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 Open  Erotica  Romance  World Building Writing that calls to all Monster Lovers! ;)

Discussion in 'Other Requests' started by Jubari, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. Jubari

    Jubari Aspiring Writer Member

    Local Time:
    12:27 PM
    Thank you for stopping in!

    I will cover what I would like to see in a story as well as what I would like from my partner.
    You will also find Teasers for Story Ideas. I hope you stick around till the end, please like if you enjoyed even if you're not interested. ^_^

    I have been writing for over 15 years, I have had many stories come and go. Do not be intimidated by my enthusiasm for building a story. ^_^ Reign it in, counter it, or add to it. Just talk with me, I am very easy going 90% of the time. I will offer ideas, scenes, try and catch your interest in something. You don't have to bite, or you can bite at them all and we can enjoy each idea and how we get to them in the story. ^_^

    ==My Golden Guides==
    -Spelling and Grammar-

    I must warn you, my grammar and punctuation are definitely not perfect. I do my best, and I try not to be a nazi against those that also try. ^_^

    I post often from my phone, so auto correct and spelling fixes may get missed. After all my Phone loves to Typo Slaughter me more than Mad Hater in Alice in Wonderland Loves his Hats. :D

    For some that can be a deal breaker, often times others will be like 'Yes! not a Grammar Nazi'. Which is totally correct. You could have dozens of typos, and I'd probably be able to still read it. If its bad to the point I can't, I'll ask nicely about things or ask if you'd be willing to fix the post for future reads.

    The thing is not everyone is perfect, but I will be quick to try and fix things if its bad. I often feel kind of embarrassed about these, they are not intentional. I'm just looking to have fun writing with you and my phone doesn't allow the Forum to Assist. I cannot fix that. ^_^
    -Action and Reaction-
    It might seem like a lot to ask but it honestly isn't. Action and Reaction.

    If MC does something to YC. Touches your character in a certain way, bites your character on the lip/ear/nipple/finger/nose/cheek/chin/etc please include YC's response.

    Your character is busy doing something? My character maybe does one of the following: pokes, spanks, brushes, pushes, nudges, runs a finger up your character's spine. Acknowledge it, React to it, even if Your Character shivers only to slap my character.

    Lets say in real life right now, as you read this someone sneaks up behind you and breaks a bottle over your head. Are you going to feel it, and see the aftermath of the contents perhaps splashing across your keyboard wasting it in a plum of smoke. On top of scattering glass... I honestly do not believe You could ignore that. lol

    This is kind of Huge. No one likes it when your character is trying to do something and that something isn't acknowledged.

    The point is Reciprocate Please and I will be Happy!

    If something is missed once I wont mind. If multiple things get missed multiple times I may mind. I Will send you a message to give you a chance to integrate those things into your post. I'm not asking for a Rewrite, just a reaction.

    I am not asking for a line for each reaction, just perhaps some form of acknowledgement even if its a lump sum in one paragraph.
    -Communication- (Its so easy!)
    Please do not Ghost Me, I will not Ghost you. Its quite rude.
    If you have Lost Interest, easy say so. No hard feelings against you for honesty.

    If you wont have time to post all week? Cool let me know, I'll keep you in mind and maybe send friendly check ups that are NOT an attempt to get you to post.

    Can't post till later? That's fine!

    If you have to drop the story for any reason, be kind and let me know and why so I understand if it was my fault so I can be more respectful with future partners if that is a problem.

    Liked my post? Give me appreciative feedback! Its not coddling, nor is it a chore to say 'Hey I loved your post! I hope you like mine!' or 'Your Post was AWESOME! I won't be able to reply till I'm home!' something along those lines tells me you are still hooked in the story, appreciate and if you tell me it'll come later I'll be even more happy to be patient. I will be doing this with you, unless its not reciprocated!

    We will work together tossing ideas for the story, growing the story plot and possibly creating a story map. For instance if we agree on an idea of how they meet and how they become partners in crime. Don't just suddenly have your character not follow through with the idea. If its not going to work that way say something, its so easy!

    'Hey your post was awesome, but I think we should have them run into each other in front of the bill board'

    Awesome, I'm still on board and have a idea of where to have MC end up for the next encounter.

    Don't change the Idea of the Scene. For instance MC needs convincing to Join YC. Don't think MC will suddenly be like 'oh wait I need to help her' when she leaves before convincing, if what we decided was for YC to convince mine to help.
    -Posts and When-
    Daily to Weekly responses Guaranteed. If I cannot reply I will let you know when it's hopefully coming.

