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 Female x Male The Sinner and The Saint

Discussion in 'Roleplay Execution' started by Catgod, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. Catgod

    Catgod Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    6:17 PM
    Mara Xouhiri had known pain and it knew her. She loved to see pain on the faces of others, watched as they cried out and anguish, and when they came to take their revenge she loved it even more when she was able to strike them down as well. So when she sliced through the head of Jedi master Horku Feltha, and watched his apprentice scream for him as the disembodied head rolled away, she knew that she would see him again. Though not for a while, she may have won the battle but she had suffered some very intense injuries, and at this point she needed to leave. Limping down the coradoors of the massive republic battle ship, she left a trail of her own blood, the jedi cut her up on the leg, and the wound took up most of her calf. The pain from a slice on her shoulder made it difficult to move and now she was lucky to be right handed because otherwise she wouldn't have been able to hold her saber up, as she sliced her way past the clone troops that blocked her way. Her once need clothes were torn up thankfully not in any important places, though it didn't matter much considering it had a neckline that plunged down so far it couldn't really be called a neckline.

    If there was one thing she was good at, it was looking distracting. She had seen a few generals on her own ship stare for a bit. The same might be said for clone troopers but she couldn't tell with those stupid helmets they wore.

    Originally she was there to assist in the destruction of the three republic battleships that had tried to break through their blockade. Her master hadn't been happy when she told him the republic was kicking their ass right now. She was on one of three and her master was on another, and they both though she was ready to take down a battle ship but now that wasnt the case. Her disappointed master ordered her to get off the ship, it was disappointment all around when she saw her own ship being destroyed in the hangar that she had barreled into when she originally came into the ship. Once more she needed to race down the very destroyed hallways of the battle ship who's name she didn't care to learn.She needed to find an escape pod quickly, bleeding to death in the ship of her enemy was not how she wished to die. Mara would hide and sneak her way around, and tired not to get caught. Eventually she found the pods and set one up to take her to the planet below, however through the pods window she could see that their own ships were going down. The command ship they thought was indestructible was falling into the void of space. There was no way she was going back to that planet, so she set her quardinates for the one place she knew she would be safe until she could contact her master again.

    The moon known as Rioliv. It was a small moon, with jungle leaves and breathable air, home to a few kinds of wildlife but there was no sign of other kinds of life. Mara set the quardinates in as she saw their droid command ship go down, and now it didn't seem she needed to tell her master about the ships anymore. Launching the pod was easy, getting it out of the battle field was a different story. Both sides were confused and the droids weren't able to know it was her in there. So everybody started to shoot in her direction. The pod had very minor and week shields but she had to try and defect most of them herself. Using the force to slow them down or to fling debris to block it. The whole thing was more stressful than it was exciting, and eventually lady luck granted her passage out of there. Mara did everything she could to avoid dying in space. However passing out was going to be inevitable of she didn't stop her blood. Using her hood she began to tear it up and use it to stop the blood on her leg. Small cuts and bruises would need to wait, after she took care of her own shoulder wound. That jedi had run her through like a kaibab, and not she needed to close the wound. Taking the shoulder of her body suit and carefully moving it aside. Well, as carefully as she could considering part of the fabric had melded to the wound. She wasnt thing and when had not clue it would make her bleed more. She wasnt normally in this position! Taking her saber, she would ignite it, and admittedly she was quite terrified to do this. Mara took a breath and cauterized the wound on both ends. The nice part was that since she was in space, nobody could hear her screams.

    She passed out not long after that, simply from pain and it wasnt until she heard the loud beeping of the pod that she would awaken again. Apparently they were super close to the planet, so close that she wa as about to crash into it. The pod wasnt handling the atmosphere very well and was beginning to burn up. The pod shook and rattled and once again she believed that she might actually die. Mara could toby watch through the window as it broke the atmosphere and crashed into trees. She was jostled around in the pod like a sack of potatoes and because she wasn't strapped in earlier she hit her head at least ten times on the walls of the pod. What felt like hours was only a few minutes and whither a big crash, Mara had landed on the moon of Rioliv.

    The pod had heated up so much that she needed to get out of there as fast as she could so with a force push she was able to hop out of there and dart away. It had only been a few second before the pod exploded and the blast send her tumbling onto her face. With a grown she slowly got up and watched as the pod burned. She didn't care if the pod could explode again, she just wanted to take five minutes to rest. It had been quite some time since she has felt this weak. Even if she felt ready to fall apart, mara knew she had to get up and go. There was an old abandon temple that she has visited before, and last time she had set up a way for communication, and there was also a ship for her to use. The new challange was getting there. She hadn't been to this part of the forest but she knew the temple was in the north. How far north was unclear but she would head in that direction and just keep going. Mara knew how to just wing it and things have worked out well for her.

    Or so she thought, because after walking for half the day she wanted to give up. She had no food and no water. So the best thing she could do was find those first and get her strength back up. To mark her place she would ignite her saber and mark the tree next to her. This would keep her from getting lost. So now she would just listen, she remembered a waterfall the last time she was here and she hoped it was closer than she thought it was. She would begin to walk a little off the path she had been walking on and found herslef in some tall brush. The more she walked the more moist the ground became, and she wlwas able to hear the sound of splashing water. She would pop out of the brush and come face with a stream! She began to follow it and the closer she got the louder the sound of water became. Louder and louder. She began to move faster and to her joy she had come across the waterfall and the small pool she was at last time. Apparently she wasn't as far off as she thought she was.

