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 The Walking Dead

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests' started by Xchick, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Xchick

    Xchick Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    6:08 AM
    Hello! I’m not really new to this site, nor am I new to role playing! I have about 9 years of experience and I see my literally at a somewhat high standard. I made a few threads like these before, with positive results and I’m hoping I’m able to find one that I’m looking for now! Well first of all, let me start with what I’m looking for. I been wanting to do a TWD rp for some time, with no luck of really finding a literate to adv. literate roleplay, but still able to find some nice rps.

    Well I love to double up on characters, meaning I play someone you want and you play someone I want. Which I think is fair enough haha. I can play both male and female, as long as you play who I want in return. Right now I’m crushing hard on the mad man Negan. And would love for someone to roleplay as him. If not, and you feel more comfortable being someone else, I’m fine with that. Let’s talk over in PM my loves! I do have some rules and regulations to this however.

    1. This will be mature. Smut. Gore. Cussing. Violence..etc all the works. We understand how the show it.
    2. Must be a descriptive roleplay, as many details, I love losing myself in words and my writings.
    3. Romance is a must. I’m a sucker for it. And I understand some characters, love isn’t a thing but for this I would love for it to be different. But we build up to that later.
    4. 4. I need you to also understand, I work two jobs, so I may either respond every day or be a bit slow. Though I do my best to respond immediately. I just love moving the story along.

    Well that’s pretty much it, I’m looking to roleplay and I hope you decide to roleplay with me! If you have any question, seriously any, I will happily respond over in messages and get the details from there!
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