    Rapid Fire - I can be available to back and forth posting all day. I'll suggest this if I can, you could ask even if I could. I'll see what I can do, no promises though so don't get disappointed.

    I happen to work at a easy going job most of the time. It allows me to post during the day via my phone. I may be able to post once or twice, maybe it just gets to hectic and the stress doesn't allow me to post. But I will try and reply to your messages first before the story to communicate. =P

    I do not request posts, unless you have told me 'remind me'.

    I'll chat about the story, throw ideas, see if you like them and build on them. Keep your interest or just chat about things. I know everyone's life is different. I would rather check in on you and see how your doing, NOT demand you to post. Unless its in tease since you've demanded it of me.

    If you say 'posts is on its way' i might tease you a little later. 'so how's that post coming?' =P Its friendly banter! So Don't get Offended.

    Relax I'm really chill and don't enjoy drama to much.
    -Length and Detail Expectation-
    NO Less than 2 Paragraphs for both of us.
    Not asking for 7lines each, just make an effort. ^_^

    I Greatly Enjoy Detail, and I mean literally

    If she removes something from her attire, what is left?
    Often times I am wondering if a character is wearing anything or not when something comes off but no other clothing is spoke of.

    If her hair falls into the crack of her rear when she's nude. If she blushes, detail whether its just the tops of her cheeks or a full face beat red that spreads to the ears. Is the blush a light dusting pink, or more vibrant?

    Everything could be used, could be a kicker for more in my own post. But its not all nescessary.

    I like to write in a way I am painting a motion picture in your mind. I do not expect someone to match me.

    But! If you can, well you will see my muse rise as my posts increase in length. If you want me at my best, you'll want to keep me hooked in this manner. Now I'm not talking about constantly describe every drop of perspiration, every inhale and exhale, every blink, etc..

    Important details, let me show an example intro of what leaves me questioning as well as what makes me happy.
    -Removing the shirt to enjoy the sun and breeze on the beach. Splashing the water with each step, enjoying the day-
    You give me that, I will work with it. But I will likely ask some questions.

    Now here is what would make me enjoy the post without needing to ask unless something was never spoken of in future posts.
    -Pulling at the shirt, muscles flexing beneath the skin as he lifts it up and off his athletic figure. Revealing his barely sun kissed flesh, small brown nips resting at the bottoms of broad pecs. When he is finally free of the shirt he lets it drop to the towel laid out on the sand beneath his feet, leaving him in only a pair of blue swim trunks that reach to his knees. Fingers combing his shoulder length brown hair back out of his face, allowing his light brown eyes to take in the visual of the beach once more. The sun bearing down on the scene, its warm light could leave quite the sunburn if left unchecked. Often his view stopped to take in a petite female figure wearing nothing more than a bikini. Eventually his eyes found the rolling waves of water cast by the soft breeze. Light pink lips spreading into a grin, though they looked slightly chapped. A 5 o'clock shadow of his dark facial hair giving him a rough look. Walking across the sand with a hiss at its warmth meeting his bare feet making him hurry to the water with a light jog, sending sand scattering with each step. Relaxing when the cool water splashes across his feet, the wet sand beneath sinking with each step as he moves across the beach. Taking in the scene, including the other people on the beach. Feeling the excitement and joy of everyone around him from kids to adults, many playing games. Others in the water, and some sunbathing on spread out towels their skin oiled down with sunblock-
    Well That's a bit more than I expected to write, but that gives me so much more to work with! I know his figure tone, skin complexion, hair including facial hair, lip color, nip color, etc... There is a lot more there that paints the picture than the previous. ^_^ Yes I am happy to write often. I guess you can use that as potentially my writing example for you to know what you can possibly expect!
    -What I Like-
    I like Romance, the stuff that leaves blushes. Intelligent banter, verbal teases that leave the mind connecting the dots of just how far it was meant to go. Romantic moments, adventures, and out of the way events that lead them to bond. Its like cake to me when it comes to story writing and character bonding.

    Love/hate that turns into love down the road is fun at times but needs a balance. Tip it to far, and it could just cause more chaos that cannot be fixed between the two. Rock it just right, and eventually the tension will lean in the right direction as the story progresses.

    So lets talk about erotica

    So I refer to sexual story as Erotica.