    Dipping her hands in the water she took a drink, and sighed with relief. Now she would be back to her master in no time. Mara was bale to get a good look at herslef in the reflection of the pond and oh boy she looked tore up. There was a mix of blood and dirt on her face and her clothes looked so messy. She would frown and guess that she probably smelled too. So since nobody was around she decided to strip down and take a bath in the pool. Her leg was looking a bit better and it could use a cleaning, and to keep the shoulder from getting infected she would do the same for that. She washed her clothes and hun them on a branch to dry, then she jumped in and got to enjoy the cool water. The forest was hot and it felt so good to float about into the pool.

    Mara was cleaned off and without the dark makeup and the hood she looked more than a little different. The hair that was once tied into a long braid was down and spilling into the water, much like the waterfall was. It typically ran past her hips, and because of that she had to tie it away so it wouldn't get tangled. Her eyes shown brighter and, and a snarky smirk or scowl that painted her lips was now a soft smile. Her body was definitely beat up but it didn't take away from the very natural curves and healthy look she had. Her soft hand pored water over voluptuous breasts and she would scrub some dirt from her elegant arms. In order to properly was her hair she has to move it, from where it spilled down her back, over her shoulder, revealing her round bottom and strong thighs.

    Most would think she was beautiful, well they would if she wasnt so crazy. A beautiful inside is more valuable than a beautiful outside, and Mara was the ugliest woman when it came to that sense.

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  2. Jubari

    Jubari Aspiring Writer Member

    Local Time:
    8:17 PM

    Horku Feltha and his Apprentice Skyler Tisirian stood before the Jedi Council. Even though the counsil could sense that the Sith would influence a battle very soon they did not share in detail what they may have foreseen. Telling Horku and Skyler only what they needed to know before sending them on a mission to assist the republic battle ships. Both wearing dark brown full jedi robes, covering their entire bodies and hoods drawn up over their heads. Looking to be some kind of priest or someone who worships only lacking symbols of such things. Dismissed they left the council with a riddle of wisdom.

    They prepared for the journey ahead, boarding a star cruiser. Doing one last check before they sat in the comfy cushioned seats in the dual cockpit. It was Horku who started the cruiser and closed the entry while Skyler took control over the flight. Adjusting the thrusters by lever, feeling the rumble of the hull as they begin to lift slowly at first. Horku reached across the control panel and pressed a button or two to lift the landing gear once they were rising. It was like this they lifted off, before turning the ship to take off with a lurch of speed and engines blossoming in a brief trail of engine smoke. Leaving the planet, entering space once free of the atmosphere they continued in sub-light travel for a few moments.

    Horku working at the control panel to enter the coordinates of the battleships they were to join. Skyler bringing the ship to a crawl as he lowers engine thrust in order to drift through space. It wasn't long before Horku initialized the jump into hyperspace. Time required to reach their destination shortened immensely as the stars shifted before elongating as they disappear from all other eyes in space. A brief flash of their hyper-jump the only telltale they had jumped into hyperspace, slipping through the multi-verse is how Skyler sees it with the stars seeming to bend around the cruiser. It would be less than ten minutes and they would arrive at this speed.

    Horku was the first to shift from the controls and lean back to relax into the seat. Closing his green eyes to shield them from the multiple lights both flashing and non flashing various colored lights around the cockpit. Isolating his mind from the visual distraction as he begins to meditate and focus the force within him in an attempt to see the future. Even this cruiser would hum in space, though it was not the space craft that broke his focus. Young Skyler's vocals broke the silence.

    "Master Horku, what did the Jedi Council mean by We shall see victory however the cost may be great?" Being the first time Skyler had spoken since leaving the council, clearly curious about the troubling riddle of wisdom they were given. Red hair nearly orange flow past his ears and down the back of his neck casually. Light blue eyes gaze curiously at Horku in the hope of guidance or an answer. Hyperspace travel reflected in the side of his eyes as he awaits a response.

    Horku's focus broken, slowly his chest expands breathing in the air as if a weight had settled over him. Knowing Skyler sought guidance on those words that also trouble him, green eyes would open before shifting to look Skyler in the eyes. "I believe it means we will face difficulty to attain victory. The council would believes there will be Sith in the coming attack. We must be prepared my Apprentice, this will be a difficult battle." came the older man's response in a casual tone. 'Dare I say that I feel this may be the last time I can give him guidance?' Horku thought while relaxing once more and closing his eyes. "I am going to attempt to foresee what will happen with the force, allow me this silence."

    Horku would foresee that the Sith would indeed be present. Two would arrive, one stronger than the other. The weaker of the two would be the prime choice, at least the force told him so. Yet it would not allow him to see anything beyond meeting Mara in combat. "Be sure to pick the ship closest to the planet" his words broke the silence in hopes that this was the wisest choice.

    Skyler is not content with the answer Horku gave. Knowing that further questioning would do no good once his Master wanted to focus. Giving a vocal response of "Understood" to the designated ship. The hum being the only thing breaking the silence as he waits for Hyperspace travel to end. Reigning in his curiosity that begins to pool within him. Light blue eyes reflecting the traversing stars, patiently watching for normal space to return. Once they left he would reach out and take control over the ship once more, adjusting the thrusters as he pilots the ship through space to the designated ship. Landing the ship in a designated spot off to the side easily without Horku's assistance, metal clapping to metal as the landing gear touched down. Spring coils and suspension adjusting the landing gear to take the weight of the settling ship easily.

