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 Female x Male Vox Populi (Andraus and Evry1Luvsaslinky)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Execution' started by Andraus, Aug 15, 2019 at 9:02 PM.

  1. Andraus

    Andraus The God of Potatoes Member

    Local Time:
    10:17 AM

    ~Keyhole Canyon, Zion National Park, Utah~
    ~2058, May, 9th~

    "Come on, everyone! We still got a little way to go until we reach Cliff Palace! We're in the home stretch now!"

    Travis Hudson would be signalling for his men to get their shit in gear. The Caravan of 50 would all be relieved once they had reached city walls. Their trek so far had been long, hot, and perilous, but it seemed to be approaching its destined conclusion. Travelling through the barren wasted lands of the old world, this caravan had arrived all the way from City of the Burned (Formerly Baker, California), and had been on a half a month trek to reach their destination, a settlement known as 'Cliff Palace'. It was stated that Cliff Palace was the newest up and coming settlement this far from the west, a city center in the making, and could be a powerful central location in the old four-corners.

    It was one that the NCR (New California Republic), felt would allow them to expand to regions outside of California. Saffron, Angel's Boneyard, and Mentos were their major hubs, but they'd need bigger spheres of influence if they intended to rebuild their society.

    The air was dry and cold, typical of desert nights, and Travis knew his caravan was exhausted- They had to conserve the amount of fuel that the Junker could carry at any point in time, plus they couldn't risk smashing the thing into a rock or large object at night, and driving around with a loud as hell vehicle was typically a bad thing, so they kept it slow running and placed everyone on shifts for moving the vehicle. Still, once they got to Cliff Palace, THAT'S when the real work would begin- If what his father told him was correct, it wasn't really a settlement before the Collapse- It was more a historic site where ancient tribes had once lived in.

    That meant they'd likely lack for the biggest of basic necessities- Sustainable crops, Water Purification, Power, Ethanol Refining, and much more. They'd have a lot of work to do once they reached Cliff Palace. Still, Travis felt he had more than enough of an edge to deal with those things. He was what most Post-Collapse folk referred to as a 'Blackthumb'- Engineers and Mechanics with enough experience, or training, to fix up equipment and devices that make living possible. His father had taught him everything he knew about fixing up machines, weapons, and equipment back at Alcatraz City, and he was always eager to get his hands on technical documents and manuals to expand his learning.

    His father referred to him as a 'Book-Worm', but Travis didn't have any worm-like features, so it must've been an old world term.

    Travis would be looking at a personal favorite of his, Castaway of the Flying Dutchman, when he felt a hand tap his shoulder- It was Morgana. She was tribal- Came from the Blessed, a tribal group that would eventually become the People of the Faith, a large interconnected tribe who felt they were graced by God and chosen to lead his children back to his loving gaze. They survived on Angel Island, and after travelling away from there to Saffron (Old World San Francisco), they reorganized into the People of the Faith, or simply the Faith to certain individuals. While being based in the City of Saffron, Angel Island was where they sent all the Holy Relics they discovered.

    "Sententia, bonum est, mi amice- Feeling well, my friend?"

    "Ah, just fine Morgana. Just killing time until we reach Cliff Palace- Eager to get a church set up there?"

    "Who would not be eager to spread the word of our shared Father? Still- I will only spread his word should the people accept it. We wish for others to embrace the Lord with open arms, not force them to pay lip service, it would only be just."

    "Heh, if Only the Blades felt the same...."

    "The actions of a few do not denote the intentions of the many. Never forget that, Travis, as you'll undoubtedly encounter good and bad when we reach Cliff Palace."

    "If we do, we'll show them how the Republic deals with upstarts- Civilization is coming to the frontier, whether they want it or not." Came an older voice- Albert Haymond, a friend of Travis's father. Was a soldier before the collapse, in an entirely different unit from his old man, but he joined up all the same when Travis's father helped re-unite the scattered military forces that were left in California. Albert chose not to run for the Senate though, preferring to keep hands on instead of politicking, helping towns all across the wastes rebuild in the aftermath.

    Still, Albert was a hard man, and he had seen the worst of humankind before and after the collapse, so he knew that the language many people would be able to only accept is violence.

    "Not all problems can be solved at the end of a gun barrel."

    "Yet so many can."

    "We cannot afford to make war with every group we come across, Major Haymond- We cannot afford to agitate various groups and elements that could provide us with aid. Settlers have lived without the aid of military or government for quite some time, Haymond, and will not be keen to submit to authority."

    "Yes, we have a mission to succeed, but you see what type of people roam these lands now- slaving, murdering, butchering bastards, the lot of them. If we don't want to repeat the same mistakes as Old America, we can't let shit like this continue, we gotta crack down. If they're willing to fall in line, good, if not, they need to stay out of the way."

    "While I do agree with the sentiment, I still say you are reacting as if everything is a nail, and you are a hammer. Violence will only beget more violence."

    "Now listen here-"

    Travis would look up as he heard the sound of new vehicles coming in. "What the hell?" He said, as he then heard the sounds of horns, before seeing the familiar tell-all signs of raiders- Skulls adorning the front, warbanners hanging on the back, graffiti paint emblazoned on the sides. They parked at the top of the canyon, and within a moment, gunfire blasted from above, raining down on the caravan.

    "Everyone get down!"

    "Eat lead you mother fuckers!" Haymond began leading the defense almost immediately at the sight of the raiders- using the mounted machine gun on top of the rig, he began had his men begin suppressing, if not outright destroying, the rigs that were driving above and below. However, the position meant that the raiders had perfect position to strike. Travis could see several men from the caravan, a few soldiers and even more workers, getting gunned down in the crossfire.

