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 These Teeth Leave Bite Marks

Discussion in 'Request Thread Archive' started by Ninjanerd, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Ninjanerd

    Ninjanerd Guest

    Local Time:
    8:10 AM

    About Me
    Hello! My name is Wes. Welcome to my request thread! If your journey led you here, then perhaps you are the advanced-literate, third tense, descriptive writer that I'm looking for. Hopefully you are searching for the same kind of partner, one who is dedicated to world building and character evolution. I'm 26 years old and I've been RPing for over 13 years. Here are some things about me that you probably should be aware of before engaging in a plot with me:

    1. I roleplay male characters, and I am interested in doing MxM roleplays, but will play my males against female characters on occasion. Nothing personal, but when I do play m x f, it’s with select partners only. In real life I identify as a gay male.
    I could care less what gender/sexuality you are, because I'm here for the writing and nothing else.

    2. I'm friendly, and approachable. I tend to become friends with my writing partners and frequently have OOC conversations with them using SKYPE. In order to keep our plot active and thriving, I'll check in with you anywhere from every day to once weekly to see if we are both on the same page about the RP.

    3. Continuous contact with my partners ensures that we remain excited about our plot, which is very important to me.
    If you aren't excited about the plot, I want you to be comfortable enough to tell me so the situation can be fixed. We can change up the plot to make it work out OR we can mutually end the plot together amicably.

    4. I like and prefer long-term roleplay. Past roleplays have continued for many months, and the longest of my plots has lasted for over a year. In that case, my partner and I had the right chemistry. That flow allowed us to keep the story and the characters in our plot constantly evolving.

    5. I ADORE sexual tension in my plots! It allows a relationship between our characters to develop slowly over time.

    6. My writing style is plot and description heavy, with a hot and sweaty level of smut blended into it. I love a sweet romance, but it takes time to develop and most people are impatient with slow progressions. A good story and dynamics between characters take time to build. Otherwise the story becomess dull and the smut falls flat.

    7. I LOVE dark, angsty, gritty plots! Vanilla is okay, but the same old shit gets boring quickly.
    My roleplay rating is [​IMG] and X. No underage writers are allowed, because I create themes with extreme violence, gore, physical and psychological abuse, non-consensual sex, forced incest, gang rape, et cetera et cetera. I don't shy away from hard core scenes, I don't fade to black. I have few limits with my writing, and they are all on my F-List, so check it out before PMing me for a plot.

    8. PLEASE DON'T contact me if you are part of the morality police or are easily offended! There is a 100% chance that we will not mesh well together if you are.
    I am open, blunt and up-front-- from the beginning of the plot to the execution of our starting post, and if your triggers aren't on the table from the start-- don't expect me to change my character's personality to suit you. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

    9. Roleplays are considered dead after ONE MONTH of no response and no communication from a writing partner. I will contact you via PM/SKYPE to determine your interest in the plot. If you are experiencing real life issues that prevent your response, JUST LET ME KNOW. I will put our RP on hiatus. Roleplays on hiatus are ones that I'm still interested in, but reserve the right to shelve permanently if I have concluded that a continuation will not be in my best interest.

    1. I'm looking for writing partners that can handle responses that may take up to one-two weeks to receive OR be willing to chat play in short bursts on SKYPE to keep the plot fresh (in combination of posting our replies on a thread here). Just being patient will result in an epic reply from me. I promise I'm worth your wait.

    2. I write detailed replies that I've taken time to research in order to build and make for an enjoyable read for my writing partners. I AM NOT A RAPID FIRE, SAME DAY WRITER. There is no humanly way that I can churn out 1000 wc replies that way. Good on you if you prefer partners that do! As I said before--I am willing to chat play and then copy paste replies here if you can't wait that long. If you're looking for a partner that can post multiple times per day, I AM NOT the guy for you. I am capable of writing multiple posts on my better days, but I like to focus my attention on quality replies over quantity.

    3. I NEVER go longer than a week without a journal post. I always let my writing partners know where they're at on my queue, and I ask that you give me the same courtesy. If you know that you can't post for a while, just let me know. Lack of communication will kill our RP.