    Ten minutes later Horku and Skyler with their robes flowing across the smooth white metal floors traveled down hallways. Being lead by a clone trooper towards a elevator that would take them to the cockpit to talk with the commander. Hands held together yet blanketed from sight as the arms of the robe melded together. Hoods pulled up far enough to cover their eyes from view as they move together. Horku's grizzly face littered with silver and white bear hairs, the scruff only added to his older appearance. Skyler's face looked clean, maintained even baby smooth to the eye. Everything going according to plan.

    A screeching sound echoed through the ship before the battle ship seemed to shudder and quake. An explosion rocked the hull from within the Hangar, flashing alarm lights and sirens followed after the lights dimmed and flickered to life once more. Battle was already under way, but something had happened in the hangar is seemed.

    Both Jedi were shaken during the quake that rolled through the ship, however the clone troop had fallen. The sounds of the trooper's suit of armor clashing across the floor in a epic sprawling display followed by the clattering of an attempt to get back up. Skyler quick to assist, moved on light feet to grasp the clone's hand and upright the clone. Horku remained poised, balanced and paused in thought as a near darkness seemed to envelope them in that brief moment when the lights dimmed.

    Horku did not expect to feel a different darkness swell from within the belly of the battle ship, centered from the Hangar and making its way towards them. It was the weaker of the two Siths he was sure as he felt a far more sinister power in the ship on the ship on the outside of the trio of battle ships. "Skyler, the Sith are here. The situation could be dire..." as if to answer Horku an explosion rocked the battle ship, this time from the exterior. Shields doing their damndest to resist the onslaught of fire as the space between the two battling teams was lit up with an epic slew of fire power. Anything between would surely have been shredded as hundreds of beams lanced through space towards one another. The torrential light works going on did not phase the fighters and bombers from attempting to take flight.

    Horku, Skyler and the clone troop managed to all remain standing after the second explosion. Horku's eyes would fall on Skyler still bracing the clone from falling again. "If we do not deal with the Sith this battle ship will no longer be under the Republic's control." came his words as he opened his arms. Slowly folding the sleeves up to reveal his wrists and forearms. It was after this he withdrew his light saber while turning back towards the hangar. "Keep up Skyler" with that he ran towards where he felt Mara.

    Skyler held onto the clone for a moment longer after the second quake. Casting his light blue eyes to his Master's figure to see the old man rolling up his sleeves. 'He only does that when things are serious...' he thought before seeing Horku turn telling him to keep up and run towards the hangars. Looking at the back of his running master, the robe billowing open to flag in the air during his run. Seeing the hood fall back to show the silver and grey hairs running down the back of Horku's head to disappear int the robe. There were few times his Master ran, and none of those times ended well.

    A guttural groan began from deep within Skyler's chest as he begins to fold his sleeves up following his Master's example before giving chase. Skyler being a young Jedi in his twentieth year, predicted to be quite powerful with the force yet still not fully experienced to be a Master. It was this reason he did not feel the ominous dark energy that bathes the insides of the ship when it arrived. All thoughts failed to prepare him for what was to come as they race down the white hallways, bringing his light saber from his hip to his hand. Feeling the robe billowing behind him in the same fashion that it did for Horku as it flags and snaps. Showing off his black, red and grey attire.

    Skyler clutches the black handled saber hilt, thumb ready to engage the button in the middle of its length. It was built with the idea one hand could wield it simply, while there is ample room to give more power behind the blows with two hands. Fashioned to resemble a Samurai's katana hilt. Gold glinting guard and black shiny hilt paint reflect the lights as they dance by along the path.

    Mara Xouhiri, the Sith that met them in the hallway was already wielding her saber(s). Horku's own green saber came to lift as he gestures for Skyler to stand down. Stopping as his robe falls against his body heavily attempting to keep moving, Skyler holds back as he watches. Red and Green sabers danced in the hallway, buzzing and cracking each time the two colors met with force.

    Skyler tense with anxiety as he waits to join his Master in combat. Realizing he may have made it more difficult as he watches his Master in combat. Controlling himself, yet finding it difficult as Horku's robe is cut away as if slicing butter. It was not long before the robe would be half its length and discarded leaving Horku in a brown and tan jedi attire. Mara and Horku danced to the death, yet it was Mara who appears to have the advantage. Red danced closer and closer to Horku's flesh, cleaving clothes open in barely dodged attacks.

    Horku knew the difference in their saber combat, resorted in using the force to grab and throw things at Mara. Carving into the wall with his saber during the dance to free the tools of choice to sling at her. It was a pipe that would find its way into Mara's left shoulder area, the thin pipe had skewered and didn't get stuck instead powered clean through. Staggering Mara as she recoiled, it nearly cost her dearly as Horku closed the distance aiming to remove her leg.

    Mara's twisted face looked as crazy as ever, even in such pain as she deflects the saber while moving enough only to be grazed. This was when Skyler's chest tightened as he prepared to yell but by then it was already to late. That red saber danced through the air quickly as she spun, flying through Horku's head while he attempted to recover. It was over in a graceful dance of red light, before she paused to take in the situation. Not even bothering to wait she turned and ran as Skyler could not help scream of anguish that clawed its way out of his mouth.

    Mara had surprised both Horku and Skyler with unpredictable movement that lead to Horku's head being completely cut in half under the nose. No blood since the light saber had cauterized the flesh during its pass. It was like this the head tumbled away from the body followed by the green light saber turning off as the body fell forwards to lay limp.

