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 Female x Male Vacation means freedom (shykiller x zulma)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Execution' started by Zulma, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. Zulma

    Zulma Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:16 AM
    "Matt?! Is that you?!" a voice called from across the dining room.
    A hand peeled off sunglasses as the new comer turned his face in direction of the call. Clear blue eyes scanned the room with a critical gaze and his only acknowledgement was a short lift of the chin.
    There was the screeching sound of wooden chair against the hard floor and Matthew's immediate thought was carpet. It would bring both comfort and silence to this otherwise fairly inviting large space.
    As he made his way through the room, he noted details with the trained mind of someone who had been doing that for years.
    White linen on the tables, the resort was trying to play upscale.
    Artsy historical photos of the northern and western walls, that would have been appropriate for a place with an actual history, but for an outdoor resort, it was totally out of place.
    To the south and east however the view was quite a sight to behold. Sliding doors opened up to a spacious terrace overlooking a beautiful gleaming lake in which reflected steep high peaks. Now that was the reason this place might have potential.

    Instead of walking directly towards his acquaintance, Matthew stepped out on the terrace. Outside he took a deep breath. It was noon, beginning of June, and yet the air still carried a hint of chill. He couldn't decide if this was good or bad. But it didn't seem to bother the couple of tourists laying down on the nearby beach or swimming in the clear waters of the lake.
    Behind him, attached to the dinning room was a tall hotel offering rooms, fitness center, spa and swimming pool. In front of him, surrounding the lake, were small luxurious bungalows for people who wanted more privacy. Both a biking and walking trails offered the possibility to tour around the lake which was wide enough to accommodate windsurfs, waterskiing boats and some other amenities.

    It has potential. he thought to himself as he stepped back inside.
    While most of the tourists in the dining room were dressed in shorts and flip flop, he was wearing dark jeans and a button down black short sleeve designer shirt. At his wrist an expensive sporty watch was closer to a mini-computer than an actual watch.
    At last, he joined Andrew and his wife at their table. While Matthew was tall and slender despite muscles pressing against the fabric of his shirt, Andrew was stout and bulky with a bushy black beard. He greeted his friend with a jovial hug.
    "I can't believe you've joined us!"
    Matthew patted his back politely then hugged Sofia, Andrew's wife with more warmth. " Always a pleasure to see you Sofia." The woman smiled and sat back down.
    "Are you giving me the cold treatment?" Andrew sighed without seeming much put off by Matthew's ignorance. "Are you here for pleasure or business?" he asked.
    This time Matthew looked at Andrew with a small smirk on his thin lips. "Both." he stated.
    Andrew chuckled. "I knew it!!"

    Spotting a shadow to his right which he assumed was a waiter here to take his order, Matthew spoke without even glancing at the person standing next to him.
    "A glass of cold water with two icecubes, one slice of lime." he ordered without a hello or a thank you. "And bring me a menu."
    He didn't wait for an acknowledgment to resume his conversation with Andrew and Sofia.
    "The place is empty." he commented as only a third of the tables were seating guests.
    "Empty, empty, Matt. It's only barely June. The season only starts in July. And remember, this is mostly a winter resort."
    Matthew conceded the point but replied. "I'm not sure it deserves the term 'resort' quite yet, too much of a small town feel."
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  2. ShyKiller

    ShyKiller Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    9:16 AM
    Click. Honey's camera caught the bird just before it blew away. She loved her new camera. A Nikon D5 that she bought with her college fund. The five thousand dollar camera was one of her most prized possessions. Honey Wellington was not a photographer by any means. The eighteen year old took pictures of all sorts of things that wouldn't make sense to anyone.

    It didn't thrill her mom that she wanted to stay with her dad and not live in the 'real world.' She told her mom that she didn't want to live anywhere else. Truth be told, she was nervous about going to a new place. The resort gave her more than enough excitement. Her parents were not young when they had her. Her dad was in his mid sixties now and only continued working because he would be too bored otherwise.

    Another bird landed on the same low hanging branch and Honey lifted her camera once more. She didn't even know what type of birds they were. She just liked their colors. Her phone went off which scared the bird and made her jump. "Drat." She said quietly as she checked her phone. It was lunch time for the servers and she needed to give them a break. She hopped on her four wheeler and headed for the hotel.

    Honey had been working around the resort since the age of thirteen. She knew everything there was to know about the resort and the surrounding area. She didn't really have a job title so much as she just filled in where ever she was needed. She was the type of person that was good at only one thing. That thing was this resort.

    She ran through the hotel and out to the restaurant behind it. In the kitchen she dusted off her clothes and grabbed an apron before walking out to the dining area. She was just in time to see a man sit down with another couple and so she grabbed a menu and a glass of water and headed that way.

    She had just come up behind him when he must have sensed her presence and curtly gave his request. Two ice cubes? A slice of lime? Did they even have limes? "Here's your menu." She said as she set it down. "I'll be right back with your water." She went behind the counter and, with her back turned to their table, she pulled out all but two ice cubes with her fingers and then put a lemon wedge in the glass. She returned to the table and set it in front of him. "Here you go. Do you know what you want? Or do you need a few minutes to decide?"
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  3. Zulma

    Zulma Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:16 AM
    The man took the menu and opened it as his friend Andrew spoke further. "This resort might be small town but that's its charm."
    Matthew scuffed off at the thought. "Small town isn't an excuse for sloppiness or laziness. The location might be prime, but it needs more than that to be successful and profitable." He knew what he was talking about. This resort had some financial difficulties, which was why he was here...as a potential investor.
    Andrew shook his head but kept his smile. "You're always a hard bargain. I guess that's why they call you the shark of Lewis Group. Give some time to this little place to warm your heart and you'll see its true worth!" The Lewis Group was quite famous around the world for providing elegant luxury resort and accommodations for the elites of the world, politicians, stars, rich businessmen. At almost 30 year old, Matt was following in his father's footsteps and despite his young age he had already made himself quite a reputation in his field by securing some unique locations offering a wide array of outdoors activities.
    Matt chuckled. "We shall see abo-"

    Matthew stopped halfway through his sentence as the glass of water was set in front of him with lemon, not lime. He raised an eyebrow and slowly turned in the direction of the little brunette who brought it to him.
    His clear gaze moved up and down. He was sitting and yet, she was barely taller than him. Nothing was on his face but scorn and displeasure. He was certain that he could see mud on her shoes. Her hair which could have been lush and beautiful was a disappointment. He couldn't tell if she was going for a messy bun or if she forgot to shower in the morning. As for her apron, not that he could blame her for the design, but who thought white with an hand embroidery was a good idea?! What was on those aprons anyway? A bird? A fish?

    "I asked for lime." he stated coldly, holding her soft hazelnut eyes in his for a second. "Freshly cut lime." he rectified without batting an eyelash. "And bring the artichoke dip as an appetizer." he ordered, turning back towards Sofia and offering Andrew's wide a smile. "Still your favorite?"
    Sofia chuckled and nodded. Before Andrew and she got married, Matthew and her dated for a while and they parted as good friend.
    "And I still dislike it..." sighed Andrew. Sofia gently patted his hand and gave him a quick kiss on the corner of his lips.
    Matthew's attention turned back to the menu pondering what to try for his lunch.
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  4. ShyKiller

    ShyKiller Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    9:16 AM
    Honey, as signified by the embroidered patch on her shirt, smiled brightly as the man turned to hers. She struggled to keep smiling at his icy stare. His eyes traveled down her body and back up as if she were something disdainful. It made her uncomfortable but more in a way like she wasn't worthy of serving him.

    "Oh... I... I'm sorry. I be right back with that and I'll put in the order for the dip." She grabbed the glass of water and disappeared into the kitchen. She gripped the counter with both hands and took a few deep breaths. There was something about this man... she couldn't put a finger on it. He was insanely good looking but she had seen that before. He was an older man but she had definitely seen that before. She was much too young and innocent to realize the effect his confidence and power would have.

    Normally, with a rude customer, she would find her revenge in some way with their food. But she felt a strong desire to win this man's approval. She asked the cook directly for a lime and he gave her one. She took it out behind the counter and sliced it evenly four ways. Then she placed it in a small dish. Next, she got a new glass and put in two big ice cubes and filled the glass with water.
    Again, she approached the table and set the glass and small plate down without a word. She didn't expect them to be ready to order and the dip wasn't quite ready so she just stood there awkwardly waiting to be told she got it right.
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  5. Zulma

    Zulma Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:16 AM
    If Matthew approved of the full lime which accompanied his glass and was displayed on a small plate, he didn't show any sign of contentment. His eyebrow tilted slightly even as the young woman hovered next to him. What was she waiting for? His order? A thank you? A pat on the head?... or maybe on the butt? Amusing. he thought as she didn't ask for his order and just waited there, arms along her small frame. There was a hint of tension in her shoulders which caught his interest.

    Sofia and Andrew remained silent, not very at ease with the small waitress standing by their table. Matthew on the other hand didn't seem bothered at all. On the contrary, he enjoyed the unease which was building up around the table. He kept reading the menu for a couple of seconds, long enough that the young lady would be starting wondering if she needed to leave them alone or not. He snapped the menu closed, startling people around the table.

    "Well as you are still here...Honey..." he started, his gaze shifted from her name on her apron to once again settle in her eyes. Honey, seriously? Her parents couldn't find something more cloying than that name. Or maybe, that her choice and she liked being called that way... young ladies these days really didn't know what was good for them. The corner of his lips rose in a small almost playful smirk.
    "Make yourself useful. I traveled all morning, I want something light but reinvigorating, what would you recommend?"
    He stared at her with the same confidence as a professor interrogating a student. He had no doubt that she probably felt as if she was passing an exam and failure wasn't an option.

    He leaned back slightly in his chair, his irises almost taking the icy touch of a silver blade for a brief moment. He waited patiently, watching her, observing her almost like a feline in front of a new prey.
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  6. ShyKiller

    ShyKiller Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    9:16 AM
    As the tension grew, Honey felt more like she should walk away. She wasn't sure why she felt so glued to that spot. She just tensed her muscles to turn away from the man who was reading the menu when he suddenly slammed it shut. Honey jumped and actually dropped her notepad.

    Honey started to lean down to get it but straightened back up when the man started talking. He paused and she started again, stopping when he said her name. He paused again and his eyes left her face. She took that moment to finally pick up the note pad and straighten her clothes. The whole incident made her face flushed with embarrassment.

    "Ummm..." Honey stammered, not because she didn't know what to say, because she knew the perfect thing. She stammered because everything about this man, made her doubt herself. "Well, I would suggest the BLT? We have an amazing BLT and you can order it on sourdough instead of wheat? To make it lighter? And a bowl of fruit to top it off because fruit gives you natural energy and..." What was she doing? Why was she explaining this like he was eight years old? "Ummm... so that's what I would... suggest...?" She forced a smile that only betrayed how badly she felt like she had just failed some test.
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  7. Zulma

    Zulma Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:16 AM
    For a fraction of second, Matthew's lips had raised into a devilish smile when the young waitress dropped her notepad. He watched as she tried several time to pick it back up, the fabric of her clothes stretching against her soft curves. His eyes narrowed slightly as a long strand of her brown hair let loose from her bun, brushing the soft skin of her neck and cascading down to her hips.
    When she straightened up at last, pad in hand and a delicate hue of pink on her cheeks, he was watching her with the intensity of an hawk.

    He tilted slightly his head at her recommendation. He was barely listening to her words, however he was particularly attentive to the hesitation in her voice, the quickening of her breath and the obvious tension on her shoulders. He enjoyed seeing her unravel and explain her choice to him.
    "A BLT? Light?" he stated. It wasn't a true question, more of a stern observation. His gaze slid down her face to her breasts and waist. If she had been overweight with a diet of greasy burgers and sugary soft drinks, he could have understood that she thought a BLT was 'light', but she was petite so her choice was quite surprising.

    He sighed and shook his head. He slowly took a slice of lime and squeeze it inside his glass, watching as the juice slowly diffused inside the water, then dropped the fruit in the liquid.
    "I will have the Clean salad." he ordered with an obvious dislike at the name of his food. He was choosing a salad with spinach, avocado, orange, some spices and an olive oil based vinaigrette.
    Then he took a long sip of his water, completely ignoring the young woman.

    Once Honey left back for the kitchen, situated on the northern side of the room, Matthew stood up. Andrew and Sofia looked up at him with confusion. Matthew had a small chuckle.
    "What? I've been in the car all morning, I need to pee." he offered. Andrew burst laughing and pointed to the west wall. Matt thanked his acquaintance with a small nod and headed for the restrooms.
    Sofia's eyes followed him all across the room and Andrew raised an eyebrow. "I'm here you know..." he pouted and Sofia wrapped her arm around her husband's arm.
    "I know. And I'm glad." she stated with a loving smile as they waited for Matthew to come back and Honey to serve the dip.
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  8. ShyKiller

    ShyKiller Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    9:16 AM
    The man's gaze traveled her body once more. It wasn't the first time a stranger checked her out, but it was the first time that she felt uncomfortable about how she looked rather than how he was looking at her. What was wrong with her? Was something on her clothes?

    He obviously didn't like her suggestion which made her feel like a failure. "A clean salad? That's a great choice too... I'll get that right in for you." She forced a smile and disappeared into the kitchen almost unable to breathe.

    "Sean!" She called out to the chef. "I will give you all my tips tonight, just please make this the best clean salad you have ever made in your life. Please? Pretend you're getting paid a million dollars for this salad." Sean sauntered over to her. "All your tips, huh? All you ever do is talk about how you never get tips. Tell you what, you want a perfect salad? I'll do it. Just lift your shirt to your chin for a minute."

    Honey turned red and gasped. "Sean thats... that's sexual harassment. You could get fired." "Fired? How can I get fired for something that noone turned in? And who's going to turn me in? You? I've got a wife and baby at home. Are you going to make a baby starve just because I want to see your tits?"

    Honey sighed. "That's not fair..." She said a's she lifted her shirt and bra. Next thing she knew, Sean had captured a picture on his phone. "Hey!" She quickly pulled her clothes down. That better not have had my face in it." Sean just laughed and handed her the artichoke dip. She grabbed and it and went back put to the dining area.

    She suddenly stopped as she looked at the table where the man had been sitting. There was a couple sitting there. Had they been there the entire time? She noticed the glass of water with a lime in it. How had she not noticed these two? She walked over and set the dip down. "Here you go.... ummm... have you two ordered? I'm sorry I didn't mean to overlook you two."
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  9. Zulma

    Zulma Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:16 AM
    Sofia looked at Honey with a condescending smile. "Oh Sweetheart, don't worry. Matthew has this effect on many young women. Refresh my diet sprite, will you?" It was hard to say if Sofia was making fun of Honey or jealous of her.
    Andrew on the other hand offered a genuine smile to the young waitress. "Another beer and a side of fries, please. I'm tired of those healthy eaters! I'm on vacation god damn it! I'm going to enjoy myself!!"
    Sofia looked at her husband and actually laughed with him, then they both ignored Honey.

    Minutes later, when Matthew came back to his table, both Andrew and Sofia had fresh beverages and Sofia had started to eat the artichoke dip.
    "How's the dip?" he asked as he sat down.
    Sofia gave a non-committal shrug so he tried for himself. He check slowly.
    "I've had worse." he finally commented. "But that's definitely not fine cuisine."
    Taking a long sip of water, he looked again at the room surrounding them. "I wonder how many cooks they have on staff. The dinning room can fit easily 100 guests, 140 if you include the terrace. Although right now it seemed that no more than 30 people have decided to eat here."
    He thought for a moment wondering if the reason behind the lack of guests in the dining room was because of the lack of guests in the resort, or because people didn't like the food, or because people were doing outdoor activities around.
    "Any other dining experience on the resort?" he asked Andrew.

    The bearded man nodded. "On the other side of the lake is a French cuisine restaurant. It actually is pretty highly rated. And then on the top floor, there's a bar opened all night long with a breathtaking view."
    "And here we are having artichoke dip in the cafeteria..." Matthew scorned.
    Andrew shook his head. "You can really be an asshole sometimes."
    Matthew flashed him a businessman smile. "Thank you."
    Then he looked at his watch and towards the kitchen. "Where's that clean salad...?" he sighed with annoyance.
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  10. ShyKiller

    ShyKiller Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    9:16 AM
    Honey wasn't sure what to say to the woman sitting by a man talking about a different man with such admiration. She didn't really know what to make of what she said either but the fact that Matthew's effect on her was so obvious made her blush. Luckily, the second man came to her rescue.

    "Sure thing," she said with a laugh as she picked up the woman's glass, "I'll have that right out." She went behind the counter and emptied the woman's glass filling it with fresh ice and sprite. Then she took the top off the beer and brought them back to the table.