    4. I average approximately one reply a day, sometimes only one a week if I'm very involved with real life shit, like work, relationships outside of the forum, etc. PLEASE DON'T PESTER OR PRESSURE ME FOR REPLIES AT ALL! This includes bitching and whining in chat rooms to other members! If I see it or it gets back to me that you're doing it, I will quickly end our writing relationship together.

    5. I'M WORDY. Mainly because I love each of my plots and the characters involved. In my case, words just pour out of my head. Just because you see a lot of writing DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO MATCH ME. DO NOT pressure yourself to try and match my word count.

    6. GIVE ME ENOUGH TO WORK WITH. I will return every word! If you only give me one small paragraph with mostly dialogue, then I have NOTHING to expand upon. If you're the type to usually write at least 3-5 good paragraphs, we'll get along great! If you are the type to only give one-liners or you write tiny paragraphs with little to no description and not enough information to move our plot forward, I can tell you now it just not going to work for me.

    7. Literacy is key, even though English isn't my first language. I know what proper capitalization and proper grammar are, so please have some working knowledge of proper English mechanics.

    8. I enjoy kinky shit. I adore vanilla sex for initial encounters with my characters, but anything past the first time at the rodeo? NO. My F-List is located on the link under my signature below, click on it to find out what turn ons and turn offs I have going. HARD NO's: vore, scat, piss, mutilation and death without prior discussion first. I'm fine with everything else.

    9. Be open-minded, have enough initiative to think outside the box, be spontaneous and dazzle me. I LOVE writing partners that make their character do something out of the ordinary in a scene, because it challenges me to think for my character and figure out what to do next! PLEASE DON'T leave all the decision making to me! It takes two in order to move our plot and characters along and to make all the magic happen. If I feel like I'm doing all the work and you aren't while RPing with me, I won't hesitate to let you know I am uninspired and completely bored with our scene.

    10. I love receiving feedback after I make a reply, because I want to ensure that my writing partner is just as satisfied with the outcome as I am. I will give the same in return.

    Rules of Engagement
    Godmoding/metagaming: Playing my character's actions, ignoring my characters interactions = metagaming. Don't do it, unless you've discussed it with me first. Dictating what you think my character should be doing with yours in our plot is a form of controlling behavior, and I have a zero tolerance policy in effect.

    Gary Stu's: Characters who are too perfect. If there is no tension, if our characters do not have flaws that need to be addressed and overcome, if your character is just great at fucking EVERYTHING THEY EVER DO, I'm not interested. I make a huge effort to make my boys well-rounded and interesting, and I expect the same from you.

    Lack of communication: Please tell me about yourself, link me to your request thread, what plots/pairings/whatever you'd like to do with me. Bring something to the table that I can work with otherwise we'll just be wasting time.

    Pestering/Bullying: I don't follow strict queues or rules for when I post, so don't expect me to give you a specific date and time for when you'll receive a reply. Patience is a virtue. Don't have me doing 150% of the work while you sit back and observe. This is a two-person deal. If I feel like I'm doing more than 50% of the work, we have a problem. Just because your character is submissive that does not mean that you don't have to push the plot forward. Submissive characters do not equate to submissive writing. We are equal partners no matter what.

    Ditching: There are plenty of issues in real life that are out of our control. Life events do occur, and its understandable to a certain extent as to why people ditch plots, but if any of the following reasons apply to you or a plot between us-- I would appreciate it if you never contact me again for another plot.

    IF you lead me to believe that our plot is going well for a very long time and then suddenly drop the plot with excuses like these, but you still continue to plot and write with others you will be dead to me.

    I don't have time for this plot, I have a lot of personal shit going on in real life now.
    I've lost muse, and I don't know when- or if its ever going to return.
    I'm just no longer interested in the plot I have with you, and with all the others I have going, I'm going to have to end ours. Sorry.
    I just couldn't get into my character's head.
    I want to roleplay with you so badly. But it's too draining for me right now.

    I can play anything. Dominant, switch, submissive. It doesn't matter. I will play whatever character works for the plot. If I'm playing a switch/submissive, my character will be spirited and/or a challenge to dominate. I don't play submissive characters who cave in and do anything their Dominant desires. If you play a sub to my dom, I would be super happy if he isn't a doormat.

