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 You played god, but I'm playing the game.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Stigs, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. Stigs

    Stigs the cemetery bloom Member

    Local Time:
    10:57 AM
    Hi, my name is Stigs. I'm new here, but not new to roleplaying. I know that's been heard a lot, and I hate it just as much as anyone else, aha. This will be my sixteenth year in the writing community.

    I'm here to engage in delightful story-making skills with collaborative peers, but I'm just as eager to make platonic friends and conversationalists, too. What's important to me in a story is the writer; how they're feeling about the scene, if it's everything they'd hoped for, and in return, I expect communication and honesty. It's a trade-off that's worked exceedingly well for me in the past!

    Multi-para to novella has been my main way of handling things for a hot minute, and I'm prone to enjoying DMs more than threads, but threads have that dank, dank BBCode action I need to survive. I'm a beast for aesthetics.

    Genres I tend to adopt are usually mafia, crime, horror and angst, but funnily enough? I started out writing medieval fantasy. Complete 180!

    Now, let's see.. something to humanize myself..

    My favourite bands are Architects, King 810, Whitechapel, Darke Point, Cane Hill, Once Human, Bad Omens and Machine Head. That's something personal about me. I'm also a taxidermist with a love of art and such, so if you want to post a piece you made here and why it's important to you in some form or fashion, I'd love that!

    P.s: the lyrics in my thread title are from 'OxBlood' by Cane Hill!
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  2. Fyrangel

    Fyrangel La Fleur Magique Community Helpers

    Local Time:
    10:57 AM
    Welcome to Black Dahlia. And thank you for the follow. I hope you find what you are looking for here. There are a lot of good writers and people to collaborate with. Feel free to send me a message if you need any help. Or have any ideas you want to bounce off someone, I'm around a lot.
  3. BlueFury

    BlueFury Kindness ain't my brand. Member

    Local Time:
    5:57 PM
    ewwwww you are here too now...
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