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Discussion in 'Fandom Requests & Catalogue' started by Nikola, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Nikola

    Nikola Brand Spankin' New Member

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    Hi there ! I have been roleplaying on many sites but recently my favorite site got shut down so i have been roleplay for years. I am looking for a male or a female playing as a male to play damon / stefan or both [ that would be appreciated ] salvatore from vampire diaries. I have a plot that i think would be every interesting and fun !

    MY PLOT ; stefan and damon had a younger sister named nikola. When stefan was turned into a vampire, he turned damon [ we all know this story ] but he was gonna do the same thing to his sister but instead of her turning, she died. Damon tossed her into a lake wrapped in cloth to mourn the death of his sister. the brothers went on with their lives like normal. never speaking of their sister again, the loss was too hard on them. One day when they were both back in mystic falls [ around 1st season ] they see a girl who looks oddly familiar to their sister nikola, right down to the scar on her neck from the bite. But she is strangely with an older witch. the older witch found nikola in the lake before she was completely end. she realized who she was from katherine and placed a curse on her. she would never age like a vampire but would be human. she nikola has a functioning body like a human and heals like one but never ages. the witch kept the girl raising her as her own even though she is stuck at 14. damon and stefan try and take her from the witch to have their sister back but face a few challenges. 1. she is a strong older witch. 2. nikola is very resentful of her brothers. 3. damon is an asshole.

    R U L E S ;
    1. must be descriptive and true to characters. please play it as though it was in the shows or books
    2. i write paragraph to multiple paragraphs
    3. this is a brother sister plot no sex
    4. add drama and have fun, don't let it get boring !

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