    I am up for most genres as long as romance is the main plot point. Genres that seem to really get me going are: modern supernatural, horror, fantasy, slice of life (sometimes). I have never tried historical, steampunk, or sci-fi, but I might be willing to give it a go if the plot was interesting enough and my writing partner is patient as I learn.

    I ONLY RP in threads. I enjoy others seeing what we're creating, so I will say no thanks if you approach me saying that you're too shy or insecure about your writing.

    I only use realistic face claims. I do not use anime FCs or personal renderings because they don't inspire me. I'd like my writing partners to use real face claims, because I use Polyvore to create sets of our characters and the scene they are currently in to motivate us for our plot together.

    If you contact me and I ask for a writing sample if you are new to the forum or I am not familiar with your writing, please don't be offended. Due to past negative experiences, I have learned that my time is valuable and the effort I make when custom creating characters is as well, so I would rather do this for someone worthy of my time and effort. RESPECT as a fellow writer goes both ways.

    Off of the top of my head, here are a few pairings I'd be interested in pursuing. Plots that depict these pairings can be discussed prior to the start of an RP. Characters that I prefer to play will be bold. If there is no bolding, then I am fine with playing either character.

    Dominant Twin x Submissive Twin
    Master x Exotic Pet
    Master x Slave
    Serial Killer x Victim
    Celebrity x Stalker Fan
    Drug Dealer/Gangster/Mafia Head x Prostitute
    Scientist x Test Subject
    Eccentric Millionaire x Homeless Youth
    Abusive Freak Show Owner x Performer

    Vampire X Human
    Vampire sire X childe
    Were-creatures like werewolves, werejaguars, wereleopards, naga/were-snakes X other supernaturals/ humans
    Supernatural creature X human hunters/animators/necromancers
    Fae X Human slave
    Grigori Angel x Human
    Demons X Angels
    Demons X Demons
    Witches/Sorcerers/Magic Users X supernatural creature or human
    Skinwalkers - like coyotes, cougars/puma, Kitsune, birds of prey X Humans/Supernatural creatures
    Familiars x Witches or magic users
    Humans with paranormal abilities (psychic mediumship, telepathy, psychometry, telekinesis for example) X ghosts/human or inhuman spirits
    Ghosts/spirits X Human
    Incubus X Human

    Modern-Realism Genre
    Strange Affairs - either taboo or cheating
    Executive/CEO X Secretary/intern
    Celebrity X Manager or Obsessed fan/stalker
    Curious college kid X Dominant in a online chat room/at a BDSM
    Burglar X Creepy House/Psycho
    Music or dance coach/tutor X Student
    Professor X Student
    Professor/Teacher X Student's single dad
    Popular kid/ bully X Geek
    Good boy X Bad influence
    Coach X Closeted gay athlete
    Mental institution patient X Abusive staff/teacher/doctor
    Orphan/Juvenile offender X Abusive staff/teacher/doctor
    Missionary kid in foreign school X Abusive pastoral staff/teacher/doctor
    Politician X Gay escort
    Foreign exchange student X host family's son
    Straight guy crush X gay student
    Best friends experimenting with each other
    Single Dad X Babysitter
    Neighbor next door X Chronically horny older teen/20-something
    Jail warden X Convict
    Runaway X Sugar daddy
    Dysfunctional relationships
    Pimp X prostitute
    Hitchhiker X Predator
    Twincest or twins next door X New kid in town
    Ranch hand X Ranch owners' son
    Close relationships with brothers/step-brothers
    Small town bad cop X Young driver forced to provide sexual favors to avoid arrest
    Nude portrait model X artist with breath play fetish
    Camping buddies
    UFO close encounter/alien abductee X Alien
    Snowbound buddies X Cabin fever buddies
    Model x Stalkerish psycho
    Castaway x Psycho CEO/Island plot
    PTSD War Hero/Sociopath plot X Best Friend/High School crush

    Muse A is a ballet dancer who has dreamt of becoming prima ballerina/primary dancer in a major production of Swan Lake since they were a little kid. They’ve been practicing relentlessly for the last year to give themselves the best chance of success at the biggest audition of their life. The evening before the audition, Muse A suffers a tragic accident that leaves them unable to dance for the foreseeable future (fractured leg, torn ACL, etc.). Muse B enters the picture as Muse A’s physical therapist or someone else who will help Muse A through this devastating time.