    Yes I write it when the moment comes and I enjoy getting quite enthralled with the story there. I can do repeated sessions but I will want the story to continue at some point. Change of scene, or the like. =P

    Often my characters may tease about something that happened in those events to perhaps gain a blush as the other character is reminded of that moment.

    Characters have Urges as well, but often times stories might not reach a moment to make this happen till later. That's fine, but when it does it'll be heated and may end up in a round two or three if the stage calls for it.

    If YC is strutting around naked, something just might happen unless MC has been satisfied and drained before hand.

    Anyway, If you wish for me to focus more attention here let me know. I would be happy to oblige, and if its getting a bit much I might suggest to continue on the story. ;) No story is lost, just time in the story can stagnate a little if repeated sessions without breaks occur.

    Now lets talk about some Ratio's I usually use to describe how much of something you may often see in my stories or writing at least as far as I aim for but I'm not strict on following these as certain situations may call for more. ;)

    Story/Intimacy is around 60/40 sometimes 70/30 (I'm Flexible even down to 50/50)

    Dom/Sub is usually around 70/30 able to do some switch play, allowing the other to lead

    Good/Bad is neutral sitting around 50/50 Depends on the desire of the other writer and my ability to feel it.

    Most of the time my character will lean a bit on the good side of the scale. But I can make a bad character, I usually build a character with my partners desires.

    I Like Dub-Con where its secretly enjoyed as the body reacts during tease under various conditions. I like the turmoil that transpires when a woman who was being a tease, wont submit but allows the act or looses control to lust. Eventually she crumbles under the pleasure and becomes the lusty woman she tried not to be, showing the pleasure and willingness. Etc.

    My Biggest Kink is Impregnation, which leads to twists in the story. Emotional turmoil, new bonds that may reinforce whats already there. Then coming to terms with the idea there will be a child, or children. This is nearly a must, without a risk of pregnancy I may not have the muse for the romantic bonding of the characters. Prime example would be a vampire, or other race that cannot bear children.

    Impregnation can lead to live birth or eggs depending on the story. Either Option is Fine. I will attempt to create loopholes so the story doesn't become bogged down with children so we can focus on the two characters if you would like. ^_^

    -What part of the body excites me?-

    I am more excited by sexy pert rears than I am of boobs.

    My characters will most likely be harder to seduce with a bit of cleavage thrust in their face vs striking a pose that would give a clear outline of the buttocks. Haha
    -What I can Write-

    Fantasy, all day everyday!
    Non Humans! Yes please.
    Monsters? Yes, they will be Intelligent like a Human.
    Romance? Yes, it might not be like modern joe and modern jane but Yes Our characters will have that chance.
    Multiple Characters? Yes it can be possible.
    Futa? Yes I can build and rp a Futa Character just fine.
    Female? Yes but I prefer if its a SC unless your Idea is Really Good.

    So here come the options for you, and the Ideas. If you've made it this far.

    Horror - can be death but hopefully there is a good story for it to continue
    Star Wars/Valerian like Stories
    Anthro, Demons, Angels, Alien, Taur, Mystical Creatures, etc
    Magic Battles

    -Potential Pairings-
    -Rule- You see a Pairing, PM me With an Idea not just the Pairing please.
    Saves me from asking 'what do you have in mind?' Even if its just a bare bones Idea like this:
    Hey I would like to see an Anthro/Neko pairing. Where Nekos are trained into slave soldiers, their heightened senses allowing them to battle with the Anthros on near equal footing. So they were created by the mingling of anthro and humans, just for the pure purpose of being trained to kill the Anthros. A war that has been going on for twenty years.... medieval, Fantasy, Magic
    This tells me a rather cool and rough idea, but some thought has been put into this. Also gives me the idea that the potential of the two meeting would be in a battle, whether willing or not. Your character would have been brainwashed/taught the only way was to kill Anthros. But there's potential to see the truth as the veil unfolds. Twenty years makes me believe that the Nekos will be of a mature age, well trained to make that killing blow perhaps even capable of magic. So it would be a rough battle, perhaps some cat and mouse play before something happens. So I would add in input, probably love the idea and build on it further. Mercy gets shown, maybe it's more than once that he doesn't kill her even if she tries to kill him?

    MC will have this *

    Any = Mythical Creature, Anthro, Elf, Human, Neko, Angel, Demon, Monster Girl, etc...

