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 NSFW/Explicit  Female x Male  Romance Venus's Partner Search

Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by Venus, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. Venus

    Venus Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    12:40 AM
    ♥A bit about me♥

    ♥I am 24,female,live in eastern USA so my timezone is EDT - Eastern Daylight Time
    ♥I am available much of the day,every day,untill I get my puppy
    ♥I have recently starting writing and role playing again . I am looking to improve and challenge myself
    ♥I often match,or try to match, my partner's style of writing. Now, this does not happen on purpose. it is very much like " an eye for an eye". the more details and such that you write,will inspire me to do the same and have more to go on.
    ♥I am in no way a perfect writer. I am still learning so much. if you grant me patience, I can show you wonders. I would do the same for you.
    ♥I can play both genders and I am able to double. I prefer to play female characters but I do not mind playing a male character. as I said , I like to challenge myself in any way.
    ♥I do not mind mature or dark themes as long as they are within site rules.
    ♥I prefer romance in all stories
    ♥if you have an idea, I am all ears and eager to hear them!

    Fandom Cravings and plots/ pairings

    Original Ideas

    the year is 1584,Vampires rule much of the world.Currently, there are two vampire kingdoms.

    Humans are close to slaves since the war between vampires and humans in 900 BC . it was a gruesome war to say the least. this war started because of the long standing hate for one another. heads clashed and throats were slashed. the humans stood little chance against the superhuman might of vampires. especially since some vampires had powers unknown to humans. All vampires had the ability to move quickly . it was about the only fact that humans knew besides them being irritated by sunlight if come into contact. if a vampire had prolonged sun exposure then they were likely to combust into flames. but this took several hours in itself. rarely would one have the ability to ignore the sun as it had no effects on them.

    Anyway, it proved most difficult for the human race to compete with such a force. but they tried and shortly after failed. since this time, Vampires had a monarchy . With their victory the vampires built and enormous castle with the finest stone available . this castle stood in the middle of a large kingdom.

    The first thing the king from kingdom A put into place was a harvest holiday which happens every twenty years. On the harvest Holiday night, A village is selected to be harvested. What does this mean exactly? the generals are sent out to the selected village with a few large cage like carriages to pluck the humans from their homes. once all rounded up and placed inside the caged carriages they are then transported to the castle. Muse A's village was selected this Harvest Holiday. what happens then is humans are given to the vampires nobles. the higher the vampire is on the chain, the more beautiful and more desirable the human they receive . humans are used for blood,maids,servants, for more sexual pleasures.

    there is always a court seer and court mage. sometimes these roles are given to members of the royal family if they fit they criteria . The seer must be able to have visions and accurately predict the future. the mage must have the ability to use elemental magic as well as white and black magics. I the early years of the monarchy, the first seer predicted that a human with a red rose shape and color birthmark will appear in the future. this individual ,if married into either royal families, will enhance the abilities for the vampires of that kingdom. for this reason, the human with this birthmark is of high value. Muse A was born with such a mark. but humans do not know of this prophecy fortold many years ago.

    Muse B could be royalty for either kingdom. it will be up to the person who plays as muse B to decide. Kingdom A has decided that Muse A's village would be sacrificed this year.

    ( sorry if this was ill explained. if you have any questions then please ask me! everything is up for change if you wish something changed. such as we could use werewolves instead of vampires )
    " Let me tell you a long forgotten story. This story... how should I say, Is incomplete." The bard said as he sat down on a stump like chair infront of a fairly large crowd."This story is of two long forgotten kingdoms. In a time of a long waged war decided to unite and end the war after several generations. The princess of one of the kingdoms was to marry the king of the other. It is well known royalty have the luxury of money and huge homes. But they often are not able to marry for love. The couple was not on the best of terms in their first meeting. Without diaries, we cannot truely know what the couple was like or their thoughts. It is said they faced many difficulties in their early lives before falling in love with one another. It is not known what troubles they faced. we do not even know what happened to them." the bard looked around with a smile," would you like to put the pieces together with me?"
    Alice was a young nineteen year old woman. She had just moved out on her own into a small apartment. It was cozy and nice enough for her first place out on her own. her favorite room was the living room because of the painted brick accent wall. But she spent a lot of time in the kitchen. because,well you know,food? She was a year into college to become a doctor. she wanted to specialize in surgery to help people in serious need.

