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 One x One Roleplay Vyce's Fandom Search Thread [M x F] (updated 10/20/2018)

Discussion in 'Fandom Catalogue & Request Threads' started by Mr. Vyce, Sep 27, 2018.

  1. Mr. Vyce

    Mr. Vyce Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:21 AM

    Pleasant day, everyone, and welcome to this thread! I’ll admit that I’m primarily looking for some story-driven smut and sex-driven PWPs alike in certain fandom settings. To go even further with that admission, I'm especially interested in some canon x OC lines (sorry not sorry) and am very much open to AU!versions and personal headcanons you want to include).
    Before I get info specific wants, let's delve into the dreary--but drearily necessary--OOC info. I promise this won't take long, but better to get it all out of the way now than to drag it out, eh?

    A. The Essentials

    All characters must be written/played as 21 years old chronologically and physically if they aren't already older (no 435-year-old Ventrue vampire queens 'turned' when physically 15, for example). No exceptions; please don't choose this to be the hill you want to die on.

    Regarding RP mediums, I'm really looking to do lines over PMs or E-mail only (preferably the latter if we can swing it due to ease of access and reliability).

    I'm open to any RP length (one-shots, short-term, long-term); equally open to story-driven smut and wholly sex-driven PWP. On average, I write 1-4 paragraphs per post in the 3rd-person POV. (If you want to see some writing samples, click on the F-list linked in the next section.) Everyone makes mistakes and I'm not demanding perfection, but I do ask for clear effort; one-liners and consistently lazy/sloppy/haphazard responses just kill the immersion and wilt my RP boner. Please, think of the boner. (On an aside, I’m fine with any OOC stylistic choices--typing in all lowercase, constant use of smilies, whatever--as long as that doesn't bleed over into the actual RP.)

    I'm cool with a more laidback post frequency (replying every 1-4 days); relatedly, I won't chase after you or constantly "poke" you to respond. After all, we all have professional/personal lives and other obligations; sometimes we just don't feel like replying that day or we're down to the very dregs of the RP barrel. (Being relentlessly harassed to reply not only drains my creative juices, but also helps to build low-level antipathy towards the line as a while. Not good for the imagination or the blood pressure.) That said, if more than ten days pass without receiving a reply or note from you, I'll assume the line's done and close up (digital) shop. A brief "[Work/life/whatever] is kicking my ass right now; would you mind if we [pause the line for a bit/put the line on ice]?" will suffice. :)

    2-D, drawn and anime-style character PBs/faceclaims > real person or celeb faceclaims, mostly because my interests lean more towards more fantastic/fandom-centric stuff. (That said, I'm open to the use of drawn celebrity depictions; using Gemma Arterton as an example, think something like this.)

    I like a more noblebright feel and "'Fuck you!' positivity" in lines. Shamelessly highspirited action and adventure, plenty of humor and comedy, moments of quiet character growth, meaningful (but not incredibly bleak/contrived) conflict, that kind of stuff. Will bad things happen sometimes? Yup. Can things be rough sometimes? Yup. But I'm not interested in grimdark or "misery porn" (see the General Turn-Offs and Nays tab below); I'm more interested in the characters emerging as better people (emerging woken, not broken) and there being some form of resolution, be it outright happy or bittersweet yet clearly hopeful.

    I'm very open into OOC talk--chunnering on about headcanons, sharing character-reflective music/GIFs, etc.--and enjoy spazzing out with another quite a great deal. ;) Please inform me outright if you need to put the line on hold or end it altogether. Sometimes two individually good flavors just don't blend well together, or it becomes clear we aren't looking for the same thing. Regardless, tell me. RPing should be fun and enjoyable, not a forced grind to be done via obligation.

