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 Discussion  Open  Character Signups  Group Roleplay  Modern/Modern Fantasy  Post Apocalyptic  Supernatural/Paranormal We Are Legend OOC

Discussion in 'OOC RP Discussions' started by FridayWolf13, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. FridayWolf13

    FridayWolf13 Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:49 AM

    In 2009, a genetically re-engineered measles virus, originally created as a cure for cancer, turns into a lethal strain which kills 94% of those it infects, mutates 5% into predatory, nocturnal and vampiric mutants, who are extremely vulnerable to sunlight, with only 1% left immune. After the initial quarantine, those left alive know three things: 1) Nothing works anymore. If you want power or running water, you're going to have to work hard to find it, and even then... good luck. 2) The infected that are left are vicious and inhumane, but they are intelligent. They will find you if you're not locked up tightly after sunset, and they will kill you. 3) Survival is the only thing you have left to worry about and if you're not careful, it might be the last thing you ever worry about.

    These creatures have adapted to their surroundings in the three long years since the outbreak. They've adapted well. What were thought to be mindless mutations actually run in packs and create very intense hierarchies which they use to hunt the remaining humans, and animals, of the world. Animals and plant-life now overrun the skyscrapers that line city blocks, and you're more likely to compete with other predators than other humans on any given day. Almost everyone is dead, after all.

    There is one redeeming "secret" that has been circling on forgotten radio channels and through those occasional immune survivors who manage to cross paths. Apparently, there's a colony of survivors on the East Coast of America, and rumor has it that they've managed to set up power-supplies and are rebuilding after the destruction the virus caused. They welcome all of those who are also immune and offer protection in exchange for more working hands in rebuilding.

    Character Sheets are NOT necessary but are extremely helpful. They go in this thread!
    Any questions, both before and after you join the IC, can be asked here as well!

  2. FridayWolf13

    FridayWolf13 Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:49 AM
    Name: Katherine Gallagher
    Age: 22 years of age
    Birthdate: February 15
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida
    Previous Occupation: Kennel Supervisor/Dog Trainer

    -Mountaintop Hiking Bag
    -Tactical Flashlight
    -Multi-use Tool
    -Knife Sharpener
    -Duct Tape
    -First Aid Kit
    -Small pack of nonperishables
    -58 oz. water bottle with clip
    -Firestarter Kit
    -27 remaining water purification tablets
    -Rain Jacket
    -4 jeans, 4 shirts, underwear and bra, & a long sleeve
    -Wind Resistant Jacket
    -Hiking Boots
    -Fleece Sleeping Bag
    -Can Opener
    -Stainless Steel Cooking Pot
    -Set of Camping Utensils
    -Sewing Kit
    -Traditional Compass
    -Coach's Whistle
    -Wallet/Personal Documents (approx. $617 left)*

    -Pepper Spray
    -Bushcraft Knife
    -Stun Gun
    -Downrange Tomahawk
    -Kimber 84M Mountain Ascent Rifle

    Notable Relationships:
    Emmaline Thomassen - Mother - Deceased
    Christian Gallagher - Father - Deceased
    Lorelei Gallagher - Younger Sister - Deceased
    Bellamy - Family Dog - Deceased
    Sterling - Family Dog - Alive, companion

    -While her accent is vaguely southern, it's rarely deep or noticeable, and she often tries to maintain a more "proper" tone. It's hard to tell when or if she's forcing her accent.
    -Sterling is Katherine's loyal companion, who turned almost viciously protective after the loss of their family and first dog. He is roughly four years old and is an unknown mix that they adopted from a shelter a few years ago.

    Ever since she was little, Katherine was fascinated with the outdoors and what nature had to offer her. She adored animals and plants alike, and never hesitated to step out into the forests when given the opportunity. Her mother was more or less the same way and by the time Katherine was ten, they'd joined the Girl Scouts and even started their own outdoor-adventures together on camping trips and the like when the Girl Scouts just weren't tiding her over. They replanted trees, bird-watched, and even kayaked, and when Lorelei was old enough, she too joined them. When Kat left the Girl Scouts, she was thirteen- and just finding out that other girls weren't as pleasant as they were in elementary school. After that, she became introverted and stuck to herself and her family.
    They adopted their first dog when Katherine was sixteen. She picked Bellamy out from the row of awaiting dogs in the shelter and told her mom that he'd chosen them. The dog was some type of pit or bulldog mix, or so the shelter assumed. There was never a day that dog didn't faithfully follow Katherine up to her room at night to be tucked in. He was five when they adopted their second dog, named Sterling. Life was well for the following year. And then the virus spread, the quarantine hit, and the family began to die.
    Their parents were first. Their mother came to them one night, crying, and gave them firm instructions while she set up as many weapons as she could for them. Katherine remembers asking again and again where their father was, but their mother merely ignored her and continued giving detailed instructions on what they were to do. Her last words to Katherine were, "I love you, my sweet. You will survive. Remember this family as it was." They somehow managed to get away and survive a few months before Lorelei was caught, right at sundown. Bellamy fought to protect her but it was too late for both of them. Although Katherine refuses to admit it aloud, she's the one who had to put them both down before they turned on her. Now, she and Sterling guard one another fiercely and struggle from day to day just to survive.


    Katherine stands at an even 5' 3" and weighs 122 lbs.
    While she had always had a more slender build, this young woman was never one to let it encumber her. She pushed hard to keep the firm build she has as she often holds little weight, so her muscles are sinewy and strong beneath her pale complexion. She has high cheekbones and thin, striking brows that contour and define the striking set of hazel eyes in between. Her hair is long and a dark, mousey-brown. It's most often tied into a pony-tail or braided in modern times. She has a few freckles, particularly on her cheeks and shoulders, though some can be flitting their way down her arms and to her hands. She has dull shirts and long-sleeves, most in colors of greens or grays. Her jeans are form-fitting but still loose enough to be flexible in, and she almost always has a good set of hiking boots on.


    Katherine is most easily described as an eccentric, unpredictable person. Her mind goes a mile a minute and even she often can't keep up. Easily frustrated and temperamental at best, she's also prone to anxiety when things start getting out of hand (which, for her, is basically all the time). She has an incredibly addictive demeanor, to both inanimate and living things, and can become incredibly possessive over things she likes or cares for. Although she often seems snarky or cold, there's likely no one as compassionate left in the world anymore. Her naivety will eventually be her downfall, though she'd never think that, and she does her best to keep herself and Sterling alive, no matter the costs anymore.

    Face Claim and Other Photo Reference(s):
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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