    Back in the kitchen she got the fries in a basket and looked over at Sean who was on his phone uploading the picture of Honey to his favorite website face and all. "Sean! I need that salad!" He set the phone down with a smile and crossed his arms. "It's almost done. You know the secret of a perfect salad is to let it age for a few minutes. Not too long. That way it's neither soggy or too crisp."

    Honey had to think about that for a minute. He seemed so sure of himself maybe it was true. Truth be told, Sean just knew Honey well enough to make her believe just about anything within reason. "Ok," she sighed, "how much longer?" He grinned triumphantly. "One minute and.... fifteen seconds." He said after checking his watch.

    Honey busied herself with seasoning the fries, not remembering if she had done it before or not. Then she paced back and forth til Sean handed her the salad. She picked up the basket of fries and carried both out to the table.

    She was slightly more confident now that she knew his first name. Many people came out to this resort just for the small town rustic charm and she would lay it on him. She set down the fries first with a smile at the first man and then set the salad down. "Here you go, Matthew. Is there anything else I can get for you? Or are you all set for now?" She asked with a genuine smile as she instinctively wiped her hands on her apron.
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  11. Zulma

    Zulma Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:16 AM
    Andrew chuckled. "Matt, you're on vacation, chill..."
    Matthew sighed and took a wedge of lime, biting into it as if it was a sweet candy. He sucked in the juice before putting the peel back on the little plate with the two remaining quarters of the citrus fruit. If his salad didn't make it to his table, he could always eat the rest of his lime. The thought made him chuckle softly.

    Andrew straightened up as he spotted Honey with their food. "Here she comes!" he said happily, smiling back as she put the basket in front of him. He immediately took one and shoved it in his mouth, only to frown. The fries weren't hot anymore and gosh they were salty! How long had they been ready before they were brought to the table? He was about to comment on it when he heard the waitress call Matthew by his first name...he froze. Next to him, he felt Sofia tense up and could tell that his wife was about to say something but she stopped herself, instead looking away from both Honey and Matthew as if suddenly the view of the lake and the mountains was the most interesting thing ever. Andrew just kept chewing on his fries.

    Matthew's jaws clenched when Honey used his first name and he turned in her direction, very slowly as if he was containing himself, ignoring the plate which had been carefully placed in front of him.
    "To you, I am Mister Lewis...or Sir." he stated in a clear but icy voice. While he'd been looking at her with arrogance and scorn up until then, now, his blue eyes were clouded by something new as if she had just disrespected him and was about to suffer the consequences of her actions. He held her gaze with a new intensity until she was forced to look away. "I am not your buddy. I am not your friend." His voice was surprisingly poised and strangely warm as if he was explaining something very important to a child. In that moment, he was ignoring everyone around them, not caring at all that Andrew and Sofia were at the table with him. It was as if it was just Honey and him.

    "Know your place and do not make that mistake again, understood?" he warned her and waited for her to acknowledge and agree with what he had just said.
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  12. ShyKiller

    ShyKiller Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    9:16 AM
    As Matthew turned towards Honey her smile faltered but survived. It wasn't til she heard his voice that really started to fall apart. Her hands started shaking and her smile vanished. There was actual fear in her eyes. Finally the tension around the table grew so high that Honey could no longer meet his gaze.

    She looked down at her hands as they fidgeted with each other. "Yes sir." She said with a quivering voice, actually blinking back tears. "I'm... so sorry. I didn't mean.... I didn't... I'm sorry..." It took everything in her to not break down right there. She couldn't even move. She was rooted to that spot again as if she had to be dismissed by Mr Lewis.
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  13. Zulma

    Zulma Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:16 AM
    "Good." Matthew stated simply, taking in the vision she was offering him with her trembling hands, quivering lips and wet eyes looking down. It was close to perfection if it weren't for this totally ridiculous apron. In fact, she shouldn't be wearing anything. A slow smirk crept on his thin lips.

    "Let's try this salad, shall we?" he asked, his tone back to normal, with even a hint of conviviality in it. He took his fork then grabbed a bite of the clean salad. The avocado was ripe, the orange just sweet enough, the produces were fresh and the vinaigrette zesty without overpowering. It was neither too cold from having just been pulled out of the fridge, neither too warm from having waited out for too long.
    He turned back to her, she looked glued to her spot which told him that she was probably not innocent to his salad being above average.
    "The salad is tasty. You did well." he complimented her, the same way an owner would pat his pet for good behavior.
    "You may go." he added and focused on his lunch.

    Andrew forced himself to eat the cold over salted fries. He didn't want to be the reason why Honey would get another scolding by Matthew. Sofia barely touched the artichoke dip and she finally stood up.
    "I want to go to the beach." she stated, glaring at her husband who took the hint and stood up as well.
    "Our room number is 432." he told Matthew so that he would know which room to charge for the check. "Let's catch up later."
    Matthew nodded, not bothered at all by being alone at the table. On the contrary, he had now free reins to check this resort out and see if it truly had potential or not, and of course, that included the employees...
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  14. ShyKiller

    ShyKiller Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    9:16 AM
    As soon as Matthew said the salad was good, Honey exhaled. She didn't even realize she had been holding her breath. She felt a rush of emotion and couldn't help but wipe her eyes. "Thank you. I'm glad you like it." She turned and disappeared into the kitchen again. She came back after about five minutes surprised to find that Matthew was alone. Had he been OK with her addressing him by his first name, she would have sat with him and asked him all about himself. It was still tempting. She felt a strong pull to him. But after her last scolding, she wasn't about to risk it. "Is everything OK for you, sir?" She asked leaning one hand on the chair next to his and propping her foot up on her other foot.
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  15. Zulma

    Zulma Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:16 AM
    As he was eating his salad slowly, Matthew stole a fry from Andrew's basket and almost spit it out. Who prepared those?! And more importantly why didn't his friend say anything about it.
    Matthew wiped the corner of his lips with his napkin before looking at the young woman. "Yes." he answered calmly, noting with approval that she used the word 'sir'. "Although, I cannot say the same for my friends...I would have left the table as well if I had been served such fries!" His tone was half way between amusement and a scolding.
    His own plate was three-quarter empty and he didn't object to the break the young waitress offered.
    "They are staying at the room 432." he added with a small gesture in the direction of the empty seat, taking care of business first.

    He put down his napkin next to his plate to take his glass of water and leaned back in his chair.
    His eyes left Honey's face to look at the lime which was swirling in the liquid.
    "So tell me Honey, how long have you been working here?" As he waited for her answer, he took another long sip of the fresh water.
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  16. ShyKiller

    ShyKiller Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    9:16 AM
    Honey cursed herself. She must have seasoned the fries too much. "I'm sor..." she started with an apology but evidently, Matthew wasn't looking for one since they weren't his fries. "Thank you, she said as she scrambled for a pen in her apron to write down the room number.

    She froze when he asked her how long she worked here. This didn't seem like a normal question from a man that was insulted by being called by his first name. She felt like she was walking into a trap but she had no choice. It was a direct question. "Ummm... about two years? Officially? I mean, I couldn't legally be on the payroll til I was sixteen but I've been here most of my life.... more so after I was thirteen." She bit her lip. She had probably already too much. No doubt he wasn't asking out of genuine interest.
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  17. Zulma

    Zulma Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:16 AM
    His gaze was very detached, confident and nonchalant at the same time, yet behind that cold facade, he was appreciating how the little Honey fidgeting in his presence. He enjoyed the tension in her neck, the hesitation in her voice.
    "Thirteen?" he repeated casually, the curve of his thin lips lifting slightly in an encouraging smile which should have been a warning for the young woman to run away.
    "Your parents work here too?" he questioned further. Before adding in a lower tone "And what kind of work have you been doing here since you were thirteen...?"


    "Yeah, my dad works here. That's why I've been here since I was little. But I was like twelve or thirteen when I stopped following him around and doing other things. Mostly, I ride around picking up trash and giving people directions. I try to tame some of the animals around here too because alot of people come that come here just love to see them. But they don't want to be scared so I spend alot of time with the animals.

    Honey kept looking at the chair next to Matthew. She wanted to sit down and be more cordial since she was getting into explaining her life here. But she was scared he would get upset.

    "So when I turned sixteen, my dad signed a paper that said I could work here and they hired me. And after that, I had alot more to do, like fill in here and at the hotel and.... well everywhere... in the winter I work on the ski lift and teach new skiers how to ski and in the summer I give tours and teach kids about wildlife and conservation and how the ecosystem in the forest works. I... I do pretty much everything.... Sorry if I talk too much..."


    "you tame animals?" the irony in his voice wasn't kind. "Are you a Disney princess waiting for her prince charming to rescue her from her provincial life?" he teased. "You got me curious? What kind of animals do you tame?" he was interested to see if she was one of those kids who was trying to impress others by claiming to be close to nature or if she was as sweet and naive as she looked.

    He spotted her gaze towards the chair but on purpose didn't invite her to sit. He was enjoying seeing her long to be more comfortable plus he had a better view like that.

    Her knowledge of the hotel and surroundings might come handy and he stored the information she was sharing to his memory, but for now he was more interested in the young woman than the business opportunity.

    "Yes you talk too much." he replied sternly, watching her shrunk at the barb. "But you have a lovely voice." he complimented. "And when I ask a question, I expect an answer." his last sentence was said with intensity and he locked eyes with hers when he spoke. What he meant was that if he ordered, she had to obey.

    He let it linger then repeated. "So what animals do you tame?"


    Honey held her chin up. She looked like a child that was being bullied and failing miserably at trying to pretend that it didn't hurt. But when he told her that she in fact did talk too much, she lowered her head as if receiving a scolding. Then, just as quickly, lifted her head when he complimented her. Her eyes filled with wonder as she tried to figure this man out. Was he an asshole? Was he actually nice? Was he an asshole trying to be nice? Or vice versa? It was too confusing. Nonetheless, he had asked another question and, teasing or not teasing, he expected an answer.

    "Ummm.... mostly birds and small animals like squirrels and rabbits and raccoons... but I've been doing well with some of the deer this year too. Also, there's a black bear I found when it was a cub. I've been taking care of it for over a year now. I just haven't seen it for awhile. Maybe it's hibernating though. I've tried to get some elk but they are real skittish.... and moose are just mean.... really mean..." She obviously had more to say about animals but she felt like she was talking too much again. Plus, she had to get back to something he had said. She couldn't help it. "Uhhh... so do you really think I have a lovely voice?" She lowered her head again only looking at Matthew with her eyes. Her mouth was toying with a smile.


    Matthew was listening to Honey with an incredulous smile. As she mentioned the bear, he shook his head. "Consider yourself lucky that its mother hasn't found you..." he warned. "You should leave it alone from now on." he couldn't believe the girl actually befriended a cub...and tried to approach a moose?! On what planet did she live?!

    As she questioned him about her voice, he raised an eyebrow. "When someone gives you a compliment, do not ask them to repeat it or else you might never get a compliment again." he threatened her, clear eyes showing no kindness as they looked into her wide doll like eyes. He had to admit that she was cute, but was she cute enough...? He hadn't decided.

    "Well." he stared at her. "It seemed that duty calls." he pointed at the customers two tables over who had been trying to catch her attention several times. He watched her busy herself with the other customers, while slowly finishing his plate.
    Minutes later, Matthew was gone and a small note was left by the little plate with the lime rimes.
    Put my bill on room 432.
    No signature, no thank you.


    Honey pouted about his warning. She wanted to tell him the mama bear was dead but he continued scolding her, this time about the compliment. That made her pout even more. Noone had ever complimented her voice before. And yet, he was just a customer. Why did she even let herself get bothered by any of this? And here was her reminder, she thought as he pointed out the other table. "Ok, I'll be back."

    It took several minutes to convince the other people that they were very important to her and that she never meant to ignore them. Once she finally had a free moment, she came out to see if Matthew needed a drink but his table was empty. She frowned and cleaned it off. No tip. After the hell he put her through? She knew she should have been angry but she wasn't. She felt more like she hoped for another chance to impress him. She charged the room and then was greeted by the actual server that just came back from lunch.

    Honey removed her apron and grabbed her camera and a bag of food. She got on her four wheeler and went to the far end of the lake by the cabins where she put some out. Then she went further into the woods. She only went so far with her four wheeler and then set out on foot. The trail was narrow and she already had two raccoons following her as well as several birds overhead. It was feeding time and maybe some pictures.

    Matthew checked into his room. He was on the last floor, in the penthouse, on the other side from the 'night club', bar/restaurant.
    He stepped in, opening wide the curtains then the window. He stepped onto the wide terrace and rested his forearms onto the railings taking in the breath-taking view. From here, he could see the entire lake and the peaks reflecting in it.
    "Now I like that..." he appreciated.

    He remained a moment immobile, except for his eyes scanning the surrounding. The air was clear and fresh. The midday sun was warm and delightful.
    Then a disturbing noise troubled his peace and he looked down to see Honey on a four wheeler driving the vehicle fast away from the hotel towards the woods, camera strapped in.
    "Of course it had to be her." he chuckled and watched as she disappeared. For a moment, he was able to follow her thanks to the noise of the engine.
    "Going to her petting zoo I assume."
    That little waitress had peaked his interest although he didn't know why. She was pretty in an innocent kind of way but he'd seen prettier before.
    "Maybe it's the fresh air..." he laughed at himself.


    "Sparky, you greedy little shit." Honey kept trying to get the food past the fat raccoon but he was fast. He or she, she didn't really know but his eyes seemed to sparkle more than the others, thus his name. "Ok, that's all there is. Go play now." Honey returned to her ATV to get her camera. Then she was off to take pictures. For the next hour or two she found interesting designs in th bark of pine trees or the oddly shaped leaf on a bush. She really didn't know what to do with the pictures or how to take pictures that would actually sell. She just liked doing it.

    When she returned to her Honda, Sparky was in the midst of a shocking yet completely natural act with another raccoon. "Oh my god!" Shrieked Honey as she quickly ended the party. "How could you do this on my four wheeler? Get off." The smaller female quickly obliged but Sparky just sat there. "I'm serious, Sparky. Go home.... if you don't get off, I'll take you back to the resort...." She got on and started the four-wheeler but Sparky didn't move. So she started heading back.

    When she returned, he was still sitting there. "You're crazy. Don't go scaring anyone alright?" He jumped down when she got off and started wandering towards the restaurant. Honey watched him for awhile and sighed. "I sire hope he doesn't get me in trouble." She went into the main gift shop. Michelle called in so she had to cover her shift so she would be stuck here for the next four hours. She didn't mind unless the store filled up with whiny kids.

    She started thinking about Matthew and, even though he didn't seem to like her, she found herself wishing he would come in. She actually wanted to know more about him. People like him were interesting and she wanted to know what exciting place he came from and what it was like there. Surely he'd warmed up to her now.


    Coming from the hallway in front of the gift shop, a familiar voice was speaking with one of the managers.
    "Do you often have pests running around your terrace?" asked Matt.
    The manager was trying to find excuses. "We are surrounded by woods and mountains, the wildlife is part of the scenery." offered the middle aged man.
    Matthew had a chuckle which wasn't encouraging.
    "This is a luxury resort, people come here to enjoy the scenery as you say, from afar, or they go to it. Nobody is coming here to have breakfast with a trash panda. It shows signs of neglect and potential alarm as to the cleanliness of your kitchens..."

    From the corner of his eye, he caught the slender silhouette of Honey but he didn't acknowledge her.


    "But I want that onnnnneeee huh." Honey watched with a frown as the little brat got her way. She never could understand why people spent so much money here. There was a Walmart in town that had the same stuffed animals for half this price. But kids cried til they got their way and parents always caved. She smiled when they approached the counter and took their money anyway. It was a fairly slow night so after they left, she began straightening up the toys the little ones had moved around.

    Her ears perked up when she heard Matthew talking. Just his tone sent chills down her spine. She made her way close to the door pretending to work as she tried to listen to what was going on. He didn't sound pleased, that was for certain. Trash panda? What was a trash panda?

    Hearing wasn't enough. She needed to see him. But just as she started peeking around the door. A young couple walked in. She smiled at them but they were oblivious to anyone other than themselves. They weren't much older than her but she could tell by their attire that they were much wealthier. But that wasn't what drew her to them.

    Honey had never had a boyfriend or any real romance in her life. She loved watching couples that were so in love the rest of the world seemed to slip away. She even forgot about Matthew in the hallway as she openly stared at them like a child would. Holding hands. Giggling over stupid things. Trying everything on but stopping once in awhile to share a kiss. Honey was mesmerized.