    B. On Romance and Smut

    When it comes to romance, I'm a huge fan of couples that genuinely respect and trust each other--though still snarking and busting each other's chops--and have their disagreements and arguments but are still fiercely affectionate and loyal. Love triangles and extreme trainwreck pairings ("It's so hot how those two are locked in an cycle of endless toxic co-dependency, drama, seething resentment and rapey hatefucking") aren't my bag; honestly, I prefer lines where the main conflict doesn't come from the relationship. ;)

    This F-list profile contains my full kink list, along with those writing samples I mentioned above. Generally "positive" sex--all parties freely consenting (which can be fun in itself and doesn't preclude kinky funtimes), enjoying themselves, and retaining their basic dignity--is what I'm about.

    • [​IMG]

      Strong-minded, self-assured, sexually-confident women

      Playful role-reversal
      (tweaking/subverting traditional gender roles a bit, our characters being very different in personality--though not laughably incompatible--and still having a loving relationship and learning from one another)

      Equal or "switch" dynamics (relationships where both parties are equally capable of taking charge in the bedroom, switching roles according to situational wants and desires, engaging in regular one-upmanship and power plays, or simply sharing sex as just that)

      Light or medium bondage

      (giving and receiving)

      Copious foreplay

      Banter, wordplay and dirty talk

      (giving, maybe receiving)

      Ladies in lingerie and nylons/stockings, costume/uniform play and clothed/semi-clothed sex

      Use of magic or powers in sex
      (see: Power Perversion Potential)

      Rough yet loving passionate fucking (see: Destructo-Nookie)

      Gentle/loving/teasing femdom

      Consensual damsel-in-distress roleplay in a humorous/comedic or lightheartedly kinky fashion
      (not looking for degradation, cruel humiliation, or anything genuinely non-con/"rapey" in tone; the desired endgame is "inflicting" pleasure on the "distressed damsel" with blindfolds, light bondage (bound in silk scarves and fuzzy handcuffs--in more fantastical settings, there can easily be playful eroticism in testing someone's self-control and restraint while thus bound), playful snarky teasing and dirty talk, a few droplets of hot wax dripping across the body while hands and soft/feathery/silken things glide across the skin unseen, use of magic/powers, etc.)

      Clean footplay/foot fetish (giving, not receiving)! Giving attention upon a female's bare or nylon/stocking-covered legs and feet: Licking, suckling, nibbling, massaging, footjobs, tickling, etc. I'm not interested in this being portrayed in an emasculating, degrading or humiliating light. Rather, I'd be looking for this to be an extension of foreplay, body worship, humor, teasing sensuality in fully savoring the female form, or something done for mutual pleasure. Considering how surprisingly rare it is, instant brownie points for anyone willing to include this kink

    • [​IMG]

      Sex negativism (Sex centered around malicious humiliation and degrading/"breaking" someone)

      Adultery/infidelity and cuckolding

      Non-con and rape

      Set-in-stone sub/dom dynamics

      Fetishized/eroticized abuse and general awfulness
      (racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, etc.)

      Love triangles and the Will They or Won't They trope

      Fetishizing/romanticizing trainwreck pairings
      ("It's so hot how those two are locked in an cycle of endless toxic co-dependency, drama, abuse, bitter resentment and rapey hatefucking!")

      Bad hygiene and filth (bodily excreta [vomit, smegma, mucus, pus, etc.] and anything belonging in a toilet or exiting an ass)

      Lazy and/or passive "pillow princesses"

      Grimdark and "misery porn"
      (lines drenched in unrelenting darkness and Dickensian-level suck: It's always rape o'clock, the most cynical/fucked-up outcome always happens, the main characters are either amoral bastards or pure evil, and everyone's a painfully self-serious, aggressively miserable/abrasive bastard congenitally incapable of warmth and trust--usually complete with a tragic backstory used to excuse/justify their sociopathic behavior--or showing any emotions beyond jaded apathy and dismissive verbal abuse)

    C. Fandoms (and Desired Canons)

    • [​IMG]

      I'm looking to keep things somewhat lighthearted with plenty of adventure, action and humor/comedy, both for my personal taste and in keeping with the tone of the Dragon Ball universe as a whole. Particularly, let's have...
      Destructo Nookie! Well, it is the Dragon Ball Z/Super universe, after all. Considering all of the main characters--and several minor ones--are far more than capable of destroying planets, mountain-destroying sex certainly wouldn't be out of the question. But on the other hand, there can be something fun about such a powerful being having to restrain their full power for whatever reason.