    Anguish tore through Skyler, baring witness to his Master's demise was traumatizing. Dropping to his knees slowly, it wasn't long before he slouched forward onto his elbows while his body lurches slightly. Screaming into the floor, echoing down the hallways uncaring who heard or seen. Grief soon followed as his chest tightens to a point he can only sob and gasp. Tears flowing like heavy rain from his eyes, dripping from his face where they cling making wet trails before pooling on the floor.

    Mara had already fled, she might have won if she had decided to continue the battle. However something stopped her, perhaps the powerful emotional turmoil that embraced Skyler. Such emotions able to fuel insane powers, but came with a cost of arrogance in battle. It would for now remain a mystery why she chose to leave, leaving a trail of blood. In her haste she managed to open the wound on her leg, bleeding from two places she had managed to make short work of any clones that stood in her way.

    It was perhaps five minutes later that Skyler moved slowly pulling himself together as he rises to his feet. Looking over his Master's body with a boiling desire for revenge, anger brewing within him. Wiping the tears from his face before looking to the blood trail down the white hallway. Willing himself to move, one soft boot fell after the other as he began to run down the hallway. Finding his vocals once more as he lets out a thunderous yelling roar, unaware that Mara had already escaped and fled through space.

    Leaping over the fallen clones, debris, and damaged parts of the ship as though he flew gifted with the wind. Following the trail of blood to the escape hatch, skidding to a halt only a few feet from where Mara made her exit from the ship. Robe dancing along as if not wanting to stop so suddenly as it whips along. Yelling incoherently at the door as he kicks it not once but three times, each thud sounding much louder than the last. Breathing heavily as he knew Mara had gotten away for now, he begins to control his emotions attempting to bottle them up as he turns from the door heading back to Horku's body.

    In space the situation was turning around in the Republic's favor now that the other battle ships were falling and turning to flee. Yet the Sith Lord int he far ship managed to take it over, in a last ditch effort of spiteful revenge on the situation opened fire on the middle Republic battle ship before jumping into hyperspace with the ship. With the battle coming to a end, this area of space was littered with debris while two republic battle ships remain strong and one enemy battle ship being torn apart with internal explosions. Both republic battle ships wore scars from the battle, the other looking as though it could fall apart. While the one with Skyler inside looked to be in good shape, minor damage.

    Several minutes of walking, legs that resisted not wanting to continue with each step towards where he knew his Master lay. Eventually finding himself gazing over Horku's lifeless body, several clone troopers had discovered the body and were waiting for a levitation table to arrive. They planned to carry him honorably, and they spoke to him but he could not bring himself to speak more than "Take him home." with a hoarse angry voice as he reaches out. Force pulling the light saber of his master into his free hand as the clones looked through their helmets at him in silent pause. Turning from the sight as they pull the body on to the levitation table. Making his way towards the hangar once more, ignoring the trail of blood and noises behind him.

    Skyler knew he could not return to the council yet, every part of him itched for some kind of answer. A strong urge of revenge wanted to be served, and this made him make a choice without finding guidance. Once in the hangar his eyes would glare at the fire still flowing across the crashed star ship that Mara had flown in. Scratch marks etched across the hangar bay floor till it ends with the burning hulking remains. Turning his gaze from the fire to rest them on the cruiser that he had flown in, the ship looked unscathed to his relief. Putting both saber's away he walks up to the cruiser before entering. Wondering just how crazy that woman could be to have crashed like she had, though thankful his ship was unharmed.

    Once situated in the cockpit, ship locked and winding up while he tracks the path of her escape pod. It wasn't long before he took the controls, lifting slowly off once more. This time no co-pilot to assist as he flicks his fingers across the buttons to raise the landing gear. Grief still riddling him as he leaves the battle ship, informing them of his leave via coms. Out in space and far enough he entered a free drift as he puts in the coordinates to get to Rioliv. Allowing the auto pilot take over, whether he needed hyperspace travel or not he would get there shortly.

    In the meantime he began to research the moon in the Jedi data bases. Finding so little about the moon with its extensively vague page. The information left him angrier as he was soon left to sit in his own thoughts. Part of him yearned to know why his Master had asked him to hold. Questions run through his troubled mind.

    'Why did you not want my help Master?'
    'Did you believe you could defeat her?'
    'If this was the cost that was spoken of I don't want it!'
    'Why did she run?'
    'What was her objective?'
    'Whats on Rioliv?'

    Lost in these thoughts as they race through his mind Skyler would barely notice that the moon was soon looming before him. Focusing once more on reality he grasps the controls and pilots the craft into the atmosphere in more favorable conditions than she had. Once through and flying casually over the land, his eyes notice a Temple in the distance while he does a scan for the pod. Noticing the scanner beep as it indicates where it is to his location. Flying to it didn't take long before he made for landing. Trees shifting about violently in defiance of the thrusters, spurred into motion. Green lush brush and grass whip violently about till the landing gear comes down crushing the vegetation between its metal feet and the soil. Soon everything else returned to normal as the thrusters turned off and he left the ship. Walking down the descending ramp before heading over to check on the escape pod to see if she died within.

    Fire still bathed the pod, melting the glass away while scorching most of the metals. Nothing but the harder metals looked salvageable while the interior is vacant of a skeletal body. That is all Skyler needed to know as he looks around the crater to find the door had been thrown off. Assuming that the Sith had used her powers of the force to free herself, before his eyes returned to find her trail leading north towards the temple he had saw while flying the ship. Eyes looking north he wondered just how far she had gotten before walking back to the ship to gather a pack of supplies.