    "Hmmmm sooo that's your type?" the sarcastic voice came from behind Honey. Matthew's tall frame was dwarfing hers as he was looking in the direction of the couple which seemed to attract Honey's attention so much that she hadn't heard when he addressed her at first. His pride of course couldn't stand that if he was in proximity of the girl she could be watching someone else. Especially a young jock with dirty long black hair and holes all over his jeans.

    The young couple were sweating young love and desire, yet their clumsiness annoyed him. That boy had no clue what to do with that bimbo hanging at his arm. Matthew sighed, the boy had money and no brains, the girl had no money and enough brains to get herself a rich boyfriend.

    "I see...you like them classy and dirty." his lips were curled in a disapproving smirk. "I thought better of you." his eyes drifted down to the small brunette, intently settling in her hazelnut orbs. "Too bad." his voice was almost a whisper and a promise at the same time. He had a small chuckle and moved forward inside the gift store before she could have reacted.

    "So you are indeed working all over the place...it seemed I cannot get rid of you." he spoke louder as he discarded the souvenirs shelves to look at the magazines. "Well then, make yourself useful. Do you have Entrepreneur, Fortune and the Wall Street Journal?" he questioned her. He actually could already see Fortune magazine right in front of him, but he wanted to see her go on her tip toes to try pick the magazine up for him...that was if she actually accepted to help him out.


    A distant voice brought Honey out of her daze. As it turned out, the voice wasn't so distant. "Oh hey." She said with a bright smile when she recognized Matthew. "Classy and dirty?" She asked confused. "Oh... I dont..." It was too late to explain herself. He was already moving on.

    His comment made her frown. Did he want to be rid of her? Was there something wrong with her? He was probably used to supermodels and celebrities. Why would he ever want anything from her? "We have Fortune here..." Matthew was standing where she needed to be to get it and her body rubbed against his as she stretched as far she could to get it off the shelf. "Entrepreneur.... ummm... I don't think... I don't think we have that... Oh! Here it is." That magazine was a much easier reach for her but the last one wasnt. "The Wall Street Journal is right... up... here... ugh... there!" She had to jump four times to get it out and tore the cover as she did. "Oh... crap. I'm sorry, let me get you another one." Honey slowly climbed onto the lower shelves so she could reach the one he wanted. She pulled it out and jumped down before handing it too him.

    It wasn't til now that Honey realized how obvious it was that she wasn't wearing a bra. Matthew was certainly having an effect on her. She blushed slightly and then looked around the room. "So, what else would you like? Maybe something for your wife?"


    Matthew didn't move an inch as her small frame squeezed against his and the shelf. Then he crossed his arms as he watched her stretch and jump to get his magazine, only opening his hand to receive the books. He appreciated that she wasn't wearing that awful apron anymore, yet her taste in clothe was too plain for him, that was until he noticed the gentle curve of her breast pressing against her tshirt in a way which betrayed that she wasn't wearing a bra.

    As Honey moved back towards him with the last of his magazines, he couldn't help but notice how the fabric of her shirt was sticking out in a delightful teasing manner. The desire to brush his thumb against her hardened nipples had his eyes darkened.
    He raised an eyebrow then looked around as if searching for someone.
    "My wife?" he questioned. He raised his right hand in front of her face. It seemed that he could have cup her entire face in his palm.
    "Do you see a ring?" he asked with a hint of amusement. So she was interested enough that she was trying to figure out if he was single or not. He smirked.

    He leaned forward slightly, his clear eyes captivating hers. "There are many things I would like. Would you have anything in particular to offer?"


    As Matthew searched the room, so did Honey. She didn't know why. When he lifted his hand in front of her face, she stepped back against the shelves and as their eyes met she felt trapped in more ways than one. Then he leaned forward and spoke again.

    "I... I have... to... offer? I... I mean... I don't... well I... I have..." for every stammer that exited her lips, an extremely inappropriate answer tried to work it's way out. Each idea in her head made her blush brighter.

    She had no clue why her mind went there. She was always the last of her friends to pick up on innuendo's and word tricks. She was the friend that never had her mind in the gutter so everything had to be explained to her.

    Finally, Honey just lifted her arms gesturing towards the store. "Ummm... everything here." She said with rapid breath. "Magazines.... oh you already got those.... ummmm... gag gifts... tshirts.... coffee cups.... rock candy...."

    At that moment, Honey decided she could no longer hold Matthew's gaze. She lowered her eyes only to realize she was talking about candy and looking at his crotch. Naturally an onlooker wouldn't think twice about it but Honey, never a graceful person, actually jumped sideways as face got even more red. Without Matthew in front of her, she continued talking as she saw more things that were in the store.

    "Postcards.... actually we have full sets of dishes... wind chimes.... all kinds of knick knacks.... other... candy... rocks.... it's like a super expensive Walmart..." She laughed nervously at her own joke before finally turning around to look at Matthew again only she expected him to be further away from her now.


    Matthew didn't move, his expression didn't change either as he witnessed her slowly losing her senses and trying to get away from his aura. She was an open book to him and this made it all the more entertaining. A cute little mouse trapped between his feline paws. He had to be careful not to break her though, these little creatures could be so fragile and the longer the game, the more enjoyable.

    "Everything...?" he questioned, yet he didn't push it further. The sadistic part of his psyche wanted to add 'That would include...you...' but this would be a question for later. Baby steps. He needed to see how far he could push her first.

    His eyes delighted at the sight of her cheeks flushing when thoughts flooded her mind, her chest heaving when she tried to catch her breath. He tilted his head ever so slightly. How intoxicating it would be to have her in the throes of passion...

    He let her 'escape'. It was obvious she needed a breather and he wasn't the kind to physically assault someone...except if they specifically asked for it. He smirked at her nervous laugh.
    "Any lemon sour candy in your treasure vault?" he teased, slowly walking away from her to plop his magazines on the counter in front of her register.
    "I like sweetness only with a kick." he added, his gaze following her as she moved across the shop. For a second, it was hard to know if he was speaking of candy or Honey.

    "Now you have me wondering which hat you will be wearing next time I see you... Bartender at the lounge upstairs? Life guard by the pool? Chamber maid in my bedroom?" his smile was strangely friendly. "So Little One, Will you share or leave me guessing?" he asked.


    Honey was relieved to find that he hadn't followed her. She wasn't sure what she would have done if he had. She bit her lip when he brought up the lemon candy. She toyed with the idea in her mind. 'Why yes, Mr Matthew, I am sweet with a kick. I'm sure you'll enjoy me...." her face flushed again as she cleared her throat to respond.

    "Yeah that's actually a very popular flavor. We have it in hard candy or chewable or even in pixie powder.... of course that's more for kids." She quickly grabbed a bag of lemon heads and held them out for him to take as if walking over to him might put her in some sort of danger.

    "I've actually done all of those in the past..." Then she lowered her voice. "Don't tell anyone about the bartending part. I'm not old enough to do that legally...." Then she let her voice return to normal. "So I don't really have a schedule other than the diner? That's usually about every day that I'm there. However...." why not take a chance? "I have had some customers ask for my phone number.... in case they didn't know who else to call for.... whatever..." It was just a little white lie. She couldn't do that to coworkers. They always seemed to know when she was lying. But surely this stranger wouldn't know her that well. "Anything else I can get for you Mat.... ummm... sir?" She cringed inwardly hoping against hope that he wouldn't get angry again.


    With a small smirk on the corner of his lips, he took the candies from her small hand. "That will do." he said quietly, watching her face flush and her feet root to the ground for a moment. He wondered if she was actually scared of him. He didn't move, waiting to see what she would do.

    As the young woman admitted to bartending, Matthew tilted his head, his earlier smile slowly disappearing. An underage girl serving alcohol at a luxury resort, he didn't like the idea at all. It seemed that little Honey was either a pushover, either someone who liked breaking the rules. He looked at her more intently, pondering if she was confiding in him specifically or if she was always talking to (male) customers.
    "You shouldn't say things like that. What tells you that I am not an inspector? You could lose your job. This hotel could lose its license which would most likely lead to the closing of the entire resort, and several of your managers could go to jail..." He wasn't smiling nor joking. His eyes were hard on her, almost accusatory. "Innocence is cute, mindlessness is not." he added as he pulled his wallet out.

    When she went on and blatantly lied to him, he sighed. She was obviously pushing herself to appear more interesting in his eyes but he didn't like that type of behavior. His first interest in her was slowly fading away.
    "If you want to give me your phone number, just give it to me." he said as he dropped a twenty dollar bill on the counter. "However, if you think that hinting that you can take care of male customers' needs at any time of the day or night, makes you more enticing to me, you couldn't be more wrong." he watched her crumble without kindness in his clear eyes then questioned. "Why are you lying to me, Little One?"


    As Matthew explained the consequences to her, all the color drained from Honey's face and her hands started shaking. She had done it as a good samaritan act as far as she knew. The real bartender had painted a much more drastic picture than why she really wanted off that night but Honey didn't know that. None of the managers even knew about it and Kelly had demanded her secrecy on the entire thing.

    As if it couldn't get any worse, Matthew then told her that he wouldn't like her if she was a slut. That's basically what he said. She wasn't completely stupid. Honey wasn't angered easily but she was now and it flashed in her eyes. Just for a second. After all, her job was customer service. She took a deep breath as she picked up the money with shaky hands and got his change. "The lie.... was that customers ask me for my number. I don't go around talking trying to.... take care of...." Now the blush was back as she remembered flashing the cook. "I don't.... it's against the rules to fraternize with guests." She finished meekly.

    She suddenly felt tears welling up in her eyes. She had no idea why. Was it fear of getting in trouble for bartending? Or sad she failed constantly with this man she couldn't get out of her head? Maybe she was just tired. It had been a long day. Either way, she did her best to blink them back yet still kept her head down just in case. Maybe he would just leave and she could let it out.


    Matthew tilted his head ever so slightly at the hidden strength and anger he saw flashing in her eyes for a brief moment. He had struck a nerve and behind her sweetness, she did have some pride after all. He took his change back but before taking his magazines and candies, he did something surprising. He leaned forward, his eyes now calm and reassuring and with his left thumb he gently wiped the small tear which had found its way down Honey's soft porcelain cheek.

    "You shouldn't let a stranger get to you like that Little One." he said with a strange tenderness in his voice. Oh how that tear was as beautiful as a diamond earring. His finger lingered just a second longer before moving away, his hand grabbing the box of candies and opening it.
    He popped one lemon head out and placed it on his tongue. He grinned at the sour sensation. Then he tilted the box and another candy fell in his palm. He looked at the young woman and expended his hand.
    "You may have it...in exchange for your phone number." he teased playfully. "Some rules have to be obeyed...and some can be bent. The hard part is knowing which is which." He held her hazelnut eyes in his without blinking. He gave her a choice, always would. She had to decide if she wanted to jump down the rabbit hole or not. He waited patiently and with a surprising calm.


    Then Honey saw his hand coming toward her, she raised her eyes to his and was surprised by how kind they were. She felt him pull the tear off her cheek as gently as someone would pluck a drop of dew of a spider web without tearing it. As if that wasn't enough, "little one." Sure she sort of liked it before but the way he said this time just made her melt.

    When Matthew teased her with the gumdrop, she couldn't help but smile. Even if it was lop sided. She looked at the candy, then up at Matthew, then back at the candy. Rather than take it from him, she let him wait while she grabbed an old receipt and wrote on the back:

    Honey Wellington
    ♡ ♡

    She wrote slowly trying to make the letter fancy because it felt flirtatious. Then she folded the paper and placed it in his hand as she withdrew the candy. She didn't have any secret agenda about making him wait. It wasn't about playing hard to get and if it seemed flirtatious, that would have been a mistake because Honey didn't know how to flirt. That's why she thought it would just be funny to say, "you know, my daddy always taught me to never take candy from strangers," just before she slipped it into her mouth.

    Then it was hard to keep a straight face because she hadn't been prepared for how sour and lemony the candy was. It also didn't help that the couple she had been admiring, we're now waiting in line behind Matthew. She knew they were getting impatient but things were going so well now that she didn't want Matthew to leave. Her heart was racing. She had actually given him, her number. It wasn't a work contact and it wasn't someone she'd gone to school with in the past. No, he was a man and she gave him her number. "So.... I'm available pretty much anytime...." she blushed again. "I mean... if you need something.... I mean... like towels....? Or directions....?" Shutup Honey! She hated how she could just blab on and it always made things worse or more awkward.


    Matthew leaned in forward to watch her write the note...but also to admire the soft curve of the birth of her cleavage which was revealed by her position and lack of bra. Sliding that tshirt off her shoulder to run his hungry lips on her skin would be quite pleasurable. He smiled at the round and sweet handwriting. She was indeed a sweet dear girl, it would make the entire game all the more enticing.

    He raised an eyebrow as she took the candy from him to pass the round hard lemon through her soft lips. He saw her face flicker an instant from the sourness and knew that she was drooling and swallowing the candy's juice. The image of Honey passing something otherwise hard between those delicious lips of hers brought heat down his body. The idea of leaning in and pressing a forceful kiss on her gentle mouth to steal her candy floated in his mind. He smirked. Her innocence was refreshing and he wanted nothing more than to taint it... for their mutual pleasure of course.

    "Thank you Little One." he said as he took the note and opened it, a small chuckle passing his lips as he saw the little hearts. "I shall keep that handy." he added as he folded it back and placed it in his wallet, sign that he actually was going to keep it. If he had placed it in his pocket, it would have meant the trashcan as soon as he was out of the store.
    He didn't comment on her idea of bringing him towels but his eyes turned darker. If he was stepping out of a hot shower without a towel, it would surely not be to ask her to dry him off...except maybe with that soft pink tongue of hers. No, if he called her, it would be to make her as wet and hot as he was.
    He gathered the magazines and box of candies. "Don't work yourself too hard Little One." he said as he left the store.


    There it was again. The nickname was growing on her fast. She smiled as he gave her one last look before picking up his things and exiting the store. Not even five minutes later she checked her phone. Of course there was nothing. Should she expect more? She chided herself for being too eager. He probably wasn't even to his room yet.

    She forced herself to wait thirty minutes before checking again but she caved at twenty. She sighed and continued working but her checks became more frequent and by the end of the shift she was doing everything with her phone in her hand. As soon as the gift shop closed, she called her dad to make sure her phone was working. Two minutes later she called him again to ask him to call her back to make sure her phone would get an incoming call.

    That night he took it easy. After a brief phone conversation with his wife and a relaxing bath, he actually went to bend early with his magazines. As he put down his phone and wallet on his bedside table, he grinned. Something told him that little Miss Wellington was probably hoping for a phone call. He wondered if she had checked what his room number was. 432 was his friends'. She knew his name and had most likely access to the database. Would her behavior changed if she knew that he was in the most expensive suite of the resort? He chuckled. This hotel had its charms after all. He read for a while then called it a night.

    Matthew was up before the sun. It had been a long time since he spent such a restful night. The silence of the resort despite his room being on the same floor as the club/restaurant was delightful. He put down a tshirt and shorts and headed down to the fitness center for some exercising.


    Honey waited til almost midnight before she finally went home and went to bed. It would have been difficult to get to sleep if she hadn't been used to being in bed by nine thirty. Five thirty came way too early and she drank three cups of coffee instead of her normal one cup. But, as tired as she was, she put a little more effort into her appearance than normal. Her jeans were tighter, her shirt was prettier and had a deeper V and instead of boots, she wore a pair of low heels. On second thought, she took the heels off and put on a pair of flats. It would be ridiculous to ride her ATV in heels. Then she did her hair and even a little make up before joining her dad in the kitchen.

    James Wellington glanced at his daughter and then sniffed the air. "Is that... what I think it is?" He grinned at Honey. "Do I smell perfume?" Honey blushed. "You smell the flowers in the window." James laughed and returned to the skillet. "Those flowers are lavender but, yes, it must be them. I'm pretty sure my daughter doesn't own any perfume... or make up." He added as he looked at her again. "And where are the timberlands?" "Daaaaaaad." Honey whined. "It's no big deal, I am a girl you know." "Oh I know, sweetheart. I just thought that you didn't know that. So, who is he?" "Dad!" "Don't dad me." James said good natured as always. "I may be old but I can still figure things out. If there wasn't a 'he' you wouldn't be as red as an apple right now. Is he the reason you came in so late last night?" "Okay, there's no.... I didn't.... I just wanted to look nice today. Okay?" James gave her a hug. "Okay hun, okay. I'll stop teasing. And you look absolutely beautiful." Honey smiled and kissed her dad on the cheek. "Thank you. I'm going to eat breakfast at work, okay?" "With prince charming?" James laughed loudly. "Ugh!" Honey ran out and drove to the resort.

