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 Writing questions/feedback forum?

Discussion in 'Questions and Suggestions Archive' started by RobynB, Mar 31, 2018.

  1. RobynB

    RobynB The Shadowwalker Member

    Local Time:
    1:32 AM
    So I was browsing the forums, and noticed we have a writing sharing area, but not a writing questions/feedback area.
    Was wondering if there's a specific reason for this, because I often find myself wondering what would EVERYBODY ON THE INTERNET think of this problem/thing.

    I mean, I could ask my RP partners (even though currently non-existent) but sometimes I like broader input than that. Open the discussion/dialogue with more people at once
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  2. Nevermind

    Nevermind The Lost Paragon Member

    Local Time:
    4:32 PM
    A similar suggestion has been brought to our attention before, and we think it's a good one! We're currently in the process of putting together both a "mentor" system in which members can reach out to one another for assistance and constructive critique on their writing/roleplaying, and also a section on-site where members can post either roleplay plots/ideas or writings and get feedback from other members.

    As we're currently in the process of working on multiple projects, we can't yet guarantee when these will be implemented, but trust that it is definitely on our "To Do" list. :)
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