    Once ready, he started by locking the ship with a pass code and fingerprint before making his way North. Following the trail of slashes along the trees, this made tracking her easier. The green vegetation a nuisance, but his robes would keep most of the vegetation from irritation his flesh. Quick in step, but not running he traverses the terrain in search of the next mark or anything that should be considered hostile. Truthfully he was not far behind her, the scorch marks becoming fresher with each minute.

    Arriving at the stream she had found just minutes before, he paused to look at the casual flowing water that had carved its path several feet into the dirt where smoothed rocks had settled at its bottom. Clear and clean water that looked inviting. Pulling a canteen from his pouch before opening it and drinking the water within to parch his thirst. Only to reseal it and return the can to the pack as he hears the distant roar of a water fall. Trusting that she had gone in that direction, his eyes cast down to find bare traces that someone had indeed went towards the water fall.

    Moving on he would stop in the tree line skirting the pool of water that fed the stream. Hearing the loud sounds of crashing water against the pool his eyes travel up the waterfall estimating the rocky wall had to be twenty feet high. Falling water pouring down to churn and shift the surface of the pool. Climbing the rocky wall looked treacherous but he was not here to do so as he looks back towards the pool.

    It was then that his eyes found her in the nude, water casting across her bare flesh with each scoop of her hand. visually drinking in the sight before him as the water dances across her perky breasts, nips standing in defiance of the cold water rushing across it. Light blue eyes following that water on down her smooth toned belly, trailing lower before his eyes diverted as he catches himself. 'What the hell, why does she have to be naked?' he thought while his eyes found their way back. Watching her body shift with each scrubbing motion, making her breasts move ever so slightly. Slowly she had turned her back to him, his eyes falling to her shapely pert rear as she leaned slightly forward to care for her hair.

    Catching himself once more he nearly cursed himself for gawking at her exterior beauty as her back is to him. Searching for her clothing with his eyes till he could see the pile with her saber next to it. Reaching out with his hand he uses his influence in the force to pull it quickly to his hand before tucking it away hoping she did not notice.

    It would be like this that he would try to keep his eyes from exploring her body from his hiding spot while he waits. Giving her the chance to return to her clothing and put them on to cover herself, he knew she would notice the saber was gone. This should give him at least some sort of advantage. At least he hoped, since she would be unarmed save for the force.

    Light blue eyes settle on her fully clothed figure once she had dawned her attire, he steps out of the tree line and holds her saber in his hand. Putting it away once she noticed. Nodding away from the waterfall he would disappear once more, heading back down the path he had taken to get here. Stopping once he enters a clearing. Turning to wait for her to join him, preparing himself for her use of the Force the moment she arrives. Should she try to use the force against him he would attempt to retaliate by Force pushing her. The bottle of anger becoming unlidded as he waits, almost wanting to kill her but believing it to be better justice to capture her if he can.
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  3. Catgod

    Catgod Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    6:17 PM
    Mara was content, and it was partially because she was clean. The main reason was rather odd though, it felt nice to be here on Rioliv. With the nice moist jungle air and clean water. Trees that swayed in the wind and offered her shelter from the sun, and fish in the streams and rivers. Years ago when she first came to this moon she was the most at peace she has been in her entire life, she was only a child then and despite the situation she had been in, the months she spent here were the best of her life. She let herself sink under the water for a minute and floated. Memories of her time her flashed through her mind like a little movie playing on the screens of her closed eyes. Totally and blissfully unaware of the visitor she had. Popping up feeling as good as ever Mara would get out and walk to her clothes. It was warm enough that they had dried out after she washed them and she knew that she would be fine with air drying, the sun may have been hidden behind the trees but this was definatly still a jungle planet. Heat was no stranger here, and mara actually liked it. So the young woman dressed herself quietly and calmly, with a content smile painting her light pink lips.

    It was at this point that Skylar would be able to get a better look at his adversary. She was tall, though being tall wasnt too uncommon for a species that wasnt entirely human. Mara had four small horns on her head, very similar to the ones many a resident on Dothomir had. Though she lacked the colorful skin and she only had few of the small and almost stubby horns. As he might have already been able to tell, she was physically a very desirable specimen, and she was unknowingly about to give him a show. As she got dressed she would do things like wiggle into her one piece, causing her breasts to bounce a bit. Even bending over to pick up her boots with her plump rear, and nether regions pointed right in his direction only to cover it up with the two layers of a body suit and flowing skirt covering her up. Even after the skirt only added to the soft sway of her hips as she moved. As of now she was unaware of him sneaking around and wasnt paying attention the the presence of anybody or anything, not even the animals concerned her because the most deadly only came out during the night. Now fully dressed, she figured that it was nearby but normally she would have put it in her boot or on top of her clothes, and that was the last place she had seen it.

    Then the panic began to set in.

    ' it was just here!!'

    'Where the fuck did I put it?'

    ' It has to be close by!!'

    These were the thoughts running through her head, before she turned around to the sound of rustling leaves and feet in the dirt.

    All calm was gone when she found out that he had it. A white hot rage boiled in side of her ready to overflow. Turing around to look on the other side of her, she wasnt expecting to see the young red haired jedi from the ship. Nor was she expecting him to have taken her saber, and the transition from calm to total blood rage was apparent. Purple eyes widened for a split second and then narrowed, as her gaze zeroed in on his figure. Plush lips that had formed content smiles and gentle sighed now pulled back, almost as if she was snarling at him, This gave way to teeth that almost looked like fangs. He could see her hands would shake as well, and oh boy, to say she was pissed would be an understatement. Mara hadn't been so angry in so long.