    As the sun came up, she got on her four wheeler but instead of making her usual rounds, she went to the gift shop. Matthew still hadn't called and she couldn't take it anymore. An idea had occurred to her while she was in the shower and she was going to see if it would work. She let herself into the gift shop and found Matthew's receipt from the night before. "Matthew Lewis." She said with a smile. "Honey Lewis.... Matthew and Honey Lewis..." She allowed herself to daydream for a few minutes before locking up and going to the front desk of the hotel.

    "Good morning Kim." "Good morning Hon....ey?" Kim paused as her eyes met Honey. "Well look at you! Find yourself a boyfriend?" Honey looked at Kim in dismay. "Is it written on my forehead?" She asked as she walked behind the desk. "No, not there. Just everywhere else." She said with a laugh. Tell me everything." "I don't have a boyfriend, Kim. And please don't make a thing out of it. My dad already teased me enough." "But you did meet someone... a local? "...no...?" Honey said quietly. She knew what was coming. "Well you better be careful with guests hun. Men are thieves. They will come here and steal your heart and don't give it back before they leave and..." "Kim, that was before I was even born and it was Burt Reynolds. All the women loved him. This is different." "Love doesn't change with age, dear....." Kim went on but Honey wasn't listening. She typed Matthew's name into the computer and her mouth dropped open. Suite 55? And he was here by himself? "...so you just take it from someone that has experienced it themselves." "Sure, thanks Kim." She got up to leave and then another idea hit her. "Hey Kim?" Yes dear?" "Why don't you go get some breakfast and I'll stay here for a bit?" "Oh well I don't usually go til...." She paused when she saw the look in Honey's eye. "Why thank you, "she said with a smile, "I am getting hungry." Kim left and Honey sat down. Surely Matthew would have to pass through here.



    The elevator chimed in the main lobby. Matthew stepped out, a dark towel on his shoulder. His black tight UnderArmor tshirt was enhancing the muscles of his torso and arms. As he followed the sign towards the fitness center, he passed next to the front desk. He didn't slow down even though he spotted Honey and her impressive transformation from across the lobby. A mental appreciative smirk passed in his mind. So she did clean up nicely after all. That was very endearing and alluring. Yet he didn't even acknowledge her. Not a sign. Not a smile. Not a hello. He didn't even allow his gaze to trail down the V of her pretty top.

    But once in the hallway, he froze. The delicate peachy fragrance of Honey's perfume tickled his nostrils. His eyes darkened and he felt a familiar pressure in his shorts. He smirked. Touche. He thought with a point of amusement. The Little One deserved a praise. He turned back two steps and stopped by the side of the counter, next to Honey. He looked down at her without a smile. "I need two towels in my room in an hour." he ordered. From where he was, his view wasn't obstructed by the counter and he could see clearly the tight jeans and feminine shoes. Her make up was delicate and shy, a girl wanting to look like a woman, but it suited her. As she turned to look at him, the air brought again the scent of that damned perfume.

    "Where are your beautiful locks?" he asked with tight jaws, noticing that she fastened her hair, most likely to look more grown-up. He wondered how she would react if he grabbed her hips to plop her on the counter and taste her soft perky breasts. Without another word, he kept walking towards the exercising room. That little Honey surely was playing with fire...

    The fitness center had been renovated the previous year and it showed. At least there he could say that the owner had made some good decisions. Elliptical machines, bikes, treadmills, bench press... the equipment was up to Matt's expectations, but his mind wasn't really to exercising anymore. Control. He reminded himself. He did his usual routine. He couldn't stand to stay idle and he always had to compensate his hours spent behind a desk by a daily healthy dose of sport or exercising. He dabbed his towel on his face. Well it had been a good workout after all. The clock on the wall informed him that the hour was almost up.

    As he slowly crossed the hallway, then lobby towards the elevator, he noticed that Honey wasn't behind the desk anymore. He wondered if this was a good or a bad sign.


    After letting an older couple step out, he stepped into the elevator, pressing the button to reach the last floor.


    Matthew grabbed the key in his pocket and opened his room.


    It didn't take long from sitting idle for Honey to become a jumble of nerves. The automatic doors would slide open or the familiar *ding* of the elevator would make her jump. She'd quickly look over the desk and a couple of times even stood up to make sure she didn't miss Matthew. It wasn't until she caught herself holding her breath that she finally forced herself to relax. Sooner or later, he would come throug. She just hoped it was before Kim came back.

    Honey busied herself organizing the desk and whatever she could think of til she was left just twiddling her thumbs. Then she looked at the clock and groaned. It had barely been seven minutes. It felt like an hour. "Alright Mr Lewis. If you won't come to me? I'll just find you." She logged into the security system and started going through the cameras trying to spot him. It took a lot of concentration and she kept getting distracted. All the noise in the background began to fade away as she studied the screen in front of her.

    The sound of Matthew's voice was distant at first. "Ok, I'll let housekeeping know." She said before her brain turned on. Finally she looked up to ask what the room number was and the surprise was evident on her face. "Oh! Good morning Mr Lewis. I'll make sure the towels are there for you." She didn't even think to ask his room number. Why would she when she already knew it? When he mentioned her hair, her hand instinctively reached for it. Her smile faded. Why didn't he like her hair?

    She watched him until he was out of sight and then followed him on camera to the gym. Watching him workout was much more erotic than she even thought it would be. Unfortunately, he didn't get very far into his routine before Kim returned. "So did you see your boyfriend?" She asked as she walked towards the desk. Honey scrambled to get off the cameras as she blundered her way through a response. "Huh? What? I uhhh... I don't have a... a boyfriend." "Then why is your face so red?" Kim laughed as Honey covered her face. "Ok, I'll stop teasing." Honey practically ran to the gym and peeked around the corner through the glass wall. She watched Matthew for a while longer and then went to the laundry to get some towels. On the way, she stopped at a restroom and let her hair down. She brushed it out with her fingers until it looked almost the same as it always did and then continued to Matthew's suite.

    At his door, she paused. She was certain he wasn't there. She knocked and got no answer so she let herself in. "Hello?" She called out in a voice that wouldn't wake a church mouse. She put the towels in the bathroom and then walked back through the suite studying everything. It was her favorite room in the entire resort. It was so luxurious and everything was so soft. For a brief moment, she wondered what it would be like to lay next to Matthew in that bed covered in expensive Egyptian cotton. Now she was tempted to go lay on his bed. It must smell like him. Unable to stop herself, she wentered to his bed and picked up one of the pillows and buried her face in it. It did smell like him! His scent was intoxicating. Before long, she found herself kissing the pillow leaving a mouth sized wet spot on it. She barely even heard the door open but she threw down the pillow and raced to the bedroom doorway. It was simply dropping off towels but when Honey's met Matthew's she looked like a deer in headlights. She found herself at a loss as to why she was even there. She felt as if she'd broken into his house. The towels were long forgotten. "Ummm... h-h-hello Mr Lewis. I... I can explain... I just... I... I work here..." She even knew how dumb she sounded but she couldn't think of anything else to say. "That's why I'm in here... did you have a nice workout?" As if she would have known where he was if she hadn't been snooping.


    Matthew had to admit that her reaction was priceless and very endearing, yet his clear gaze show no amusement or tenderness. He stared at her. Those soft lips painted with a dab of gloss which made him want to bite them and oh, how he would enjoy seeing those long lashes adorned with tear drops.

    He noticed that her hair was once again down. She was a good listener, he thought. Maybe she deserved a reward... he was still pondering the thought when his eyes spotted the pillow in the middle of his bed. He raised an eyebrow. His eyes darkened and his tone was harsh when he spoke.

    "I don't know." he stepped towards her, leaning in, entrapping her soft hazelnut eyes in his. "Did you enjoy what you saw?" he held her there, pinning her under his gaze for several long seconds, guessing that she would not be able to answer. But her perfume once again came to his nostrils and he straightened up. Control was key and something about the sweet peach undertone of her scent was turning him on more than he expected.

    They were still both in the entryway of his room and he passed her, brushing her arm with his as the hallway was narrow. He saw the open door to the bathroom with the towels.

    "I see you brought the towels yourself." he said nonchalantly, looking out the bay window to the peaks surrounding the lake. The view was breathless and it would be even better with Honey's naked body in front, her hands pressed to the glass and her soft ass quivering expectantly in front of him. He clenched his jaws. He had to thank his short for not being too tight because that thought immediately gave him a hard-on.

    "Let me show you my gratitude Little One. But first close the door and come here." While he spoke at first with a surprising warmth, the second sentence was an ice cold order. He turned slowly, looking at her. The sunrise coming from behind him was making his frame even taller and his features suddenly dark.

    Run little mouse. Run while he can. He thought as he waited for her to either obey or flee.


    As Matthew leaned in, Honey drew a sharp breath but forgot to let it out. Her mind raced for an answer to his question but she was drawing a blank. Quite frankly, her brain just wasn't willing to do anything other than to tell her that his scent was even better in person than secondhand from a pillow. Even more so after the workout he had just finished. The sweat on his body was fresh. The mixture of his deodorant and natural pheromones did nothing to help her think.

    Finally, after he brushed past her and mentioned the towels, she remembered to breathe again. "Oh. Yes sir. I brought the towels you requested. I couldn't get a hold of any of the housecleaning.... department.. so I just brought them myself. That's why.... that's why I'm here." It was almost as though she were convincing herself rather than trying to justify her presence to him.

    "Little One"

    She smiled. All was not lost. She loved hearing his voice say those two words. But his tone completely changed as he turned to look at her. In the shadow of the dawn behind him, he suddenly seemed much different. Almost.... formidable. Yet there was something about him that she couldn't resist. Like a moth to the flame, she slowly shut the door and crossed the room stopping about two feet in front of him. Close enough that she had to lay her head back to look into his eyes.

    Perhaps one day she would look back on it all and think that whatever happened next was her own fault. If a guest were to offer a reward, it would be a tip. Tips are just small amounts of cash and there would be no need to close the door. Subconsciously, she knew that this wasn't going to be a cash tip. The fact that she hadn't thought all that through yet, was her own fault.


    Matthew observed her as she closed the door then came back to him. She hadn't flee. He wondered if she was aware or not of the potential consequences of her actions. Maybe she was, after all he could almost taste the tension in the air. He relished in seeing how she would fidget with her fingers or nibble on her lips, those soft sweet lips like rose buds.

    She looked up at him with her wide gentle eyes. She was still so young and innocence. He knew very well why this appealed to him. These dangerous games of his were his thrill and when he found a willing prey, he didn't let her go.

    The corner of his lips raised slightly. What was she expecting? Or rather, what was she hoping for? A hug? A kiss? Romantic notions which would have made him chuckle aloud if it weren't for the intoxicating scent of her perfume.

    "You know that you shouldn't be here, don't you?" he said calmly yet without letting go of her tender irises. His question wasn't meant to be answered. He could tell that she knew. So he went on. He leaned in, slowly, until his lips were almost touching her ear.

    "Do. Not. Move." he whispered. His hot breath caressing her ear lob and her neck. The desire to bite her, to mark her right there twisted his guts but he didn't touch her. Control was everything to him. She was definitely testing him and that's what made her a great prize.

    Matt straightened back up, his clear eyes were icy cold without any kindness, daring her to make a single movement or utter a single word. If she disobeyed, she could tell that there would be consequences she wasn't willing to accept. He took a step away from her, then slowly he started to walk around her, keeping an arm-length between them. He was watching her, observing her. Her long curls floating down to the middle of her back, meant to be grabbed as he would pin her down to the ground on all four. Her small round ass beautifully enhanced in those tight jeans would pink marvelously under a well placed spanking. Oh he would have a lot of fun with this Little One.


    The day would come when Honey would remember that this was all her fault. That day turned out to be today. Matthew's seemingly nonchalant words made Honey's blood run cold. Yes, she knew she shouldn't be here. She knew she should have run and part of her already wished that she had. But Honey was a curious girl. She had a knack of always reaching for the unknown. This was definitely unknown to her. For the girl who spent her days feeding wild animals and entertaining tourist families, this was definitely unknown territory. The sexual tension was a twelve on the rector scale and she needed to feel the earthquake. Besides, she had her chance to leave and she stayed. She wasn't quite sure how situations like this worked but it seemed like staying was basically giving Matthew permission to do whatever he was going to do. It was a reward, right? So it must be something good. But than why was she so nervous?

    Gazing into Matthew's eyes became too tense as he leaned forward so Honey closed hers. She had the notion that he was going to kiss her but that didn't prepare her for what happened. Since childhood she had always had sensitive ears. She didn't know why or what it meant but she learned to keep people from whispering to her. However, not being able to see what was happening, she didn't know Matthew was going to whisper til she felt his breath. A sharp gasp escaped her lips and she tensed up but that was all she could do before the inevitable surrender. Her ears were much more sensual than most women's necks.

    "Do. Not. Move."

    Honey let out a small moan as she released her breath. She felt tingly all over and goosebumps raised on her collarbone. Her nipples were poking through her shirt and, had Matthew been a vampire, he would have been able to smell her arousal from the hallway. Was all this good? Bad? She had no idea. It was already hard to think. We're they going to make love? Was this some sort of ritual for a couples first time together? She wanted to turn and get his eyes back on her face again. She felt as though he was picturing her naked and it made her want to squirm. But she stood her ground with a bright red feeling like some exhibit in a museum. "Like what you see? She asked nervously.


    Oh that small moan escaping her moist lips was definitely tantalizing but he didn't touch her. He walked ever so slowly around her, slowing down behind her. He could feel the tension and almost taste her arousal. That intoxicating perfume was playing with his self-control and that made the game even more enticing although it also angered him deep down that she was pulling him so hard. But it was both way. She was standing on the edge of a cliff and all he had to do was push her, no poke her and she would come crashing down...or maybe would she spread her wings and fly.

    And then she spoke. He froze. Long seconds passed. The silence of the penthouse room suddenly became heavy and haunting. Granted he hadn't told her to remain silent, yet...this was the second time...his voice came from behind her. Low. Harsh. Sharp as a blade.

    "I told you I didn't like women fishing for compliments."

    He didn't say anything to her about moving or not. She could hear his footsteps moving away from her towards the bedside table. A pulled drawer. A closer drawer. Then footsteps towards her.

    When he appeared in her frame of vision, his face was expressionless as he looked down at her. He held her gaze for a second, a hint of disappointment passed in his clear eyes.

    "Your reward." he stated, extending a fifty dollar bill in front of her. Something in his demeanor was warning her not to refuse or argue with his gesture. If she didn't take it, he'd place it calmly but coldly in her hand before walking away.

    "You may leave...and close the door behind you." was all he said to her before disappearing in the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Seconds later, the water was running in the shower but it was obvious that this was not an invitation!


    Honey's question was meant to lighten the mood... diffuse the mood? Everything about this situation felt intense. However, it seemed to have the opposite effect as her words hung in the thickening air. Then he spoke. As soon as he spoke, Honey knew she had messed up. A look of defeat pinched her face. Why was this so hard? Why did it bother her so much? All she knew was that she wanted to apologize and she wanted to explain herself and she wanted to ask for a second chance all at the same time.

    She also didn't want to try to speak and end up saying the wrong thing and making everything worse. But when she looked into his eyes again, she started losing control. "I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I didn't mean... what I meant was... I wasn't actually...." she bit her lip as he spoke again and held out his hand. It was an odd feeling for getting a large tip but she'd never felt more like dirt than she did while taking the offered money. Her face burned with shame even while she thanked him for it with a fake but professional smile. She watched him walk away and as soon as the water turned on, her shoulders slumped. She slowly walked out of the suite and headed back downstairs.

    She grabbed a change of clothes out of her locker and put them on so she didn't mess up her nice clothes on her fourwheeler. She drove without paying attention to where she was going until she realized she was on top of the bunny hill. She sat there looking down on the resort and started taking pictures. She mounted her camera to the fourwheeler for stabilization while she used her powerful zoom lenses to take closeups down below. This wasn't helping. She finally gave up and got back on the quad. On a sudden impulse she turned and started straight down the bunny hill and opened the throttle.

    She had done this before.... in winter... on a snowmobile... with a frozen lake to go across... Instead, her only choices were to sink it or run it into the terrace railing. Sinking her transportation was not an option for Honey so into the railing it was. The quad was stopped abruptly and sent Honey flying through the air. She landed on the other side of the terrace in a large bush.

    The few people on the terrace rushed to help her as she crawled out and shakily stood. Her arms and face were scratched and her shirt was ripped in a few places but she insisted that she was fine. Not being fine would have meant reporting this incident which would mean, at the very least, losing the quad or even getting fired. Besides, she was already late for her shift. She went into the kitchen trying her best to act normal. It seemed like she should have been in more pain but she would soon find that out after the shock wore off. The only thing she noticed now was a bruise forming on her right forearm. Satisfied with her condition, Honey tied on an apron and headed to the dining room.