    Muse A is a ballerina/danseur at a private dance studio who has gained the attention of Muse B, their dance instructor. Muse B sees something special in Muse A—a rare potential for greatness— and therefore devotes extra time to teaching Muse A technique. As Muse A and Muse B spend more time together alone in the studio, the line between professional and romantic is crossed. Though they are both consenting adults, one or both of them is in a committed relationship with someone else (and it’s highly frowned upon for them to be together).

    When Muse A purchases a new home, they are quick to dismiss rumors of the residence being haunted. Even when the realtor declines to give them a guided walkthrough of the property because of strange occurrences the last time they showed the listing, Muse A just laughs it off as a silly joke. Everything weird that happens from the move-in day has a perfectly logical explanation as far as Muse A is concerned. When the lights flicker, Muse A chalks it up to faulty wiring. When a door slams, it’s obviously because of a draft. When their keys aren’t where they left them, it’s probably because they have a poor memory. Muse A is a firm believer in everything having a logical explanation; they definitely don’t believe in ghosts or anything of a supernatural nature. For years, Muse B, a poltergeist, has been trying to make contact with the living inhabitants of their home with unfavorable results. Typically, when Muse B’s done all they can to make their presence known to someone, making noises and moving items throughout the home, they end up scaring them off without intending to. Being stuck on this plane with no idea how to move on, unable to be seen or heard, is endlessly frustrating. Muse B is desperate to make a viable connection with Muse A who doesn’t seem so easy to frighten. After many failed trials, Muse B attempts to tap into Muse A’s mind while Muse A is asleep. If Muse B can meet Muse A in a dream, maybe they can convince Muse A that they exist and ask for help.

    Muse B is successful in entering Muse A’s dreams, but they don’t anticipate becoming stuck in Muse A’s body when Muse A awakens.

    Muse A is a musician/actor, just on the cusp of breaking into the big time. They have a loyal underground following that they love dearly, but their lifelong dream has always been to be a major headliner and to see their name lit up on the marquis of the biggest venues. Muse B is a well-known talent manager, looking for a new artist to lend their skills and expertise to. After seeing a flyer on the street, Muse B attends one of Muse A’s shows one night and is absolutely blown away by their magnetism and raw talent. After the show, Muse B introduces themselves to Muse A and makes it known that they are very interested in working with them. Muse A isn’t sure at first. They don’t want to be constantly told what to do or play. To be known as a sellout among their loyal legion of fans would ruin everything. The pair spend time together, share a few stories, their dreams and aspirations and begin to hit it off really well.Muse B offers their services, but Muse A is hesitant to accept, even though this may be what they really need to make it big. After a bit of cajoling and a few more meetings, Muse A finally agrees. Muse B utilizes every resource they have to propel Muse A into stardom

    Wrapped up in the whirlwind of success, Muse A and Muse B find themselves growing closer and closer. One night they decide to cross the barrier of personal and professional to try and make a relationship work.

    As Muse A gets closer and closer to achieving A-list status, Muse B steers the artist towards more questionable behaviors (alcohol, drugs, outbursts, etc.) in order to get additional publicity and headlines.

    Muse A is a high-powered executive in an extremely successful, Fortune 500 ranked company. They also harbor a well-guarded secret. Off the clock, the busy executive lives a submissive lifestyle, frequenting BDSM clubs to indulge their needs and desires. Muse B is looking to get their foot in the door at a major company in the city’s financial district. After many grueling interviews and more than their fair share of rejections, Muse B is hired for the position of Muse A’s personal assistant. Muse A is incredibly demanding and has no problem letting an assistant go for something as trivial as using sugar instead of Splenda in their latte, but Muse B is determined to wow Muse A with their focus and relentless drive to succeed, refusing to be expendable like so many of Muse A’s previous personal assistants. When Muse B shows up in Muse A’s office for the first day of work, they are both stricken by speechlessness. The recognition is instant and undeniable. Muse B was Muse A’s dominant at their last visit to the club just one week prior.