    It was almost common knowlage that taking the lightsaber of a Sith or a Jedi would result in some sort of unfavorable reaction. From the time that they craft it to their death, the lightsaber will forever be an extension of their own body, and to some it was an extension of their personality as well. Mara loved her saber, to her it was the only thing she could trust besides her master.It was consistant and strong, but most of all it was apart of her. The memory of crafting it and creating every inch of it melded in her mind. Hours spent to make the matte black shell and even the red detailing and raised surfaces that almost resembled the texture of a tree, it was etched into her brain. She felt empty without its familar weight on her hip. So when she saw its velvety matte handle in the hands of a jedi she nearly screamed.

    He walked away calmly but she ran like the mad woman she was. Unbraied hair flying behind her like a sheet in the wind. She fought up to him quick enough and used the force to throw some , very heavy rocks at him. Nearly the size of Skylar himself. He sent them back with just as much force, clearly prepared for any attack she was about to throw at him. Now realizing this she would dodge with the grace of a bird in flight, her skirts moving with her like she was a dancer. However she wasnt in the mood for the kind of dance the wealthy enjoyed in their free time, no she wanted one that was more deadly.

    With very shaky and angry sort of laugh she would pushed her long hair that trailed into her face away, almost gripping it at the same time " Nice to see you again little boy?! Having fun flying solo from what I can see! I didn't expect you of all people to follow me" she said letting go of her hair and letting her hand fall to the side. A different kind of look flitted across her face as an idea ran through her head. He was clearly prepared, but also angry. She could feel that sweet anger pouring off him like molasses, and it was more than enough to get an idea flowing through her head. Anger was not uncommon for a Sith, they welcomed it and embraced it like an old friend. For the jedi, it was different. They wanted 'Let Go' of their hatred and rage, but Mara knew better. You can never truly let go of things, especially of the wound was still fresh. Skylar was still emotional and she knew how to manipulate emotions very well. In order to get her saber back she had to attack in a very strategic way, and that involved provoking the young Jedi.

    " Tell me, everything happened so fast on that ship, did he still twitch after I sliced his brain in half or did he go completely still? I would have stayed longer to watch if I could have" she wouldn't speak his name, she knew it but what was the fun in giving life to a thing that was already gone " I can tell why your here, I can feel all of it. That rage you must feel. Do you think he would be proud of you? Do you think he would be disappointed that your going against everything you learned to avenge him? Because I think he would, when death is at our door we learn he true nature of a person. Killing me know won't excuse the COWARDACE you displayed on that ship! I could see in his eyes how he begged to whatever God there was that he wouldn't die. I dont think they heard him..." she would say as she slowly began to move around the side of him. She noticed how he held back during the fight, and how his master told him to stay back. It was probably to keep him safe no doubts there but Mara wasnt going to let him think that. The Sith let out a pitying laugh as she continued to tell him " Do you think he was disappointed that you let him die? Because when I watched those blind old eyes of his it was as if one final light went off inside his head! It was as if he knew in that moment he spent the last years of his life training a FAILURE!!" she let out a malicious cackle as she looked him dead in they eye.

    Mara was still out for blood, her darkened eyes and furrowed brows could show that more than anything and most importantly she was waiting. Like any good predator, she needed to wait for her prize. Watching his body language, and looking for any kind of lax in his grip so she could take back the saber. There were many kinds of ways to get rid of or channel anger, the only difference between some Sith and others is that the best ones can channel it into ways that are useful. There is more than one way to make your foe suffer. Mara was about to kick it up a notch " I bet you saw him as some sort of father figure? Did you think he looked at you as a son? What if I told you at the end of the day he didn't give one shit about you?!! No master actually loves their apprentice, I'm the 7th apprentice for my master and that's because he hated the others so much he killed them! Your master probably wanted you gone too, I bet you were the whinist student in the world! If I were him I would have wa wanted to kill you too....... wait maybe that's too good. He probably wanted to die so he wouldn't have to live with the memory of you! I guess that it's a a good thing I sliced through his dumb brain!" She moved as of she was loose, as she circled him but ever mussel was waiting for any kind of movement from him. Rage made people unpredictable.

    This volatile Jedi was no execption.
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  4. Jubari

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    8:17 PM
    Mara's unaware provocative positions and displays kept Skyler's attention. Reminding himself with mental arguments that he was not trying to sneak peaks. It was inevitable that his eyes would travel across her slender body, seeing her small plump rear wiggle as everything is left on full display to his prying eyes. Fortunately at this distance he couldn't see the finer details before her rear was covered and then her breasts were wiggling as she got everything into place. Seeing her struggle around the wounded areas only helped to jiggle her perky breasts, physical admiration to her toned frame cast through his eyes. 'What are you doing?' he asked himself trying to remind himself he wasn't here to peek and gawk. Eyes turning from her as she was getting finished.

    Realizing the moment was coming, that he would be facing this Sith had his heart beating faster in his chest. Or so he believed, but perhaps there were other physical reactions that transpired. Like a war-drum beating in his chest, ears shifting as he could hear the beats in the silence. 'It's now or never' he thought before with a quick push through the brush and vegetation he stood with her saber in hand. Witnessing her face contort from enjoyment to a twisted spiteful angry snarl. Skyler looked smug as he relishes in her momentary anguish before moving back into the brush. Followed by the crashing of her body through the brush behind him, made him quicken his step into a run. Reaching the clearing before her and spinning in time to release his force push against the rocks she had slung at him. Watching her dodge gracefully from the rocks that came back at her.