    Matthew's shower had somewhat relaxed him a little, or rather, what he did in the shower, imagining Honey's young lips over his hardened body... But then he had to sit down for a phone conference which was as useless as ever but his presence had been required by his father. The meeting over, he had a brief discussion which his paternal about the resort.

    - Are you sure, someone else couldn't be doing the first screening study? Your time is more valuable than that.

    - Father, have I ever disappointed you when it come to a new acquisition?

    - No, son, no. But I have to admit that I have doubts. This resort has been very successful as of late.

    - As if this has ever stopped me before?

    Both father and son chuckled.

    - You're right Matthew. But you should invite Karen, at least, this would be an opportunity for you and your wife to spend time together.

    - Hmmm...I'll think about it. Have a nice day Father.

    - Bye Matthew.

    In the penthouse, Matthew hanged up, eyes looking out to the mountains surrounding the lake. He wasn't sure he wanted to bring Karen. Although he knew that Andrew and Sofia would probably enjoy her company more than his. He wondered what the little Honey's face would be like if she saw his wife. Oh the look of sadness and despair she had shown him when he gave her the bill. So precious. He'd made him want to tear her clothes off right there and then. She sure knew how to toy with his control...

    The beautiful Sofia and friendly Andrew were already at a table when Matthew came down for lunch. He was dressed in black from head to toes: tight sport tshirt, trendy hiking pants and boots, and a light sport jacket in hand which he draped on the back of his chair.

    "Good morning!" chimed Andrew.

    "Hey." said Matthew as he sat down.

    "How was your night?" asked Sofia with a curled smile.

    Before he replied, he spotted Honey not too far and assumed that she was coming to take their orders.

    Ignoring her, Matthew replied to Sofia, looking at her straight in the eyes. "Lonely, do you want to join me tonight?"

    Sofia burst laughing. "Tempting..."

    Andrew shook his head. "Seriously Matt, I'm siting right here!"

    The bearded man spotted Honey and waved her closer. "I need a stiff drink! Bring me your strongest cocktail please."


    Many of the people that Honey waited on were giving her strange looks. She imagined it was because of the scratches or the bruise on her arm. She was clueless about the tiny twigs and leaves in her hair. Yet, as is the norm with the general public, noone was interested enough to inform her. They would wait til she left and talk abut her appearance amongst themselves in hushed whisper's and chuckles.

    She saw Sophia and Andrew walk in and tried her best to avoid them. The day before, when she met them and Matthew, had left a bitter taste in her mouth. As she worked her way around the room, the thought occurred to her that Matthew was not with them. If he was going to join them, she should take their order now before he got there. But as she approached their table, she was held up by another table that was wanting a refill. By the time she got it and brought it back, Matthew was sitting across from the woman.

    She sighed and turned to head the other way when the guy with the beard happened to make eye contact with her and then proceeded to wave her over. She felt sick in the pit of her stomach and she wasn't sure if it was because of Matthew or the pain she was in. She walked up to the table and looked directly at Andrew. "Can I get you something sir?"

    "I need a stiff drink! Bring me your strongest cocktail please."

    "I uhhh... uhh sir.... we don't... this is a.... there's no alcohol in this restaurant. I can call and order a drink for you and see if they will bring it over..." Then she looked at the woman and smiled as well as she could muster. "What about her and you?" After writing down whatever the woman ordered, Honey gave Matthew a split second glance and then stared at the notepad in her hand. "And for you? ...sir?" No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't keep her voice steady. It was the pain and the man next to her. And she knew it.


    Sophia had a crooked eyebrow at the frazzled looking little thing who was taking their orders. "Cucumber water." ordered the woman before ignoring her to clasp her husband's hand in hers and reassure him that she loved him.

    "I was just joking Babe. You know that between Matt and I it is over. Nothing's left, except sex of course!" Sophia burst laughing again.

    "Anytime." replied Matt with a warm voice.

    "Guys please..." sighed Andrew, obviously the only embarrassed about having Honey listened to their conversation.

    Matthew's brows frowned when he saw the twigs and leaves in Honey's hair.

    "It seems that this place's standards are getting lower and lower with every passing day..." he spoke staring at Honey. She had changed her clothes back to those rags she was wearing the previous day. Then as she fidgeted, waiting for his order, he saw the ugly bruise on her arm. The need to slap her across the face was so strong that he clenched his fist hard around his fork. She looked like a fragile wounded little bird and while sometimes, he would have wanted to cradle and heal that little animal, right now, he wanted to squish it and destroy it.

    Then slowly he got up, towering over her.

    "Follow me." he said. Not a loud bark, but an icy slow command.

    To Andrew's surprise, Sophia tried to stop him. "Matt, just let her be. She's just a waitress." But a single look from Matthew and the beautiful woman at the table remained quiet.

    Matthew made his way through the crowd without a doubt that Honey was following him. He exited the dining hall and passed the main lobby, taking the direction of the fitness center. But before they arrived at the sport center, he stopped at the small door which read nurse office. He knocked on the door and barely waited for an answer before opening the door. He stepped aside though, and looked back at Honey for the first time since he stood up.

    He was still fighting against the contradictory urges which were dictating his actions. Control. he kept reminding himself.

    "Go inside." he stated, in a low husky voice. His eyes were dangerously dark and his jaws were clenched, the muscle showing on the side of his face.

    If she stepped inside, he would follow and close the door behind them.

    If she refused, he would make sure that she would go in, whether by pushing her in or by calling the nurse out. Either way, she would not escape.


    Sophia's joke made Honey's ears perk up. She and Matthew used to be together? Were still together? She was getting confused until Matthew's voice broke her concentration on Sophia. Maybe she could talk to Sophia sometime and possibly figure out what she was doing wrong? Matthew insulted her. Plain and simple. She lowered her head and for the first time she noticed how bad the tears in her clothes were. She was certain that some of the scratches drew blood as well. She knew she must look a mess to these people.

    She stepped backwards when Matthew stood and then looked over at Sophia when she spoke again. Her words did little to comfort. Now Honey was even more scared. She knew where they were going. Matthew was going to complain about how she looked. She was going to get fired. She lived for thus resort and now it was all over. Tears fell silently down her face as they walked. She wanted to beg his forgiveness but she didn't feel like anything she said would make a difference.

    She was quite surprised when they stopped at the nurses office. When Matthew opened the door, she quickly wiped her cheeks and entered on command. There were chairs on the left and a solid wall on the right. After several feet, the wall would stop where the desk started. So whoever was there, wouldn't see who entered until they got to the desk.

    Honey bit her lip when she saw Ryan sitting there. He looked up and grimaced at the sight of her. "How many times do I have to tell you that this office, and everything in it, is for the guests. Not your animals. And what is all over you? Do you ever shower?" At that moment, he saw Matthew appear and stood up. Being who he was, he knew exactly who Matthew was and why he was at the resort. And he had no intention of losing his job. "Mr Lewis. I'm Ryan Abeyta, nice to meet you. What can I do for you?" He hadn't given Honey a chance to talk and now glared at her, silently ordering her to move out of the way. Which she did.


    Matthew took his time to close the door behind him before stepping in. He shook the extended hand and nodded at the 'nurse'. He looked Ryan up and down and the man straightened up, knowing perfectly well that a good impression was crucial for his future. "At least someone here knows who I am and seems like they know what they are doing." he commented halfway between a compliment to Ryan and a slight to Honey. The nurse office wasn't big but it was spotless and looked well furnished.

    "It seems that you know this young waitress." added Matt as if he didn't know her name. "It looks like she took a tumble. Would you please make sure she didn't break anything?"

    He could tell that Ryan didn't like one bit the idea of taking care of Honey. "At least she's not bringing a raccoon this time." added Matthew with a touch of sarcasm, showing Honey that he'd seen earlier when the panda trash had hopped off her seat. "Plus, take that as an unofficial job interview..." he added.

    Ryan jumped to action, unable to hide his excitement. "So it's done then?!" he beamed.

    Matthew didn't reply and instead of taking one of the seats while Ryan had Honey sit on the examination table, he rested on the nurse's desk as if he already owned the place.

    Ryan was particularly careful with his proceedings and made sure to wash his hands and even put on gloves when he saw blood on Honey's clothes. He couldn't care less if the girl was hurt. She was a pain in his butt, always trying to use his office as a veterinarian.

    "Do you hurt anywhere?" asked Ryan without enthusiasm as he first flashed a light in both her eyes to look for a concussion.

    "So I take it, she comes here often?" asked Matt in Ryan's back. The tall man crossed his arms and watched Honey's reaction like an hawk. He was still angry.

    "Sometimes daily! I'm surprised she's not brought me a cockroach to heal yet!" replied Ryan, which was a lie. Then he spun to face Matthew. "Not that we have any of those here Mister Lewis. That was just a joke!" he said suddenly worried.

    "Of course." replied Matthew, motioning him to turn back to his patient.

    Ryan focused back on Honey. "You really are a mess. What happened? How did you do that?" he asked puzzled.


    An unofficial job interview? Honey's ears perked up. What did Ryan know that she didn't? It was awkward for her to let Ryan check her out. He wasn't even thirty and he was single. Plus she didn't have any privacy from Matthew. But she knew better than to refuse what Matthew wanted done.

    She got up and removed the apron and slipped out of her jeans. From that point on, she couldn't look at either of the men. Since she wasn't wearing a bra, again, she slipped both her arm's out of the sleeves pushing the collar of the shirt down. Then she gathered the lower half of the shirt together and pull it up to the bottom of her boobs. Lastly, she scrunched up the tail of her shirt and tucked it into the collar making it look like she was wearing a tube top.

    Ryan was now enjoying this more than he would let on. Honey pointed out several surface scratches and the bruise on her arm. "It hurts here too." She said pointing to her right side ribs. They had been bruised but nothing was broken.

    "....how did you do that?" Ryan's words hung over her as she started fidgeting; trying to come up with an answer. "I... uhhh.... I fell... into a bush." "You could jump into a bush and not have these injuries." Ryan said accusingly. "I.... I was on the terrace and.... I fell... over the railing...." "You're lying." Ryan said again as he started poking her. "Tell me when it hurts." He started at the bottom of her ribs and started working his way up. Once Honey winced, he started again at the top and worked his way down. He tried to hide the fact that he was being rougher than necessary. He kind of enjoyed making her squirm. Her moans of pain were soft but sharp. As he cleansed and bandaged her cuts, Ryan took every possible advantage to bump against the bruised ribs but also against her boobs. Anyone paying attention would soon realize he was trying to inch her shirt up.


    Matthew's eyes were on Honey as she slipped off her garments. She was obviously uncomfortable, yet she didn't try to defend herself or ask for a female nurse. She was alone with two men and yet, she found herself in nothing but her undies and a bunched up tshirt. Was she enjoying the thrill? His eyes narrowed. She didn't look happy at all and that annoyed him.

    Then she lied about how she got her injuries. She might have had a lot of qualities, but lying wasn't her forte. It was obvious in how she looked away and her breathing changed. Matt didn't like it. He would have an answer. The bruises on her ribs and arm didn't please him at all. On the contrary, they angered him a lot. Part of him want to hit her, again and again until those bruises would be lost in a sea of red and blue.

    He redirected his anger towards the annoying Ryan who was too much of a coward to just grab her boobs with his bare hands and instead was rubbing against her like an high schooler. He sure didn't deserve a fruit as sweet as Honey! The moan which escaped her plump lips had his throat dry and the way her body squirmed had his pants feeling suddenly tight again.

    He stood up with a snap of his tongue.

    "Your diagnostic Nurse." he stated in a tone that had lost all friendliness. Ryan was so entranced by Honey's soft skin that he jolted.

    "Oh, of course, of course, Mister Lewis." he pulled back from Honey and went to wash his hands. "Bruises ribs and her forearm might be cracked but it's not broken." He turned to Honey, speaking in a very professional tone. "I don't know what you did, but you're lucky. You should be wearing a splint for at least a week and avoid carrying anything with that arm. You cannot work for at least three days." he knew that Honey would most likely protest.

    "Also I need to make a report." he added.

    "I think the report won't be necessary." stated Matthew as if he owned the place.

    Ryan hesitated then nodded. "Of course Mister Lewis. I'm prescribing something for the pain." he looked inside a cabinet. "Here's a splint that should work."

    "But you're right Ryan, she needs some rest. I'm sure you can write something to send her home for a couple of days." Matthew was staring Honey right in the eyes.

    "Sure. Sure. Just give me a minute." Ryan stumbled behind his desk to get some paper and pen while Matthew slowly moved closer to Honey. He stopped less than a feet away from her and leaned slightly. He could see her nipples through that pathetic excuse for a shirt and it made him want to suckle them and pinch them.

    "Do you have any objection Little One?" he whispered.


    "Three days!" Honey gasped. "But... I can't be off for three days. Dave will have a fit. Who will..." Ryan cut her off to finish what he was saying causing Honey to nearly jump off the bed. "Ryan wait. Can we..." She was cut off again but this time by Matthew. Honey hung her head but the instant his words registered on her brain she looked up at him with a 'thank you' written all over her face. At least until he continued and agreed that she needed time off.

    She was caught in the trap that was Matthew's eyes but as he got close she looked away. She had too. His gaze was so intense. It seemed like it was always intense. Maybe it was just the tension she felt whenever she was near him. Maybe it was the fluttering she felt south of her belly button. Or maybe it was how she always felt like he was looking right into her soul.

    Either way, turning to Ryan put him out of her line of sight. So when he whispered to her she was surprised at how close she was. She looked at him and did a double take as she spoke. "But I... bu..." then she lowered her head. "No sir." She said quietly. Now that she was looking down, she suddenly became very aware of her nakedness in front of Matthew. She crossed her legs and huddled down as if she were cold. She didn't move again until Ryan had to put on the splint.

    Once it was all finished she got dressed quickly and hurried into the hall. She stopped there to wait for Matthew but she didn't want to be in that office anymore. Once he came out she tried to thank him but everything came out all at once. "Mr Lewis, I really want to thank you, but I think I can manage work. My arm is strong and this splint is fine so it won't matter.... I mean my arm is fine and the splint is strong. I can work. Reporting would have been bad and thanks again for that. Please let me... I mean... I..."

    A few things had just happened to Honey. First of all, she realized she was asking a guest permission to work. Secondly, she realized she was talking so fast that she probably wasn't making much sense. Last but not least, in an effort to not get in another staring contest, she realized that Matthew had an erection. Her face turned bright red as she made an exaggerated effort to not look at him at all. "I... uhhh... I would really.... really like to not take time off. Especially during your stay." Did she just say that out loud? "I mean I live for customer service." She added quickly trying to cover her blunder. "This resort and the guests mean everything to me.... all the guests.... and you're a guest... so.... you're included.... in... that..." She finally got herself to shutup by taking a deep breath. "Ok... I'm... I'm sorry.... I guess I'll go home.... now."

    Honey took a couple steps towards an exit but then stopped and turned around. "My dad. If I'm not here he will ask me why. I'll have to tell him. I can't lie to my dad. Mr Lewis, please just let me keep working."


    "Thank you Ryan." said Matthew and it was him who took the release notice for Honey, and the prescription for pain medicine.

    "At your service Mister Lewis. Let me know if I can do anything else for you." Ryan quickly replied.

    "I always appreciate efficient and discreet employees." concluded Matt and Ryan nodded, obviously understanding what the tall man meant by that.

    Matthew watched Honey skimp out of the room with her clothe on. He followed her into the hallway, closing the door behind him. He knew that she wasn't going to run away from him and indeed she was waiting for him a couple of steps away from the nurse office. He couldn't blame her for wanted to put as much distance as possible between Ryan and herself.

    She started talking, quick words like little birds fluttering around. He listened, not interrupting her. She was a mess, he thought. A beautiful mess which he both wanted to take care of and mess up some more...

    As she looked down not to drown in his eyes, he spotted the redness of her ears and cheeks. He smirked. So she noticed. He was curious to see what she would do. Would she try to use the effect she had on him? But no, she was only more self-conscious and embarrassed. If she'd looked up, she'd have seen a hint of tenderness in his eyes at her innocence.

    He didn't try to stop her when she started going away, announcing that she was going home. He crossed his arms on his chest, her paperwork still in his hand, and waited. Two seconds later, she was turning back, pleading to be allowed to work.

    "Come with me." was his only answer.

    Matthew passed her, taking the hallway back in the direction of the lobby and the elevators. He didn't check to see if she was moving with him, he knew she was.


