairing one of mine with one, either would be fine.
    - DnD inspired, especially Ravenloft. What can I say, how can anyone say no to Strahd?
    - Serial killers. Got an itch I'd like to scratch.
    - On the other side of this, something cute and domestic


    • Single Dad/Any
      Cam boy/Fan
      Sugar daddy/Sugar baby

    • Hitman/Apprentice
      Serial killer/Apprentice
      Serial killer/Victim
      Mob Boss/Corrupt cop/agent
      Mob Boss/Undercover cop/agent
      Abusive partner/Abusive partner

    • Royal/Royal
      Royal/Servant (or knight)

    • Android/Owner
      Smuggler/Law enforcement


    Vampire Godparent
    (looking to play A, but might be willing to go for B with some convincing!)

    A is a deeply unhappy person, to the point of barely leaving their house and barely participating in life in general. They are bitter, full of anger at the world and generally feeling like there's little value to life. They have few things they even enjoy and life just seems grey and dull.
    One day, on a rare night out with friends, A meets B at a club.

    B is the total opposite of A, still goth but outgoing and happy and it seems like they make friends with everyone they come across. They always have interesting stories to tell, an open ear for everyone and seemingly not a care in the world.
    They hit off one way or another, building a slow friendship or jumping into a tumultuous romance from the start, but either way, B takes A under their wings. Taking them out to see the world, be it nights out clubbing, theater or just night time road trips.

    However, after some time B reveals their biggest secret to A, confiding in them that they are a vampire and now they both have to figure out how to go from there...

    You're a what??

    A and B met a few months ago and hit off instantly. It only took a few weeks until they were by each others side the majority of times and there seemed to be an intimacy between them that's usually only seen between couples that have been together for many years.

    However, as they decide to move in together, problems start to crop up and weird things that have been ignored by a couple still in the honeymoon phase finally come to light.
    Finally, one day A and B both arrive at conclusions that have the potential to change their life forever: Their beloved is a vampire/werewolf!

    Darkness blossoms in Barovia

    And, I know this one might be more difficult to find a partner for, but I will try nevertheless:

    I am looking for someone to play Strahd von Zarovich, Lord of Barovia, against one of my own characters.
    Preferably seduction to the dark side will be happening, maybe corruption of a Paladin. One way or another, the two are going to rule Barovia with an iron fist and hungry fangs.

    This character I would like to play is very likely to be male.

    The apprentice

    TW Serial killing, gore, maybe cannibalism

    A is an established serial killer, terrorizing his hunting grounds for years now and still, law enforcement isn't getting any closer to catching him.
    However, for A, life as a serial killer is getting lonely and frankly, a little bit boring.

    So when he stumbles upon a troubled young man with apparent anger issues, he's sure to have found the perfect solution for his problems: He's going to take on an apprentice.

    (looking to play the killer, might be convinced to play the apprenticed. Depending on my partner's comfort level the killer can be a cannibal or not.)

    Noblesse oblige

    To ensure peace, the children of two rival kings are to be married. At first, both object to the union, after all, they had been taught to hate each other for all their lives.
    However, once they reveal their true natures to each other one thing becomes clear: Alone, they were powerless against their parent's whims but together, they are ruthless.

    The two carve out their place in the world, perhaps even overtaking either of their parent's countries and build themselves a lavish life full of hedonistic pleasures.[/tab]
  2. RavenPrinx

    RavenPrinx Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    12:14 PM
    Bump, edited some stuff and added new ideas.
  3. RavenPrinx

    RavenPrinx Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    12:14 PM
    Giving this a little old bump, added a new plot, removed an old one and added lists of pairings I'm interested in.

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