    Muse A has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital, and is currently undergoing a long term evaluation. Muse B is a volunteer at the hospital. They bring the families of the residents anything they may need, sit with patients that have no visitors, or simply act as a good listener when needed. A doctor on staff directs Muse B to Muse A, explaining that Muse A is very much alert, but does not respond to anyone that attempts to interact with them. The doctor suggests that Muse B sit with Muse A on the next day, perhaps reading them a novel or telling stories in the hopes that a fresh face who is neither staff nor patient will garner a positive response. Muse B signs in the following day with a copy of their favorite book in hand and sits at Muse A’s side to read. Muse A does not respond for days on end, but one afternoon they finally make eye contact with Muse B, the hint of a smile on their features, looking forward to continuing the story.Muse B is overwhelmed by the small gesture, suddenly hit by the realization that in spite of Muse A’s complete and utter silence, they have grown incredibly fond of them. As the novel progresses, so does the connection between volunteer and patient. Only when the last page has been read aloud does Muse A finally speak to Muse B.

    Muse A has been faking all along in hopes of using insanity as their defense in a criminal court case against them. Muse B discovers this and is embarrassed and heartbroken.

    Muse B confesses their feelings to Muse A, who reciprocates and in turn informs Muse B of the reason for their admittance to the hospital. Muse B promises to stand by Muse A, no matter what happens.

    Muse A has been sheltered for most of their upbringing, coddled by loving but overprotective parents well into their teenage years. They’ve yet to experience most of the milestones that their same-age peers take for granted, like attending a school dance or getting their driver’s license. The only time that Muse A isn’t under the watchful eye of their parents is when they’re at school and even then, they’re under strict orders to come straight home once that dismissal bell rings. Muse B has not resided with a parent/guardian since they were legally able to live on their own. They didn’t come from a nurturing environment, not even close, but they’re not looking for a pity party about it. Muse B fends for themselves in this world and they’ve earned a bit of a reputation for snubbing their nose at authority at every opportunity. Muse A encounters Muse B one afternoon as they’re making their way to the bus. Muse A can’t help but stare with envy as Muse B mounts their motorcycle—able to ride off whenever and wherever they please. Muse B catches Muse A staring and they offer Muse A a ride. Muse A accepts, hastily snatching up their first little taste of freedom.

    Muse A has always loved nature. Even though he lives in an urban area, he finds the time to walk to the local park every day and spend a few quiet moments enjoying the greenery and animals around him. He always relaxes on the same wooden bench and lately has been noticing the animals seem to have grown accustomed to his presence. In particular one beautiful, curious crow. It keeps its distance, but always appears so intelligent and sharp, watching intently with its ebony eyes. One day Muse A brings a small bag of trail mix as an offering to their new feathered friend. The crow caws happily and devours the assortment of raisins and nuts. The following day Muse A returns with a snack and the crow is there, this time with a shiny twist of metal in its beak. When the treats are scattered along the ground, the bird drops the paperclip - a gift - at Muse A’s feet. This ritual exchange carries on until one day, the crow doesn’t show. Muse A is heartbroken, missing the therapeutic one-sided talks and charming company of their wild friend. Muse B appears, seemingly out of nowhere and sits down on the wooden bench beside a visibly distraught Muse A.Wordlessly, Muse B hands Muse A a small metal trinket, a perfect addition to Muse A’s collection. Is the gesture enough to reveal the truth about Muse B? The shapeshifter had been their crow companion the entire time.

    In the prime of their life, Muse A perishes in a tragic car accident. Shortly after, Muse B, who is in desperate need of an organ transplant, gets the call that they’re next on the list for donation. Muse A was an organ donor and because Muse A and Muse B were a perfect match, Muse B becomes a recipient of the vital organ from the recently departed Muse A. The transplant surgery goes well, however there are unforeseen side effects. While in the hospital, Muse B begins to see flashes in the corner of their eye of a person they’ve never seen before, Muse A. At first, Muse B dismisses the creepy sightings, assuming it has something to do with the medications they’re on. Once Muse B's allowed to go home, the sightings become more frequent and Muse A’s non-corporeal form becomes more vivid. Muse B experiences the shock of their life when Muse A actually begins to speak to them one day, suggesting that they’re now connected somehow because of the transplant. Muse A may be dead, but they’re still hanging around and only Muse B can see them. Muse B is stuck with Muse A’s spirit at their side, and they have to learn how to live together for an indefinite future.