    He stepped in and pressed the button to his floor.


    The door closed on the two of them. He didn't move, nor did he talk. He could once again feel the tension growing between them and his thin lips curled slightly. He loved that electricity.


    He stepped out of the elevator and walked to his door. His key was already in his hand as he reached his room. He unlocked it and opened it wide.

    "Come in." he ordered. He wasn't using the words 'little one' and his tone wasn't inviting, but as usual, she had a choice. She could go home or step in and maybe get a chance to be allowed to work.


    "Come with me."

    Last time it had been 'follow me' and it hadn't worked out so well. But she would follow him. She wasn't even sure why at this point. This man was so confusing. He despised her yet he really seemed to care about her. Maybe he wasn't really interested in a romantic relationship? Maybe he was gay! No that couldn't be it. Gay men were all feminine and talked like girls. At least that's what she thought from seeing movies. What was wrong with her? Why didn't he.... ding.

    The elevator arriving brought her out of her train of thought. She entered but bit her lip when the door closed. There was so much sexual tension in the air that she could practically smell it. She couldn't help but steal glances at his huge bulge. It both embarrassed her and made her want him more. Once the doors opened, she let out a long breath of air that she hadn't realized she'd been holding.

    She paused at his door but couldn't justify not going inside. She'd followed him all this way knowing where they were going, or at least she knew from the moment they entered the lobby. Where else would they have gone? She walked inside and turned to watch the door shut. The click of the doorknob sent a chill down her spine. She wondered if it was all in her head or if Matthew felt all this too. She opened her mouth to speak but shut it quickly. The one thing she wasn't going to do was repeat the same mistake she'd made last time they were here.


    Matthew closed the door behind Honey, watching her step inside the room as if a prisoner entering her cell. He regretted that she wasn't wearing those prettier clothe she had put on in the morning, but those jeans were far from being bad and he knew that under this loose shirt was...nothing. A surge of arousal and anger washed over him as he thought of that incompetent nurse trying to cop a feel on that sweet girl. That Ryan deserved to be punched in the face!

    He sighed and followed her inside, taking his time. He needed to keep himself in check and surprisingly, this little country girl was making it harder for him than he would have thought.

    As he came closer, he caught a glimpse of her profile. He saw her open her mouth but close it immediately. He almost chuckled and a small smirk curled his lips. She could learn. She wanted to please him and that indeed pleased him.

    The cute waitress had stopped in the middle of the room. The curtains were half drawn draping the room in half shadows. He let Honey's official documents land softly on the small round table to her right. Matthew almost brushed pass Honey's back when he walked towards the window in silence, slightly pushing the curtain aside to cast a quick glance outside. For a brief moment, the room was lit a little more clearly, but the double door leading to the bedroom where still half open to an ominously dark room. To her side, Matthew let the curtain fall back in place and once again the main room was cloaked in semi-darkness. The tall man came to rest against the back of sofa, nonchalantly half sitting on it. Crossing his arms, he watched Honey's back.

    "It looks like you put yourself in a problematic situation." his voice broke the heaviness of the silence but his statement held no kindness. He hadn't ordered her to stay immobile and he wondered if she would turn to face him or stay glued in place.

    "I want you to think very hard before you answer my question Little One. I will not repeat myself and I want the truth." he paused, letting his words sink in.

    "What happened?" he asked and immediately added. "And more importantly, why did you do that?" He knew she would most likely be surprised that he had guessed her wounds were in a way self inflicted. But if she looked at him, she would see no smug amusement or proud triumph on his face. The only thing she would see was ice.


    Honey drew in a sharp breath as Matthew walked so closely behind her. God, he smelled so good! She was glad that he couldn't see her close her eyes to savor his scent for a moment. When the curtain opened, she looked into his room surprised at how dark this room could be in the middle of the day. Then it was darker again as Matthew let the curtain fall back into place. Normally she would have preferred light but she felt less transparent in the darkness. And, around him, that was comforting.

    In the silence, Honey started agitating over the customers she'd left unattended in the restaurant. But Matthew's cold steely voice pushed those thoughts away when she heard her pet name again. But even with that cushion, his question made her wince. It was direct and demanding. There was no way around it. Especially since she couldn't even remember the lie she'd told Ryan. After a few moments, she turned around and looked at him. That didn't help at all. She quickly lowered her head and actually shivered under his gaze.

    "I ummm..." She began, her voice barely above a whisper. "I drove my four wheeler down the bunny hill? Way... way too fast. And I couldn't stop? So instead of going into the lake, I ran into the side of the terrace.... and then I landed in a bush.... on the other side... of the terrace." Her voice kept going up as if she was asking a question even though she wasn't. "And.... I uhhh... I don't really know? Why I did it? I mean I wasn't really thinking about what I was doing...."

    That was actually true. She had only been thinking about her constant failure to spark any romantic interest in Matthew. And now she was in his room a second time confessing her wrong doings like an eight year old. She felt like she was about to be scolded like an eight year old as well. Still, she couldn't help glancing up at him one more time. She kept her head down, looking up only with her eyes. But she still couldn't see his face so she had to turn her head a bit to see him with her left eye. If it was still the cold hard gaze, she would immediately lower her head again and say, "I'm sorry." Otherwise, she would lift her head to meet his eyes with both of hers.


    Matthew listened very attentively to everything she said and everything she didn't say. He watched her like an hawk, the fidgeting in her fingers as she held her hands together when she spoke, the glimmer of hope and fear in her eyes when she tentatively looked up to him, the hesitation in her whisper, the tension in her shoulders and neck. Years of practice at reading people so he could use that knowledge for his own benefits. Humans were often open books to him and Honey was no exception.

    As she apologized and appealed to him with a hint of expectation in her hazelnut eyes, he looked at her with ice but what seemed like satisfaction. She had told him the truth.

    He nonchalantly peeled himself off the sofa and in one step was in front of her. If she fearfully looked back to the ground, he would lift her chin with his finger and force her to look him straight in the eyes.

    "Listen carefully." he started. As he spoke his other hand took the wrist of her bandaged forearm very gently. "Pain can be a beautiful and magical thing." His words were warm and sweet, inviting, and a darker lustful shadow passed in his eyes. Despite the sling, he lifted her arm so that it would be right in front of her nose. "This." The charm was broken. Only ice remained. "This is ugly." he stated with disgust.

    Matthew let go of her arm but didn't walk away. Once again he seemed angry at Honey. He lingered a second later letting her sweet intoxicating scent wring his guts as his thumb pressed a fraction of a second on her lower lip. Then he pulled away once more, back to his perch on the couch, watching her profile.

    "So tell me, you like pain?" he asked.


    Honey couldn't help but look down again as Matthew moved in front of her. His finger under her chin met the slightest resistance and when her eyes met his, they were wide open and wet. For reasons she didn't understand and definitely couldn't explain, his words excited her. Not outwardly but from somewhere deep inside her, she felt it.

    But what he said next almost made her crumble. She had to blink fast to keep any tears from falling. Once he let go of her she immediately lowered her head again. Other than that she didn't move an inch. She almost felt rooted to that spot. "I'm sorry," she began as he walked back to the couch, "I'll wear long sleeved to cover it up. I dont..." She was interrupted when he asked her a question. It was probably a good thing because she didn't really have anything else to say and was probably going to start blabbing on again.

    However, his question completely threw her off balance. What could he mean? Why would anyone actually like pain? But just a second ago he had made pain sound wonderful. She knew some kids cut themselves but that was more of a weird coping mechanism. Not something they liked doing. A mother giving birth would be a beautiful type of pain but that doesn't mean the mother liked it. All sorts of other scenarios went through her head but none ended in the person actually liking the pain itself. So why did she want to say yes so badly? "I... I'm not really sure.... what you mean? I know I didn't like this." She said, motioning to her arm. "I didn't enjoy that at all."


    Matthew couldn't decide if her apologies were welcome or on the contrary annoying him. He waited and listened as she answered his question with hesitation and surprise. He tilted his head, hiding his own puzzlement. So she had hurt herself on purpose but not as much on purpose as he had thought. She was indeed an odd bird.

    For the first time since she'd been following him from the restaurant, she actually sounded sure of herself when she spoke of not liking her painful arm.

    "I'm glad to hear that you didn't like that." there was almost scorn in his voice as his chin pointed in direction of her wounded arm.

    He then replied to her comment about hiding her bruise under long sleeve.

    "This is ugly because it is pointless, useless." he explained almost as if speaking to a child. "Hiding it will accomplish nothing. What is done is done."

    He paused then went on. "But a mark, a bruise, even a cut can be a beautiful sight when it means something." he knew that she wasn't ready for that kind of talk. The idea might even scare her away which would be a shame, but he wasn't the type to hide what was possible if she kept pressing him with her wide innocent eyes and braless shirts. He didn't expend further on the subject however, letting her to ponder how she actually felt at the idea of receiving pain.

    The man left his perch again but this time, he moved towards the small table. He slowly aligned the leave of absence and the prescription next to each other. He was so close to Honey that he could almost touch her and he could feel the warmth from her soft body...and that perfume, that intoxicating scent which made him want to pin her down, breasts against the cold table as he ripped those tight jeans off her to... He took a deep breath to calm himself down. How he loved and loathed how she was playing with his self-control.

    "You cannot work at the restaurant, nor at the boutique, nor in the lobby, nor can you drive that four wheeler. Not in your condition." he stated.

    He looked down at the little creature next to him. "I guess you will have no choice but be my guide if you want to work for the next three days." He waited, was she going to jump at the opportunity or decide that three days of rest at home were better?


    And there it was. The scolding for an eight year old. It hurt more than she expected it too. But then she started thinking about what he was saying. Pain could be a beautiful thing. They had just been talking about physical pain. But he was hurting her in other ways. There just wasn't any proof of that. But that didn't make the pain any less real for her, yet she couldn't stop thinking about him and she always wanted to be near him. Even now with how he was making her feel stupid and useless, she had no desire to leave. If anything, her desire for him was growing.... What was wrong with her? Even more importantly, what would he think of her if she told him that?

    She got distracted as Matthew, once again, moved towards her but this time to move some papers. Honestly, it was the first time Honey had noticed the papers and realized they were hers. His words crushed her. Especially not being able to ride her four wheeler. Why she accepted his rules, she didn't know. She didn't really even think about why. He said it, so it was gospel. When he offered for her to be his guide, she looked up at him with tears on her cheeks.

    Could she do that? Could she handle being around him all day for three days? Maybe this was the chance to get him to fall for her? The idea hit her like a wall of bricks. She straightened up and wiped her face, forcing a smile through the pain. "I'd be happy to be your guide, Mr Lewis. I'll have to bring you a list of what we have available for tours. Some of them have four wheelers recommended but maybe I can ride with you...." She blushed a bit as possible implications filled her mind. "And I've been thinking about what you said earlier. I think I know what you mean and... I feel the same way."


    There was more beauty in those soft little tears than he would have liked to admit. His lips curled up as she raised her chin and brushed off her tears. She was an interesting balanced of weakness and strength. Once the surprise of his idea had passed, she was quick to accept. He looked at her as she put on the cap of a tour guide and spoke with more assurance. He had a small chuckle when she mentioned the two of them riding together on a four wheeler. So that was what she wanted? Being between his legs? His amusement faded when she spoke about how she felt. His brows furrowed some.

    "Be careful what you wish for." he warned her.

    He knew she wasn't ready and had no idea what he was talking about. She thought she did. But those kinds of games weren't to be taken lightly and rushing them would accomplish nothing good.

    He paused a moment.

    "I have no interest in the tours offered by the hotel. Every tour guide in the hotel could show them to me just as well as you would. You boasted that you know the region. Well Little One, I want you to show me something unique." he challenged her.

    He looked at the papers on his table and lifted the prescription from Ryan. He read it as if assessing it. Slowly he extended his arm in Honey's direction, handing her the paperwork.

    "Here. Get that filled and take your pain medications. No argument or the deal is off and this letter..." he pointed at the leave of absence from Ryan. "...will be shown to the management."

    He looked into her eyes for a sign of understanding, then spoke further.

    "You need your drugs and I need a nap. I will see you in the lobby in two hours." he announced as he walked away from her. He headed for his room without another word. She knew the way out and more importantly, she knew better than to stick around when he'd dismissed her. His bedroom door closed behind him, leaving Honey alone in the main part of the suite.


    It wasn't something she wished for. It was just the way he treated her. And she took it willingly. She shrugged it off as too confusing because there were more important things to consider. Matthew didn't want a typical tour. He wanted something unique. That excited her. Honey knew all the great places to go that tour guides weren't allowed to go. She even knew some places that the others didn't know about. She would finally be able to impress Matthew!

    And then there was more good news. She would be on leave of absence from the hotel. That meant Matthew wanted to spend time with her outside of work! What started out as a horrible day was turning out really well. She tool the papers and watched Matthew til he shut his bedroom door. Then she did a little victory dance that almost made her cry out in pain. Two hours!

    Once outside, Honey dropped off the leave of absence at human resources, then she drove into town and got her prescription filled. While waiting to get the pills, she went home and showered and changed. She nearly went through her entire closet searching for the right clothes. She finely decided on a thin purple long sleeved low v-neck shirt and knee length white prairie skirt. She hoped Matthew wouldn't mind since she wasn't on the clock. Once she had redone her hair and makeup and was dressed, she went back to the pharmacy and picked up her medication.

    She didn't have much time left so she raced to the resort and, as quickly as she could, put together a pack and filled a couple of Camelbaks. She then she painfully carried it all to the lobby and looked at the clock. She was two minutes late.


    Matthew had to admit that Honey totally misunderstood him and took him off-guard when she took the leave of absence to deliver it herself to human resources. He'd definitely never wanted to spend time with her off-work and he thought that he could use that leave of absence as a mean of pressure on her. He was both amused and annoyed by the turn of even, but decided to roll with it. After all, if he was going to buy this place, he needed to know things that tourists didn't. He was going to use that little Honey's knowledge for all its worth!

    He didn't really take a nap. He checked his emails, rested some, then he changed into some dark khaki pants and fitted black tshirt with some comfortable hiking boots. When he arrived in the lobby, the young lady was nowhere to be seen.

    He frowned. He hated waiting.

    When she arrived at last, even the sight of her obvious discomfort at carried their packs did little to appease his annoyance.

    "You're late." he snapped in her back, ignoring any hotel crew who was in the lobby looking at Honey with puzzlement.

    He leaned and grabbed the bag which seemed the heaviest.

    If he was appreciative of the new outfit and make up, he didn't show it. Nothing in his demeanor was pleasing at that moment, he looked like an annoyed and spoiled customer.

    "I hope you won't disappoint me. I hate losing my time." he stated. He slid the camelbak on his shoulder, then grabbed the other one in his hand.

    "My car is parked this way." he led the way, assuming that nothing she would show him was in walking distance from the resort and so far, he had vetoed the four wheeler for her.

    A black cabriolet mustang chirped when Matt and Honey approached. The tall man dropped both backpack in the back seat, then opened his door, letting Honey take the front passenger seat.

    He pressed a button to bring the car to life, the powerful motor roared under the hood. Matt had an appreciative grin as he put his sun glasses on.

    "Where to?" he asked Honey, seeming calmer now that he was with both hands on the wheel.


    "I'm sorry, Honey said almost before he said she was late. "I went as fast as I... oh that pack is min..." She bit her lip knowing full well that Matthew was not in the mood to be told who was to carry what. She bent down to pick up the camelbaks but Matthew snatched them away so, with a lowered head, she followed him to his car.

    "Oh wow.... I, love your car." She got inside and looked around. Everything about it was sleek and sexy. That's when she realized... it was spotless. Not a speck of dirt anywhere. That would all change over the next few days. "I umm..." What was she to say? She really wanted a ride in his car. She loved the way it rumbled. "Well I can show you some places close to the road today. Tomorrow we should probably take a jeep. So if you make a right onto the highway, we will go up about three miles to a county road and we will take a right there. It's paved so it will be fine and there won't be many deer out at this time of day.... Do you... do you want like a normal guide plus the extras? Like all the history and stuff? Or just the extras?" With her final question, she was finally able to look at him.


    Matt's eyes lingered on Honey's legs. Her skirt had shifted up when she took the passenger seat. For an instant, he saw his hand slide between her legs and slowly pull up to her inner thigh. He swallowed hard. This little country girl was making him feel like a school boy and a beast at the same time...

    "You're complaining about my car, yet you're barely dressed for a hike." he pointed out. That skirt was cute yet so flowy that it was almost obscenely asking him to bend her over the hood of the car and take her right here in the parking lot!