    It was here that she began to laugh, though he didn't know why. Deciding to gather the force within himself to use against her. Mara seemed to know his emotions were going to get the best of him, and she was quick to begin her ploy. Giving only a relatively calm look as he breaths a bit heavier from the run and perhaps other things. Heart racing in his chest from the thrill of the brief chase, and reaction to what had transpired. Knowing he had her saber, and as long as he didn't let her get the better of him he hoped it was an advantage.

    'Of course you didn't expect me to follow you.' came one of his thoughts while he watches her beautiful face contort once more into something new. After a short pause she spoke once more, malice and torment her aim as that lovely voice dripped with purpose. Tightening his grip on her saber in a vain attempt to shut her words out of his mind. Not wanting her words to play on the rage within him, but she knew it would work. Unable to hide the swelling anger with her words, yet remaining silent as her only reward as he attempts to calm his breathing and pull in the energy to use the force.

    'Oh I think I have something better, I just need to catch you and you may wish I were killing you.' the responsive thought skittered through his mind when she spoke of him killing her. Light blue eyes would glare intently at her, waiting for something more than words to happen. Though like a moth to a flame, her words the wings fanning the fire as it grows fueled in a attempt to scorch the moth. Knuckles becoming with in the intensity of his grip on her saber, eyes narrowing as he attempts to steel his emotions.

    Mara circles him slowly, as Skyler begins to feel her through the force. Tapping into his potential that the council had seen in him. Darkness creeping closer within him, as the rage swirls out of control breaking free. Like an explosion ripped through him as those emotions sprung from their steeled confines. It was just like his emotions that he reached his limit on his focus, the swelling force within him beginning to seep out.

    Around this time Skyler lost his grip, swinging his free hand out at her in an attempt to discharge all the built energy directly at her. What he wanted to do, and what happened were two different things. The action was an attempt to Force Push her with everything in one blast, but that was not the result. Energy exploded from his body in the curling beginnings of a Force Wave. A dome of Force Energy that ripped with such kinetic power across the clearing. Perhaps she would have time to try and leap out of the way, but with how close she was she may as well have been standing in front of him.

    Vegetation, dirt, rocks, everything was uprooted like a wave ripping from him carving the surroundings anew. All of the terrain was being torn away, even the trees would find it incredibly difficult to resist the forces. Some groaning, thunderous cracking sounds, others splitting and falling. If they survived, they would be bare of most of their beauty left like a dead tree standing without leaves and a majority of its branches. The energy would dance from his body outwards past the ring of trees, weakening as it wrenches through them a few more yards before fading off. Bark would have torn from the trees that remained in defiance, the bare insides left smooth.

    Mara if she were caught in such a display of force, may find herself slung along with the dirt, rocks, and vegetation against the trees that stand defiantly. Surely she could attempt to use the force and shield herself or resist in some way, after all she is primed for his movements.

    Skyler felt as though his muscles had been turned into something near jelly with how numb he felt. The first time he's experienced a Force Wave and it was stunning in a way. With his hand that had pointed in her direction he attempts to brush his orange hair out of his face shakily. Remembering to breath as he inhales sharply, if she came at him now he may be able to respond with a weak force push. If that failed he would bring her saber to life and aim it at her, daring her to close the distance.

    All the work she had spent breaking his emotional control worked, but it exploded in a furious display of power. What remained left his gaze fierce and hardened. Ready to kill if she desired him to bring her saber against her, the same one that struck down his master. The Irony would be great. Wanting to scream, as all her words were sinking in, disturbing his emotional state that much deeper. To her surprise he would not fight them but did not embrace them openly as he demands her in a guttural voice dripping with desire to kill. "Give up, I wish to take you in for the council to decide your fate." Surely the longer she would wait, the more resolve he would find as the numbness fades.

    Two possible ways he would end up standing at this point:
    If she did not bring him to use the saber he would be standing with his arms down with knuckles white with fury gripping that saber hilt.
    If she did bring him to use the red saber, it would have briefly pointed down before sweeping up to take the trained stance. Feet spreading slightly as his knees bend, showing he is ready for her to fight him in close combat even though she had no saber.
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    Now Skylar had been one of the most serene opponents she has faced. At least on the outside. Though his outer appearance displayed calm and a overall tone of control, she could feel his emotions deep inside begin to swell and take shape, and it was around this point that she realized riling him up may or may not have been a good idea. She was able to feel his power, the force was very strong with him. For those who weren't as finely tuned to the deep and the presence of it, this would be nothing to them but to mara it was like the air became thicker and she could see the air around him warble and move slightly. It was as if her words only made it stronger. Mara was expecting some form of reaction to her words but what happened was more than unexpected. Things happened so fast and when his force wave came for her she knew there was no time to block it. Mara was fast but she wasnt that fast! Rocks came flying and small trees were uprooted within seconds, and before she knew it, the young Sith was among those flying things. She had to think fast and so while he was distracted, she decided to play his game and she took the lightsaber from its holster.

    Within a few seconds of doing that, she was slammed back onto a very stubborn bolder. Her back hitting it with such heavy force, she couldn't stop the scream of pain that came out of her mouth. It felt almost as if she had broken it, but she wouldn't be moving if she had. The woman stumbled, staying as she attempted to stand after hitting the rock. It wasnt just her black that felt the force ok f the pain. It was also her wounds. The ones that she had done her best to close up and take care of. The one on her shoulder had taken part of the blow and she could feel the warm blood as the wound reopened again. Her head spun out of control, and she used the rock to lift herself up. The trees were spinning and she had to take a minute to regain her balance. Wounded and now disoriented, mara knew that fighting was dumb. He could kill her, but in truth anything would be better than being taken back to the enemy's fleet.