      Rough, loving passion and passionate fight-fucking! Again, given the setting I'd be far more surprised if this wasn't in the line somehow. But just because things can get a little--or very--intense in a sparring session or sex doesn't mean it has to become blood-soaked sadism or flat-out malice. Basically, if it's something our characters can heal from with a good long rest or a Senzu Bean, it's fine; if it requires a wish from Porunga or Super Shenron, I'll pass.

      Fair ones (fights, that is)! When it comes to any fight scene, I'm equally cool with my character losing as I am his winning, depending on the intended end game. (After all, no interesting warrior wins all the time or can't take the occasional ass-whipping.)

      I admit having a Saiyan warrior-monk and cook OC named Razini--here's a quick bio--I would love to play opposite any of the below Dragon Ball Z/Super ladies (and I have some potential plot ideas for each).
      Android 18
      Android 21

    • [​IMG]

      I'm seeking to keep the anime's fun and cheery mood. One thing I do ask is that partners have fairly up-to-date knowledge on the games/anime (at least Gen 4 or 5) so we aren't significantly restricted regarding location or what Pokemon are involved.

      There are certain elements I'd rather not involve in a Pokemon line...
      Pokémon x human sex. It just isn't my cup of tea.
      Self-serious drama and gratuitously edgy/dark/gritty tones. I'm looking to keep the anime’s largely cheery feel, maybe leaning towards Pokémon Origins. Anything like Pokémon Apokelypse in mood or intent isn’t my bag.
      Fixating on game mechanics (mechanics of levels, stats, movesets, IVs, etc).
      Enforcing the games' "Four Moves of Doom" limit. The anime doesn't and the games only do so for the sake of space, so we should we? Let's just have it so a Pokémon can use--and learn--any of their given moves.
      Dry or one-sentence "(Name of Pokémon) uses (name of attack)!" battle descriptions. I'm certainly not demanding every nuance receive a half-page of focus, but I am requesting partners be willing to describe moves and battles much like the anime.

      Some Potential Prompts and Ideas
      The typical Pokémon journey is always a classic fave, our characters just traveling and having highspirited adventures fitting the series in general. (In this case, I'd prefer an in media res approach where our characters are already fairly seasoned and experienced, bringing up their greenhorn days if needed.) Perhaps they’ve have been traveling a long time together, or have just started doing so.

      Sex-driven RPs. You know, a Gym Leader offering an alternate or additional award with the proper Badge. Two trainers making a wager on who wins a given battle. Offering to capture a very rare/powerful Pokémon for someone in exchange for certain considerations. That sort of thing.

      After a particularly noteworthy or impressive victory, two trainers are in the mood to celebrate.

      Perhaps one of our characters are a member of Team [fill-in-the-blank] while the other's a trainer they're tailing for whatever reason, but they end up battling on a regular basis and ultimately falling for each other? (Think a similar version of the dynamic Ash has with the TR trio, only with some romance added to the mix.)

      One--or both--of our characters are Gym Leaders, Frontier Brains, Elite Four members, Team Rocket members, Top Coordinators and the like. Maybe exploring the day-to-day deal behind being one of the greats, from training their chosen creatures to dealing with some cocky greenhorns wanting to challenge ‘em.