    He took the direction she pointed without hesitation. The mustang was flying on the highway with no care for the actual speed limit. He took the first exit as instructed then the little road. Eyes hidden behind his sun glasses, he was focused on the winding drive. He took his time to answer her question. The car was load and he only spoke when they slowed down. As much as he loved driving fast, he wanted to enjoy the view, not forgetting that he was here scouting to see if the resort was worth an investment or not.

    "What in me would make you think that I like 'normal' things?" he questioned, meeting her gaze briefly, a small smirk on his thin lips. Honey had made a point of doing her hair before they left, but the cabriolet had taken care of it and it now seemed to have a life of its own. "I told you I wanted to experience something unique." he paused, as if thinking for a moment. "I want the full package...and more."


    "What in me would make you think that I would like 'normal' things?"

    There it was. Honey needed no more reason as to why she was failing at gaining any romantic interest in Matthew. She was a 'normal' thing to him. A plain Jane. A nobody. It was a bitter pill to swallow. Even more so with the look on his face when their eyes met. But she swallowed and turned to hide her woeful eyes.

    "Ok... so that's mount Elbert right there. It's the tallest mountain in the state." Her words were forced and sounded like she was dragging them out of her mouth. But as she went on, her voice slowly returned to its natural state. She loved giving tours. She was good at it and it was easy for her because she knew the area so well. Honey had a passion for the mountains and forests and the animals and it showed clearly.

    She told him the name and elevation of every mountain, how they got their names and what their names meant. She knew what Indians had lived here before white people and she knew all the landmarks of their villages and anywhere there had been a battle as well as graves. She told him the name of every tree and bush and plant as well as if they were edible or medicinal or poisonous.

    She only paused to tell Matthew where to turn or to take a sip from her camelbak. After nearly an hour, she told him to pull into a little turn off area. "You'll want to see this." She said as she straightened her skirt to get out. She had spent so much time trying to keep the hair out of her face that her skirt had risen quite a bit from the wind and from moving around. She got out and swung her camelbak onto her back and quickly reaching for the larger pack, the guides pack, and winced a little as she put it on. Then she went to the trailhead and waited for Matthew.

    She had to try not to get excited. It would be the first time she'd ever taken a boy... or a man... to this spot. It was about three fourths of a mile in but it was a beautiful waterfall that they could walk behind. The falls weren't exactly unknown but, as far as she knew, the cave behind the falls was her little secret.


    Matt listened patiently and he had to give the little lady credit for her skills. She truly was enamored of the region and it showed. The more she spoke and the harder it was not to marvel with her at what she was sharing. If he decided to buy this little resort, he'd make a point into granting her a position better than the one she currently had. He had no doubt that her innocent charms would work wonders on rich tourists. She'd make a lot of money on tips!

    The man didn't really know what to expect and he pulled over to the side without question. They were surrounded by mountains and trees but nothing at first glance seemed particularly exciting. As he was scanning the nature around them, he spotted Honey taking one bag then the other. He sighed as she winced.

    He quickly caught up with her and grabbed the handle of the guide pack, lifting it off her back, making sure her arm wasn't hurt in the process.

    "You sure know how to irritate me Little One." he growled as he slid the backpack onto his shoulders. "Don't even try to argue." he added, noticing that away from the hotel she seemed a little more at ease and spontaneous.

    There was a glow in her eyes that made him curious about where she was leading him. The way she was moving both had the eagerness of a child and the anticipation of a woman, he smirked.

    "So where are you leading me?" he asked, following her, his eyes on her small frame moving in front of him. He still couldn't believe that she was wearing a skirt to go hiking. Was she that hopeful that he would make a move on her or was that her usual way of dressing up? Was she playing or innocent? Once again the young Honey had a knack for intriguing him.


    At first, Honey resisted when Matthew grabbed the pack. But the word 'irritate' made her stop and let it slip off her arms. She was going to protest that the tour guide was supposed to carry it but, as if reading her mind, Matthew commanded that she be silent on the matter. So, without another word, she started down the trail.

    Honey wanted to look nice for this but at the same time she needed freedom of movement. She figured this skirt was her best option. And if Matthew liked it, that would just be a bonus. A very big bonus. She moved easily along the trail. Where her upper body was lacking in muscle, her legs made up for it. They were strong and conditioned with endurance from years of hiking and climbing around these parts.

    "It's a surprise." She said softly but unable to keep from smiling. Not that Matthew could see it but she almost felt giddy. Just as they started hearing the flow of the river, Honey turned off the trail and kept walking. If someone was paying attention, they would realize that this was actually another trail but it was extremely old and overgrown. Bushes pulled at Honey's skirt as she made her up the trail giving Matthew teasing glimpses of her thighs and maybe even the curve of her butt.

    Once the trees and bushes ended, there was a small clearing. It couldn't have been bigger than Matthews bed. Just beyond it was the river and the falls. It looked like something out of a national geographic. The type of picture that made photographers rich.

    Honey smiled widely and looked up at Matthew for his approval. Then she tied her hair up in a ponytail and started climbing up the rocks on the side of the waterfall. About halfway up on the left, there was a ledge that led in behind the water. It wouldn't be much of a climb for someone as tall as Matthew, but for her short limbs, it took some exertion. But she had done it many times and it didn't bother her. Once she was on the ledge, she turned to see if Matthew was following. If he wasnt, she asked, "Are you coming?" If he was, she would continue to the small 'room' in front of the caves entrance.

    She had pictured so many times in her mind. And yet, now that it was actuallt happening, she was still surprised by how aroused she was. She didn't think about how her body had been building up her excitement from watching Matthew work out, noticing his erection, checking him out in his car. It was all accumulating in her subconscious and she wanted him so badly she could almost taste it. Now when she turned to look at him, there was a very different look in her eyes. The only thing keeping her from making her own move was his comment in the gift shop about her being a slut. But she wasn't sure how long she could hold out.


    A sly smirk passed upon Matt's lips as the view cleared revealing a breathtaking waterfall. Despite the majestic sight, he didn't miss Honey's expectant gaze in his direction. Her hazelnut eyes were glowing as she eagerly waited for words of praise. There was no denying that she knew what she was doing when it came to guiding people and showing them wonderful things. He didn't pipe a word but nodded slowly and followed slowly as she kept going.

    He couldn't help but think that her talents could be much better used than by having her be a waitress at the resort. She knew many rich people who'd pay a small fortune to have Honey at their service for several days. He had a small chuckle to himself as he felt a strange sting of possessiveness at the idea of another man taking advantage of her.

    The soft voice pulled him out of his thoughts and he answered. "Right behind you." He frowned as she started climbing with a totally discard for her wounded arm. She was indeed intriguing. He shook his head, she seemed to know where she was heading and her height didn't stop her pace.

    Skirt and girl disappeared behind the rocks. He followed. There was something about natural elements which humbled most men. But not Matthew Lewis. No for him, this roar water, those imposing rocks, it empowered him. He felt even more in control than ever and when he stepped into the little alcove, his eyes darted on the little woman with a renewed intensity. The deafening curtain of water seemed to press them closer as he moved to her so that he could speak softly and yet still be heard by Honey.

    "Do you believe you have me trapped?" he questioned without kindness. The need to lift that tantalizing skirt grew pressing. He could make her scream here and nobody would ever hear. Such a perfect location. The Little Honey wasn't as innocent as she looked.

    "I don't know if I should condemn or condone you for taking such risks." his hand moved up to circle without pressure the soft skin of her neck. She could easily push away if she chose to. "Aren't you scared? Alone with a man you barely know?" he leaned in, so close that she could feel his breath against her face. "But maybe you do that often?" his last words were said with venom and his silver gaze turned icy.


    Honey loved Matthew's suite. She had often, while cleaning the bedroom, imagined her first time being on that bed. Candlelight, flower petals, soft music, the typical dreams most girls have. But this warerfall was her favorite and first choice of the perfect place to give herself to her soulmate. The ambiance of nature brought her most primal instincts to the surface.

    But Matthew was confusing her. "Trapped? Of course not. The way out is behind you. I'm the one that's trapped." She finished with a soft laugh that died when he moved closer. She didn't understand what risk he was talking about until he explained himself. She swallowed hard as his hand wrapped around her neck. It wasn't abnormal for her to feel small but in that moment she had never felt smaller. Matthew was gripping her just barely enough to feel her pulse speed up.

    Her eyes betrayed her fear but also her trust. And though she spoke softly, her face showed her hidden strength yet again. "I've never brought anyone here before. I've never been alone with a man before but I believe I am as safe with you, here, as I am with you in the hotel lobby... no matter what happens." As she spoke, both of Honey's hands took hold of Matthews arm and, if he allowed it, she held his hand in place as she backed up until her back was against the rock wall. She wasn't trying to be sexy. She didn't really even think about why she did it. And if she had, it wouldn't have made sense to her. Once she was against the rock, she let go of him and let her hands fall back to her sides.


    Matthew's eyes remained on her for a long moment, without a blink. He didn't smile. He didn't say a word. He had been unable to suppress a long shudder as her fragile fingers had curled around his wrist to push herself against the cold and humid rocks of the cave. The deafening flow of water almost swallowed her words, but he could read her soft lips. She trusted him. He could see it. She wanted him. He could smell it.

    His hand stayed against the tender flesh of her neck, pressing slightly, until his thumb brushed her chin, then crept to her low lip, pressing down to part her mouth open.

    "You shouldn't." he warned, his voice darkened and so did his eyes.

    He was so close to her than their bodies could almost touch. Heat radiated between their frames.

    Matt was taking his time. The hunt, the chase was his favorite part. He didn't want to spoil such a delightful game by giving in too quickly. Although he had to admit that this place was definitely exciting.

    His free left hand found the softness of her leg, sliding under her skirt, above her knee. His palm was rough under her velvet skin as he slowly moved upward. His eyes were deep in hers, swallowing her whole. A dark smirk painted his lips when his thumb found the thin fabric of her panties. He pressed, rubbing slowly.

    "You should run away Little One." His right hand closed more strongly on her neck.


    Honey was in over her head. She had been from the very beginning. But she just now realized it when she saw the look on his face as he laid his hand on her leg. Her big eyes never left his when his thumb parted her lips. She knew she looked like a dumb bimbo with her eyes and mouth hanging open. None of that mattered if that's how he wanted her to look.

    After all, her fantasy had always been to give herself to a man, right here. To surrender heart, mind, body and soul to his desires. Often she had imagined this happening from a third persons view, watching as the man took her body as he wanted. The beauty and innocence of first love swelling around them. White doves flying overhead as cherubs played their harps in the most beautiful union of two people that had ever happened.

    But this wasn't like that at all. She was innocent, yes. Her soul was white as snow. But Matthew was dark. Very dark. She didn't understand how she hadn't noticed before. It was as though she'd brought the devil in an angels robe to this sacred place and now he was disrobing. The close he got to her carnal treasure, the darker his face became and upon reaching it, his grip around her neck tightened making her squeak helplessly. Both of her hands gripped his once again to pull his hand away....

    But she couldn't. Obviously she couldn't force his hand away. But she couldn't even try to push it off her neck. The feeling of his thumb rubbing small little circles around her button made her freeze in place with her hands just gripping the hand that was restricting her breath. Her eyes and face were plainly mixed with the pleasure she felt and her need for him combined with the discomfort at her neck and the fear in her eyes that was growing steadily. But trust? That was gone.

    Still, she didn't fight. She wanted too. She wanted to beg for him to set her free. She wanted to run far away from him and never come back to this place that had been ruined by the memories it would hold. But, at the same time, The same darkness from Matthew that terrified her, was somewhere buried deep, deep inside her. And it was waking up. And it was hungry. It wanted the humiliation of looking like a dumb bimbo. It wanted the pain she felt around her neck. It wanted the endless surrender that she felt from having him stimulate her sweet center. This darkness was hungry and selfish and did not have Honey's best interests in mind at all.

    That scared Honey more than anything else but with every stroke of Matthew's thumb, she was losing the will to fight it. She gripped Matthew's hand tighter in one last effort to escape but she couldn't make herself push. A single tear made its way down her cheek as she finally gave up and let the depraved darkness show on her face.


    Matthew's gaze devoured that helplessness which was now painted upon Honey's sweet features. Her small hands didn't move his one inch, not that she was really trying. His claw kept steady around her neck, he didn't squeeze harder, nor did he let go. He could feel her pulse quickening against his palm, her life flow in his power.

    He didn't try to soften his smirk, he wanted her to catch a glimpse of the true darkness which inhabited his soul. He wanted her to fight against it and against herself. He wanted her to lose but not to give up.

    His thumb never stopped to circle her heated button, tantalizing it again and again in promise of pain and pleasure.

    When the shiny tear rolled down her tender cheek, he groaned. "Beautiful." he hushed, leaning in to lick it slowly. He didn't kiss her skin nor her lips, only plucking the salty crystal with obvious delight. His breath burned against her soft trembling skin.

    She was awakening the beast and just like Honey's darkness, it needed to be fed.

    The violence with which he suddenly grabbed her panties and pull was brutal. If the soft delicate fabric tore in the front, the elastic band only stretched, painfully digging into Honey's hips leaving red burning streaks. His right hand was still unmovable around her neck, squeezing enough to remind her that at any moment she could be lack oxygen, yet letting more than enough air to pass that she could breath without too much hindrance.

    Her underwear was now a sad excuse for a protection and without asking for permission, he slid two fingers in her wetness. He relished in the exquisite sensation of her hot flesh around his fingers. His eyes fed off the fear and any expression he could read in her face. Oh she was such a lovely toy. So precious and innocent. One that he would take great pleasure to deprave then destroy.

    "Now you cannot run Little One." he growled as his fingers slowly started to move in her.


    The first thing Honey realized when she gave in to Matthew was that she had only been holding back from experiencing the pleasure he was giving her. As soon as she stopped thinking about getting away her brain focuses on on their other point of contact, his thumb. Her eyelids grew very heavy as she let out a long soft moan.

    He had called her beautiful. He leaned in closely letting his breath linger near her face. All of these were signs of passion to Honey. She had neither the experience nor the knowledge to know otherwise. Right now she could think of little else except the pleasure she was feeling. It was happening. She was giving herself... or letting herself be taken... by her lover.

    Suddenly her body was jolted forward. Not her whole body but at the waist while her head was head firmly in place. The sensation of having her panties ripped was painful and scary. Her moan ended in a shriek as she felt the heat from the friction of her underwear being pulled tightly against her skin. She struggled to maintain her balance for, without it, she was dangling by her neck. Part of her wanted to ask him to stop but she was too scared. The other part of her told her she deserved that and more.

    It was so confusing that all she could do was whimper. Her mind quickly dismissed the pain deciding that he didn't know how much it hurt. This was confirmed as his fingers entered her making her squirm with pleasure. It was the first time she'd had anyone else's fingers inside her and it felt amazing! "Oh yes! Yes! Don't stop... please don't stop!" She couldn't help what she said. She wanted more, needed more, whatever the cost.

    She never wanted anything more than she wanted all of Matthew right now. She let go of his hands and reached for him but her short arms could barely reach his shoulders. She moaned louder as she ran her fingers towards herself, lifted them off him to reach, then pulled toward herself again. What she wanted was obvious. Him. Closer. If the entire length of her body was pressed against his it wouldn't be enough. She needed him closer than that. She needed him inside her. She wanted them both to be naked. She wanted to taste his lips. Her yearning was starting to bubble higher as her passion grew more intense. The longer he teased and edged her the more insane with desire she would feel.


    Matthew tilted his head slightly when she started moaning for him. It was obvious how much she was loving what he was doing to her. A dark smirk crept wider on his face. She was craving him so much, his fingers were wet from her juices and that heat he could feel.

    "So greedy." was that a compliment or a scolding, maybe both.

    She tried to lure him in, with her sweet pleading voice and those wide hazelnut eyes, yet his answer came, brutal and painful. Pulling his fingers out of her, he slapped her pussy with a flick of his finger in a sharp motion. He knew that after the pleasure she was feeling, the pain would be a sheathing flash. His eyes narrowed when he hit her, drinking in every single expression her face would take. He wanted to watch her wince and cry, he wanted to hear her gasp and whine.

    "I will stop if I so choose." he said, his voice a deep growl, warning her.

    He didn't close the gap between them, preventing her from being able to really touch him. He could smell how much she needed that contact and he was denying her on purpose, taking his time. For several long seconds, he left her there, hanging by only her neck, without caressing her and hitting her, her legs spread open.

    He leaned until his lips were brushing her ear. "If you want my fingers back into your sweet little pussy, you're going to have to ask very very nicely Little One. Be careful, you only get one shot." he challenged her. He was toying with her, yet she knew that if she didn't please him, she wouldn't get what she wanted.