    Then? He heard the sound of an RPG.

    "Oh shit, ROCKET LAUNCHER!" He yelled, jumping away from the rig, but despite his best effort, Travis was still caught in the blast, sent flying backwards from the explosion, his head slamming against the sandstone wall, ears ringing from the blast. Concussed, and vision wobbly, he saw the raiders, all wearing a similar patch on their shoulder, approach the caravan, before seeing members of it break off in different directions- The raiders began grabbing or killing anyone that was left, and ransacking the caravan. Travis would watch as one began approaching him, believing him dead, before he'd stab the man in the throat with his Bowie knife, tossing him to the ground as he picked up an M14A Service Rifle from a dead NCR Soldier.

    "We got a live one! We got a runner-"

    Travis immediately silenced with a shot to the head, but heard more coming, far more than he could take on. Seeing a group making a break for it, he began running with them, firing at the Raiders chasing, and aiming for the forests below. Surprisingly, the moment they managed to get close enough to the trees, Travis saw that they were....backing off? He then listened above to hear a conversation from them.

    "Come on! They went down into the forest below, the dogs would be able to catch them!"

    "You think? That's Zionist Territory, we ain't going anywhere near those fucking weirdos."

    "Ah come on, what's a couple of tree-huggers gonna do?"

    "You want to get chewed on by a couple of Reaver Bears? Go ahead.....No? Then shut up!"

    Travis would sigh as he looked over towards the group he was with- two soldiers and a couple of nameless engineers. Travis would signal for them to follow him, in case those raiders got brave, and began moving deeper into the forest. They kept running, hoping to get far enough away so that they could make sense of WHAT THE HELL just happened- They were travelling through Keyhole Canyon, right next to Zion, which they told was safe, and then all of a sudden some fucking raiders wearing a Rattlesnake patch came out of nowhere and overwhelmed them!

    Travis would place a hand on his head- he could still feel the ringing, and his vision was going blurry, plus it hurt to breath- he lightly had a few cracked ribs, if they were not outright broken from the blast, plus some burns. Maybe more, but he didn't exactly focus on trying to figure out what was wrong with him. He walked with the group, as they went deeper in, before finding a nearby stream. Travis would walk over to splash water in his face, trying to clear his head some, though the pain was only getting worse. He saw that the people with him were either filling up their canteens or doing similar to him. It appeared they had managed to catch a breath.

    Then? it happened.

    He saw it barely graze his forehead, coming within a CENTIMETER of taking his life, before it landed right square into one of the soldiers heads. Picking up his rifle, began shooting around wildly, trying to hit whatever had shot them, but then another arrow would fly over and hit his gun straight in the barrel, jamming it. He then heard two loud howls, causing him to stumble over, the pain of his concussion deepening, as he saw a mutated two-headed bear, likely the Reaver Bear that the Raiders spoke of earlier, and a group of tribals. Whatever these 'Zionists' were, they had the Raiders scared, and Travis decided to play dead, see what exactly they would do.

    He watched them approach the civilians and the only remaining soldier, who still had their weapons raised, with wary intent- they were all carrying crude weapons- A handmade pickaxe, hatchet, even a sledgehammer, or a bow in the case of the archers. They spoke in a strange tongue to each other, pointing at them with interest, before seeing that the soldier raise to fire at them.

    Now, Travis wasn't a god fearing man, he didn't believe there was anything divine in this world.

    But what he saw? He saw the Tribal take fifteen shots to the chest.....and still keep going! If that wasn't divine intervention, then he must've been doped out of his fucking mind.

    The Tribals lashed out at the soldier with a vicious fury, ripping him apart with their weapons, and Travis didn't know if they'd do the same to the engineers. Looking down towards the one that fell with an arrow, he saw the soldier still had a flashbang grenade. It was a one in a million chance, but it was the only one he had. Grabbing the non-lethal explosive device, he'd stand up, catching the attention of the two-headed bear and tribals, before tossing the grenade on the ground, getting shot in the ribs in the time it took to release the pin and throw it. Thankfully, the shot wasn't lethal, or this would be where our story ends.

    The blast disoriented them all, and it made Travis's pain ungodly, but he bolted as fast and as far as he could, watching as the engineers did the same. Once again, he was on the run, hearing the beast of a bear nearby, but that wasn't the only problem- His body was starting to heat up, likely whatever this arrow was tipped with, and he was losing energy. He pushed as hard as he could, trudging along out of the forest, barely getting out of the woods, before losing his strength and rolling down from a raised hill into a ditch. Head screaming, body damn near broken, and consciousness fading, Travis was beginning to accept that this was where he was going to die.

    Before consciousness faded completely, however, he heard the rumble of a vehicle, and saw a light over above him.


    "Come on Emet, it is just a body- likely tossed out after the Zionists got done with him. Wonder if he came from that pillar of smoke ahead?"

    "I cannot oblige your request, Lieutenant- The Captain has ordered me to search for survivors, and I must fulfill my command from a superior officer."

    "You know we're not in the military anymore, Emet, call me Aaron."

    "It is disrespectful to refer to ones superior officer by their first name."

    "Ugh, fine, just hurry up..."

    "Acknowledged....Alarm- This individual is still alive, but in critical condition!"

    "Wait, WHAT! What's his status?!"

    "Scanning.....Alert, Multiple Fractures detected, multiple lacerations detected, second-degree burns detected, arrow requiring extraction from abdomen of individual, and mild concussion detected."

    "Jesus christ, how is he still sucking air?! He should be dead! Hold on, stabilize him, I'll radio in!.....Mac, we found someone! We got a survivor over at the...north edge of the Forest! He's FUBAR, we need Medivac pronto!"

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