    *Dragon Anthro/Any
    *MerMan/Any (Like Mermaid, Male)
    *MonsterBoy/MonsterGirl or Any

    Pirate/Space Cop
    Ruler/Captured Beauty
    (Servant should not be a broken 100% sub. Can be a Slave turned Servant that has more freedoms but is still used to doing things like a slave but growing out of it.)
    General/Civilian Mechanic (Space)

    If any of that stirs an idea, feel free to throw something at me that isn't just the pairing.
    Give me the Idea that crosses your mind please.
    I'm open to ideas and willing to expand on them.

    Here are some Ideas that have come to mind.

    ===================Story Idea/Teasers====================
    God Pirate/Any of Agreeable choice, can be Human

    I'll give a little info after you read this... I hope you enjoy a little teaser ^_^
    A gut wrenching smell of booze, vomit, piss and musk of perhaps a lack of great hygiene lay thick in the air. Beneath a tattered hat lay a scrunched up face that looked warn from the many nights of being a drunk. Voice thick, raspy with a loud wisp from his missing teeth and overbite.

    "So a noble damsel wants to get her delicate hands on a pirates throat does she?" He breathed out while sitting upright holding his mug of ale. One could make out his outfit looking to have many patches sown together as if he could hardly worry about getting a new outfit. Grizzly thick hair that had a few grey hairs with how greasy it looked it would shine just a bit on either side of his face.

    "I say she needs to hunt down a captain that's willing to hear her out and swindle her way into his fine ship. Unfortunately she would be highly disappointed with its meager look, but she shouldn't dally on simple appearances." Sighing as he takes a big gulp and breathes heavily. "Ah what am I saying, he has a worthless ship. But its not the ship that counts, no see he is the son of the goddess of wind and the god of sea. You wont see a better captain for any ship. But I pity the noble curiosity for he is not quite the spectacular pirate one may believe." the man said while pointing accusingly at the noble lass focused on him.

    "No his immortality was stolen by one's favorite pirate. Oh yes, and his crew lay dead at the bottom of the Gnawing Sea. So you see, he may have interest yet in assisting in your blasphemy." Pausing as he breathes letting his beady brown eyes wander the female figure before him. "But be warned, your score to settle has many wandering ears and quite a bountiful set of eyes. Many hands may just try and wring that poor slender neck before you'd have a chance. But if you happen to find him, and he happens to accept under his own terms. Perhaps you would stand a chance."

    "Though if you wish to know his current location it may cost you a golden dubloom and some, shall I say upskirty behavior?" Slapping the table with a roar as he laughs at his own swindlish bargain. "So what say Yee, make it worth my while and I could make your adventure.... shall I say easier?!" Again the scurvy looking pirate missing most of his teeth with quite the smile would stare intently awaiting an answer from the lovely lass that dared join him at the table.

    *claps hands together* Ok so The Idea is laid out pretty thick in the teaser. MC is the Pirate that is a God who had his immortality stolen. YC is the one speaking to the Pirate Informant trying to find help to get revenge for perhaps the death of someone close. Your choice on reasoning, and yet everyone has turned down signing up to find and try to kill the pirate YC wants to get revenge on.

    Now remember nothing is set in stone, this is just a teaser so send me a PM with your own ideas on how to shape the world. Do expect sex, heavy or not we are talking Pirates here not Knights of Sworn Chastity. But I expect the story to Progress of course and not sink!

    Ah the pun in that. Haha

    Could Be:
    Somewhat Caribbean Sea Themed
    ----Anthro/Human, Neko, Anthro, or Writers Choice(must be humanoid and female, picture should be attractive doesn't need to be sexual)----
    There is just so much potential for me in this aspect.

    I will most likely play a Wolf or Dragon Anthro. Now there's a few ways I have in mind, but feel free to throw an idea at me.

    -Medieval Times-
    1) Anthro can be a Lone Alpha or part of a civilization such as a tribe or larger. They meet perhaps through battle, a hunt, various other means where she's possibly trespassing on lands she shouldn't be or needs to venture through to another city. Potential for slavery, battle, bonding, hunt or be hunted.

    2)Anthro Knight that travels the lands, or a hired Knight to protect. Could even be a Knight that fights for a Ruler in a army and that they could meet on the battle field and he takes YC in as his just rewards from the combat.

    3)Adventurer that is part of a guild, takes quests to go fight some rather unruly battles. Perhaps your character is also a adventurer. Maybe she needs help and asks everyone only for them to say no, till she reluctantly asks the Anthro as her last option?

