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 Updates, A New Style and Thread Archiving.

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Alchemy, Jun 15, 2019.

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  1. Alchemy

    Alchemy Must be the season of the witch... Administrator

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    8:35 PM
    Rules Update - Regarding High School Plots
    We have added some language to our underage rule: "Avoid stories set in high school, you will be asked to remove them. All roleplays first dated after 05/26/19 will be removed if in a high school setting."

    The reason we ask that you do not participate in High School setting plots on BD, is because the majority of students in High School are underage and we've had an issue lately with people using this setting as a loophole to the rules where they either play underage characters in sexual situations or they participate in plots where the ages are vague as a work around to the rules, therefore we ask that you do not ask for High School plots on BD.

    If you wish to do something like a Harry Potter plot, please age up the characters to college and create a similar setting if you want something like the "Houses" dynamic. Thanks!

    Clean Colors - A New Style For People With Dyslexia
    We've created a style that is intended to be more friendly for people with Dyslexia. Please check it out and we hope it helps.

    Archiving Threads - Staff Can Help!
    If an RP thread has ended or if you are not longer using your RT and want to start fresh, please let a moderator or admin know and we can archive the thread for you. Archiving helps us keep the RP and RT areas open for more active content.

    Keep Voting!
    We are holding steady in the top 5 of Top RP sites! Please remember to vote daily. Lots of new RPers find us through Top RP sites, so that helps the site grow and growth means more partners!

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