      Desired Characters
      A. Any of these ladies from the Pokemon anime:
      Officer Jenny
      Professor Ivy
      Delia Ketchum

      B. Any of these non-Pokemon canon ladies I'd love to see transplanted into the setting somehow:
      Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter)
      Princess Peach, Princess Daisy (Mario)
      Mai Shiranui (King of Fighters)
      Isis Ishtar, Mai Valentine (Yugioh)
      Tifa, Lightning, Yuna (Final Fantasy)
      Elsa, Jasmine (Disney)
      Female!Ranma (Ranma 1/2)
      Amy, Rei, Mina, Lita (Sailor Moon)

      C. A lady OC that has one of these particular PBs/faceclaims (in keeping with the shamelessly trashy nature of this post), but it's a bit of a maybe at present.
      A strong-minded, confident female who is a friend, a partner, a rival, a romantic interest or any combo platter of the above. Helpless, painfully naive/passive damsels-in-perpetual-distress aren't really my cup of tea put me off. A capable and confident woman knowing her own mind and dreams, who stands by my character's side--or boldly challenges him to match her shine--and has a sense of emotional maturity to be comfortable with herself/her sexuality is much more personally appealing.

    • [​IMG]

      I don't have any thorough ideas here at present, though I have a few potential ideas in storage, such as exploring the idea of Azula being in an arranged marriage. By and large, I'm just seeking some highspirited adventure, comedy, romance and--of course--smut. As Korra is a personal fave character of mine, I’d love to find someone willing to play her within Aang's era. (Not biting his role as the Avatar, of course, but being a martial artist and Master Waterbender as a combat style with little interest in the “softer” use of healing…like a reverse of Katara’s situation. Or it could just be an Expy of her in Aang’s time, much like how Bumi appeared in Korra as one of Aang’s children.)

      That said, I'd also be just as interested seeing Korra played in some other settings, such as those listed below:
      • Dungeons & Dragons or Final Fantasy-esque high fantasy setting: Korra being an adventurer and wandering elemental monk from a martial order known for believing enlightenment is obtained via ascetic self-discipline and mastery of body and soul (or perhaps a wilder barbarian/fighter-type who relishes the thrill of battle, if a more restrained philosophy wouldn't jive), going on a pilgrimage and using said mastery of combat to protect the weak, right wrongs and generally be "a fearless protector of the good stuff"?
      • Modern-day superheroics (think something like the DC Animated Universe): Well, the Avatar can easily qualify as a superheroic legacy and Korra genuinely relishes her role without needing some tragic happenstance to push her into it (an increasingly rare quality nowadays), so there's virtually no alterations needed (though maybe Vaatu could play a greater role or something).

      I'm particularly seeking partners able and willing to play any of the following characters opposite one of my OCs (especially looking to play a biracial Waterbending healer/martial pacifist or Airbending spiritual detective who was amiably cast out of the Air Nomads):
      Ty Lee
      Lin Beifong

    • [​IMG]

      1 (Harry Potter).
      I'd love to find someone willing to play as Hermione, Ginny or (maybe) Pansy opposite a male Hufflepuff OC with a Slytherin streak.

      2 (Lighthearted high fantasy and Disney/Final Fantasy-esque noblebright + consensual damsel-in-distress roleplay and clean footplay [the latter being optional]).
      I’d love to find a partner willing to play as one of the following ladies opposite a male OC:
      Elsa, Jasmine, Esmeralda (Disney)
      Princess Peach, Princess Daisy (Mario)
      Zelda, Urbosa, Twili!Princess Midna, Impa, Cia (Zelda)
      Yuna (Final Fantasy X)
      Cosmos (Dissidia Final Fantasy)
      Princess Ovelia, Agrias, Meliadoul, Mileuda (FF Tactics)
      Jessica Albert (Dragon Quest 8)

      3 (Yugioh-first season).
      I’d love to find someone willing to play as Tea Gardner, Mai Valentine or Isizhu Ishtar opposite a male OC.