    4)Give me an Idea, maybe you want to combine a few ideas or have something else in mind! ^_^

    Future Times, my Anthro is the Pirate and a space cadet wants to bring him in thinking he will be easy prey. Allowing for a bit of cat and mouse, capture and release, blackmail, and more that may lead to them eventually bonding. Could be drugs, liquor, etc... Scandalous or Honest, choice is yours.
    ----Taur, Naga, Lizardman, Merman/Humanoid----
    Magic, Fantasy, Medieval/Future
    Blackmail, Slave, Romance, Fighting

    -Note- These can be as good looking as we can find, or as ugly and grotesque as you desire.
    Taurs can be Minotaur, Centaurs, SpiderTaurs or various other versions.

    Naga would be a human upper body and the lower body is replaced with a large snake tail

    Lizardman would be like a Lizard Anthro of some form.

    Merman anything from Mermaid to more Bizarre versions of Mer-like beings

    -Bare Ideas but not Limited-
    Perhaps cave explorers venture into a cave, find Naga's or Lizard-People living down below that may threaten life above... Could be the first explorers in, or the rescue team, or even the soldiers that come in later.

    Centaurs have been in hiding for ages, someone stumbled across one for a split moment and since then people have been looking to find the next one in a dangerous forest. Could be cause for tension between the races or the many races to learn another different race exists.

    Minotaurs could be Gate Keepers, Protectors, Guardians, or Slavers. Maybe they've been the gate keepers protecting YC's race and getting casual sacrifices. Could be a whole clan of Minotaurs and only the Champion gets a female sacrifice. Or perhaps she's in a land where Minotaurs would rather kill off other races, but he finds her and takes her to his home hiding her while slowly growing a bond with her. Eventually he can't hide her anymore, but he's bonded to her and she may even be the mother of his future child.

    Merpeople have a society within the depths of the oceans, that have grown more and more curious about the people above. Creating ways for other creatures to breath beneath the water. Perhaps they kidnap, and those people never return or some are released speaking of the strange things they've seen below the surface?
    ----Monster or Mythical Creature/Humanoid---- A touch into the Bizarre
    Powers, Magic, Fantasy, Medieval/Future
    Slavery, Possible Romance, Fighting, Thriller/Horror

    I have been watching an Anime where the main character was killed and reborn as a Slime Creature with all his previous memories and intelligence but with a few powerful skills that develop into a slew of skills that he can use in the future. Like the ability to Analyze and Use skills of what's absorbed/stored within it.

    The Potential with this could be Limitless, with the ability to shape shift into anything it absorbs I think this kind of RP would be pretty fun. With a lot of turmoil in the world, and he's just setting foot into it. With the ability to speak, and see perhaps he can get himself out of deadly situations with human/elf/dwarf/goblin etc.... lol


    A Xenomorph designed specifically to attempt co-existence with humans. Fully Sentient, able to develop mental speech. Perhaps a bizarre romance can happen.(Think Aliens)


    Think of an Old Dragon, or Ancient Dragon. Where age only affects size, and that they hardly wither away due to time itself but by mortal wounds. Their biggest threat would probably be human kind, other races included that can function like humans such as Dwarves, Elves, etc.

    Most often Dragons will claim gold, and take it back to their home or make a home out of a large cavern and fill it with gold. Some times they will carve the cavern with fire and claw, reshaping and perhaps resizing the interior to fit them for future years. So with this said you will most likely see this kind of scenario with my style of Dragons.

    I will have the character be able to alter size from nearly colossal to the size of a pea if desired. Whether its partnering up with a dragon to do scandalous stuff and he needs to climb through a key hole or some other craziness. Could be funny ^_^ and actually if his weight also changed he'd be able to hide anywhere. XD!

    World's can be developed beyond this idea alone. So do not feel limited on just Waking up a dragon. Stealing his gold. Exploring his caves and finding his sea of gold where he slumbers on. Maybe a settlement has been established beside him and has a cult that makes generous offerings of food and gold to keep him content and slumbering. Besides what better way to gain possible favoritism from a Dragon then to treat him well?

    Perhaps a Kingdom wants to Harness the power of a Dragon, and aims to try and tame him or capture him?

    Shape Shifting could be a Possibility as well, to anthro form or human looking. I don't wish to have the Dragon mixing as a human in society as if blending and hiding himself without other reasons. Greed, and a Desire for Adventure/Entertainment will be my Dragon's biggest drives. But he wont be hugely motivated unless sold on the ideas presented to him. lol!