    The unexpected pain that shot through her body made Honey want to bend at the waist. She tried to but only succeeded in choking herself against Matthew's hand. Her face was a mixture of pain and shock of betrayal but also acceptance. She, herself, could not understand why she would accept th pain inflicted on her but parts of her that she didn't even know existed were taking control of her desires. Each of her cheeks had a shiny streak where tears had fallen down her face. Still, once he growled at her, she looked apologetic rather than one whom expected an apology.

    As he leaned in closer, she started to get more excited. She grabbed at his shirt trying to get her hands under it to pull it off like she'd seen in movies but as soon as he whispered into her ear, she started calming down. Her level of excitement didn't go down but her movements slowed almost to a halt and rather than having a purpose to what her hands were doing, they seemed to wander mindlessly over his body.

    "Please..." She started almost before he stopped talking. "Please put your fingers... no. I want more than that." Now she looked up at him eyes wide deep pools of desire. "Please have... please make love... to me... with me.." She had a very limited vocabulary for what she wanted to ask and that irritated her. "I mean I want it to be both of us... together... not just one person doing... you know what I mean? Please?"


    Matthew listened to her, his face didn't give a hint of what he thought of her words. He simply watched her, those soft streams dripping down her gentle cheeks, that delicate chest heaving under each breath, this pulse quickening under his large palm. The corner of his lips curved for a second at the eagerness with which she was trying to get to him but then his thin mouth became somber again.

    Her words were those of a child, hesitant, simple. Maybe he could have found them amusing, endearing. He could tell she was lost and trying, but sometimes trying wasn't enough.

    "You want?" he repeated, emphasizing the word with harshness. "Do you think that I care about what you want?" his voice was ice, not even the hint of a burning heat, yet his cock was pressing so hard against his pants that it was painful. Then he almost snarled, a sarcastic chuckle. "Make love to me?" The blade of his silver eyes dug into her honeyed irises. "You haven't earned that." Suddenly all longing or desire was gone from his eyes, he was looking at her as if she was dirt on his boots. "You barely deserve to be fucked."

    With that he released her, letting go of her neck, almost throwing her on the ground, not caring about her wounded arm. He stared at her then stepped away.

    "Make yourself presentable. We're going back to the hotel." with that, he walked away from the hidden cave under the waterfall. If she cried or called after him, he wouldn't hear because of the deafening water. He was out of her sight as if his fingers hadn't been bringing moans of pleasure to her lips mere seconds ago.

    As he waited outside, letting the water mist freshen up his face, he took a long deep breath. It really was a beautiful day and this place was quite a treasure. He smiled. A smile that wasn't meant for anyone. He was satisfied and let Honey take all the time she needed before stepping out from the darkness.


    "You want?"

    Honey shivered at the cold tone of voice that she hadn't heard since they started the tour. His laugh made her shudder in fear. She closed her eyes trying to hold back the tears and when she opened them again, he was looking at her almost the same as he did the day they met in the restaurant. 'Lime. Not lemon.' She remembered it very well. Then it was over. She knew it was before he spoke. Her lower lip trembled as she did her best to not fall apart completely. Whatever magic had started here, she had ruined it and it was gone. He had told her she had one chance to get it right and she ruined it.

    As if it wasn't enough, he drove the point home with language she had never thought she'd hear from him and then he let go of her. She wasn't expecting that either and promptly fell to the ground. The physical pain and surprise from the fall added to the emotional pain of his cruel words were too much and Honey lay still other than shaking with sobs.

    It took a minute before she made herself sit up and then stand on shaky legs. Inside her mind was an overwhelming turmoil of emotion. Shame, guilt, despair and sadness filled her but underlying all of it was an incredible level of arousal that was beyond her level of understanding. She took a handful of cold water and splashed her face and then repeated the motion.

    Honey emerged from behind the waterfall looking awful. Her eyes were red from crying, her face and entire front were wet, her clothes were dirty and her skirt had a small tear in it above her left knee and her hair was completely disheveled. She sniffled as she walked by Matthew but she continued down the path without a word until they got to his car where she stopped and turned to him with her head down.

    "I.. I'm sorry... that I got it wrong.. And I'm sorry for.." She stopped as she really wasn't sure how to say it. She wasn't sorry that she wanted him. "I'm sorry for thinking that... that you wanted me..." She meant it but she also meant that she was sorry she wasn't good enough. But it sounded terrible even in her head so she didn't say it. Also, admitting out loud that he didn't want her made her want to start crying all over again but she quickly wiped her eyes, wincing from the pain in her arm. "If.." Now her voice was shaky. "If it's okay with you I'll.. just.. stay home the next two days." She really didn't want too but she wasn't sure how she could handle two more days alone with Matthew as badly as she still wanted him.


    As she appeared from behind the cascade, he watched her with delight. She was disheveled, dirty, a wreck. A perfect look for the sweet little Honey. He relished in her appearance. This suited her so well that his cock came pulsing in his jeans, yet he didn't stop her or say anything. Instead he let her lead the way back to the car in silence. A smile never left his lips. This little tour had turned out much better than anticipated after all.

    When they reached the car and she started speaking, he raised an eyebrow, smirking with amusement, but there was still no kindness in his features. Oh what a mess she was!
    To her surprise, he opened the passenger door of the car to let her inside. Then slammed the door shot once she sat. He didn't move to the driver side quite yet. He leaned against the door, towering over her.
    "That is NOT okay with me. You are mine for three days and you better remember it. I expect you to be waiting by my car tomorrow morning at 7am sharp. I hope I am making myself clear. A no-show would have troublesome consequences...for you." His clear eyes drilled into hers, giving her no doubt that if she didn't come, she would regret it. But then again, if she came...she would most likely regret it too.
    He waited for a nod or an approval before walking around the car to settle in the driver seat.

    "You were right Little One, this waterfall was definitely worth the detour." He turned his head in her direction and brought his fingers to his mouth, then licked slowly the two which were sliding in and out of her when she was pinned against the cold wet wall of the cave. "Tasty." He commented with a hint of irony in his voice. The motor roared loudly under the hood and Matt grinned. The fast car seemed to fly down the curvy roads with ease. Matthew was driving as if he was alone, in the car and also on the road. He ignored Honey for the rest of the ride, enjoying the sensation of this racing pace.

    He parked the car in the lot, away from the main entrance. Was it because he didn't want her to be seen like that or because he didn't want his car to be damaged by others? He stepped out with a last glance for the young woman.
    "Don't be late." was all he said before heading for the hotel, hands in his pocket, as nonchalant and confident as ever.


    The last thing Honey wanted was to meet Matthew the next morning but his orders were so explicit, she gave him a nod showing that she understood. It wasn't like she had a choice. She just couldn't understand why. If he was so repulsed by her, why did he still want her to go with him? She didn't say anything on the way back to the resort. Worth the detour? Had he actually enjoyed himself? She looked at him when he said "Tasty" and it took a minute for her to realize what he meant. When she figured it out, her face turned red.

    She got out of the car and watched him walk inside and then slowly walked to her own car and drove home. A long shower later, Honey was no close to understanding the days events than she had been before. She knew her father wouldn't be home yet and she was tired so she went to her room for a nap. Once she was in bed, her mind drifted back to the waterfall. The way it felt when Matthew had his fingers inside her. The way he hurt her when he jerked her panties and when he slapped her. The way he looked at her when he said those cruel words. All of it was turning her on but she figured it was just because of how good his fingers felt. It had been a completely new sensation for her.

    As her mind continued recounting the day, she realized she was looking for why it went sour. Had she said the wrong thing? That was when he ended it. An idea hit her like a wall of bricks and she grabbed her phone. She must have said the wrong thing. She had to figure out how to say and do the right things! And Google would help her. For the next two hours, she read article after article about talking dirty, learning what your man wants, how to please your man, how to make a man want you and so on. She only stopped reading because she fell asleep.

    The next morning, Honey woke up refreshed and full of ideas. The only reason Matthew would want to see her today was to give her another chance. It couldn't be anything else. She wouldn't fail today. She would take advantage of every opportunity to make him want her. She would do whatever it took. She took extra care in the shower and with her make up. She knew he liked her hair down so she curled it and put in a bow on each side to keep it off her ears. For clothes she opted to not wear underwear. No need for that painful experience again. She also didn't wear a bra which wasn't abnormal for her anyway. She put on the smallest skirt she had which wasn't much longer than a cheerleaders skirt and was made of pleated denim. She hadn't worn it in years. Then she put on a plaid button down shirt. She tied it off just above her navel and left the top three buttons undone. After putting on her shoes, she looked in the mirror and gasped.

    "I'm practically naked..." She said softly. She wasn't sure how she was going to manage being in public like this but she convinced herself that she wasn't going inside the hotel and that she would be in Matthew's car all day. With one last look, she went down the stairs and out the door as quietly as she could. The last thing she needed was to have to deal with her dad right now. She drove to the hotel and parked next to Matthew's Mustang with a few minutes to spare. She waited until 6:59 and then got out and stood by his car anxiously waiting his arrival.

    At 7 am sharp, Matthew was crossing in the parking lot. He was wearing some black khaki pants and a dark grey sport tshirt. He was pleased to see Honey waiting for him. Today she was on time. However the closer he got to her, the more his eyebrow raised. He stopped in front of her, looking at her from head to toe. She was dressed as if she wanted him to bend her over the car and fuck her right here and there for everybody to see! A true slut! Yet her eyes were still as soft and innocent as the first time he met her.

    He could tell by how she was shuffling on her feet that she wasn't too sure about the way she was dressed. He loved feeling that unease in her. His fingers raised to brush a lock of her beautiful hair. A new idea came to his mind and he smirked.
    "Next time I need a hooker, I'll know who to call." he stated opening the door for her.
    He wasn't going to give any hint of how this cliche outfit was turning him on. He closed the door behind her then went for the driver seat.
    "Buckle up." he ordered as the roar of the car forced him to speak louder.

    Matthew exited the parking lot but didn't take the route of the mountains, nor did he ask Honey for direction.
    "Change of plans, you're not dressed to go hiking."
    The car hopped onto the highway, towards the valley. They passed the small town where Honey had grown up and knew everyone and took the direction of the closest city, about an hour and half away.
    From the corner of his eyes, he looked at the young woman, wondering what was passing through her little head. Her skirt was definitely too short and sitting down revealed far too much of her milky thighs. He focused back on the road, still remembered the feeling of her heat and wetness as he slid his fingers in her.

    "You're riding shot gun, you get to chose the music." he said, pointing at the radio. "But be careful, if I don't like it, I'm dropping you off at the next rest area." he warned. With him, it was hard to tell if he was joking or not.
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    Having Matthew 'inspect' her was unsettling. Even if she had checked him out as he crossed the parking lot. Honey wanted nothing more than to cover up but she forced herself to fold her hands behind her back while waiting for Matthew's verdict. Just like in the gift shop there was the briefest moment of anger in her eyes. This time it was coupled with shock. But she didn't rebuke him. She knew that if he'd been anyone else, she probably would have slapped him instinctively. But, according to her research, this was what guys wanted. The fact that she had dressed for him in such a way that he would compare her to a hooker, was a good thing. It didn't make any sense to her but he didn't seem upset so she got in. As soon as the door was shut she got it out. "So it's a good thing you have my number then.... ugh, why didn't I say that?"

    She buckled up as she was told and then they started off. Three times Honey started to point out a place to turn but Matthew just drove past. Finally he explained himself which left Honey feeling insecure and tugging at the hem of her skirt as if she were willing it to be longer. She didn't know if it was okay to ask where exactly they were going or why so she sat silently no matter how much it bugged her.

    At first, having control of the radio seemed like a good thing. But then she heard the stipulation. She didn't doubt for a second that Matthew meant every word. And she didn't even have her phone with her. Or anything. She didn't have any pockets to hold anything or a bra to tuck it into. Her hand shook a little as she reached out to the radio. It took her a little bit to learn how to operate the touchscreen and navigate between AM, FM and satellite. Then she started going through the stations while grasping at straws as to what a man like Matthew would like. Finally she came across John Legend playing All of me. It felt right. In fact she couldn't think of a better song to tell Matthew how she felt. She stole a glance at him but his poker face was too hard to read. She bit her lip and slowly sat back in her seat, waiting with baited breath.
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    From the corner of his eyes, he watched her scan through the channel. Her dainty fingers seemed feverish, she knew what was at stake and she was making her decision cautiously. She lingered a little longer on Highway to hell from AC/DC and that actually surprised him...but then she switched and stayed on one of those soapy songs which was playing continuously on the radio. He sighed. It made no doubt in his mind why she would have picked such a cheesy song. She was an innocent romantic. She knew nothing of him and already she was imagining herself swept off her feet into the arms of her knight in shinning armor! When was she going to realize that he was closer to the dark knight of the stories than Prince Charming?

    'My head’s under water but I’m breathing fine...'

    A road sign indicated a rest area in one mile and he started slowly down. Next to him, he could see the girl almost disappearing in her seat. He put the blinker on and took the exit. He wasn't even looking at her, but imagined her on the brink of tears. As he parked the car in the empty parking lot this early in the day, and cranked the hand break up, he turned to look at her. His clear gaze was impenetrable. He lifted her chin almost softly and his thumb brushed her lips.

    'You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind'

    "You have potential and yet you keep disappointing." he sighed, letting go of her face. He unbuckled her seatbelt, still staring at her. "Get out. I don't want to hear it." her ordered in a cold voice. He didn't wait to see if she would obey or not and stepped out of the car, keys in hand. He moved to her side and opened the door if she hadn't already, something in his demeanor was warning her that he would strike if she didn't do as he commanded. He waited until she moved, daring her to make a sound. Once she was out of the car, he slammed the door shot behind her, then without another word, he walked to the restrooms.
    A couple of minutes later he was back and looking if she had stayed by the car and wandered off. In one case she would get a second chance, in the other case, she would have to find herself a ride home.
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    The exit sign hadn't really registered in Honey's mind but the second she felt Matthew let off the accelerator she straightened up in her seat. She gasped when she saw they were already in the exit lane and looking ahead she saw the rest area full of semis. Her heart sank and her eyes filled with shock and fear. She hadn't doubted that he'd meant what he said but now that it was really happening, she couldn't believe it.

    She turned to him when he pulled the brake and feeling his thumb on her lips caused a tear to fall from her eyes. Yet she didn't really feel pain until he uttered that last word before unbuckling her seat belt. She was a disappointment. She had done nothing but disappoint him over and over. She kept trying and he kept giving her chances but....

    The car door opened. She hadn't even realized Matthew had gotten out. She looked up at him and then swung her legs out and stood. As soon as she was clear of the door, it slammed shut and she jumped. She turned to look at him but he was already walking away. Honey followed him for a few feet and then stopped feeling like that wasn't the right idea. But what was the right idea? She returned to the car wiping her eyes and trying to figure out what to do.

    She had no money, no phone, she wasn't really even sure where they were. She was completely out of her element in every possible way and the only person she knew, didn't want her in the car anymore. There weren't any other cars there. Maybe she could flag one down? She turned to look at the trucks but she'd heard so many stories about truckers. And that was confirmed when she saw at least six of them were in their seats and eyeing her like a buzzard would a dying animal.

    Honey pulled at her skirt again and crossed her arms trying to cover up. One trucker blew his air horn once as if to encourage her. That scared Honey and she started for the building again to find Matthew. But she stopped short. What if she missed him and then he left? Surely if she explained that she had no way back, he would help her. He was human after all. Maybe if she promised to leave him alone he would help her... The thought brought more tears to her eyes.

    "Hey sexy. Come take a look at my truck." A grizzled man called out to her. He was already out of his truck and standing in front of it waving her over. Honey quickly returned to the car. "I'm... I'm waiting for someone." "That's okay. I just want to show you something. It won't take..." He saw Matthew come out and head for his car and turned back towards Honey. "Just flash your tits real quick. Make a guy happy." Honey ignored him and turned facing the Mustang. She couldn't hold back the sobs anymore. If Matthew didn't give her a ride, she didn't know what was going to happen to her.

    Footsteps behind her made her turn around fearfully. Seeing Matthew coming towards her actually made her happy. No matter what he did to her, she preferred it be him. "I'm sorry." She began while wiping her eyes again. "I'm sorry I keep... disappointing you. But please don't leave me here. I don't have anything with me at all and..." She glanced at the truckers. "I'm scared... Mr Lewis, please don't leave me here. I'll do anything you want. Free meals for the rest of your stay. Free... anything... I'll even .. I'll even stay out of your sight.... for the rest of your visit.... if that's what you want. Please don't leave me here."
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