    She was on her way to her part time job at starbucks. it was thundering and lightning horribly that day. Since she lived in New York she often took cabs or subways and was on the way to a subway station currently. when all of a sudden she felt her body go numb after all the hair on her body stood on end. What had happened? She was struck by lightning apparently. Because she heard screams of people around her saying the girl was struck by lightning. Alice's vision went blurry before fading to darkness.

    Alice woke up what seemed like forever later. she moved her dainty hand to rub her eyes before opening and looking around. she saw people dressed in strange clothes standing far from her with scared expressions on their faces. " she looks just like the demon queen." a frightened woman managed to say in a hushed trembling voice." what? where am I?"Alice asked as she held her head in her hands. She had a bad headache at the moment. she figured it was due to her fall.

    A knight wearing a full suit of armor and riding a cream colored horse rode up to Alice with his blade drawn. Without question he quickly tied Alice with chains. " what?! what are you doing?!" Alice exclaimed after she realized this person was not here to help her but rather hurt her maybe? Alice was unable to ask more since she was also gaged by an old looking rag which instantly made her grimace. The knight hoisted her up on the horse before also getting on. The people of the medieval looking town looked relieved and sighed in relief as they rode off quickly towards a large stone castle. Alice's vision went black as she passed out again. only waking up later in what looked like a dim lit dungeon cell.

    Alice had entered an alternate dimension. one where magic, knights, and royalty still existed. elves,dwarfs,and demons exist. Powerful mages were a thing here. at the capital is where royalty often met to talk about problems that concerned multiple kingdoms.

    Four years ago a ruthless demon queen was on the rise. Her power rivaled the most powerful of mages. she slaughtered whole villages for fun if they refused to follow her. It took a long time but she was finally slain by the human king. The world lived in peace since that day.
    But with Alice's appearance in their world,with her looking almost just like the demon queen, people are starting to panic. thus this is why Alice was quickly picked up and taken to the human king's castle by the knight.

    Muse A was the Emperor of an entire powerful Empire. Conquering other kingdoms and Empires with much ease. Muse B was a princess of a neighboring powerful empire who Muse A was trying to conquer for the longest time. He had his eye on the beautiful princess for forever now and he was going to have her. During the night one night, Muse A stormed Muse B's kingdom while she slept. She had no idea what was happening until she was awoken by a bag being put over her head. She was terrified and because she had no idea what had happened made it even worse.
    The next morning Muse B was put in a large extravagant cage. decorated with Jewels and Gold. She was being paraded through the road on the way too muse A's Palace. The conquering of Muse B's kingdom became a celebration for the people of Muse A's Empire.
    Once inside she would be shown off to her new emperor. because she now belonged to him. What will he do with her now?

    M/C is a young lady who came from a long line of witches and wizards. She always wanted to go to the Tremelline Academy. its where the best wizards and witches were taught. It was a college and it was the best you could get into for a young witch. But getting in was harder than you would think. they only accepted those they thought would be the best of the best.
    M/C had no chance in being accepted. Her parents passed away when she was young and this left her much on her own with magic. Everyone who could use magic had their own unique ability. Hers was healing magic and she could talk to animals,both being very difficult to master. she just turned 18 and had long ago sent her application in. she wanted to send it early so that they may have a chance to look at it before her birthday.
    To her surprise, she had gotten an acceptance letter. She could not believe her eyes and had much difficulty believing she actually got accepted. She packed her bags and began the long journey,by train, to the academy.
    Y/C is an older student at the academy tasked with showing M/C around. Your character came from a long line of legendary wizards and thus their family is well known. Y/C is also a professor. being so advanced in their magic, he was able to become a professor right away in their last year of training.
    the real kicker? Every student has a partner matched to them. The people of the academy do not choose the partners. rather the magic within each person does. Both people will glow the same color for ten minutes when it is activated. this is how they know if they have been paired together. from then on they would need to help each other with their studies and magic in order to graduate. our characters have this happen to them midway through the tour.How would your character feel about this?
    The world they live in is a mix of medieval and modern. there are villages and houses like the olden days and horse and carriages but some modern items exist such as greenhouses and trains.
    Y/C has their own office because they are a professor.
    What is your character like ? their special magic?
    Currently this is the only story I have , I will update with more when Possible
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  2. Venus

    Venus Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    12:40 AM
  3. Venus

    Venus Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    12:40 AM
  4. Venus

    Venus Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    12:40 AM
    Craving an OC x Joker rp

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