    Muse A cannot leave a certain distance from Muse B.

    Muse A can hear Muse B’s thoughts.

    Because he's 'top jock' at school, Twin A is a straight as far as the in crowd goes. In private, he's topping his twin brother, whom shall be referred to as Twin B. Quite the little sadist. Twin A doesn't mind using his brute strength or making a threatening tone/action to get his point across. Twin A is the one that notices the new kid likes watching him and his brother swimming in their backyard pool, because they are usually naked and fooling around with each other. The new neighbor is a closeted gay boy, and he's attracted to Twin B, who is kinder and gentler, but who is also a manipulator of epic proportions. Twin A becomes the mastermind behind all the kinky things that the twins start doing with their new neighbor, once they discover that he has a giant crush on Twin B.

    There may be some coercion/blackmail involved here, because either Twin B makes damn sure that the new kid thinks watching them swimming naked means he must be gay, or he threatens to show others the video what was caught on the hidden camera in their backyard and their house to keep the new kid quiet and compliant. There's a bit of psychological torment, sexual tension, and a lot of weirdness to come.

    Muse A is an inmate in a correctional facility doing federal time. Muse B is a corrections officer working in the facility Muse A is doing time in. The prison is a small environment, and the two interact frequently, but they’ve failed to keep their relationship professional. They’ve fallen in love, against all odds, with fleeting glances, smuggled gifts and privileges, and eventually entire love letters. However, any physical contact or relationship could result in Muse B losing their job or even going to jail as an inmate themselves, and possession of contraband can get Muse A solitary confinement, privileges revoked, or even more jail time. Still, their relationship grows dramatically with several encounters daily and their chemistry becomes unbearable for the both of them. Can the two keep their secret? And for how long? Do the risks outweigh the gains or do they only make it all more exciting for them? And what other obstacles await them behind the prison walls?

    Muse A has always been a misfit. To make up for their lack of friends, they had imaginary friends as a child. Now in their teenage years, they’ve grown past the age where their parents set an extra place at the table or ask the imaginary friends what sort of ice cream they want from the store. Still, in their solitude, Muse A invents a new imaginary friend, Muse B. Muse A’s very intelligent, creative mind creates a persona so real, that their parents can’t tell that they’re not talking about a real person when they talk about Muse B. As time goes on, Muse B seems more and more real to Muse A, and their connection grows stronger, perhaps even to the point of romantic feelings. Muse A is content to have such a close relationship, but becomes worried when Muse A starts suggesting activities that aren’t particularly legal… or safe. Muse B wants Muse A to hurt themselves, and others, for a laugh, and threatens to do the work themselves if Muse B doesn’t comply. Can Muse A defend themselves against a figment of their own imagination? Or will they give in for fear of losing Muse B?

    Muse A and Muse B were born in the same town and attended school together, but were never really more than casual acquaintances, despite Muse B’s best efforts to spark up a friendship.
    Muse A’s family relocates before they finish high school, but as an adult, Muse A decides to return to their hometown for work/college. As the years passed, Muse B’s infatuation with Muse A evolved into an unhealthy obsession. Up until this point it had remained a fascination indulged from afar, daydreams and fantasies of what might have been, but when Muse A returns to town, Muse B takes it as a sign that they are destined to be together - no matter what the cost. Muse B begins tracking Muse A’s movements. It starts off innocently enough, operating silently through social media but quickly progresses to more and more daring endeavors. Muse B begins to leave notes and trinkets on Muse A’s car, sends cryptic emails, and drives past Muse A’s house/apartment hoping to catch a glimpse of the face that constantly dominates their thoughts. Muse A is rattled and beginning to feel paranoid, but unsuspecting of Muse B who they don’t even remember from all those years ago. The ‘secret admirer’ act only sates Muse B for so long, leading them to finally take things to the next level, following Muse A home from class/work. When Muse B can no longer take being in the shadows, they break into Muse A’s home and corner them in order to confess their love. Will Muse A be flattered by the extreme efforts, furious because of the invasion of their privacy, or will they be consumed with fear?