      4 (Older woman x younger male pairings).
      I would like to explore some older woman x younger man pairings (think “woman in authoritative position x right-hand man/protege/apprentice bodyguard” deal) in a relationship full of warmth, humor/banter, passion, seduction, loving sensuality and (at times) playing up the maternal/motherly affection! And as for some possible lines...
      ◆ Office shenanigans between a boss and employee, or between co-workers. Perhaps a boss gives an interviewing assistant a desk job to perform while they go down on them to test the new hire’s ability to multitask (or vice-versa to test said hire's...linguistic talents). Two frisky employees decide to fool around in the boss’ office when the boss is away on a business trip. Colleagues with unspoken mutual attraction for one another are paired up to work on a long-term project together into the late hours of the night. Stuff of that nature.
      ◆ Person B is an intern has a genuine professional respect for the older Person A's accomplishments and intelligence (not wanting to jeopardize this golden academic opportunity), and finds himself increasingly attracted to her. Further, he has a fondness of women wearing stockings or pantyhose. While he doesn’t outright stare, he finds it odd that one day, he can’t tear his eyes away from the sheathed, long legs of Person A, but thinks he was discreet in his observations. Unfortunately, that was ill-assumed, as she approaches him with an...interesting proposal.

      5 (Comedic superhero antics).
      I'm looking for some lighthearted superheroic smut in settings with a generally campy, silly mood that don't take themselves too seriously. (If you're a fan of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Kim Possible, Megamind or the book Soon I Will Be Invincible, that's the "tone" I'm looking for.) Copious humor and comedy, puns, bright codenames, witty/snarky banter, superpowered sex (and using powers during sex), affable “fun-evil” villains with standards and over-the-top schemes, copious use of superpowers, playing with secret identities, plenty of smut (of course), that kind of stuff.
      I've had a few recent misunderstandings, so let me clarify what I'm not looking for: Superheroing being a thankless Sisyphean existence of endless failure and loss (where heroes aren't allowed to be happy and the most cynically nihilistic/fucked-up outcome always happens), settings where tragic backstories are required to be viewed as "serious/legit", Stupid Evil villains who can't walk through a crowded room without brutalizing/raping/killing someone (even the Joker isn't on all the time...at least back in the day), and a mood fitting the DC Cinematic Universe in general.

      I'd love to find someone willing to play one of the following canons opposite an OC...
      Lois Lane, Power Girl, Supergirl, Starfire, Blackfire, Cheshire (DC Comics)
      Harley Quinn (Batman the Animated Series)
      Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)
      Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Princess Morbucks (Powerpuff Girls)
      Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Wicked Lady, Mimette (Sailor Moon)

      6 (Smutty oneshots).
      • "Let me show you why we should stay in bed."
      • "I see you’ve been using the copy machine for...explicit purposes."
      • "Are you trying to turn me on right now? Because it’s working."
      • "You want to have sex here? What if someone catches us?"
      • Two frisky students or professors sneak into an empty classroom after school or into the restricted section of the library to hook up. (I'd be open to this being in the Harry Potter-verse.)
      • Character A wants to impress Character B by baking them their favorite dessert before they arrives home from work. Their significant other surprises them by coming home early and dessert ends up a little messier than planned.

    If any of the above interests appeal, please don't post directly on this thread. Instead, please PM me with the following:

    What specifically drew your interest
    Some mutually-favored Fave/Yes kinks you would like to include
    (if you have an F-list of your own, feel free to share)
    A small RP writing sample or a link to one (this helps us see if we'd mesh; if you don't provide one, I'll most likely pass)
    Any RP dislikes, pet peeves and dealbreakers you have (so I don't unintentionally grind your gears)
    Anything else you think is relevant or I should know

    But if you decide we wouldn't mesh, then I hope you have a wonderful day and, to quote two rather excellent dudes...

    Last edited: Oct 18, 2018 at 5:59 AM
  2. Mr. Vyce

    Mr. Vyce Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:21 AM
  3. Mr. Vyce

    Mr. Vyce Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:21 AM
    Bump; edited OOC Info and Yays/Nays tabs.
  4. Mr. Vyce

    Mr. Vyce Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:21 AM
    With the chaos in my personal life finally quieting down, let me bump this up. :)

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