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 Female x Male Writing is Sexy

Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by Gypsy, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Gypsy

    Gypsy Wandering Wordsmith Member

    Local Time:
    4:19 AM
    Writing styles and interests matter even more than kinks. Even stories that include sex as a major plot point still need additional plot to make the sexy bits thrilling to write and to read. If it's only about what goes where, who moans when, it becomes dull and repetitive and the thrill is, as they say, gone.

    I am a picky writer. I'm also not a writer for beginners, or people who are shy about letting their writing be seen. I will only write on forum threads open for other members to read if they choose. I am happy to show prospective partners how I write -- through writing samples or writing prompts mainly, as I haven't done much here -- and I will want to see something of how a potential partner writes.

    I'd rather make my confession upfront than have to turn down perfectly nice people who have other preferences. I don't like saying 'no'.

    I don't have any specific kinks I focus on writing, but there are only a few subsets of kinks that I won't write under any circumstances, simply because proving I can is not worth the emotional upheaval it brings: causing more than mild pain for sexual pleasure, humiliation & degradation, bodily waste. There are other things that I will write if there is a good, reasoned story, but have no interest in for casual writing.

    The genres I don't write are superhero, hard sci-fi, and anime-inspired. I also don't do much with fandoms, and would be more inclined to write in a specific established setting than making use of canon characters or building off existing stories.

    I love supernatural stories, slice of life, contemporary drama, fantasy, dark fantasy and horror, westerns, historical and alternate reality fiction. I also love dynamic characters. The characters I write are usually smart, stubborn, and ready to do what needs to be done. In historical settings where women are bound by societal expectations, my characters act accordingly to fit in with the times when it comes to public actions, but it's not unusual to see them working behind the scenes to accomplish their goals and dreams, and not waiting for fate to hand it to them on a conventional silver platter.

    So ... I'm not going to list any specific ideas at the moment or any pairings. I will invite anyone interested to take a look at the writing sample I left on my information thread, and if you like what you see, send me a message. Point me at what you've written. Give me a writing prompt -- but if you do, please make sure that some of your writing is available somewhere that I can see it. I feel like these info threads are sort of a two way street -- I'm putting something out there that others can see that shows something of my mindset, and my writing ability and would like the same.

    I should probably also mention that I am not a fast poster - 1-2 times per week is my general response time -- - I write generally 5-6 paragraphs for a post, and I already have several stories in progress. If you're looking for daily posts, or multiple posts per day, then I am not your huckleberry.

    I look forward to any responses. If you made it through all of this, congratulations -- and we might just have the potential to write something wonderful.

    Disclaimer: All of this is my opinion in relation to the type of writing I like to do. Styles differ; none are any more right or wrong than the other.
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