    Muse A is a celebrity living a life full of photoshoots, interviews, red carpets, and fans. One such fan, is Muse B, who showed up to a red carpet event with friends hours ahead of schedule just so they could get right up to the ropes and get an autograph. When Muse A arrives at the red carpet, they’re met with a hoard of photographers and a crowd of screaming fans, at the front of which is Muse B. Muse A approaches Muse B and their friends, giving out autographs and hugs. At the end of the event, Muse B is still waiting for Muse A to come out, and Muse A recognizes them, stopping to talk to them. They have a short chat and Muse A offers to stay in contact if Muse B gives them their phone number. Of course, Muse B hands their number over, not actually expecting Muse A to have time for them, but pleased by the offer nonetheless. Surprisingly, Muse A has time for Muse B. A little too much time. The texts and calls were nice at first, but Muse B has a strange feeling from the continued interaction. They begin to ignore the calls and texts, until the voicemails became frequent and threatening. In a downward spiral, Muse A begins stalking Muse B, leaving dozens of voicemails and hundreds of texts in a day, ranging from professing a fabricated love and threatening to have them hurt if they don’t call back. Muse A somehow figures out where Muse B lives and begins sending presents, first weekly, then daily. Expensive jewels, clothes, and flowers do not make up for the aggressive and insisting advances. At one point, Muse B hears a knock at the door, and looks through the peephole and finds Muse A waiting, staring patiently at the door. Muse B doesn’t answer, and Muse A becomes angry, pounding at the door, shouting that they know they are in there and demanding to be let in, before finally giving up and leaving, but not before threatening Muse B into not calling the police. Muse B is terrified, but doesn’t know how to cope with the stalking. Muse A has many connections and resources that allow them to know anything they want about Muse A, and who’s going to believe Muse B when they say a famous celebrity is stalking them?

    There were just some people that had a way of getting under a person's skin regardless of whether or not it was intended. All non-human derived supernaturals had a tendency to stir up trouble, but the fae stood out in that category. Their blood was intoxicating to vampires, their scent overwhelming to shifters, and their knowledge in high demand for magic wielders. But the fae were tricky, devious creatures that weren’t exactly known for sharing their assets. However, they had a weakness for puzzles and riddles, and if a fae could be tricked then they could be asked a favor which they were indebted to pay. Whenever vying for position in the vampire hierarchy, age always took precedence because with age came power – fae blood cheats the system. A young vampire upstart devises a plan but doesn’t predict the addiction that follows and, of course, the fae probably didn’t warn him either. It takes two to tango – the vampire hadn’t informed the fae about thralls or end clauses that could end positively in his favor. Between the two, it becomes a dangerous game of cat and mouse-- but who shall be the victor?

    Muse A and Muse B are soulmates. They’ve grown up in the same city all of their lives and despite crossing paths several times, they have not met one another; they’ve continuously missed the other by a matter of seconds every time. One fateful morning, Muse A and Muse B happen to arrive in one another’s vicinity. Muse A spots Muse B from across the street just as Muse B is entering into the path of a speeding vehicle. Without thinking, Muse A rushes across the street and takes the brunt of the oncoming car to save Muse B’s life. Muse B is badly shaken from witnessing the accident and gets ushered away from Muse A before they can see the other’s face. Tragically, Muse A passes away while Muse B is being questioned by police. One week later, Muse B attends Muse A’s funeral to pay respects after learning their savior’s identity through the police report. When Muse B is about to leave the cemetery, they encounter someone who feels eerily familiar, though Muse B’s never seen them before. Muse A isn’t sure how it’s possible still, but they’re certain that they’ve been sent back to look after Muse B until Muse B draws their last breath. Muse A does their best to explain this to Muse B, who seems to be the only one who can hear or see them and their angelic set of wings.

    Muse A is a well-known toy maker, or rather, a doll maker to be more specific. They spend their days making breath-taking porcelain dolls that are incredibly lifelike. Frighteningly so. These creations are almost too real and make most customers second guess whether they should actually be purchased. Muse A would prefer not to sell any of their precious creations, but they must only to ensure that they’ll be able to continue with their art; after all, doll-making is a pain-staking and costly love. One day, Muse A receives a commission from a mysterious customer who promises to pay Muse A handsomely upon the condition that they use parts supplied by their own company. Muse A fancies themselves as a purist and is reluctant at first, but they can’t deny that the money they are offered would allow them to comfortably continue making dolls well into their twilight years.