    An Alien creature can shape shift into just about anything, the ability to condense its mass to shrink or harden or stretch it to expand or become larger. Most likely a looking close to a octopus in its original shape. Something like Bubbles from Valerian if you look on youtube. Its original size will also be much larger than a human. Though not restricted to only looking like that, can vary in species if you have ideas.

    The alien will be incredibly intelligent, very adaptive, able to learn at an insane pace. Can be tricky even, for instance creating walls that shouldn't be there. Replicating furniture, even condensing as a second skin or cover for something. Can be soft or rough in texture to replicate if given time to examine.

    Will learn how to make itself look and work just like a human in most aspects. Learning curve for thinking and acting like a human could be possible or already achieved.

    There is a lot of potential for this one, and its a new one I think would be a lot of fun writing about!
    ---Not all beings are safe from Greed---
    A Dragon has lived as a human among the humans for long enough to be socially acceptable as a Human.

    MC will be a knight in appearance alone, taking on quests to earn his fair share of gold. Hardly someone to walk away from challenge but he will dislike spiders with a passion. Quite strong, greedy, loves to gamble or trade in a way that would benefit him. So he's not the charming do gooder, and quite the mischievous type. Willing to be up to no good, like a cat that knows its doing wrong just to have fun. A thrill seeker.

    Goals would be potentially to collect all the gold in the kingdom, even if it means robbing the vaults of the castle. To horde it in his homely cave that he has locked up tight. Send a whole kingdom into bankruptcy, now that would undoubtedly get more than just one kingdom at arms against him. Haha!

    Maybe he would be willing to split some of the earnings with YC? ;)

    Maybe he needs her lockpicking skills to get in and out easier, and he tests the water with her via smaller jobs. Hooks her in with the majority of the sums, to buy her partnership and keep her coming back for more potentially.

    How things pan out will be up to the characters, your ideas, what ever we decide to mold into the story. ^_^

    When You send me a PM please offer up an idea on what your character will be. Maybe a face claim, and your personal ideas behind the potential of their partnership.

    If you like the idea but wish to tweak it, feel free ro suggest it! After all this is nothing more than a teaser till we decide what we want. ^_^

    Feel free to throw an idea at me, counter or Add to the hinted ideas above. Remember those are hinted ideas.

    There can be death, could be a lot of things. Fighting tends to pull me in as well, struggles, cat and mouse tactics. Stubborn slaves that are NOT hell bent stubborn of course, as that can kill the joy. Blackmail that turns into something more. Aphrodisiacs and some light drugs or poisons can be a part of the story.

    Anyway if anything struck your muse, I am looking for partners in writing stories. Not real life partners, yes I may flirt and be a bit friendly but I do not have the intention to mingle OOCly. I tend to flirt for positive reactions and smiles. That is just the kind of person I am at times. If its to much, just let me know.

    I am normally chipper, full of smiles and a positive influence on others. Appreciation can go a long way ^_^ So don't be surprised if I show it.

    Feel free to PM me if you made it this far and have an Idea you would like to expand on. ^_^
    Thank you again for Visiting, and my F-list is in my Spoiler. ^_^
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  2. Jubari

    Jubari Aspiring Writer Member

    Local Time:
    12:27 PM
    Currently Closed as in not taking additional partners. I have reached my limit or exceeded it. If you are seriously interested, and have a story you want to work out together. We can build on it, and when I have time we can start if your still interested.

    I wont forget you =P

    Not your typical bump.
  3. Jubari

    Jubari Aspiring Writer Member

    Local Time:
    12:27 PM
    Opened shop once more.

    I have room for two. :D
  4. Jubari

    Jubari Aspiring Writer Member

    Local Time:
    12:27 PM
    Room for 1 more story! I'll keep it Open till I it's filled. Feeling Frisky lately, so the Erotica bar is higher for the moment. I could go for some 50/50 Story/Smut.

    What I am Craving is a Futa/Futa Pairing, both need to be Switch capable. Needs to remain a little spicy. I'd say Heavy Erotica, but I want some story too.

    I could also go for a Hulk/Female Superhero combo. Must be okay with Hulk form, and the Super needs to be able to handle a punch or two without dying. If you haven't seen Thor Ragnarok then you probably don't have the idea of what I'm looking for. But I would like a strange Romance with a bit of Erotica mixed in here.