    Mara hoped that if she was going down, he would be going down with her

    Finally she stumbled up, his once blurry form coming into view again and now she was ready to wreak havoc. The hit to the head almost seemed to make her mood worse and she started to laughs t him again " did I strike a nerve little boy? Are you realizing how much of a failure you are? If that's the case then let me put you out of your misery!!" She would say and ignite the saber in her hand, a very uncharacteristc color for her indeed but it was the deadliness she wanted. If she could at least injure him as badly as she has been then she would feel somewhat even.

    So the Sith charged him with the same ferocity as she displayed with his master. Mara came around on his right side, as if she was going to attack there, but she knew that she had to try and throw him off a bit so she would force jump over to the side of him and swing at him. She normally used one arm for fighting, but at some points she used both and typically those ones had more strength behind them. However with her shoulder out of commission she couldn't exactly do that all too well. Her right arm was currently trying to keep her balanced as well. That hit ti the head really made things worse, and truthfully she wanted to lay down and wait til it stopped throbbing. Speed was the name of the game for Mara, and dodging and counterattacking were normally easy for her.

    Well normally it was, when she wasnt at risk of opening her wounds again and bleeding to death.

    The woman had to play it off though, she wouldn't let him see the pain underneath her snarls and crazed looks. Those purple eyes would never show him weakness, they never showed it to anybody. So she looked at him with eyes that showed no pain, rage would be her mask, and from the long history she has had with it, it's worked out pretty well. Mara moved as if the wounds were paper cuts, keeping up that mask she has placed apon herself. The Sith knew that he was far more able than she was thought though, and expected him to block doge or attack her. If he fought back she would take up defence, and if he dodged she would come at him when he was more focused on gett in ng out of the way. If she could get one fatal attack on him she would be able to get away or finish him off for good.

    The air tingled with an anticipation, the rustling leaves were the audience to the fight that was about to take place. This fight would definatly shape the future for the two of them.
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    It seemed she briefly realized her goading had only spurred a intense power within him. Then it happened all so fast, the ground and surroundings took the brunt while slinging her with it all. Believing he had her, yet he saw his Master's Green saber launch from within his churning robes. It flew right for Mara and she caught it through all the chaos she had used it to her advantage. The roar of the quaking debris crackling, splitting, hurling, and tumbling across the area covered his angry yell. Such irony, that he had the very saber she had used to kill his master and now she had his Master's green saber.

    As things settled, he saw she had struck a boulder. Mara's wounds opening up again and trickling blood as she rose from the rock. At this point Skylar did not care if she bled out, at least she would be weaker and may pass out from blood loss. Hoping that would be the case since it would make things easier, even as she is slowly rising he grips her saber igniting it.

    A red beam buzzed to life in the air with a solid hum. It was different, and strange to him. Yet he would not miss a beat as she took her time gathering her wits, oh he kicked himself for wasting all that precious time he could have used to disable her. Yet it was to late, she was already retorting once more attempting to goad him more. It worked once, and she paid for it dearly but his thoughts were becoming more like a fine cutting edge. A saber battle was coming, and he would not shy from it even if he was using her saber and she using his dead master's green. Injury was not an option for him, nor a continued battle with someone so injured.

    Calculating eyes taking in the debris, he would already be gathering the force drawing it in to use once more. Even before she charged, the distance rapidly closing as she came for his right side, but it was not where she was that he truly focused on. Instead it was the force that helped guide his predictions on where her saber was going to be, simply because of how fast they could whip those sabers. When she leapt over him he used his free hand to grasp a small boulder and yank it powerfully across the scene towards her landing location. It would fly while his focus returned his hand to the saber. Both hands guiding it to greet her swing deflecting it smoothly away from harming him. That small boulder would be arriving at the end of her swing, it would most likely knock her flying across the loose soil. It was likely to hit her im the arm and shoulder as it returned to her side, cushioning the impact to center mainly on her arm.

    With her injuries, and her head still somewhat spinning she may be able to sense it so it is a likelihood that she could attempt to deal with it before it slams into her. But Skylar would not miss a beat if she stopped it with the force he would be in motion. Whiping out his leg to hope his boot will strike the back of her heel and pull, leaving her balancing on her bad leg. Hopefully able to give another swift kick to her bad leg, aiming to throw her to the ground if she was off balance. Combat happened so much faster in close quarters combat, and she was suffering from multiple injuries. Skyler made sure to press his advantage with a calculating mind.

    If for whatever reason she landed on her back, he would be quick to try and kick the saber free from her hand in a rush of movement. Only to force grab it as it turned off and pull it into his free hand to ignite its blade and point them both at her.

    If nothing panned out quite the way he planned, he would defend himself moving to have their sabers crackle in contact, if she pressed on he would show he was not a push over. Aiming for her already existing wounds should the openings present themselves even while blocking, maybe a quick jerk would singe her open wounds while inflicting more mind numbing pain.

    Inside him the killer intent quickly fading, remembering his strong desire to have the counsil give her punishment. Perhaps even torture, so it might strike her as an attempt to further hurt her or if she caught on to the idea he did not wish her to bleed out. Somehow with Mara's condition she would be hard pressed to even consider making him move from his green circle with saber combat alone. The lush green circle of grass yielding beneath his boots being the sole survivor of the force blast in this area.

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