    So, Muse A accepts the commission and begins to craft a new doll with these imported parts. As they begin to craft, it quickly becomes apparent that this doll is different. From every fine hair on their pretty, little head, to their expressive eyes framed with full, long lashes, down to their cute feet; this doll is perfect. By the time this doll is completed, Muse A isn’t sure that they can sell it; they’ve become attached to their most perfect creation. Despite Muse A’s pleas to the wealthy customer, the buyer insists that they pack up the doll for shipping immediately and with a heavy heart Muse A complies. However, in the morning, Muse A discovers that the doll, Muse B, is sitting atop the box rather than inside where they’ve put them the night before. Muse B is curious to know why they were in a box so they simply ask a startled Muse A. Muse A is both frightened and amazed to discover that Muse B has come to life overnight.

    Option A: Muse A falls in love with the now human doll, and teaches him how to be human.

    Muse A is a wealthy CEO who runs their own fortune 500 company in a bustling city. Muse A is in their 30s-40s and has been married to their college sweetheart for 12 years, though the passion between them has long since fizzled out. Muse B is a 20-something, fresh out of college, possessing a business degree and needing to get their foot in the door of the business world. Muse B is lucky enough to be hired by Muse A’s firm and becomes Muse A’s personal assistant/secretary. Muse A and Muse B exchange pleasantries from day to day, but don’t socialize much beyond the details of their business together. One evening, Muse B gets a call from Muse A asking a favor. Muse A must go to a charity gala and their spouse is not able to attend; they want Muse B to attend the event with them. Muse B is flattered and agrees to go for the sake of not letting their boss down.

    Muse A sends a private car for Muse B along with an expensive outfit for them to wear. When Muse B arrives at the gala, they are blown away by the elegant venue. Champagne is flowing freely and Muse A looks attractive as ever in formal wear. Throughout the evening, Muse A reveals a playful, charming side to Muse B that they don’t get to see in the office. Muse A is flirtatious even, lightly touching the small of Muse B’s back, sliding their arm around Muse B’s shoulder, complimenting Muse B in front of business associates. Muse B knows that they shouldn’t read to heavily into Muse A’s flirtation, because Muse A is married and they work together, but it’s difficult not to get swept up.

    When the gala is over, Muse A insists that they retire to the hotel room they’ve reserved upstairs until they’ve sobered up some. Muse B agrees to stay and the pair takes the elevator up to a penthouse suite, the likes of which Muse B has only seen on luxury blogs and in travel magazines. Fueled by a mutual attraction and champagne, Muse A makes a bold move on Muse B, crossing professional and marital lines. Muse B feels guilty the next morning, knowing that Muse A is married, but the attraction between boss and employee can no longer be ignored. Over the course of the following weeks, Muse A and Muse B embark on a secret affair; sharing intimate moments between business meetings, going away on overnight “business trips” together, indulging in private shopping sprees with Muse B’s platinum card.

    Optional: When Muse C (Muse A’s spouse) finds questionable charges on Muse A’s credit card statement/gets a call from the credit card company about suspicious activity, they become concerned that their spouse is cheating. Muse C confronts Muse A, who denies an affair, but it doesn’t take long for Muse C to fixate on Muse B as the source of their spouse’s deception.

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    I'm not that great at sci-fi style RPs, but I am dying to do a plot that's sort of a spin on the doll RP that I have listed above. Except my idea revolves around an matchmaking agency like Match.com or Grindr, except they use sophisticated member algorithms to create your PERFECT MATCH. The only problem? He's not human, and artificial Intelligence is programmed into his mainframe that gives him human characteristics. When your true love becomes YC's absolute soul mate, the matchmaking agency sees their little experiment as a failure, and recalls Project #172. Suddenly your hot date suddenly vanishes, and after a little detective work you find that MC never existed at all. Fortunately you have a few friends to help you out, a private investigator that reveals dark secrets in the matchmaking lab, where knowing the truth puts your life and those of whom you hold dear on the line.

    Hit me up through PM if you're interested.
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