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 The Streets of Paris

Discussion in 'Roleplay Area Archive' started by Scarlet RN, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. Scarlet RN

    Scarlet RN BBCode Queen Member

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    It was an early Thursday evening when Adelaide began making her way back to the small little place that she tended to call home. It was always sad for her because despite her active role with the newspaper and despite the fact that people talked more at night when they were drinking, she couldn’t stick around for a few reasons. Primary among them was the fact that the streets after dark were not safe for a young woman to be walking on her own. Pretty much anyone who stumbled upon her could do whatever they wanted to her and get away with it and after dark was when the more dangerous types tended to be around. Sighing as she walked, she digressed in the fact that it kept her out of some of the more intriguing stories.

    That didn’t mean she couldn’t notice things as she walked, though. Her eyes were always looking for things that could create interesting stories because of that, she’d turned herself into quite the observant person. However, it could also get her very off track as to where she was going and what she was really supposed to be doing - getting home.

    So lost in people watching, Adelaide didn’t even notice when she almost walked right into a police officer. The collision was prevented simply because he had been paying attention and his arms reached out to stop her before she ran into him.

    “Oh!” she snapped back to her senses. “Pardon moi, Monsieur!”

    Although she tried to just walk around him and continue on her way, he didn’t seem like he was going to have that. His hands didn’t release her right away and if they had, Adelaide probably would have fallen over so that was a good thing for now. “Are you ok, Miss?” he inquired, his body bending down so that he could look her in the eyes. “You look a bit… lost.” She probably looked more than just lost so that was actually one of the most polite words he could have decided to use.

    “No worries. I’ll be fine, I imagine. I was just heading home,” Adelaide tried to reassure him that she really was ok and that she knew where she was going. She even added an affirmative nod for effect. However, then her eyes flickered around just a little and she realized that she had somehow managed to get way off track from where she had been heading. She still knew where she was and how to get home, but it was going to take a lot longer now than she had initially hoped.

    “Alright, Mademoiselle. If you’re sure…” He gave her an eye of uncertainty one final time before he headed on his way.

    She nodded back in his general direction and continued walking on cobblestone. This time, she tried to focus more on just getting home otherwise it would be dangerously late soon.
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  2. kingofthesun

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    "She seems like she would work." A tall man wearing a black turtleneck sweater said as he walked in pace with his friend who was short, stocky fellow. They walked in step with another, their eyes darting around before both of them focused on Adelaide.

    "Pretty without a doubt. What do you think she'll fetch?" The stocky one said as he looked up to his friend.

    "Anywhere between ten to thirty." The tall one said.

    "She seems out of it already. She's dazed."

    "We'll pick her up on Chantelle. Keep David updated on her position. I don't want this to turn messy like the last one." The tall one ordered.

    "David was the one that didn't muffle the cunt's mouth." The short one replied curtly.

    "You should've used the sedatives."

    "She kicked me in the balls. What did you want me to do?"

    "Take it like a man and fucking sedate the bitch." The tall one retorted sharply, making sure to keep his tone hushed so others wouldn't overhear their plans.

    "David." Bluetooth headphone in, the short one called his other associate.

    "Yes Max." David responded, "Can you spit it out?"

    "Get ready to make a pick-up on Chantelle. Don't fuck it up this time."

    "Try not to get kicked in the balls." David said as he disconnected the phone.

    Max looked to Andrew, "He'll be there in a few—" Max immediately stopped talking as the girl absentmindedly bumped into a police officer. "Merde." he muttered under his breath.

    "Shut it." Andrew said as he kept walking pace. "Just walk past the two of them." He kept his pace and face steady as they walked past the police officer and the girl. Andrew's grey eyes glanced at the girl from the corner of his eye. "We'll sit at the bench over here. Wait for her."

    "What if the cop see's us?" Max asked, he played with his fingers absentmindedly. He didn't want to get caught or hurt in this pick-up. "We can't—"

    Andrew cut him off as he sat down on the bench, crossing one leg over the other, he glared at Max. "Stop panicking like a school girl and fucking be a man and sit. Don't be an idiot and draw attention to yourself."

    The change between the police officer and the girl was short— luckily the officer didn't even bat an eye as she walked away. Andrew could hear her footsteps against the cobble stone. "I'll go behind, you loop around. That alley loops around to the other end f the street. You approach her head on."


    Andrew let Max walk away. He only got up once the girl was a few steps in front of him. Slowly, and quietly he got up. And walked, staying a few yards behind the girl. At the far end of the block he could see Max leaning against a cobblestone wall of a store smoking a cigarette. A crescent smile curved up on his lips as the girl fell into the trap. Glancing around, he made sure there wasn't a soul in sight. His and gripped the hypodermic needle with sedatives in it. Trap set.

    As the girl approached Max at the end of the block, Max flicked his cigaret to the ground and took two steps foward bumping the girl into Andrew who was a few feet behind the girl. With one swift motion, Andrew punctured the needle into the girl's exposed neck— the effects of the sedative were early instant. As if clockwork, a white van that didn't have it's lights on pulled up. Max, ran over and slid open the door while Andrew scooped the girl up. Success.

    Their catch was bound and gagged. It'd be at least four hours before she woke up.

    Adelaide had been stripped, her hands were bound behind her back, but her feet were left untied. She was left in a small octagonal box that had bright LED's lining at it's hinges. The walls were a glossy black— a one way mirror were her buyers could see her. A PA system turned on— it was Andrew who spoke. "Alright gentleman we have our first item of the day. A beautiful French Maiden who you'll want to use for your most esteemed cliental...."
  3. Scarlet RN

    Scarlet RN BBCode Queen Member

    Local Time:
    1:39 PM
    She truly had been heading in the right direction that time and anyone who knew her would’ve been able to confirm it. Adelaide hadn’t been on a path that would’ve gotten her lost and she hadn’t been on a path that was unfamiliar to her. Actually, if she’d been thinking about it, she would’ve realized that she’d walked the path a thousand times. Well, not literally one thousand times, but more often than most people walked any path at all for sure. That was because it just so happened that the cop had bumped into her near her favorite coffee shop; it was where she went whenever she was actually assigned an article to write. They didn’t trust her with her own article often, but it happened from time to time.

    Even if she had realized that she knew where she was, though, it probably wouldn’t have been enough to save her from what happened. Even sure footsteps wouldn’t have scared away the traffickers who were bound to grab her. In fact, a confident woman was probably worth more than one who was so easily petrified anyway, so it might have even made things worse.

    There was no way of knowing for sure.

    All that Adelaide could know for sure was that as her senses came back to her, she was naked, nearly blinded by the brightness of the light that shined down on her, and there was noise as well. It wasn’t just any noise, either. First came an announcement that made it clear to her - if she’d had any doubt the first time - that she was on sale and that she’d been kidnapped. The second sound was the sound of men - and women, she thought - who sounded like they were just on the other side of whatever this cage happened to be. Of course, Adelaide couldn’t see them, but as a reporter, she’d learned long ago to use all of her senses.

    Her first movements were, of course, completely frantic and disorganized. She pulled at her hands and realized the pain of the zip ties that held her wrists was too much to deal with so she gave up on that quite quickly. Adelaide’s second action, though, was far more interesting to watch. She dropped to the ground and squished herself real small. Then her feet kicked forward, attempting to break the cage although she doubted it would be possible.

    It didn’t actually work, but Adelaide had to try.

    “Y’all are a bunch o’ bastards, you know that!?” she yelled out. Her vocabulary certainly didn’t match with the description of a “beautiful French maiden” on any level at all.
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